10+ Best Benefits Of Bamboo Fabric T-shirt For Your Process

Bamboo is a popular fabric for t-shirts and more. Get to know the benefits of bamboo fabric t-shirt for your process, TeeNavi will give you all information about bamboo fabric material and its qualities.

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1. What is bamboo fabric?

The term “bamboo fabric” refers to a broad range of textiles made from bamboo. These mostly vary according to how manufacturers obtain them. The three primary forms are natural bamboo (also known as bamboo linen), bamboo viscose, and bamboo fabric t-shirt made from lyocell3.

At first glance, the durability of bamboo cloth could appear a little confusing. However, it will be simple to identify the eco-friendly sorts after you are aware of the characteristics and manufacturing procedures of each type. Even though this plant has numerous benefits as a source of fabric and bamboo apparel, the kind of fabric that is extracted from it can have a significant impact on the environment.

bamboo fabric t-shirt
The term “bamboo fabric” refers to a wide variety of bamboo-based textiles

Bamboo textiles are used to create items like blankets, underwear, custom t-shirts, and even mattresses since they are strong and soft. This smooth, airy fabric is occasionally used in place of cotton clothing. Additionally, it is frequently chosen by those seeking a cruelty-free substitute for silk. Although bamboo is a natural material, the processing techniques make the garments we make from it synthetic. This is particularly true for fabrics made of viscose rayon and lyocell. Let’s look at the various production processes to better grasp the differences between these types.

2. The reason we should wear bamboo fabric t-shirt

Many individuals have yet to try on bamboo textiles and are intrigued as to why this lovely material is becoming ever more popular. For those who have never tasted the delight of bamboo, why would anyone want to wear bamboo garments in the first place?

2.1 Eco-friendly

When it comes to environmentally friendly textiles, it doesn’t get much better than a bamboo fabric t-shirt. Unlike synthetic textiles, which are mostly comprised of plastic and treated with chemical finishes to improve performance, bamboo fabric is formed from natural fibers. Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing tree, growing up to one foot per 24 hours. Bamboo can be collected once a year and cultivated in the same place eternally, so farmers do not have to continually clear more land for the transplanting of new growth of bamboo, unlike other natural fibers. Because bamboo fabric does not need to be treated with toxic treatments, it can prevent the discharge of toxic substances into our water systems and environment.

bamboo fabric t-shirt
Bamboo can help to keep toxic substances out of our water systems and the environment

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2.2 Keep comfortable and soft

Think again if you believe that nothing can equal the tenderness and comfort provided by cotton cloth. Because organic bamboo fabric t-shirt is not subjected to harmful chemical processes, they are smoother and lack the jagged corners that some fibers do. To obtain the greater softness and high-quality feeling that leaves bamboo textiles feeling smoother than silk and cashmere, most bamboo fabrics are manufactured from a blend of bamboo rayon fibers and organic cotton.

bamboo fabric t-shirt
Bamboo T-shirts keep comfortable and soft

2.3 Stay dry on 

Bamboo absorbs 40% more than even the best organic cotton. This means it wicks sweat away from the body excellently and is highly comfortable. This might be a big winner for hardworking feet.

bamboo fabric t-shirt
It effectively wicks sweat away from the body and is extremely comfortable

2.4 Does not cause allergies

Organic bamboo fabric is inherently hypoallergenic and will provide comfort to individuals who have sensitive skin or who are susceptible to allergic responses to certain types of textiles and chemicals. Because bamboo does not require any chemical finishes to achieve the performance properties that make it such an ideal material for sportswear, it is suitable even for the most sensitive of skin types.

bamboo fabric t shirt
Organic bamboo fabric does not cause allergies

2.5 Keep sharply form

Unlike certain fabrics, when properly cared for, our bamboo fiber does not continue to shrink or bag after usage. This means you can count on your favorite things to look beautiful wash after wash.

bamboo fabric t shirt
Keep sharply form

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2.6 Odor resistant

If you’ve ever bought synthetic sportswear, you know that no matter how thoroughly you clean it, it tends to hold the stink of perspiration after a while. This is due to the fact that synthetic fabrics are not inherently odor-resistant, and the hazardous chemicals sprayed upon the raw material to help it drain away moisture inevitably cause scents to become caught in the fibers. Bamboo fabric t-shirt has antibacterial characteristics, which means it inhibits the growth of germs and fungi, which can build up in the fibers and generate odor over time. Synthetic sportswear may be sprayed with odor-resistant chemical treatments, but the chemicals can induce allergic responses and are particularly troublesome for delicate skin, not to mention harmful to the environment.

bamboo fabric t shirt
Antibacterial properties of bamboo fabric t-shirt

2.7 Easy to wash

Many bamboo items do not need to be washed as frequently as comparable products made of other fabrics. In the meantime, when they do require cleaning, it is simple and low-maintenance.

bamboo fabric t shirt
Simple to clean

2.8 Durable

Bamboo fiber exhibits color incredibly well while requiring so much less dye than cotton. One of the main advantages of this superb material is the appealing, brilliant colors that will stay for a long time.

bamboo to fabric process
Bamboo fiber exhibits color brilliantly while requiring far less dye than cotton

2.9 Good for humanity

Not only is bamboo clothing excellent for the environment, but it’s also beneficial for people. The production of bamboo fabric and garments not only provides farmers with ongoing employment in a way that does not contribute to additional environmental harm and degradation, but it also treats everyone associated with the textile industry fairly. Bamboo fabric factories, which pay rates that are 18% higher than the area average, have a reputation for fair labor and working policies. To guarantee that almost all staff and their families have access to the necessary living circumstances, all employees and their families get healthcare as well as subsidized housing and food.

bamboo to fabric process
It is beneficial to humanity

2.10 Natural sun protection

You guessed it, chemical treatments and sprays that are not only hazardous for the environment but also prone to irritating skin are used to create the majority of clothing that promises Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) protection from the sun’s rays. After a few washes, they no longer function very well either! Bamboo linen’s fiber composition, which absorbs 98 percent of the sun’s UV rays, gives the cloth natural sun protection. Because bamboo fiber has a UPF level of 50+, you will be shielded from the sun’s harmful rays in every region that is covered by your clothes. No matter how diligently you apply sunscreen before going outside, having a little more protection is always great.

bamboo to fabric process
Sun protection from nature

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3. Bamboo to fabric process

Bamboo fabric t-shirt is manufactured through a careful and environmentally friendly process. In addition, the bamboo stalks are harvested and the pulp is extracted, which is then used to make the fabric. Then, the bamboo fabric manufacturing process does not involve any harsh chemicals or synthetic materials, so it is gentle on the environment and safe for people to use. The bamboo fabric production process also results in a soft, comfortable material that is durable and long-lasting.

bamboo to fabric process
Bamboo fabric t-shirts are produced in a careful and environmentally friendly manner

4. FAQs

Some questions whose answers may help you understand bamboo fabric t-shirts more and more:

4.1 Is bamboo fabric t-shirt durable?

Yes, bamboo fabric is very durable. In fact, it is often considered to be more durable than cotton fabric. Bamboo fiber is strong and resilient, and the fabric made from it is resistant to tearing and fading. Additionally, the bamboo fabric does not shrink or stretch, making it a good choice for clothing that needs to last a long time.

can you print on bamboo fabric
Bamboo fabric is extremely long-lasting

4.2 Is bamboo good for t-shirts?

Bamboo fabric is a great choice for t-shirts. The fabric is soft, comfortable, and durable. It does not shrink or stretch, making it a good choice for clothing that needs to last a long time. Additionally, bamboo fabric is resistant to tearing and fading.

can you print on bamboo fabric
Bamboo fabric is an excellent option for t-shirts

4.3 Do bamboo fabric t-shirts smell?

Bamboo fabric does not have a strong smell, and the few that exist are generally not unpleasant. Some people may find a slight earthy smell to the fabric, but it is not overwhelming after a short time. Additionally, bamboo fabric is a natural fiber and does not release any harmful chemicals. So, it is safe to wear and does not cause skin irritation.

can you print on bamboo fabric
Bamboo fabric has no strong odor, and the few that do exist are generally not unpleasant

4.4 Can you print on bamboo fabric?

Yes, printing can be done on bamboo fabric. The fabric is soft, durable, and a good choice for clothing items that need to last a long time. Additionally, the fabric does not shrink or stretch, making it a good choice for items that need to fit well. The bamboo fiber is strong and resilient, and the fabric made from it is resistant to fading and tearing.

can you print on bamboo fabric
Bamboo fabric can be printed on

That’s all about the bamboo fabric t-shirt which TeeNavi has listed. We hope you will find this helpful. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. And don’t forget to follow us to get more information about garments.

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