30 indoor and outdoor activities for Valentine's Day to warm love

30 indoor and outdoor activities for Valentine’s Day to warm love

Are you looking for great ideas for activities for Valentine’s day? Valentine’s Day is an extremely reasonable time for you to show your affection and do sweet things for your lover. If 364 days together have quarrels and arguments, then February 14 is the time to ease discomfort and enhance the feelings of both. So, what activities should you choose to make Valentine’s Day more meaningful and happier? TeeNavi‘s article below will suggest some great ideas for you!

1. 30 best activities for Valentine’s Day 

Below are 30 popular activities that people often do on Valentine’s Day every year:

1.1. Take a bike ride

Now we come to the first in the activities for Valentine’s Day! That is outdoor cycling. If you live somewhere with warm weather in February, let’s take a bike ride outside with your lover. It’s a great low-pressure idea for newly dating couples who are still getting to know one another. 

activities for Valentine's day
The nice idea with riding a couple of bike

1.2. Make playlists for each other

Is your loved one someone who enjoys music? Then there is no more suitable activity for Valentine’s Day than this one! Spend some time creating playlists for your lover on his/her favorite music streaming platform. You should choose Valentine’s Day songs that remind you of your relationship or songs that you know your significant other will enjoy. On a date, pour some wine, put on some music, and both of you sip and enjoy. It’s a present that your love will listen to respectfully all year.

activities for Valentine's day
Enjoy the love song together

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1.3. Enjoy a wine and chocolate tasting

Wine and chocolate are two indispensable things for a romantic date, right? They are all delicious in different ways, but when we combine them, the deliciousness will increase even more. You can come up with your combinations or take a virtual wine appreciation class with wine critic James Suckling. Try these activities for Valentine’s Day!

activities for Valentine's day
Have a good taste in wine and chocolate

1.4. Cook dinner together

A romantic home-cooked meal can be far more special than going out to eat at a crowded restaurant. Even if neither of you is a chef, you can create a memorable dinner that you will both enjoy.

Valentine's day activities
Cooking the meal with your lover

1.5. Bake something sweet – Activities for Valentine’s Day

Baking with your significant other is a fun one for activities for Valentine’s Day. The two of you will spend more time together when you make your love cakes and share something sweet. Some types of cakes that you can refer to include Caramel-Chocolate-Walnut Thumbprint Cookies, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Lava Cake, and Strawberry Cookies,…

Valentine's day activities
Baking your favorite cake together

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1.6. Slow dance to your favorite song

Let’s turn on the song you danced to at your wedding or a ballad you both adore. A romantic space will be created and let the music move you and your lover. Just imagining these activities for Valentine’s Day makes you feel extremely cozy and happy, right?

activities for Valentines's day
Slow dance together romantically with melodious music

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1.7. Sign up for a cocktail-making class

Why go to a bar for drinks when you can take a cocktail class and learn how to make your lover’s favorites at home? Use it as an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities, and make sure your partner will enjoy all of your tasty creations!

activities for Valentine's day
Take part in the cocktail-making class with your Valentine

1.8. Go sledding

These activities for Valentine’s Day are interesting ideas that you can refer to. Participating in outdoor activities like sledding will help you and your lover enjoy a relaxing time and make more memorable memories. Make sure you both like this activity and prepare carefully for it before departure day!

Valentine's day activities
A memorable time with sledding together

1.9. Go to a concert

Do you have a favorite song that you both enjoy? Or do you two like certain music groups or singers? If so, this will be one of the suitable activities for Valentine’s Day that you should refer to. A concert is an ideal setting for you and your Valentine to enjoy some great music while spending quality time together.

activities for Valentine's day
Enjoy the songs together in the concert

1.10. Go to an amusement park

Going to an amusement park can be a fun activity for Valentine’s Day. You and your partner can enjoy fun games, explore exciting activities, and create memorable memories.

Valentine's day activities
Play some games in the amusement park

1.11. Make a scrapbook of your relationship

This will be the most meaningful idea among the activities for Valentine’s Day! Let’s take some time to go through your photos with your partner and consider that you are reviewing memories together. Additionally, instead of letting them disappear into the ether of your cell phone, you can print them out and arrange them in a memory book together. You will spend an extremely fun and relaxing time together through this activity.

activities for Valentine's day
Keep memories in scrapbooks

1.12. Go for a hike – Activities for Valentine’s Day

Hiking is a great activity to share and experience with your lover on Valentine’s Day. You can explore wild nature together, enjoy fresh air, and create memorable memories. These activities for Valentine’s Day also create bonds by joining hands to overcome difficult terrain and explore beautiful landscapes together. However, you should remember to choose a hiking location that suits the health and abilities of you and your lover to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience.

Valentine's day activities
Exercise your health by hiking dating

1.13. Book a room at a local hotel

You and your loved one will enjoy pampering yourselves with a one-night stay in a nice hotel room. And, you don’t even have to travel! Simply you just need to book a room at a hotel nearby and have the best date night ever. This is truly a romantic and exciting activity for a Valentine’s Day date!

activities for Valentine's day
Warm up your love in a hotel room with a beautiful view

1.14. Read love poems

It’s no secret that reading love poems can be extremely romantic, but it can also come across as cheesy on days other than Valentine’s Day. For couples who have just started dating, sometimes saying sweet words also makes the other person feel interested and more impressed with you. Besides, if love poems aren’t your thing, you can try funny love quotes. Don’t miss these fun activities for Valentine’s Day!

activities for Valentine's day
Read the love quotes for your darling

1.15. Get a couples massage

Couple massage is exactly a wonderful experience with your lover on Valentine’s Day. Not only does it bring relaxation and comfort to both of you, but it is also an opportunity to strengthen the love and connection in your relationship. This is one of the activities for Valentine’s Day that helps both of you reduce stress, eliminate muscle tension, and increase blood circulation.

Valentine's day activities
Couples body massage is a great idea

1.16. Have a board game night

Another activity for Valentine’s Day that you can do with your partner is to play board games night. Let’s play two-player games with sweetheart, or invite friends for a night of board games, tasty snacks, and laughter. This activity will create a romantic and exciting space for you both to enjoy a happy time together.

activities for Valentine's day
Have fun with board game night

1.17. Go to a jazz club

It’s romantic and intimate when you and your darling listen to live music in a dimly lit jazz bar. Plus, if you’re interested in cocktails and appetizers, you can usually get a reservation. To name a few, Preservation Hall in New Orleans, Jazz Showcase in Chicago, Blues Alley in Washington D.C., and Village Vanguard in New York City.

Valentine's day activities
Go to the jazz club on Valentine’s Day

1.18. Take breakfast in bed

This luxury should not be limited when you stay at a hotel, because it can be done right in your own home or private room. You should wake up an hour earlier and prepare something special for both of you to enjoy right in bed. It could be a childhood favorite or his/her favorite breakfast dish before you both headed off to work. This is truly an interesting and sophisticated activities for Valentine’s Day!

activities for Valentine's day
Making the breakfast for your Valentine

1.19. Take a surprise vacation day

This is a great way to create memorable memories and express your love for the person you love. By organizing a surprise trip, you can create a private space and avoid too much arrangement. Make sure you understand your lover’s interests and find a place or schedule activities that you both enjoy. However, even though it is a surprise trip, you need to determine whether your partner’s schedule is free on those days or not. This is to avoid both being bothered by work-related messages or calls during the trip. Try these activities for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's day activities
Surprise your lover with a trip

1.20. Schedule a paint night

Is your lover the type of person who loves art or has a talent for painting? If so, then these activities for Valentine’s Day are ideal! Additionally, unleashing your inner artist is always more enjoyable with a glass of wine or a steaming mug of tea in hand. To get started, look into Paint Nite events, which partner with local bars on the West Coast, Muse Paint bar locations on the East Coast, or your neighborhood wine bar. This is an excellent plan for a fun night out with your Valentine.

activities for Valentine's day
Take part in a paint night together

1.21. Watch your wedding video

Watching the wedding video is one of the activities for Valentine’s Day just for married couples! Let’s review memorable memories together and create more love bonds in your marriage relationship. Wedding videos contain beautiful and touching moments, give this idea a go and enjoy memorable moments together!

Valentine's day activities
Watching the happy wedding moment together

1.22. Enjoy a staycation

Who says you have to travel a long distance to reap the benefits of travel? Play tourist in your city, then treat yourself to a luxurious hotel or a chic Plum Guide or Hotel Tonight stay. For something more nature-focused, try Outdoorsy, Hipcamp, or Under Canvas. Nothing beats a staycation to increase your appreciation for where you live!

activities for Valentine's day
Have a fun staycation

1.23. Try a tarot reading

Look for a local tarot card reader (just Google it!). If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a group of friends, tune your intuition and host your tarot readings for each other.

activities for Valentine's day
The new activity on Valentine’s Day

1.24. Watch a Valentine’s Day movie

Pop some popcorn, make some cheesy snacks, light a mood-setting candle, crack open a bottle of wine, and snuggle under a blanket in your own home to watch a Valentine’s Day movie. Would you like to make it extra special? Make a paper heart wreath, an origami bouquet, and a love letter banner to decorate your space. These are extremely popular activities for Valentine’s Day, try it!

Valentine's day activities
Watching movies with some popcorn is ideal

1.25. Watch a comedy show

The next one in activities for Valentine’s Day that you can refer to is watching a comedy show. According to relationship expert Rori Sassoon, if the daily grind is interfering with your ability to connect, watch a comedy show. Also, according to a study published in the journal Human Nature, the act of laughing together helps people open up. Watching a comedy show can bring joy and comfort to both of you if you both enjoy that type of entertainment. Therefore, try checking out comedy shows at opera theaters and book tickets for yourself and your lover. Of course, you can instead watch Netflix specials from some of the best comedians.

Valentine's day activities
Watching comedy with your lover

1.26. Make chocolate fondue

What could be more romantic and delightful than creating your chocolate-covered strawberries at home with hot melted fondue? Let’s make this delicious dessert for your loved one!

activities for Valentine's day
A delicious dessert with chocolate fondue

1.27. Work out together

We come to the next activities for Valentine’s Day in today’s article. Working out together not only brings health benefits but also creates opportunities to strengthen emotions and promote connection between two people. In addition to practicing hard together, the two of you can create memorable moments and enjoy fun times together.

Valentine's day activities
Create more joy in your relationship by working out together

1.28. Take a scenic train ride

If looking at all those beautiful travel posts on Instagram makes you want to travel, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to take your significant other on a scenic train ride date. The two of you can admire the great outdoors and have many memorable memories.

activities for Valentine's day
Dating with a scenic train ride

1.29. Go vintage shopping

Going vintage shopping with your lover is another best activities for Valentine’s Day. A good vintage thrift shop is like a treasure trove of old treasures just waiting to be discovered. Grab a friend and go on a scavenger hunt in your local vintage shop—even if you don’t find anything to buy, the items may spark conversation or nostalgia for bygone eras.

activities for Valentine's day
Visit a vintage shop together

1.30. Take a painting class

No artistic abilities? Regardless, studies show that when couples engage in activities together, such as taking a painting class, their bodies produce more oxytocin. You can look for local studios like Painting with a Twist or Pinot’s Palette, or you can join one of Yaymaker’s virtual paint nights. This is also the last idea in the list of activities for Valentine’s Day that we want to propose. Try experiencing it with your Valentine!

activities for Valentine's day
A joy painting experience with your darling

The above article gives you a list of 30 activities for Valentine’s Day that you can refer to. Hopefully, through this article, you will have more interesting and unique ideas to experience with your lover on this special holiday. Don’t forget to contact TeeNavi if you need help with any problem!

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