16 Funny Dad Shirt Designs For Dad, Funniest Ever

The funny dad shirt is an ingenious way to show dad’s softer side. If you are searching for a Father’s day present, we got you covered with the ultimate collection of unique dad shirts at TeeNavi. Check out our list of 16 best-selling models of funny dad shirts nowadays!

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1. Where do fun dad t-shirt ideas come from?

In contrast to moms who love with heart and compassion, dads love their children with a rigid upbringing. As a result, it could be difficult for kids to show their fathers how much they adore them. And of course, finding a gift for their strict fathers is also challenging. Therefore, in response to such a mindset, Teenavi has launched funny dad shirt designs as an ingenious way to celebrate the lighter side of fathers.

funny dad shirts
Funny dad t-shirts are perfect presents to celebrate our beloved fathers.

These funny dad t shirts not only make dads appear more lively and energetic. They also encourage dads to strive in their everyday work. They hold the promise of raising his spirits even on the darkest days. And they serve as a subtle reminder of the fun side of fatherhood. Therefore, giving him a shirt rather than just words is the greatest way to express your gratitude and respect for him. Teenavi offers products with a wide range of designs and styles which will be perfect options for you to show love to fathers.

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2. Funny dad shirts designs inspired by animals

One of the most popular funny dad shirt designs is a shirt decorated with animal images. Let’s look at some funny dad t shirt designs inspired by animals that are most in demand right now.

2.1. Funny new dad shirt with Vintage Funny Dog

A Vintage Funny Dog shirt is one of the trendiest shirt models these days. Therefore, this funny dog dad shirt would be a perfect choice for dads who enjoy making jokes and are always up for a good time. The soft, airy fabric of 100% cotton gives fathers a comfortable feeling when wearing it. Moreover, the cute dog holding a beer glass logos and images are printed with water-based eco-friendly inks, providing the shirt with great durability. Whether he’s rocking it at the pool or bar, this shirt is sure to draw notice.

funny dad shirts
Sample 1: Vintage Funny Dog – It’s A Dad Bod, It’s A Father Figure
funny dad shirts from daughter
Sample 2: Best Chihuahua Dad Ever – Funny Animal Chihuahua Dog Lover vintage casual fashion t-shirt

2.2. Funny Cat Dad shirt

Life is not always easy and sometimes we will run across a lot of terrible things during the day. Take a look at our A Funny Cat It’s Fine I’m Fine Everything Is Fine Teacher Life shirt! This funny new dad shirt would be an ideal option for those days when everything seems to be falling apart, but you’re still managing to maintain your composure with a sense of humour. Let everyone know that you’re okay, even when everything around you is crumbling! These funny dad shirts from daughter will uplift your spirits and keep you motivated to face your obstacles.

funny new dad shirts
Sample 1: Funny Cat – It’s Fine, I’m Fine, Everything Is Fine
funny daddy daughter shirts
Sample 2: Best Cat Dad Ever T-Shirt

2.3. Dinosaur Dad Shirt

Are you looking for a funny dad shirt that exudes a powerful personality for your father? Refer to the Dinosaur Dad Shirt pattern at Teenvai, please. With the caption “Don’t Mess With Farsaurus You’ll Get Jurasskicked” printed meticulously above the shirt, it is perfect for anyone who wants to show their sense of humour while also issuing a warning to those who might harm them. High-quality materials give fathers an extremely comfortable feeling when wearing. These funny dad shirt ideas make for a practical and adorable gift for your dear fathers.

funny dad t shirts
Sample 1: Dinosaur Dad Shirt, Vintage Don’t Mess With Farsaurus You’ll Get Jurasskicked shirt for dad
funny dad shirt
Sample 2: Daddy Saurus T-rex Dinosaur Father’s Day matching t-shirt

2.4. Daddy Shirt Crawfish Boil Funny Cajun

Another well-liked funny shirt for dad patterns is the Who’s Your Craw Daddy shirt. This Crawfish Boil Funny Cajun shirt is designed with a funny shrimp graphic, which is perfect for fathers who love seafood. This item is available in all sizes from small to large and plus size and includes a variety of colours. These funny dad shirts from daughter are made of superior cotton and polyester for a comfortable and soft experience.

funny dad shirt ideas
Sample 1: Who’s Your Craw Daddy Shirt Crawfish Boil Funny Cajun dad t-shirt from daughter
funny dad shirt
Sample 2: Who’s Your Craw Daddy Shirt – Crawfish Boil Funny Cajun Men T-Shirt

2.5. Best Buckin’ Dad Ever Shirt

Does your father enjoy taking part in the hunting season? A Best Buckin Dad Ever shirt would be suitable for him. Gift him this shirt on Father’s Day. It would be a part of his hunting gear. The shirt has 5 different colours for you to choose, along with a picture of a stag and the caption “Best Buckin’ Dad Ever”. The shirt’s high-quality material makes it comfortable for him to wear on hunting days. He’s sure to love it.

funny new dad shirt
Sample 1: Best Buckin Dad Ever shirt for dad
funny dad shirt
Sample 2: Deer Hunting Bucking Father gift t-shirt

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3. T-shirt with funny quotes about dad and children

Some adorable, sweet, and meaningful quotes would bring a smile or even a tear to your dad’s face this upcoming Father’s Day. Check out some funny quotes on dad and daughter listed below.

3.1. “My Favorite Daughter Gave Me This Shirt” Shirt

To fathers, no present in this world can compare to the value of one from their little girls. “My Favorite Daughter Gave Me This Shirt” shirt is one of the most fantastic options for funny dad shirts from daughter. The fathers will undoubtedly be thrilled and take pride in the fact that their daughter gave them the shirt. This premium t shirt is made of lightweight fine jersey fabric, which brings definitely a super comfortable feeling for dear dads.

funny quotes on dad and daughter
My Favorite Daughter Gave Me This Shirt dad premium t-shirt

3.2. Gun & Son Of a Gun T-Shirt Set

A Gun & Son Of a Gun t-shirt set is the perfect option for anybody looking for a pairing item with their beloved daddies on Father’s days. This will be a great occasion for you to show your father how much you love him. The item includes a pair of dads’ big-size shirts and sons’ small-size versions. These funny dad son shirts are appropriate for kids of all ages thanks to their breathable 100% cotton fabric. Wearing this shirt will be a wonderful opportunity for fathers and their kids to express their affection for each other.

funny dad shirt
“Gun & Son of a Gun” shirt combo – dad and son matching set

3.3. Go Ask Your Mother T-shirt

“Go ask your mother” must be the usual response of fathers to their children when their kids have questions for them. Teenavi has created this funny dad shirt to depict this amusing circumstance and make the wearer laugh. These cross-seasonal shirts have an airy and soft fabric that allows for year-round wear and unbeatable comfort.

funny quotes on dad and daughter
“Go Ask Your Mother” t-shirt – funny shirt Father’s Day gift

3.4. “You Dont Scare Me I Have Kids” shirt

“You Don’t Scare Me I Have Kids” shirt is a cute funny shirt for dad with a bit of a ferocious look. These humorous quotes will enhance the adorable and humorous appearance of fierce outlook fathers. Moreover, this funny dad shirt demonstrates how immensely proud his daughter is of him. This shirt is made of 100% high-quality cotton and machine-washable so fathers can wear it all year round.

funny quotes on dad and daughter
“You Don’t Scare Me – I Have Kids” vintage style t-shirt

4. Funny dad shirt with a hero theme

All children consider their fathers to be heroes who can accomplish anything and are always there to shield them from danger. Check out some funny dad shirts with a hero theme listed below.

4.1. Marvel Hulk Father’s Day Dad T-Shirt

Everyone knows that Hulk is a superhero with incredible strength. The daughter can give her father this Marvel Hulk Father’s Day dad shirt as a way that they see him as a superhero standing for justice. So, buy this tee for your beloved dad this Father’s Day. He will love being called an Incredible Dad when having The Hulk across his chest.

funny father's day shirts
Marvel Hulk Father’s Day – Incredible Dad graphic t-shirt

4.2. Rogue One Darth Vader #1 Dad T-shirt

Rogue One is a massive hit with most men who absolutely love the Star Wars franchise. This will undoubtedly be an extremely special gift for dads who are Star Wars movie buffs. Your dad will wear this funny dad shirt with pride. Buy him a Rogue One Darth Vader #1 Dad t-shirt right away at Teenavi.

funny dad shirt
Star Wars #1 Dad Darth Vader Father’s Day t-shirt

4.3. The World’s Greatest Dad T-Shirt

For every child, her father is the greatest daddy in this world. The World’s Greatest Dad t-shirt celebrates fathers who constantly strive to be the greatest dad possible. At Teenavi, we offer these funny dad shirt designs in a variety of colour combinations. Items in various colours will be the best choice for your beloved’s gifts.

funny dad shirts from daughter
The World’s Greatest Dad funny dad t-shirt

5. The unit provides unique custom shirt patterns, good prices

Teenavi has 6 years of experience in the trading market. However, we take pride in having served more than 100,000 clients around the world with high-quality items. We are on a mission to bring precious human bonding into our designs, delivering a strong message of family love, friendship, loyalty, and many other things.

funny dad shirts about daughters
Teenavi offers funny dad shirts with a wide range of designs and styles at reasonable prices

TeeNavi specializes in print designs for apparel, wall art, mugs, family gifts, and many other items which use preexisting templates or one based on per client’s requirements. Funny dad shirts are one of the best-selling items in our store. The price of shirts may vary attributed to the material and quantity you select. These days, at Teenavi, the funny dad shirt is on a great deal with an extremely attractive price of 21.95 dollars. We are committed to offering items at special pricing with the best materials on the market. Pay a visit to Teenavi now to receive high-quality items with the best deals!

A funny dad shirt is not only a meaningful present for your dads on Father’s Day but also helps to express how much you adore and respect him. TeeNavi commits to bringing you the greatest items. Contact Teenavi to receive great deals right now!


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