25+ Best DIY Valentines Day Decor Ideas For You

25+ Best DIY Valentines Day Decor Ideas For You

Another Valentine’s Day season is here, do you have any DIY Valentines Day decor ideas yet? Instead of buying ready-made outside decorations like every year, you can try to innovate by making them yourself this year. It won’t be as difficult as you think, with just a few simple steps you can create a Valentine’s decor with cute, romantic, vintage, or any style you like for your home. So, are there any unique and easy-to-make handmade decoration ideas for the Valentine’s season? Let’s join us to explore the best 25 ideas through TeeNavi‘s article below!

1. Floral napkin rings – DIY Valentines Day decor

Combining the floral with rings for napkins is the first homemade Valentine decor idea that you can refer to. It will make your space to enjoy your Valentine’s meal more romantic and interesting. So, try using your favorite fresh or faux florals and make pretty napkin rings to impress your guests. Don’t forget to add a heart-shaped small plate to complete the Valentine’s place setting!

DIY Valentines day decor
Decor the table setting with floral napkin rings

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2. DIY ring plate

This DIY Valentines Day decor with ring plates is ideal for holding rings or other jewelry. They help your Valentine’s decoration style become more outstanding and special. You can create a small plate from wood, enamel, plastic, or any material you like. Then, paint it your favorite color and decorate it with floral motifs, hearts, or symbols that symbolize love. Try it out and enjoy your creative process!

DIY Valentine ornaments
Get creative with making the ring plates

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3. Tissue paper Valentine tree

Tissue paper tree is the next unique idea for DIY Valentines Day decor. This idea will help you create a unique and interesting highlight for your decor space. With just a few simple steps like cutting tissue paper hearts into various sizes and colors. After that, you arrange them on real or fake branches. As a result, you have a one-of-a-kind decoration for Valentine’s Day. Also, you can invite your lover to participate in making the tissue paper tree to have more beautiful memories.

homemade decorations for Valentine's Day
The handmade tissue paper tree for Valentine’s holiday

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4. Mason jar bouquets – DIY Valentine ornaments

What do you think about the idea of mason jar bouquets for homemade decorations for Valentine’s Day? Let’s add some unexpected color to your Valentine’s Day decor with these adorable mason jars that spell out the word “love”. Then, fill them with your favorite flowers to give handled new life to your stylish table decorations. Besides, these mason jar bouquets can last a long time if cared for properly. So, you can enjoy the bouquet’s beauty long after Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day decorations homemade
A fresh decorative style with mason jar bouquets

5. Hang a heart wreath

The heart is a traditional symbol of Valentine’s Day and is often seen as a symbol of strong love and sincerity. By hanging heart-shaped wreaths in your home, you can create a romantic, cute, luxurious space as desired and express your love on this occasion. Besides, you can refer to some popular types of wreaths for your DIY Valentines Day decor such as a heart pompom wreath, baby heart wreath, heart floral wreath, gingham wrapped heart wreath,…

Valentines decorations homemade
Hanging the heart-shaped wreath on Valentine’s Day

6. XOXO’ wall hanging – DIY Valentines Day decor

‘XOXO’ is an acronym for the English meaningful phrase “Hugs and Kisses”.  So, why don’t we try to create a beautiful wall hanging with this phrase to enhance the love atmosphere on Valentine’s Day? You can make this adorable DIY Valentines Day decor with gold pleather, paper, fabric, a wood dowel, or any other material you like. In addition, add heart drawings or Valentine-related images to make your wall hanging more eye-catching.

easy DIY Valentine decor
The adorable wall hanging with ‘XOXO’ phrase

7. Heart-shaped cookie-cutter wind chimes

This is a very interesting idea for DIY Valentines Day decor! Transform the humble cookie cutters into cheerful wind chimes suitable and hanging above a bed or on the front porch. Implementation is quite simple as follows:

  • First, you make a heart shape out of a 10- to 12-inch length of wire, wrap it with red twine, and set it aside.
  • Next, you make a clay heart with oven-baked modeling clay. Before baking, punch a hole in the top for hanging and write a phrase if you desire.
  • You continue with making a hole in the crook and point three large, three medium, and three small heart-shaped cookie cutters.
DIY Valentine's decor ideas
Make the wind chimes from a shape cookie cutter for Valentine
  • You need to cut three pieces of twine next. Thread a large, medium, and small cookie cutter onto twine, one length at a time, knotting above and below each cutter to keep it in place. You repeat with the rest of the twine and cookie cutters.
  • Then, let’s wrap twine lengths around the wire heart (making sure the hearts are facing the right way). You gather twine lengths at the top and tie in a knot for hanging. Also, you can trim the twine lengths at the bottom.
  • Thread a short length of twine through the ceramic heart and tie it to a knot at the bottom of the wine chime before hanging. So it’s done!

8. Pom pom pillow

Pom pom pillows are the next easy DIY Valentine decor idea that we want to recommend to you. Just add playful pink, red, and white pom poms in the shape of a heart to your throw pillow. You will have adorable pillows filled with a loving atmosphere for your house. It only takes 15 minutes to make and they will look lovely in any room!

paper DIY Valentines decor
Decor your house with the pom pom pillows

9. Table decoration heart tree

Just stack layers of felt hearts piled high on a wooden dowel and you can get in the Valentine’s Day spirit in no time. This decorative DIY item will create a romantic and warm space with a little cuteness for your home space. Remember to try this idea for your DIY Valentines Day decor!

handmade Valentine decorations
Do a craft project with a table heart tree

10. Honeycomb paper hearts

These adorable little honeycomb hearts are incredibly simple to make and can be used for a variety of decorations. You should use red, pink, or white paper to better suit the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day. For the cutest and sweetest display, you should hang them from a plant or string them on a bunting.

homemade Valentine decor
Sweet DIY Valentines Day decor idea with honeycomb paper hearts

11. Rainbow Valentine card box

Making a rainbow-shaped card box using vibrant shades of red and pink is an idea for DIY Valentines Day decor that you should not miss. This decoration is cute enough to keep on display long after Valentine’s Day. It may take some time to hot glue the cardboard pieces into a multicolored arc. However, the result is well worth the time and effort you put into it.

Valentine's Day DIY decor
The cute card box with rainbow-shape

12. Valentine’s Day chalkboard

This heart-shaped chalkboard does not only look adorable hanging from your wall. But it’s also a great DIY Valentines Day decor way that you can leave love notes for your family members. You can freely decorate the chalkboard with many different contents related to Valentine’s Day. Besides writing love words, you can draw images or characters related to Valentine’s Day or write famous quotes and sayings about love. Don’t miss this interesting idea!

DIY outdoor Valentine decorations
Decor the chalkboard with a Valentine theme

13. Sprinkles candle – DIY Valentines Day decor

Sprinkles can be used for more than just decorating cupcakes! Make your own Valentine’s Day candle by filling any jar or bottle with candy sprinkles. Then, you pour melted wax from a recycled candle into it. Finally, just tie a pretty ribbon around the top and you’ve completed the look for these DIY Valentine ornaments.

paper DIY Valentines decor
Handmade sprinkles candle for Valentine’s decor

14. Balloon heart backdrop

Why spend money on a professional balloon backdrop when you can make your own? Just think of all the cute photos that you’ll take inside the flower-filled heart! Let’s start implementing this idea!

DIY Valentines day decor
Design a heart backdrop with balloons

15. Valentine’s Day kiss treat box

What’s better than a Valentine’s Day kiss? An adorable and charmingly decorated kissing box is ideal for your DIY Valentines Day decor. Additionally, you can also add chocolates, love notes, or any other small tokens of affection if you want.

DIY Valentine ornaments
Decor your home with the kiss treat boxes

16. Love banner Valentine’s Day DIY decor

Make your banners with the theme of Love for DIY Valentines Day decor idea using colored paper, fabric, or board with just a few cutting, pasting, and drawing operations. Very easy, right? Then, you can hang it on the wall, window, along the mantle, banister, or bookshelf or anywhere you want to create a highlight for your Valentine’s home space.

homemade decorations for Valentine's Day
The lovely Love-theme banners

17. Cross stitch heart on cane webbing

With some spray paint and chunky yarn, give a piece of vintage rattan cane webbing a Valentine’s Day makeover. You can place them on shelves, above the fireplace, or hang them on the wall like a picture. Using materials from rattan and bamboo helps create a natural and intimate look for your home space.

Valentine's Day decorations homemade
A natural decor with cross stitch heart on cane webbing

18. Heart wall art

This is an idea that not only creates lovely DIY Valentines Day decor items but also increases the romantic love atmosphere for your home. Let’s gather your favorite fabric and a bit of gold pleather (for the heart) and get to crafting. Each heart banner only takes 30 minutes to make!

Valentines decorations homemade
Make some heart art wall

19. Sequin heart pins – DIY Valentines Day decor

One of the next DIY Valentine decor ideas that you should not miss is these sparkling heart pins. Almost everything looks glamorous in sequins, so a little sparkle on your heart-shaped pins never hurts. They will bring a joyful and romantic Valentine’s atmosphere to your home decor.

easy DIY Valentine decor
The handmade sequin heart pins

20. Rose-colored glasses

When you’re with your special someone, you always see life through rose-colored glasses, right? That is why the two of you should make this fun DIY Valentines Day decor craft. Even if you don’t wear them for very long, these frames will help you take the perfect photograph.

DIY Valentine's decor ideas
Fun decor idea with making rose-colored glasses

21. DIY Valentine’s Day globe

If you still don’t know what DIY Valentines Day decor idea to choose, you can consider choosing this unique globe. Just buy a globe sold at stores, attach handmade paper hearts, and write wishes or meaningful words on them. So, you can own a very interesting decor item!

paper DIY Valentines decor
Get creative when making decorations with the globe

22. Dollar Tree Love Shack

Let’s come to the next idea for homemade decorations for Valentine’s Day! That’s the pretty Dollar Tree love shack. With some craft paper and a few other supplies, you can transform a cute little wood-frame house into a perfect piece of Valentine’s Day shelf decor.

handmade Valentine decorations
The handmade dollar tree love shack for Valentine’s Day

23. Tic-tac-toe chocolate box – DIY Valentine decor ideas

This tic tac toe game is not only adorable for DIY Valentines Day decor, but it’s also actually edible — well, partly. You can create tiny chocolate Xs and Os easily with an alphabet mold. Don’t forget to use a different color for each letter!

homemade Valentine decor
Great idea with interesting chocolate tic-tac-toe

24. DIY heart-shaped planter

Small houseplants, such as succulents, can be re-homed in clay heart-shaped vases. The heart shape is often considered a symbol of love and romance, so it is very suitable for creating an exciting and warm atmosphere on Valentine’s Day. So, try growing your favorite plants or flowers in cute heart-shaped planters!

Valentine's Day DIY decor
DIY heart planter is suitable for Valentine’s season

25. Valentine’s Day sock gnomes

This year, Christmas gnomes were all the rage, so why not carry the trend into Valentine’s Day? These adorable guys have hats made from crew socks and faux fur beards. Instead of Christmas gnomes whose main color tones are red and green, try making your decor handmade gnomes with sweet pink, red, or white tones. Finally, this is the last DIY Valentines Day decor idea that we want to suggest to you. Let’s try it!

DIY outdoor Valentine decorations
Create cute gnomes from the socks for Valentine’s decor

The above article gives you a list of the 25 best ideas for DIY Valentines Day decor that you can refer to. Hopefully, you will have more useful information to serve the process of decorating your home on Valentine’s Day this year. Finally, don’t forget to contact TeeNavi if you need any assistance!

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