Easy DIY Valentines Chocolate Heart Recipe At Home

Easy DIY Valentines Chocolate Heart Recipe At Home

Chocolate is one of the first Valentine’s gifts that many people think of when choosing a gift for Valentine’s Day. However, if you make a DIY Valentines chocolate treat for your loved one, the value of the gift can be greatly increased. So, have you chosen any chocolate recipes yet? If not, TeeNavi‘s following article will help you solve this problem. Let’s take a look!

1. DIY Valentines chocolate candy heart

The homemade chocolate for Valentine’s Day made with candy melts and melted chocolate is the ideal treat for this meaningful day. Quickly copy down our following recipe to make and give the little chocolate hearts to your sweetie!

1.1. What you’ll need

These simple DIY Valentines chocolate candy hearts require only a few simple ingredients. You can find them in grocery stores, craft stores, and online. These include:

  • Colored candy melts of your choice.
  • Choose your favorite chocolate chips (Semisweet, white chocolate, or dark chocolate).
  • Sprinkles of candy.
  • Coconut oil is optional, but it makes semisweet chocolate melt smoother.
  • A silicone heart mold.
  • A little vanilla.
  • Dates and nuts.
  • Rum.
DIY Valentines chocolate
Some ingredients that you’ll need to make chocolate candy heart

1.2. Step 1 – Make filling

We will begin with the first step to making DIY Valentines chocolate candy hearts by preparing the filling. It’s a straightforward combination of dates and nuts with vanilla for natural sweetness and crunch. In a food processor, whirl the pitted dates until they form a smooth ball. After that, add the nuts and flavorings and process until evenly combined.

handmade Valentine chocolate
The first step with making the filling

Additionally, you can add whatever nuts your special someone prefers. You can be as creative as you want with the flavoring extract. Mixing in some instant coffee or espresso is also a good idea. Furthermore, you can add flavor combinations with rum or coconut extract. It will also be delicious. Let’s make it fit whatever your loved ones enjoy.

1.3. Step 2 – Fill the Chocolate mold

The next step to make the handmade Valentine chocolate candy hearts is to fill the mold with chocolate. What kind of chocolate does your lover prefer? Dark, semi-sweet, or white chocolate? Vegan or organic? Or is it healthy? You can use any type of chocolate they like for this recipe. First melt the chocolate and candy in separate bowls in the microwave (in 20-second bursts, stirring after each). Or you can use a double boiler. 

homemade candy for Valentine's day
Continue with filling the mold

Next, spread them around the outside of a heart mold with a brush or skewer. You could also use an ice cube tray instead of the silicone tray. After you’ve spread the chocolate around the bottom and sides of the mold, give it a few good taps to smooth it out. Finally, let’s place your creations in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes to let them set. So you have completed this step!

1.4. Step 3 – Pour the filling into the mold

For step 3 on how to make DIY Valentines chocolate candy hearts, you should use a large zip bag or an actual piping bag and put the filling prepared in step 1 inside. Using them will help you add filling to the mold more easily. In addition, you should sprinkle chopped nuts or candy in the mold before filling.

homemade chocolate ideas for Valentine's day
Add the filling to the chocolate candy mold

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1.5. Step 4- Spread melted chocolate over the filling

Once you’ve added the filling, you now need to spread a little more melted chocolate over the filling. Then, you should use a knife or a spatula to scrape away any excess. That’s what you need to do in step 4 to make your DIY Valentines chocolate candy hearts!

homemade Valentine candy
Add a layer of chocolate on top of the filling

1.6. Step 5 – Let harden and remove from the mold

We come to the final step in the DIY chocolate Valentines candy heart tutorial! Once you are done adding a layer of melted chocolate to the filling, you need to return the mold to the refrigerator or freezer to allow the chocolate candy to fully set. Then, pop out the chocolates once they have hardened. For presentation, you can place them in mini muffin liners.

homemade chocolate for Valentine's day
The final step to make chocolate candy heart

However, you need to remember that you should not try to remove the chocolate from the mold too early, as this may affect your finished product. Normally, freezing chocolate requires at least 30 minutes to completely harden for silicone molds. So, please time carefully to achieve the best results. Along with that, instead of trying to “pop” the truffles out of the mold, it was also helpful to turn the mold upside down on a hard surface and peel the silicone off of the chocolate.

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2. Some notes when DIY Valentines chocolate

There are two notes that you need to pay attention to when making your handmade Valentine chocolate candy hearts. It’s about time setting and methods of store. As follows:

2.1. Time setting

Let’s place the molds in the refrigerator for about an hour to allow the hearts to set. For silicone molds, your DIY Valentines chocolate candy hearts only take about 30 minutes. Additionally, you can also speed up the process by popping them into the freezer. Furthermore, the time it takes to harden chocolate candies often depends on their recipe, size, and shape. Therefore, you need to allow more time to freeze them if their size is larger.

homemade chocolate ideas for Valentine's day
The first note that you need to pay attention

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2.2. Methods of store

You should store your DIY Valentines chocolate candy hearts in an airtight container and place it in the refrigerator. Also, it is a good idea that you should line the container with parchment paper in case things get melty. To be extra careful, you can wrap each chocolate candy separately in wax paper or aluminum foil to protect them from humidity and prevent them from sticking together. 

homemade Valentine candy
How to store the chocolate candy hearts for Valentine’s Day

With this method of preservation, your chocolate candy will remain fresh for about 2 to 3 weeks! Finally, you should take the candy and let it sit at room temperature for a while before using it so that it’s not too hard to bite into. Please take note!

3. Other Handmade Valentine chocolate 

Besides candy heart chocolate, here are some other homemade chocolate for Valentine’s Day that you can refer to:

3.1. Cashew clusters

Cashew chocolate clusters are a type of sweet treat made from cashews, chocolate, and various ingredients. Dark chocolate, like cashews, has long been lauded for its health benefits. It contains flavonoids, which have been shown to improve vascular function and prevent inflammation in the body. When you combine cashews and dark chocolate, you get a win-win situation. Try making this delicious DIY Valentines chocolate for your lover!

homemade chocolate for Valentine's day
The first other handmade chocolate for Valentine’s Day

3.2. Spiced pear truffles

This DIY Valentines chocolate is a delicious and special dessert with the sweet flavor of pear combined with other spices. You’ll need pear liqueur, five-spice powder, and chocolate to make these sophisticated truffles. Before serving, you should roll the finished treats in additional cocoa powder or gild the lily and brush them with the pearl dust.

DIY chocolate Valentine's day
Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with spiced pear truffles

3.3. Chocolate bonbons

Chocolate bonbons are usually made from an outer chocolate shell and an inner filling. You can make fillings with a variety of flavors such as cream, jam, nuts, or other traditional fillings.

homemade Valentine candy
Making some Valentine’s chocolate bonbons

3.4. Chocolate pomegranate candies

This handmade Valentine chocolate treat combines white and dark chocolate with whole, natural ingredients to create an incredible treat! These candies are ideal for giving as a Valentine’s gift for your lover. 

homemade Valentine candy
The sweet chocolate pomegranate candies for Valentine’s Day

3.5. Couscous crunch bar

Who would have thought that pearl-like Israeli couscous would go so well with chocolate? To make this easy DIY Valentines chocolate treat, you need to toast the grains in a skillet with butter and salt before stirring them into melted chocolate. Cookie cutters are ideal for making these crunchy, sweet bites.

homemade candy for Valentine's day
Ideal chocolate treat for Valentine’s season

3.6. Chocolate-caramel truffles

The next DIY Valentines chocolate that you can refer to is the chocolate caramel truffles. These truffles are inspired by brigadeiros, a popular Brazilian confection. Although they take some time to make, the rewards are plentiful.

homemade chocolate ideas for Valentine's day
The other chocolate truffles

3.7. Truffle cherries

Truffle cherries are a special homemade chocolate for Valentine’s Day dessert. This is a treat in which cherries are dipped in a creamy milk chocolate shell with a sweet cocoa finish.

handmade Valentine chocolate
A handmade Valentine’s treat with truffle cherries

3.8. White chocolate truffles

White chocolate truffles are a type of DIY Valentines chocolate candy made from white chocolate, cream, and other flavorings to create a delicious flavor. These chocolate candies are very simple to make and will look lovely in a gift box. Try making this dish for the upcoming Valentine’s Day season!

DIY chocolate Valentine's day
The last handmade chocolate treat for your Valentine’s season

The above article gives you instructions on how to make extremely delicious and attractive DIY Valentines chocolate candy hearts that you can refer to. Along with that, we also introduce some other popular chocolate dishes during the Valentine’s season. Hopefully, this article will help you get a lot of useful information about the sweet chocolate candies. Finally, if you have any questions that need answering, please quickly contact TeeNavi for support!

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