Suggestion 10+ Fabulous DIY Valentines Door Decor

Suggestion 10+ Fabulous DIY Valentines Door Decor

Are you looking for fun and unique DIY Valentines door decor ideas? Home decoration is one of the indispensable activities on every Valentine’s Day. Especially decorating doors! Because it is like a warm welcome and a sweet greeting for this holiday. In addition, this is also a way to help you express your love for your loved one. If you still haven’t chosen a door decoration idea for yourself, please join us in taking a look at the following article by TeeNavi. Surely you will have many more great ideas!

1. DIY Valentines door decor with fabric heart

The below popular and interesting DIY Valentine door decorations idea with heart fabric will create a romantic atmosphere for your home during the Valentine’s season.

1.1. What you’ll need

For this DIY Valentines door decor idea, you need to prepare some tools as follows:

  • Thick fabric (The muslin or the burlap work best)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Stuffing (You can choose wrapping paper, cotton balls, cotton batting, paper bags, or newspaper)
  • Pen
  • Twine
  • Red and Pink Paint
  • Paintbrush
DIY Valentines door decor
Some tools that you need to prepare for this project

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1.2. Instructions

The tutorial for how to make this DIY Valentines door decor with fabric hanging hearts:

  • Begin with your pen and fabric. You need to draw a heart on a piece of fabric by folding it in half. Cut out both pieces and place them side by side. You can keep your fabric scraps for future fabric scrap reuse projects.
  • Next, choose one for the front and get your red paint ready. The front heart should be red, while the back heart should be left blank. 
  • After you’ve painted the entire front heart red, take your light pink paint and make dots on it. You simply placed the dots on the front heart with your pinky finger! In addition, you can optionally paint and decorate the fabric with your favorite patterns.
Valentine door hanger ideas
The instructions for making the fabric hearts door decor
  • Then, let’s allow 10 minutes for your painted heart to dry. After it has dried (it does not have to be completely dry), grab your back heart and use glue to line the edges of half the heart. Next, place the top heart on top of the bottom heart, making sure the edges are aligned along the glue.
  • Afterward, you continue with stuffing the glued-together side. Once that side is stuffed, bring the glue around a little further and press the edges together. Make a small hole in the center so you can stuff the other half.
  • Once you’ve stuffed your whole heart, use hot glue to close any remaining open spots. Finally, glue a small piece of twin to the back so you can hang it on your front door!

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2. Other DIY Valentines door decor

Besides the above idea, here are some other interesting and easy-to-implement options for Valentine door decorations DIY that you can refer to:

2.1. Gingham wrapped heart shaped wreath

Decorate your front door or a headboard with this cheerful gingham-wrapped wreath is the first other DIY Valentines door decor that we want to recommend. Heart shapes and gingham represent love and joy, creating a warm and inviting space. At the same time, this decoration also makes your door more impressive and special during this holiday.

DIY Valentine door hanger
Decor your door with gingham wrapped heart-shaped wreath

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2.2. XO Valentine door decor

XO is the abbreviation for “hugs and kisses” in English, a popular symbol of love on Valentine’s Day. This DIY Valentines door decor will create a lovely space and express passionate love for you and your loved one. Besides, this XO faux floral wall hanging is subtle and sophisticated, and it can be left up all spring.

heart door hanger ideas
XO wreath for Valentine’s door decor

2.3. Valentine’s candy box wreath

Transforming a heart-shaped chocolate box into a wreath takes only five minutes, but it will give you a unique and sweet decoration. This DIY Valentines door decor also helps you convey the message of Valentine’s Day in a more lovely and unique way.

DIY Valentines door decor
Make a candy box wreath for your door

2.4. Heart-shaped wind chimes

The cheery wind chimes are ideal for hanging above the door or on the front porch. The gentle chimes from them will create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere for your home space. Additionally, you can take advantage of heart-shaped cookie molds to make this DIY Valentine door hanger idea!

Valentine door hanger ideas
Hanging the heart-shaped wind chimes on your door

2.5. Embroidery hoop Valentine’s Day heart decor

The next DIY Valentines door decor idea for you is an embroidery hoop with a love theme. You can add your favorite flower patterns, hearts, or Valentine-related images by embroidering them. If red and pink aren’t your thing, feel free to decorate in your favorite colors. Let’s show off your creativity and take advantage of this decoration to create a sophisticated space for a sweet Valentine’s wish.

DIY Valentine door hanger
Embroidery hoops for your home door during Valentine’s season

2.6. Heart-shaped rag wreath

Wrap soft flannel strips around a heart-shaped foam wreath form to make a soft statement piece that says “I love you!” This is truly a sweet and romantic DIY Valentines door decor idea that you should try!

DIY Valentine door wreath
Make a rag wreath for your Valentine’s door decor

2.7. Floral hearts – DIY Valentine door decorations

Making elegant wreaths out of artificial flowers for your walls or front door is also a good idea for DIY Valentine door decorations. You can choose a variety of different flowers in similar soft shades of reds, pinks, and purples. Keeping them monochromatic helps give them a more modern decor.

Valentine door decorations DIY
A wonderful door decor with a floral heart wreath

2.8. Candy heart garland

We love how this garland is inspired by classic conversation heart candies. Bonus points if you include some of your inside jokes in the messages! Don’t miss this great idea for your door decor!

DIY Valentines door decor
Make the sweet garland hanging on your door

2.9. DIY Conversation Heart Tassel Charms

These heart tassel charms would make great DIY Valentines door decor for your home. Along with that, they’re very easy to make. So, you can make them in less than an hour, and there’s no sewing machine required!

Valentine door hanger ideas
A lovely ornament for your Valentine’s home

2.10. Conversation heart wreath

A bag of conversation heart candies can be transformed into a super cute door wreath with the help of a glue gun. Your home space will be filled with cuteness and sweetness when you implement this idea. Also, this is the last DIY Valentines door decor that we want to suggest to you!

DIY Valentine door hanger
The last door decor idea for Valentine’s Day

The above article gives you a list of the best and easiest to make DIY Valentines door decor ideas that you can refer to. Hopefully, you will have more useful information to help decorate your home during this meaningful season. And finally, if you have any questions that need answering, please contact TeeNavi for support!

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