How to decorating with fairy lights for Christmas

How to decorating with fairy lights for Christmas

How many ideas for decorating with fairy lights for Christmas can you come up with, aside from simply draping them around the Christmas tree? If you believe that fairy lights are synonymous with Christmas lights and exclusively reserved for the holiday season, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Explore TeeNavis blog for inspiration on creative ways to use fairy lights in your home.

1. 10 Creative ways to decorating with fairy lights for Christmas

Incorporating decorating with fairy lights for Christmas offers endless possibilities. Contrary to misconceptions, these string lights are incredibly versatile and can be utilized in various ways. Let me demonstrate. These lighting concepts are simple to replicate, and many materials can be recycled, with most likely already being available in your home.

1.1 Chandelier style

Fairy lights Chandeliers aren’t just a means of enhancing bedroom decor; they can also serve as the primary source of illumination in your room. The chandelier style is among the numerous room decor ideas with fairy lights that you can readily craft yourself. You’ll only need:

  • White fairy lights
  • A hula hoop
  • Cable ties
  • A ceiling hook
  • A white ribbon for hanging
  • A starter cable

Assembling everything is a breeze. For a year-round springtime atmosphere, consider adding artificial vines or flowers.

decorating with fairy lights
Create a chandelier style with fairy lights for a mesmerizing winter ambiance.

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1.2 String fairy lights and polaroid

Whether you choose pre-made photo clip string lights or turn it into a DIY project for your bedroom transformation, this is just one of the timeless ideas for decorating with fairy lights for Christmas. If you have LED fairy lights, all you have to do is hang them along your walls and attach your Polaroid photos to the string lights.

decorating with fairy lights
Combine string fairy lights and polaroids for a personalized holiday display.

1.3 Illuminated word

The wall in your room can serve as a large canvas for decorating with fairy lights for Christmas, allowing your ideas to shine. You can achieve this by using a gauge utility wire to form the word or shape you wish to display on your wall. Once done, simply wrap it with fairy lights.

decorating with fairy lights for christmas
Illuminate your space with an Illuminated Word using fairy lights.


1.4 Faux fireplace

It may not be necessary to light a fire in your fireplace every night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it to illuminate the room. Enhance the fireplace’s functionality by incorporating string lights, solar lanterns, and candles alongside the stacked wood. This decorating with fairy lights creates a warm and cozy ambiance.

room decor with fairy lights
Adorn your faux fireplace with fairy lights to mimic a cozy Christmas fire.

1.5 Vanity table

In addition to the bed, where else can you consider decorating with fairy lights in the bedroom? Another charming option is to adorn the vanity mirror. You can forego traditional table lamps and opt for fairy lights instead. To create this string light design, you have two choices: lay the fairy lights on the table and secure them along the mirror frame, or place the fairy lights inside a transparent glass vase.

room decor with fairy lights
Enhance your vanity table with fairy lights for a dreamy holiday touch.

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1.6 Headboard focal point

Ditch the usual statement headboard and go for a unique focal point like hanging textured tree branches with fairy string lights. And I would say, this headboard fairy lights idea never fails to capture anyone’s attention.

decorating with fairy lights for christmas
Make your bedroom festive with a Headboard adorned with fairy lights.

1.7 Twinkling room divider

Shoji blinds are a popular choice for room dividers, a traditional Japanese interior design that’s perfect for partitioning different areas of your home. However, you can step outside the box! Instead of the traditional shoji blinds, opt for glass panel folding as a unique alternative. Enhance the ambiance by decorating with fairy lights for Christmas.

decorating with fairy lights for christmas
Use fairy lights as a twinkling room divider for added magic.

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1.8 Fairy string lights canopy

Here’s another straightforward approach on how to decorate with fairy lights. Whether your bed frame includes a canopy and posters or not, this string fairy lights concept is easy to replicate. If you don’t have a canopy and posters, you can install ceiling-mounted bars to suspend your fairy lights and sheer curtains. And there you have it! You’ve created a charming canopy of fairy lights in your room.

how to decorate with fairy lights bedroom
Craft a dreamy sanctuary with a fairy string lights canopy above your bed.

1.9 Hanging chair

Elevate your space to a magical sanctuary by incorporating decorating with fairy lights for Christmas into your hanging chair. Positioned alongside a loveseat or couch in your home, a hanging chair becomes the perfect spot for cozy cuddles, especially when the weather turns chilly.

how to decorate with fairy lights indoors
Create a cozy nook with fairy lights around your hanging chair.

1.10 Indoor dining canopy

Another timeless lighting concept that many find enchanting is a canopy of lights. Although people often associate this with outdoor settings, it can also be applied as room decor with fairy lights in your kitchen.

what to do with fairy lights in bedroom
Set the scene for holiday feasts with an indoor dining canopy adorned in fairy lights.

2. Some rules to remember when having a room decor with fairy lights

Fairy lights are the cornerstone of using fairy lights to decorate during Christmas: they set the mood and breathe life into any setting. Yet, they can be either charming and elegant or gaudy and headache-inducing. Here are five straightforward guidelines for effectively incorporating fairy lights into your stylish Christmas tree decoration.

2.1 Only use warm lights

Incorporating decorating with fairy lights for Christmas into your festive setup can transform your space into a cozy. However, it’s not uncommon to encounter fairy light arrangements that evoke a more stark, unwelcoming atmosphere, which can be quite disheartening. Such an effect is usually the result of an overreliance on harsh, bluish tones that not only create a cool aura but also cast unbecoming shadows on everyone present.

decorating with fairy lights for christmas
Use warm lights for a cozy ambiance.

For those who prefer LED fairy lights, selecting a ‘warm white’ hue can yield a much more inviting glow. Alternatively, when choosing colored lights, it’s advisable to seek out the classic varieties that include a touch of pink, taking a page from the stylings of Amanda Brooks, to ensure the lights flatter both the space and its inhabitants.

2.2 Keep the lights on a ‘still’ setting

Blinking fairy lights can be quite distracting and occasionally even bothersome. There’s always a steady setting for fairy lights; make the most of it! This way, they appear much more subtle and aesthetically pleasing.

decorating with fairy lights for christmas
Keep the lights steady to avoid flickering.

2.3 Keep the light type consistent

Everyone has a collection of mismatched ornaments, including those small strands of lights powered by batteries, each set just a hue off from the next, and the occasional red plastic flower light, a throwback from the 90s that somehow ends up with your main set of fairy lights. My advice is to opt for a quality set of ten uniform strings of lights, ensuring simplicity and harmony in your display. It’s essential to stick to this coordinated approach when decorating with fairy lights for Christmas, as a hodgepodge can spoil the overall aesthetic.

how to decorate with fairy lights for christmas
Maintain consistent light types.

2.4 Use connectible lights and blank cable lengths for a neat job

Today’s market offers an excellent range of connectible fairy lights, making them a decorator’s go-to choice when it comes to decorating with fairy lights for Christmas. These lights allow for extended lengths using a single power source, and you can easily connect new strands to the end of the previous one, avoiding tangles and simplifying the process of creating tidy arrangements. Additionally, you can purchase blank cable lengths, which come in handy when you need to maneuver around corners or transition from one arrangement to another. These blank cable lengths help conceal any visible wiring, providing a seamless look.

how to decorate with fairy lights
Use connectible lights and blank cables for a neat look.

2.5 Look to weddings for inspiration

Take inspiration for Christmas decorating from sources like Pinterest, Instagram, or even your summer wedding plans. Wedding decorators often incorporate fairy lights into their designs, doing so with precision and simplicity that can offer valuable insights for Christmas decorating. If you decide to ‘swag’ your lights, maintain consistent length and spacing for an organized and stylish appearance. Alternatively, if you opt for rows or curtains of lights, consider using tacks or small plastic loops-on-nails, similar to those used by telephone installers, to maintain a clean and elegant look.

using fairy lights to decorate
Draw inspiration from weddings for ideas.

When someone inquires about ‘what you can do with fairy lights,’ you can now provide them with these creative ideas for decorating with fairy lights for Christmas. TeeNavi is confident they’ll appreciate these lighting concepts for their dream home.


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