16 Meaningful Diy Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

16 Meaningful Diy Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

On Thanksgiving, everyone gathers together with family and loved ones. And this Thanksgiving season, let’s come up with ideas for meaningful diy Thanksgiving hostess gifts with TeeNavi.

1.16 Best Diy Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

1.1. Custom Mug

A mug is an indispensable item in every household. And a Custom Mug will be a meaningful homemade hostess gifts for Thanksgiving when you come to the party. Mug means similar to life, it represents gratitude, and respect, and is the best feeling that we want to give to the person we love.

Custom mug

1.2 Handmade cards

Among the easy diy thanksgiving hostess gifts, the card is the number one choice. The cards are simple but have great meaning, it is a gift made by yourself that can make the recipient touch and appreciate it more. With just a little ingenuity and meticulousness, you have created countless types of unique cards yourself.

Handmade cards

1.3 Scented candles

One of the homeowner’s favorite handmade gifts is scented candles. Candles made from beeswax and natural essential oils carry a very refreshing fragrance. For the elderly, this is an extremely suitable gift, the scent of the candle will calm nerves and improve sleep quality.

Scented candles

1.4 Wool scarf

A wool scarf given to hostesses on cold winter days shows our concern for their health. Especially if it’s a handmade gift, it’s even more meaningful. If you are wondering about choosing a gift this Thanksgiving, the scarf will be a diy Thanksgiving hostess gifts you should consider.

Wool scarf

1.5 Handmade posters

This will be a good gift for the owner. A poster with meaningful words will bring luck to the homeowner, in addition, it is also an extremely beautiful decoration. Surely these will be the diy thanksgiving hostess gifts you are looking for.

Handmade posters

1.6 Chocolate sponge cake

It only takes a few steps with the oven, you can make a delicious, attractive chocolate sponge cake as a meaningful gift for the host. The finished product is a chocolate brown cake with a characteristic aroma along with a very attractive soft and spongy texture.

Chocolate sponge cake

1.7 Thermos bottle

A thermos bottle is always necessary for everyone. We can take this bottle with us when we go to school, work, and anywhere for refreshments. 

Currently, on the market, there are many types of thermos flasks with different materials such as plastic, bamboo, and stainless steel,…and we can completely customize the vase to make a meaningful gift for the homeowner.

thermos bottle

1.8 Hand-painted tote bag

Yet another gift that can be made by hand, easy to decorate. With a relatively low cost, you can already own a tote bag for making materials. 

You can buy white burlap and cut and sew it yourself into a bag design, or you can buy ready-made bags, collage, and draw with special ink colors for the fabric, dry to prevent the ink from fading, and you will have a diy thanksgiving. hostess gifts are very meaningful

Hand-painted tote bag

1.9 Paintings

Painting is one of the handmade gifts to give for Thanksgiving. For a picture, you just need to draw positive things with bright colors that will be a gift that impresses anyone when receiving it.


1.10 Lucky Bracelets 

Bracelets are a very popular gift these days and you can absolutely make a bracelet to give to your loved ones on Thanksgiving. With the meaning of bringing luck and blessings to the recipient, this will be something you should not ignore when giving to your host.

Lucky Bracelets

1.11 Handmade Cloth Napkins

The napkin is an indispensable item on the dining table of every family, this is a gift that is both meaningful and useful in life. You can make personalized napkins with cute patterns. This will be a diy thanksgiving hostess gifts your host will love.

Handmade Cloth Napkins

1.12 T-shirts

T-shirts are a popular gift, no matter what the important occasion, t-shirts are still one of the top choices of people. You can turn a simple t-shirt into a colorful t-shirt based on your creativity.


1.13  handmade soap

With handmade soap, most of the ingredients are natural ingredients that are very beneficial to health and have a very natural scent. Made from plant-based fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, etc. 

The color of natural soap is rich depending on the ingredients, and constituent material. Here’s a Thanksgiving gift idea you just can’t pass up.

handmade soap

1.14 Oreo Cheese Cookies

Oreo cheese cookies are small, pretty cookies with 2 colors of black and white that are delicious and beautiful. The cake is baked fragrant, and crispy right in the mouth and this will be a very interesting homemade gift on Thanksgiving.

Oreo Cheese Cookies

1.15 Doormat

A doormat is an indispensable household item in anyone’s home. And you can make a doormat yourself to give to your loved ones, a doormat with your creative ideas is sure to be a gift that receives the love of the recipient.


1.16 Handmade flowers

Flowers are a gift that is always treasured because flowers always have a good meaning. Handmade flowers are also a very meaningful gift that can not only decorate but also can be preserved for a long time. This will be the Thanksgiving gift you should consider.

Handmade flowers

1.17 Pumpkin pie

Besides the savory dishes, the Thanksgiving dinner table cannot be without the “shadow” of delicious cakes and pumpkin pie that will be a very meaningful gift and also one of the traditional sweets of the day. this ceremony.

Pumpkin pie

2. Where can you get diy Thanksgiving hostess gifts?

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