25 enchanting Christmas window decorations ideas for holiday

25 enchanting Christmas window decorations ideas for holiday

If you’re searching for something little to elevate your holiday decorations, Christmas window decorations ideas are ideal. Window decoration will add sparkle and excitement to your living space. Along with that, it also helps you spread the joy of these warm holidays to your neighbors and friends. So, let’s explore 25 great window decoration ideas through the article below with TeeNavi!

1. 25 Christmas window decorations ideas for your holiday

If you’re seeking some Christmas window inspiration, let one of the following displays spark your creativity.

1.1. Christmas wreath window seat

The first way for Christmas window decorations ideas is to create a window seat that combines decoration with nice wreaths. Window decorations do not have to be extravagant. For a basic yet eye-catching display, you can hang a few minimalist wreaths from festive red ribbons. In addition, you should arrange cute small pillows with many colors symbolizing Christmas. Finally, enjoy this window seating space for reading, listening to music, or relaxing during this peaceful holiday season.

Christmas window decorations ideas
Make a window seat with the wreaths

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1.2. Mini window wreaths

If you don’t want to commit to a large window wreath, consider these Christmas window decorations ideas with mini ones. You can make beautiful mini wreaths by yourself according to your preferences or choose to buy them at stores. Besides, fresh greens like eucalyptus and boxwood are ideal to make them. Then, use tape or hangers and hang them anywhere on the window you want. However, make sure to hang it evenly and balanced!

elegant Christmas window decorations
Idea decor window with mini wreaths

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1.3. Dried orange garland

Citrus is back in season, so why don’t we combine them for elegant Christmas window decorations? What a fun combination for your holiday decorations! Just thread twine or string through each dried orange slice and leave enough space between them for a balanced garland. Then, hang your creation on the window to enjoy the beauty and pleasant scent it brings to your home space. One more thing, you can add other decorative details such as cinnamon sticks, dried flowers, or other decorative elements if desired.

bay window Christmas decorations
Hang a dried orange garland on your windows

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1.4. Oversized ornaments

Another way for Christmas window decorations ideas is to use oversized ornaments. Let’s transform inflatable red balls into a stunning window show this warm and peaceful holiday season. Surely everyone will be impressed with this window decor as they pass by your house and see them!

Christmas window box decorations
Make an impression with window decoration

1.5. Green and white winter wonderland display

If you have a window seat in your house, make sure to pay some special attention to it when decorating for Christmas. A white fur blanket, fresh greenery, and a DIY cotton wreath can make your window area seem even more special and warm. Please refer to this one for Christmas window decorations ideas!

window garland ideas
Decorate the window with a green and white theme

1.6. Little snowflakes – Christmas window decorations ideas

Let’s create some little snowflakes from materials like foil, decals, or fabric and attach them to your window. You can use glue or double-sided tape to attach the snowflakes to the window surface as you like. Additionally, before attaching the snowflakes, you need to make sure the window is clean so that the snowflakes stick. sure. With this window decor Christmas, you can enjoy freshly fallen snow in the comfort of your home.

Christmas window decorations ideas
Tape DIY little snowflakes to your window

1.7. Christmas wreath trio

Perhaps one wreath on a window isn’t sufficient for you and you need something more unique! So, you can experience a new style by hanging all three wreaths. These Christmas window decorations ideas will bring an outstanding and lovely scene to your home space.

Christmas window ideas
Hang Christmas wreath trio

1.8. Ornament garland

For the brightest and most colorful window display, you can create garlands with brilliant metallic Christmas balls. Although red and green are the traditional Christmas colors, you can also use other colors. Take advantage of this cool decoration for Christmas window decorations ideas!

bay window Christmas decorations
Use the colorful garland to decorate your Christmas window

1.9. Easy window boxes

The exquisite and gorgeous window boxes are guaranteed to make a statement for your home. Let’s gather plenty of fresh foliage and accessorize your window box with pinecones, berries, acorns, and plaid ribbon. If you do not have a real-deal window box, look no further than wire storage baskets. For added flare, tuck in a ribbon, a bow, or bells of the appropriate size. It’s a wonderful window decor Christmas!

window garland ideas
Decorate the window boxes for Christmas

1.10. Striped ribbon wreath – Christmas window decorations ideas

A beautiful striped ribbon wreath is one of the prettiest Xmas window decorations that you can refer to! Hanging a wreath with a striped ribbon on a window can create an attractive focal point and a fresh and unique design. Besides, this idea also brings a joyful, festive atmosphere to your home. Try it!

Christmas window ideas for home
Make your window nicer with a striped ribbon wreath

1.11. Draped window wreaths

A beautiful red ribbon will connect little wreaths at each window corner in this stylish interior Christmas window decorations ideas. In addition, you can use floral wire or garland wire with other Christmas decorations to create a highlight, instead of using ribbon. This idea means welcoming the Christmas season and helping you decorate the windows in your home. Furthermore, it also brings a sense of joy and excitement to the space inside and outside your home during the peaceful Christmas holiday.

xmas window decorations
Make a highlight for your window with draped wreaths

1.12. Mismatched candles

Candles are a must-have for every holiday celebration, so why not keep them on display in your window as Christmas window decorations ideas? This cleverly modern change is based on the traditional “candles in the window” aesthetic called a mismatched candle design. This style will give your window a fresh and festive feeling. Additionally, it lets you explore your own aesthetic and creative abilities by selecting a variety of candles that you like. Also, you can purchase the candles from various home goods stores, even or venture into an antique or thrift store to try your luck.

elegant Christmas window decorations
Arrange the candles on your window with a Mismatched style

1.13. Lush, seasonal greenery

Try your hand at this beautiful arrangement of lush, seasonal greenery if you have the time, patience, and desire to wow your neighbors. This special design was created by Desiree Lee of Hunt Country Gardens. When doing this decor window project, it will take about three hours to complete. You can use pine trees, leaves, flowers, and other natural ingredients to make this decoration idea. Besides, you should save things throughout the year like hydrangea, poppy seed heads, blooms, pheasant feathers, and anything else you like. 

Christmas window box ideas
A great idea for your window Christmas decor

After that, keep them dried until time to use for decoration. In addition, you will need a lot of greenery along with florist wire and foam to complete the project for this Xmas window decorations. Overall, this outstanding interior decoration will help you create a space that brings a feeling of closeness to nature and a special highlight during the festive season.

1.14. Sparkle illusion

If you don’t want to block your windows with a wreath or other Christmas decoration, you can consider using mirrors to make the sparkle illusion. They act like windows and throw light around your room. With that, let’s choose a translucent beaded wreath which looks great when set over a modern bar. This also helps to emphasize the mirrors’ sparkle and their reflective quality. So, don’t pass these Christmas window decorations ideas!

window decor Christmas
Decor with sparkle illusion from mirrors

1.15. Pop of silver

Who says your Christmas window decorations ideas have to involve a traditional evergreen wreath? You can choose a wreath made from silver tinsel to adorn the beauty of your windows. This is a good idea because silver tinsel is a longer-lasting material and is suitable for any type of weather. These metallic hoops will make a big impression on your Christmas decorations both inside and out. Let‘s try it!

Christmas window ideas for home
Hang a silver tinsel wreath on your window

1.16. Vintage Christmas kugel – Christmas window decorations ideas

Traditionally German, you might be able to find one of these European glass sphere ornaments in vintage or antique stores. An emerald green kugel hanging from picture wire strung with antique beads will take your window beauty to a new level. Along with that, you can add lush vegetation around the window trim. And finally, don’t forget to decorate the window panels with smaller ball embellishments. Let’s do this Christmas window ideas for the approaching holiday season!

Christmas window ideas
A decor style from the tradition of German

1.17. Festooned boxwood wreath

If you want a more clean-cut look for Christmas window decorations ideas, you can refer to using this boxwood wreath. Not only is it simple and beautiful, but it also gives your home a bright and cheerful blue tone. Besides, decorating windows with this elegant wreath can also help you remember memories you’ve had throughout the year because the evergreen boxwood tree symbolizes life and the passage of time.

Christmas window display ideas
Hanging a boxwood wreath

1.18. Pink party

If you or your daughter loves cute pink colors, then this is one of the Christmas window decorations ideas that you should not miss. You can decorate the window with pink and white decorations such as roses, pink balloons mixed with a few white balloons, a Christmas tree with the main color pink, and motifs representing the pink party theme. Additionally, you can decorate with a combination of pink and white. So, your windows will stand out and attract attention from visitors or neighbors passing by.

window decor Christmas
Make a pink party for your Christmas window

1.19. Whimsical mobile

A cute, felted mobile inspired by winter weather is an excellent window decor Christmas choice for anyone with kids. Straw stars, small felt ornaments, and animals, together with some green branches, are ideal for you to use. Furthermore, in this manner, you can involve your children in taking part in Christmas decorations. Additionally, you can make the mobile by stringing felted ornaments across a natural or faux pine or birch branch at varied heights. To add some whimsy, let’s finish by adding a village scene at the bottom.

Christmas window ideas for home
Making the Christmas whimsical mobile for your kids

1.20. Cozy Corner

The next Christmas window decorations ideas that we want to suggest to you is making a cozy and pretty corner next to the window. You can implement this idea inside or outside your home. To begin, you can add a mini-tree moment at the foot of your window, along with a bench or plush armchair. They will create a rustic and comforting vignette scene that we’d visit every winter and Christmas evening with a book in hand.

xmas window decorations
Reading a book in the Christmas cozy corner

1.21. Merry minimalism

While the wreath-and-candle combination is simple, is anything but mundane. A pop of poinsettias and a magnificent twinkling of lights can amp up the excitement for Christmas window decorations ideas. This idea with Merry minimalism style will create a minimalist, elegant Christmas space but still cheerful and cozy. In addition, it also brings a pleasant Christmas atmosphere, not too complicated.

elegant Christmas window decorations
A simple decor window

1.22. Winter Wonderland – Christmas window decorations ideas

Paper snowflakes can carry all the childhood memories, so let’s incorporate them into your Xmas window decorations. Snowflakes, whether hung or taped to the glass, can evoke winter feelings regardless of the weather. Therefore, let’s make a winter wonderland for your window area.

bay window Christmas decorations
Beautiful winter wonderland window decor

1.23. Graceful evergreen garland

Once again, let’s bring a seasonal touch to your East Texas lake house in the coming Christmas. Very simple! You just need to prepare a long strand of evergreen garland and hang it to frame the double windows leading to the backyard. Just like that, you have completed these elegant Christmas window decorations!

window decor Christmas
Create a highlight for your window with graceful garlands

1.24. Garland glow

A sparkling pine-and-eucalyptus garland will bring you a cozy and sophisticated Christmas space. Not only that, you will be impressed with the faint and pleasant fragrance it brings. To drape over the entire window, you can use two faux garlands as a base. Afterward, you need to weave in a strand of string lights to give it a warm glow. Finally, get stuck in real eucalyptus branches throughout the garland. So, you’ve completed these Christmas window decorations ideas!

Christmas window ideas for home
Hanging a glowing garland on your window

1.25. Indoor kitchen wreaths

The last Christmas window decorations ideas are extremely suitable for those who love cooking! Many people believe that the kitchen is an unnecessary room to decorate for the holidays. However, it is the space that is used the most every day after the bedroom in the house. Furthermore, this is also where your family gathers and eats happily together.

xmas window decorations
Decorate your window kitchen

Therefore, we should not ignore this room when decorating for the upcoming Christmas season. You can take advantage of the window above your kitchen sink to attach beautiful garlands to it. Also, you can make them yourself from pine trees, fruits, or other natural materials. Another way, you can buy them at decoration stores.

The above article provides you with a list of 25 simple but elegant Christmas window decorations ideas. Hopefully, this article can help you have more great ideas to decorate your home splendidly. If you have any problem or need help, please contact TeeNavi right away!

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