17+ Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas For Valentines Day

17+ Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas For Valentines Day

Another Valentine’s Day season is almost here, are you preparing a sparkling gift for your lover? And are you wondering which gift wrapping ideas for Valentines to choose to make the gift more special? A Valentine’s Day gift is about much more than just the gift itself. It is an expression of your emotions and shows your care for that special person. As a result, presentation is one of the important things when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. So, TeeNavi‘s article below will give you some nice and romantic wrapping ideas for your gifts! Come explore with us!

1. Add burlap ribbon – Gift wrapping ideas for Valentines

The first one of the most interesting of Valentines gift packaging ideas that you can refer to is adding burlap ribbon. Burlap fabric has a rustic and natural beauty so it will create a warm and unique feeling for your gift. You can use this type of ribbon to decorate or wrap gifts, combined with flowers, bows, and any other accessories to increase the appeal of the gift. Besides, adding burlap tape when wrapping Valentine’s gifts has a solemn, romantic, and close-to-nature meaning. So, try applying this idea!

gift wrapping ideas for Valentines
The first unique idea with a burlap ribbon

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2. Folding envelope hearts

For lovely gift wrapping ideas for Valentines, try decorating greeting cards with hearts. Wrapped in pretty paper and sealed with a heart sticker, these folded envelopes are sure to send a romantic message to your valentine. You just need to do the following:

  • First, make a fat heart out of paper. Cut a white side and a patterned side—wrapping paper works well.
  • Next, you need to place the heart on its patterned side down. Just above the middle, fold the top down.
  • Finally, you turn the envelope over so that the flap is at the top, and seal with a sticker.
Valentines wrapping ideas
A lovely idea with the envelop hearts

3. Kraft heart box with multi-coloured hearts

A plain kraft box is a versatile base for creating adorable little gift boxes. Let’s cut out some hearts from a variety of different colored papers for this design. Then, you just stick the box in a grid pattern, and you have the perfect little gift box to present your Valentine gift in. This is one of the easy gift wrapping ideas for Valentines! Let’s try it!

Valentines's day wrapping ideas
Stick colorful hearts to your kraft box gift

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4. A cute polaroid

The next cute gift wrapping ideas for Valentines’s day that we would like to suggest is using Polaroid photos full of memories. For this project, you need to prepare:

  • Polaroid Print
  • Small Wooden Pegs or Clips
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Twine

Using polaroids when packaging Valentine’s gifts can add meaning and make your gift extra special. This idea can create a small frame that ties together your gift. By choosing one or more photos of memories or special moments with the recipient, print them out and attach them to your gift. This creates an extremely personalized gift and further strengthens the emotional bond between two people. 

cute gift wrapping ideas for Valentines's day
Decorate the Valentine’s gift with the Polaroids

In addition, using Polaroid is also a way to express creativity and youthful spirit. Not only that, your loved one can keep these cute Polaroid photos in their wallet or attach them to their work area. A small tip that you can pay attention to is to use a permanent marker. Let’s write the name, special date, or just a heart on the bottom of the Polaroids. It’s really lovely when the gift includes your handwriting.

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5. Envelope Valentines box – Gift wrapping ideas for Valentines

Nothing says “I’m sweet on you” like a box of chocolates. Consider the package (as well as what’s inside) when you want to say it with extra heart and style, like this envelope Valentine box. It’s the ideal size if you plan to give treats or small gifts. So, don’t miss these gift wrapping ideas for Valentines!

diy Valentines's day gift wrap
Give a treat or a small gift envelope box to your lover

6. Print fun wrapping paper

Custom wrapping paper is a unique and fun way to your gift wrapping ideas for Valentines. If the gift is small, use a word processing program and paste some images to make something unique. You could choose images representing the gift, a reference to an inside joke, or your favorite photo of you two! Then, let’s print it and use it to wrap your present.

gift wrapping ideas for Valentines
Choose a theme and print it for wrapping gift paper

For example, if you purchased tickets to see your lover’s favorite band, you could place them in a small box and wrap them in paper decorated with guitars, drums, and microphones. If you want gift wrapping paper containing cute photos of the two of you, that’s also a nice idea!

7. Heart cut-out gift wrapping

These gorgeous gift wrapping ideas for Valentines are both stylish and understated. For this project, you need to create a 3D heart effect by stacking two layers of different colored paper. And, best of all, it’s so extremely easy to recreate.

Valentines gift packaging ideas
A lovely wrapping idea

8. Add some gift bows and flowers

If you want to put something cute or sweet on the gift to make it stand out, check out these cute ways to wrap Valentines’s gifts. You can add an adhesive bow or two from your local craft store to the top of the gift. Or you can make your DIY bow as beautiful as you like. Additionally, you can also slide a rose beneath a bow or ribbon, or even pin a carnation to your gift. When you present your gift, a little visual flourish will raise some eyebrows!

creative ways to wrap Valentines's gifts
Enhance your gift with bows and flower decor

9. Valentines gift bags

Using Valentine’s bags is perfect for your gifts and adds excitement to this sweet holiday. You can choose these special gift bags designed with colors and patterns that create a romantic and romantic feeling. Additionally, using a gift bag also helps protect your gift from damage and helps your lover have a more enjoyable gift-opening experience. Thereby, these gift wrapping ideas for Valentines can express your thoughtfulness and affection for your lover.

creative ways to wrap Valentines's gifts
Protect your meaningful gift with the bag

10. Heart-shaped Valentines gift box

The heart has become a symbol of love expressed in many different cultures and traditions, including both Western and Eastern cultures. The heart exhibits a distinctive shape, with two curves on the left and right and a central point. This shape is said to symbolize the bond, connection, and harmony between two people. Therefore, choosing a heart-shaped gift box is one of the ideal gift wrapping ideas for Valentines that you should apply. This idea will increase the aesthetic value and excitement of your gift!

cute Valentiness day wrapping ideas
Place your gift into a heart-shaped box

11. Hand-stamped hearts – Gift wrapping ideas for Valentines

If you have a cute Valentine’s tradition of gift-giving from your children to your husband or wife, this is a great craft to do with small children. These Valentines’s day gift wrap ideas are a fun way to create a unique feature on your gift packaging and help you clearly express the messages of love from your heart. However, when cutting the potato, please use extreme caution with sharp objects. Things you need include:

  • 1x large potato
  • Chopping boards
  • Small knife
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Tape
gift wrapping ideas Valentines's day
A gift with DIY heart wrapping

We’re transporting you back to your school days (pre-school, even nursery) with… potato-stamping in this project. Yes, we realize it’s been a while. Let’s embrace your inner child and have some fun with this one. You just need to cut the potato in half and carve a heart on one of the cut sides. Then, you dip the potato in red, pink, or whatever paint color you want and begin stamping on your gift.

12. Stenciled truffle boxes

These boxes, which are decorated with graphic designs in neon pink and orange, can be used and displayed long after the holiday. What you need to do is stencil the patterns onto veneer and use it to top shallow cardboard boxes (typically used for jewelry gifts). These gift wrapping ideas for Valentines are worth a try!

Valentines gift packaging ideas
Sweetie idea with truffle boxes

13. Wrapping gift by scarf

Another good gift wrapping ideas for Valentines that you can refer to is using a thin scarf instead of regular wrapping paper. Additionally, this can also turn the scarf wrapping into a second gift! In February, depending on where you live, it can get a little chilly. Instead of wrapping paper, get a thin scarf that matches your partner’s style and use it to wrap your gift. Fold the scarf around your gift, and if necessary, use 1-2 pins to keep the folds together. The scarf should then be wrapped in decorative ribbon. When you present the gift, your partner will be blown away by the two-gifts-for-one!

Valentines wrapping ideas
Using a scarf as wrapping paper

14. Paper hearts garland

These creative gift wrapping ideas for Valentines will increase the aesthetics of your gift for that person. Things you need include:

  • Scissors
  • Optional heart-shaped palm punch
  • Newspaper
  • Hole punch
  • Tape
  • Twine

For this one, a heart-shaped palm punch will help you do everything easily. Many craft stores and online retailers sell them, but you can also cut out hearts by hand with a pair of scissors (if you have the patience!). For a wordy, rustic look, use a newspaper or any colored paper of your choice. Then, using your chosen materials, cut out as many hearts as you want. A small amount will appear delicate and minimalist.

Valentines's day wrapping ideas
Wrapping around a gift box with paper hearts garland

Finally, you need to use a hole punch to make a hole in the center of each heart. You continue with threading it through some twine and wrapping it around your gift. So, it’s done! A good tip that you should apply is to print an excerpt from a classic romance novel or write some loving messages to your lover for the paper hearts. This will create a personalized touch that is extra special.

15. Candy packaging Valentines’s day gift wrap ideas

Another fun idea is to wrap your favorite Valentine’s Day treats in cellophane. First, you need to cut a 4 x 4-inch square of Valentine’s paper and use a bone folder to score the center before folding it in half. Then, using the edge punch, punch one edge of the paper. Place folded, punched paper on top of the bag and staple in the center to keep it in place. Then, using a Valentine’s sticker, cover the staple. With just a few simple steps, you can complete a lovely gift for your lover. Don’t forget to try these cute gift wrapping ideas for Valentines’s day!

cute gift wrapping ideas for Valentines's day
Lovely wrapping ideas with candy gift

16. Twine-wrapped cardboard heart

With this next idea, all you need to do is make a heart shape out of an old piece of cardboard. Then you take a long piece of twine, wool, or yarn and tape the thread’s end to the back of the cardboard. Continue with wrapping, wrapping, and wrapping. In addition, you are free to choose any color or style to suit the recipient’s preferences and personality. When you’re done, simply wrap the remaining twine around the back of the present and secure it in place, creating an adorable mini wreath. For these gift wrapping ideas for Valentines, you need the following tools:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Marker Pen
  • Twine or Wool
  • Tape
diy Valentines's day gift wrap
Create a beautiful heart shape with twine or wool

17. Paper rose gift topper

Using a paper rose gift topper is a great idea to add beauty and meticulousness to your Valentine’s gift wrapping. Make flowers from red paper or colors suitable for Valentine’s Day. Then, mount it as a decorative topper for your gift. You can use hot glue, double-sided glue, or string to tie it up evenly. It will create an interesting, romantic, and sophisticated touch when you give a gift to your loved one. Don’t hesitate to experiment and create a particularly romantic gift package for the Valentine’s holiday! And this is also the last gift wrapping ideas for Valentines that we want to suggest to you. Let’s try it!

Valentines's day gift packing ideas
The last great idea with paper rose toppers

The above article gives you a list of 17 unique gift wrapping ideas for Valentines that you can refer to. Hopefully, you will have more good ideas to perfect your love gift for your lover through this article. Don’t hesitate to contact TeeNavi immediately if you have any questions that need answering!

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