7+ Things To Declutter Before Christmas Holidays

7+ Things To Declutter Before Christmas Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, it is an excellent time to declutter and simplify your home and life. Declutter before Christmas will help you create a tidy space to welcome the holiday season and visitors to your home. Additionally, it also helps you enhance the festive atmosphere and set the stage for a memorable holiday season. In today’s post, we will share the 7 best places to declutter for the coming Christmas season! Let’s find out with TeeNavi!

1. How to declutter before Christmas

Cleaning up your home can help you create a more organized and peaceful environment. You should make a list of areas or rooms in your home that need decluttering. Also, let’s prioritize the ones that will have plenty of time to do, and then you can clean the smaller areas. Don’t forget to get everyone in the family involved in this fun cleaning process! Here are 7 things you need to declutter before Christmas comes:

1.1. Declutter the living room

The living room is one of the places you need to declutter before Christmas. The living room is a space where family as well as visiting friends tend to gather. So, clutter-free surfaces will allow you to store food and drinks. Along with that, simplifying and removing clutter allows you and your guests to sit comfortably. And even allows you to fit in more people if you have a large gathering!

declutter before Christmas
Clean your living room to welcome Christmas

In addition, most living rooms are designed so that every seat has a good view of the TV. But during the holidays, you should consider making the tree the focal point. A bushy 6 or 7-foot Christmas tree will take up a lot of space, so move furniture in your living room closer together or swing major pieces around for a better fit. In a smaller living room, two miniature potted trees on either side of a fireplace, for example, will make a lovely focal point.

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1.2. Clean up the kitchen

Your kitchen is the second place that needs to be decluttering before Christmas. The kitchen is already one of the busiest rooms in most households. This is especially true during the holiday season. Many of us associate the holidays with more cooking, baking, eating, hosting, and gathering with family and friends. A lot of these activities revolve around the kitchen! Therefore, simplifying and decluttering your kitchen before the holidays will make it easier to use and make it more efficient.

how to declutter toys before Christmas
Let’s declutter before Christmas with your kitchen

Along with that, rather than attempting to declutter your entire kitchen from top to bottom. You should focus on removing clutter from the areas that will have the greatest impact. Such as:

  • Counters: Cleaning up your counters will give you more space to cook, bake, and entertain. It also makes cleaning up after all of the cooking, baking, and entertaining become much easier.
  • Dishes and serving ware: Before the holidays, go through and evaluate your dishes and serving ware. If you have something you don’t need, won’t use, or don’t love, now is the time to get rid of it. When you clear the clutter, it will be easier to find and use the dishes and serving ware that you regularly use and love.
  • Pantry: Cleaning out your pantry before Christmas will not only make room for the extra food you’ll need. But it will also allow you to take stock of what you already have on hand, get rid of anything expired, and tidy and organize your pantry so that you can easily find what you need during the holidays.
  • Fridge and freezer: You should get rid of anything that is no longer fresh or has gone bad and organize and inventory what’s left. Also, make space for the extra food you’ll need to use for the holidays.

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1.3. Arrange furniture in the bedroom

When extended family and friends stay for several days, it is common to offer up your bedroom to relatives. Therefore, your bedroom is a place we cannot ignore to declutter before Christmas. First, you need to neatly arrange clothes and store them in cabinets and drawers. For your miscellaneous items, you can store them neatly in out-of-sight places like under the bed, for example. For bed sheets or towels, you can save space while increasing the aesthetics of your room by folding them into wicker baskets.

how to declutter before Christmas
Clean up your bedroom

After you have neatly arranged the furniture in the room, remember to wipe the blankets and change the pillowcases or bed mats! This is to keep the resting space always airy and comfortable. Finally, you can add some fresh flowers, beautiful wreaths, Christmas lights, or small details to create a bustling festive atmosphere right in your bedroom.

1.4. Clean the front entrance of the house

Your entryway is another great place to prioritize declutter before Christmas. If you’ll be entertaining guests over the holidays, having a clean and clutter-free entryway will make them feel welcome. As well as making you feel more confident and at ease when entertaining guests in your home.

declutter before Christmas
Let’s declutter your front entrance

First and foremost, ensure that guests have places to hang their coats, place their shoes, and so on. Next, keeping the space clean and tidy can make the entryway more welcoming to guests as they enter your home. Finally, a few small personal or decorative touches can help make the space feel more welcoming without overburdening it with “stuff” or clutter.

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1.5. Declutter the bathroom

The bathroom is another room that will be frequently used by any Christmas guests, so make sure it is completely decluttered. The first step for decluttering before Christmas is to get rid of any expired items in there, such as medicines, cosmetics, shampoo, shower gel, and anything else that has passed its expiration date. Even half-empty shampoo and shower gel bottles need to be thrown away and replaced with a few full bottles. This will make your guests feel thoughtful and feel warmly welcomed. 

how to declutter toys before Christmas
Make sure that your bathrooms are cleaned up

In addition, you should also clear the basin area and the bath’s edges. Finally, let’s take a moment to ensure that your bathroom is stocked with any items that guests may need. They such as extra toilet paper, clean towels, extra toiletries, and so on.

1.6. Clean up old toys

One of the biggest concerns many families with children have during the holidays is finding space for the new toys they will receive for Christmas. Therefore, cleaning up children’s old toys is an indispensable part. This pre-Christmas declutter process, involves your child as much as possible. 

how to declutter before Christmas
Clean up the old toys with your kids before Christmas comes

For toys that they no longer love or want to play with, encourage them to donate toys to other children who may not be as lucky as they are. Besides, you can also encourage children to declutter their toys before Christmas by reminding them that they must make room for the new items they will receive as gifts. The excitement of making space for new things can often help kids get ready to declutter before Christmas.

1.7. Reorganize your home and decorate

Now that your home is clean and free of unused items, focus on reorganizing what you have kept. Let’s pay attention to areas of your home that get a lot of use, such as your vintage-painted secretary desk where you do schoolwork or your conversation corner where you unwind and converse at the end of the day. These are all good places to start reorganizing.

declutter before Christmas
Declutter and decorate your Christmas coming home

Besides, you can create an eye-catching focal point by focusing on a piece of furniture to display a collection of books and collectibles. Let’s pay attention to the color palette and incorporate the same base of colors with other seasonal home accents like pillows and rugs. From there, you will have interesting and warm Christmas spaces. This is also the last thing you need to declutter before Christmas and ready to welcome a peaceful holiday season!

2. Reasons to declutter before Christmas

Before we immerse ourselves in the festive spirit of the holiday season, providing a clean space is not the only reason why we clean our homes. So, are there any other reasons why decluttering before Christmas is extremely necessary and important? Let’s explore the following reasons:

2.1. Create space for storage

This is probably one of the most obvious advantages, but it is also one of the most helpful! Christmas brings gifts, and those gifts must be stored. Therefore, declutter before Christmas will help you create free space for storage. Clean and tidy storage space can make it easier to display objects, gifts, and Christmas decorations. Furthermore, you can also find the necessary items quickly, avoiding loss and confusion.

how to declutter toys before Christmas
The first reason for decluttering your home before Christmas

Some cleaning examples to create more space that you can refer to include:

  • Clear out some of your garage or loft space to store the gifts that are waiting to be wrapped in there.
  • Declutter your freezer and get rid of or use up expired food to make room for new food you need to buy for meals and Christmas parties.
  • Clear out the clutter in your kitchen. Do you have any baking trays, roasting pans, utensils, gadgets, crockery, cutlery, or glasses that you don’t use? If so, arrange it neatly in kitchen cabinets or store it in the place where you usually store cooking pots and pans.
  • Clear out your refrigerator and pantry. Do you have all of the ingredients you’ll need to prepare your Christmas meals? Spices, herbs, flour, pantry staples, and so on. Cleaning out your kitchen cabinets can help you plan meals more easily and avoid running out of food or accidentally buying duplicates.

2.2. Refresh the space to be cleaner

The second reason why you should declutter before Christmas is that your home space becomes cleaner. It’s much easier to keep the house clean when you have less stuff. When there is less to move, it is easier to vacuum or mop the floor, clean the inside of cabinets, dust the tops of tables, and wipe the kitchen counters. With that, it’s also easier to keep the house tidy, especially when you’re expecting more visitors and generally more people in your home. 

how to declutter before Christmas
The second reason for decluttering your home before Christmas

Besides, even without Christmas, the kids are on school vacation, which can add to the chaos. Therefore, when the house is cleaned a little, cleaning the house will become faster. Finally, cleaning the house before the Christmas season approaches also shows the preparation and decorating spirit for this special holiday season.

2.3. Teach kids to give as well as receive

The last reason for cleaning up and decluttering toys before Christmas is to teach your children the lesson of “Giving and Receiving”. When we clean with our children, there will surely be many things that you and your children no longer use or need to get rid of. With items that are new and can continue to be used, encourage your children to donate, participate in local charity activities, or give them to other children. Such as food donations to local banks. Along with that, donating old books, newspapers, and clothes in good condition to some children in difficult circumstances near home is also a meaningful thing.

declutter before Christmas
The last reason why we should declutter before Christmas

This is an extremely practical and meaningful reason, right? Your children will realize that many people are in unfortunate circumstances and that Christmas can be a difficult time for many people. Therefore, children need to share and help others with their old items. Along with that, when children participate in the cleaning process, they can learn the value of spreading love to many others.

In short, cleaning up your home is an extremely necessary thing that you should do to welcome a peaceful holiday season. Let’s declutter before Christmas start small, and tackle one area at a time.  Besides, don’t forget to involve your family to make the process more enjoyable and efficient. Hopefully, our article has helped you gain more useful information for cleaning your house. Please contact TeeNavi right away if you need help with any problems!

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