25+ Halloween Pumpkin T Shirt Ideas For Men & Women 2023

25+ Halloween Pumpkin T Shirt Ideas For Men & Women 2023

Do you want Halloween to be a memorable experience? Be confident with a Halloween pumpkin t shirt. With this item, you will definitely stand out at the Halloween party and make it an unforgettable memory. TeeNavi offers various Halloween shirt patterns at a reasonable price. Here is a selection of the 25 top-selling Halloween pumpkin shirts.

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1. About Halloween pumpkin t shirt ideas

Gradually, devil-shaped pumpkins are not only familiar decorations on Halloween but also serve as inspiration for Halloween costumes. You may easily get Halloween pumpkin t shirt patterns at gatherings, festivals, on the street, and at several Halloween outdoor activities like a fall shirt thanksgiving gift. The following details about the Halloween costume t-shirt will enable you to see the shirt in greater depth:

halloween pumpkin t shirt diy
Various outstanding features make the shirt popular to customers
  • The t-shirts come in a wide range of sizes, which are suitable for both kids and adults. Plus, with a variety of sizes in S, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, you can easily wear this shirt whether you are skinny or overweight. Especially, all the items are designed to fit comfortably providing freedom of movement.
  • The shirt is manufactured of 100% cotton fabric, which is a durable and stretchy fabric, giving users a sensation of ultimate comfort. Some items especially add polyester to give the shirts more elasticity and breathability. These high-quality fabric t-shirts are comfortable, elegant and light, as well as sporty and casual to wear for big men to participate in Halloween parties, dinner or simply to go out with friends.
  • The main colour of the shirts is orange since pumpkins served as their inspiration for the design. Besides, the shirts commonly come in black and red to increase the sense of mystery and horror for the shirts.
  • The shirt features a really eye-catching pattern. The pumpkin prints are meticulously designed with eco-friendly ink, giving the wearer a unique and impressive appearance on Halloween night.

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2. Halloween pumpkin t shirt designs with many styles

Indeed, the image of a pumpkin has become a symbol of Halloween. Therefore, more and more Halloween pumpkin t shirt designs are born with different designs and styles. Let’s take a look at some impressive Halloween pumpkin tee samples.

2.1. Cute Halloween pumpkin face t-shirt designs

Are you looking for pumpkin Halloween shirts with a lovely style that is still appropriate for the Halloween spirit? Some cute Halloween pumpkin face t-shirt designs would be the perfect selection for you even pumpkin face long sleeve or short sleeve v-neck. With a basic design, the shirt still remains fashionable and impressive. Therefore, the shirt is appropriate for individuals who enjoy simple designs or those who prefer Halloween’s cutesy side over its gruesome side.

Naughty halloween pumpkins
Sample 1: Naughty halloween pumpkins
Halloween pumpkin face with glasses funny shirt
Sample 2: Halloween pumpkin face with glasses funny shirt
Funny weed shirt Halloween pumpkin face smoking weed cannabis tie dye
Sample 3: Funny weed shirt Halloween pumpkin face smoking weed cannabis tie dye
Halloween pumpkin face smoking weed cannabis marijuana
Sample 4: Halloween pumpkin face smoking weed cannabis marijuana
Women pumpkin tee with face winking
Sample 5: Women pumpkin tee with face winking

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2.2. Funny pumpkin shirt designs

Sometimes, make your Halloween more joyful with the t-shirts funny Halloween pumpkin t shirt designs. Wearers of this shirt will appear younger and more energetic during the Halloween season due to the innovative and humorous transformation of the pumpkin images.

Boo funny pumpkins t-shirt for Halloween
Sample 1: Boo funny pumpkins t-shirt for Halloween
halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
Sample 2: “What Do You Get If You Divide A Pumpkin’s Circumference By It’s Diameter Pumpkin Pi” funny Halloween tee
halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
Sample 3: “Nothing Scares Me I’m A School Principal” funny Halloween shirt
halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
Sample 4: “Trumpkin Make Halloween Great Again” funny Halloween shirt
halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
Sample 5: “I Witch You A Happy Halloween” funny Halloween pumpkin t-shirt

2.3. Scared Halloween pumpkin t shirt

Of course, when it comes to Halloween, it’s impossible not to mention the costumes with creepy designs. Various scared Halloween pumpkin shirt ideas are widely applied, giving wearers a mystic and horrible vibe of Halloween. The stunningly spooky design will undoubtedly scare and astonish everyone.

halloween pumpkin t shirt diy
Sample 1: Scary pumpkin face Halloween t-shirt Jack O’Lantern costumes
halloween pumpkin t shirt diy
Sample 2: Halloween pumpkin chess Halloween shirt costumes
halloween pumpkin t shirt diy
Sample 3: John Carpenter’s Halloween scary Halloween shirt costumes
halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
Sample 4: “Underestimate Me That’ll Be Fun” scary Halloween t-shirts
halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
Sample 5: Scary Halloween graphic shirt “This is My Scary Grandpa” costume

3. Ideas for Halloween pumpkin t shirt mixed with special characters

When it comes to Halloween, in addition to spooky images, costume parties are also a feature of Halloween. Pumpkin tee tops patterns are thus designed in combination with a variety of other concepts to give the Halloween party a fantastic atmosphere. Here are a few ideas for a Halloween pumpkin t shirt and a mix with other special characters.

3.1. Pumpkin t-shirt for animal lovers

Such an amazing idea when combining a v neck pumpkin shirt with various lovely animal graphics. This would be the perfect shirt idea for animal lovers who also want to enjoy fantastic moments of Halloween parties. The shirt’s adorable and bright animal design will take away from Halloween’s ominous and spooky mood and replace it with a brand-new joyful vibe.

halloween pumpkin t shirt
Sample 1: Giraffe and Halloween pumpkins shirt for animal lover
halloween pumpkin t shirt
Sample 2: Dachshund Halloween “I Just Want To Play With My Dog” cute Halloween costumes
halloween pumpkin t shirt diy
Sample 3: Funny sloth on pumpkin Boo Halloween gift for animal lovers
halloween pumpkin t shirt diy
Sample 4: Goat witch and Jack O’ Lantern “Creepy But Cute” shirt for Halloween
halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
Sample 5: Halloween pumpkin skull candy elephant shirt design for animal lovers

3.2. Pumpkin t-shirt for cartoon lovers

Halloween is the perfect occasion for people to dress up as their favourite characters. Of course, pumpkin shirts for cartoon fans will undoubtedly be unable to overlook the Halloween pumpkin t shirt designs combined with images of lovely cartoon characters. These shirts for adults or children will help cartoon enthusiasts stand out completely at Halloween events, and help them express their love for famous cartoons.

halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
Sample 1: Mickey mouse pumpkin Halloween Vince Lombardi trophy Minnesota Vikings
halloween pumpkin t shirt diy
Sample 2: Disney stitch pumpkin happy Halloween cute Halloween costumes
halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
Sample 3: Eeyore pumpkin happy Halloween cartoon tee
halloween pumpkin t shirt diy
Sample 4: Winnie the Pooh Halloween night cute t-shirt
halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
Sample 5: Baby Kurama Naruto on pumpkin Halloween t-shirt designs for anime lovers

4. The meaning of the pumpkin on Halloween

We all know Halloween as the season of spectres and spooks and one of the most common and enjoyable Halloween activities involves carving spine-chilling faces into pumpkins or wearing Halloween pumpkin t shirt designs. Surely, many people are wondering about the origin as well as the meaning of pumpkins on Halloween. In fact, this custom originates from England, Ireland, and Scotland. And turnips, not pumpkins as they do now, are the type of vegetable that is traditionally carved.

halloween pumpkin t shirt
Scary pumpkins are the symbol of Halloween

That is because turnips are traditionally harvested in the autumn, just before Halloween. Moreover, it is closely related to the “Jack O’Lantern” legend of the Irish people. Therefore, in order to prepare for Halloween in the past, turnips were carved with horrifying faces that resembled demons and devils. Additionally, burning candles were placed into the hollowed-out turnips, creating the glowing carved faces as a reminder of mortality.

halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
Today, pumpkins have become decorations with spiritual meanings on Halloween

This custom then gradually spread to the US, and people also replaced pumpkin with radish because they found that pumpkin was easier to gouge and create lines. Accordingly, the night of October 31 and the early morning of November 1 every year will be the time when the souls of the dead return to visit their homes and leave messages for loved ones in their dreams. Thus, the light from the pumpkins hanging in front of the house will help the devil find his way and not disturb the owner. Gradually, this custom began to spread around the world and pumpkins became an indispensable item on Halloween. Many people also view pumpkin lanterns as a unique and essential decoration on Halloween.

5. TeeNavi and terms of our quality products

If you are seeking for a reliable and high-quality t-shirt supplier which online sold and shipped, you cannot disregard TeeNavi. With about 6 years of operation in the market, TeeNavi is proud to provide high-quality products, gorgeous designs and the most reasonable prices to consumers. Our goal is to include meaningful human connection into our designs, sending a powerful message of affection for family, friendship, loyalty, and many other values. As a result, we take great pride in having produced and distributed a wide range of excellent items to clients from several nations across the world and receiving a great deal of favourable feedback. TeeNavi’s reputation stems from a variety of underlying factors, including the following:

halloween pumpkin t shirt diy
TeeNavi is pleased to be the reputable t-shirt supplier
  • TeeNavi has a large selection of goods available, including t-shirts, clothing, wall art, mugs, family presents, and more, thus offering clients huge choices when they shop.
  • Besides the options available, customers can request additional custom designs based on their own ideas, requirements and preferences.
  • Our goods are typically manufactured using cutting-edge technology, thus giving customers the highest-quality items.
  • Since TeeNavi is an online business, ordering our items is simple for clients. By just following a few easy instructions from our website, customers from throughout the world may rapidly obtain our fantastic products without the difficulty of physical distance.
  • We have reached more than 100,000 consumers, and we have gotten a lot of favourable and encouraging evaluations.
  • TeeNavi offers transparent return and refund policies.
  • After receiving an order from a customer, we process the order quickly, simply takes 2 to 3 days. The items will be delivered to customers between 5 and 10 days after they are shipped.

6. How to buy Halloween pumpkin t shirt at TeeNavi

For the perfect DIY pumpkin shirt, customers can get in touch with TeeNavi in one of two ways:

  • By mail: If you still do not have the ideal designs for your idea, please contact us by mail at [email protected]. We will follow your ideas to design and put them into the mockup, thus providing you with the most accurate evaluation. You can also fill out the form at https://teenavi.com/contact-us/ for the best assistance from us.
  • By website: If you’ve designed your ideal print, connect with us through the link https://teenavi.com/product/design-your-own-customized-personalized-t-shirt-hoodie-sweatshirt-mug/. Simply choose the prefered colour and size, upload the pre-designed picture files, and click “add to cart” to have TeeNavi provide the most satisfying items to you.
halloween pumpkin t shirt designs
There are two ways to purchase fantastic items at TeeNavi

Your Halloween will become more special and memorable with a fantastic Halloween pumpkin t shirt. It’s also a great idea to gift your loved ones with this awesome Halloween shirt to demonstrate how much you appreciate them. TeeNavi will provide you with the most striking patterns and do our best to help you discover the ideal costume. So don’t put it off any longer. Let’s start shopping right now!


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