25+ Funny Christmas Family Game Night Ideas To Play

25+ Funny Christmas Family Game Night Ideas To Play

Kick off your holiday season with a burst of laughter and joy as TeeNavi proudly presents new Christmas family games. In this article, we’ve curated a list of hilarious and engaging games guaranteed to turn your Christmas family game night into an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re surrounded by kids or adults, these activities are designed to bring smiles, create lasting memories, and strengthen the bonds of family and friendship. So, gather around, get ready to roll on the floor laughing, and let the games begin!

1. Christmas family game night with Christmas board

Gather around, families! It’s time to elevate your holiday spirit with a Christmas family game night, featuring an array of Christmas-themed board games that promise laughter and joy. Engage in friendly competition, strategize, and celebrate the festive season in the most delightful way. Whether it’s navigating a winter wonderland or racing to decorate the virtual Christmas tree, these games are designed to bring families closer and create unforgettable memories. So, dust off your favorite board games, invite over your loved ones, and get ready for a night brimming with fun and festive cheer!

Christmas family game night
Enhance your Christmas family game night with a festive Christmas board.

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2. Snowman bowling

Snowman Bowling stands out as a fantastic addition to any Christmas family game night, offering endless laughter and entertainment. Participants get the chance to roll a ball at a set of festively decorated pins, each designed to look like a cheerful snowman. It’s an engaging activity that ensures a lively atmosphere and promotes bonding among family members.

family Christmas games to play
Dive into laughter with a round of Snowman Bowling.

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3. Christmas charades

Christmas charades stand out as a fantastic option among family Christmas games, ensuring laughter and joy throughout the festive season. Players act out clues without speaking, while others guess, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere. This game not only provides endless fun but also strengthens family bonds, making it a holiday favorite.

family Christmas party game ideas
Act out and guess in a lively game of Christmas Charades.

4. Santa Limbo

Santa Limbo stands out as a hilariously festive addition to any collection of Xmas family games. Players take turns showcasing their flexibility and balance, attempting to limbo under a bar while donning a Santa hat or costume. It’s not just a game; it’s an entertaining spectacle that guarantees laughter and memorable moments for the whole family.

Christmas family game night
Bend and twist in the hilarious Santa Limbo.

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5. Jingle bell toss – Christmas family game night

Jingle Bell Toss is a festive and entertaining addition to any Christmas family game night, guaranteed to bring laughter and joy to participants of all ages. Players take turns tossing jingle bells into cups, aiming for accuracy and perhaps a bit of lucky bounce. It’s a simple yet engaging game that embodies the cheerful spirit of the season, making it a crowd-pleaser during holiday gatherings.

family Christmas eve games
Test your aim in Jingle Bell Toss during Christmas family game night.

6. Snowman bingo

Snowman Bingo, a delightful twist on a classic, has emerged as an essential highlight for every Christmas family game night. With cards adorned with cheerful snowman images, it adds a festive flavor to traditional bingo, ensuring giggles and shared memories with every call.

family Christmas eve games
Match and win in an exciting game of Snowman Bingo.

7. Christmas guess who game

Christmas Guess Who is a thrilling addition to your repertoire of family Christmas game ideas, ensuring laughter and joy at your holiday gathering. Players take turns asking yes-or-no questions to deduce which festive character the other has chosen, promoting interaction and strategic thinking. It’s a simple yet entertaining way to bring family members of all ages together, creating unforgettable holiday memories.

Christmas family game night
Make wild guesses and have fun with the Christmas Guess Who Game.

8. Plastic wrap game

The Plastic wrap game is a delightful highlight of many Christmas family game nights. Participants unwrap layers of plastic to reveal hidden treats or challenges, adding suspense and excitement to the festive evening. This interactive game ensures laughter and surprises, creating memorable moments during the holiday season.

family Christmas games with gifts
Unwrap layers of fun with the Plastic Wrap Game.

9. Christmas tree ball sort for toddlers

This interactive game encourages little ones to sort colorful balls into designated buckets, honing their motor skills while immersed in festive fun. Not only does it provide entertainment, but it also offers a delightful educational experience, making it a hit for both kids and parents alike.

family Christmas games with gifts
Sort and learn with Christmas Tree Ball Sort for Toddlers.

10. Candy cane hunt

The Candy Cane Hunt is an exciting and innovative game that has quickly become a favorite for Christmas games at family gatherings. It transforms the traditional scavenger hunt into a festive adventure, as participants of all ages scurry around in search of hidden candy canes. This game not only sparks joy and laughter but also strengthens bonds among family members, truly capturing the spirit of the holiday season.

Christmas family game night
Hunt and find in the thrilling Candy Cane Hunt.

11. Who Am I? Christmas family game night

The ‘Who Am I?’ game adds a delightful twist to your Christmas family game night, guaranteeing laughter and joy for all. Participants get a Christmas character on their forehead, and through a series of yes or no questions, they figure out who they are. It’s a fantastic way to break the ice and get everyone interacting, making it a staple for festive gatherings.

12. Holiday pictionary

Holiday Pictionary emerges as a highlight of Christmas family game night, captivating participants with its blend of art and quick thinking. Players take turns drawing holiday-themed items while their teammates try to guess what it is, sparking laughter and fostering a sense of camaraderie. This game guarantees a night filled with fun, creativity, and the joyous spirit of Christmas.

xmas family game ideas
Draw and laugh with a festive game of Holiday Pictionary.

13. Reindeer ring toss

Reindeer Ring Toss is a vibrant and amusing addition to any Christmas family game night, guaranteed to bring laughter and joy to participants of all ages. Players take turns tossing rings towards the reindeer antlers, aiming to hook them for points. This festive game not only adds an exciting competitive edge to your holiday gathering but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and festive cheer among family members.

xmas family game ideas
Toss and score in the challenging Reindeer Ring Toss.

14. Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe

Providing a festive and engaging activity, Christmas tic-tac-toe has emerged as a delightful option within the realm of family Christmas games. Utilizing holiday-themed tokens such as Christmas trees and stars instead of the standard X’s and O’s adds a unique twist, making each game a special experience. This simple, yet captivating game ensures laughter and friendly competition, strengthening family bonds during the holiday season.

Christmas family game night
Strategize and win in Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe.

15. Hands-free hang the Ornament

With laughter filling the air, Hands-Free Hang the Ornament has become a cherished activity in the lineup of Christmas family games. Participants take turns trying to hang an ornament on the tree using only their mouths, providing endless amusement and a test of balance and coordination. It’s not just a game; it’s a hilarious holiday tradition that brings family members together, creating unforgettable memories.

family Christmas game ideas
Decorate the tree with laughter in Hands-Free Hang the Ornament.

16. Build a Snowman

Build a Snowman is a hit when considering xmas family game ideas. Everyone, regardless of age, enjoys creating their unique snowman. It’s a fun activity that brings laughter and strengthens family bonds.

family Christmas game ideas
Build creativity and joy in Build a Snowman.

17. Christmas family game night with white elephant

White elephant is a top choice for a family Christmas game night with gifts. It brings both laughter and suspense as each person gets to open and swap presents. This game truly captures the festive spirit and adds a fun twist to gift-giving.

18. Christmas friendly feud game

The Christmas friendly feud game adds a lively twist to your Christmas family game night. In this game, family members guess the most popular answers to festive questions. It’s an entertaining way to kick-start conversations and share laughs.

Christmas family game night
Battle wits in the Christmas Friendly Feud Game.

19. Gingerbread house competition

A gingerbread house competition is a sweet addition to any Christmas family game night. Participants split into teams, each trying to construct the most impressive gingerbread house. Creativity and teamwork shine, as families bond over this festive activity.

family Christmas game
Design and compete in the Gingerbread House Competition.

20. Christmas movie bingo

Christmas movie bingo stands out among family Christmas games to play during the holiday season. In this game, players have bingo cards with movie-related phrases or scenes. As everyone watches a Christmas movie, players mark off items on their cards that appear in the film. It’s an interactive and exciting way to enjoy festive films and bond as a family.

family Christmas game
Mark off and shout in Christmas Movie Bingo.

21. Ornament guessing

Ornament guessing is a captivating addition to any family game night Christmas celebration. Players take turns trying to guess the number of ornaments on the Christmas tree. The one with the closest guess wins a festive prize. It’s a simple yet engaging way to involve everyone and create holiday cheer.

22. Rudolph race

Rudolph Race stands out among Christmas family game night ideas, bringing high energy and joy to the holiday season. Players race to stick a red nose on Rudolph, all while being blindfolded. This game guarantees laughter and creates unforgettable moments for all ages.

Christmas family game night
Race and laugh in the fast-paced Rudolph Race.

23. DIY Punch advent calendar

DIY Punch Advent Calendar is a fantastic addition to Christmas family game night ideas. Players take turns punching through the calendar’s compartments to reveal surprises inside. It’s a thrilling way to count down to Christmas and build excitement.

xmas family games
Punch and surprise in the DIY Punch Advent Calendar.

24. Stocking guessing game

The Stocking Guessing Game, a delightful addition to new Christmas family games, promises heaps of fun and mystery. In this game, participants take turns feeling objects hidden in a stocking, trying to guess what they are. It’s a fantastic way to stir up excitement and laughter, making the holiday season even more memorable.

xmas family games
Feel and guess in the Stocking Guessing Game.

25. Santa cookie elf candy snowman

Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman is a delightful addition to family Christmas game ideas. In this game, players draw cards and race to grab the correct item. It’s all about speed and fun, creating laughter and merry moments.

Wrapping up our list, we hope these ideas spark joy and laughter on your upcoming Christmas family game night. Presented to you by TeeNavi, our aim is to make your festive evenings unforgettable. Play, laugh, and create memories that last a lifetime.

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