Unleash the love with 20 homemade Valentines for preschoolers

Unleash the love with 20 homemade Valentines for preschoolers

Do you want to spread the joy and happiness of Valentine’s Day to your kids? And are you looking for homemade Valentines for preschoolers ideas to do that? So, the article below is extremely ideal for you. This article includes more than 20 interesting and outstanding handmade card and gift ideas that we want to share with you. Surely your kids will be very happy to receive these Valentine’s gifts. Let’s explore with TeeNavi!

1. What you’ll need?

All you need to prepare for homemade Valentines for preschoolers idea are the following basic materials:

  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Stickers
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • String
  • Feathers
  • Vellum paper
  • Pictures
  • Paints
homemade Valentines for preschoolers
Some materials that you need to prepare

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2. Crafting love with 20 homemade Valentines for preschoolers fun

Below are some great homemade Valentine gifts for preschoolers that you can refer to:

2.1. Handmade Rose Heart Valentine Card

The first homemade Valentines for preschoolers idea is making rose heart cards. This charming rose heart card will appeal to older children who enjoy a creative challenge. To fill in the heart shape on the front of the card, cut paper spirals and roll them into beautiful roses. 

homemade Valentine cards for preschoolers
The first handmade idea for preschoolers

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2.2. Paper Heart Valentine Card

Make an adorable handmade Valentine’s card with this adorable paper heart craft. It is simple enough for toddlers and preschoolers to make, but it appears effective enough for older children to want to participate as well. Have fun selecting many different colored papers to make this homemade Valentines for preschoolers idea truly unique.

homemade Valentines day cards for preschoolers
A cute idea with paper heart cards

2.3. Valentine Cards from Recycled Materials

The next homemade Valentines for preschoolers idea is the cards made from recycled materials. You just need to guide the children to create stamp hearts with cardboard tubes. Then, paint over the newspaper, paint over cardboard, or stamp with bubble wrap to make lovely hearts.

homemade Valentine card ideas for preschoolers
Making the lovely cards from recycled materials

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2.4. Heart Pop-Up Valentine Cards

Red Ted Art’s pop-up hearts card is ideal for homemade Valentines for preschoolers card ideas. Learn in detail how to fold, cut, and position the hearts inside the card so they pop out when it’s opened.

homemade Valentine gifts for preschoolers
The heart pop-up cards

2.5. Pikachu Valentine Cards

This is one of the homemade Valentine card ideas for preschoolers that you should not miss! Kids who love Pokémon will enjoy making this Valentine’s card for their friends. To make this adorable Valentine, all you need is paper and a printable template. This card could also be used as a birthday card by replacing the heart’s eyes with black ones.

homemade Valentines for preschoolers
The lovely Pikachu cards for the preschoolers

2.6. Scrapbook Paper Valentine Card

Let’s come to the next card for homemade Valentines for preschoolers ideas you can refer to. Let’s make these colorful scrapbook paper Valentine heart cards with some of your scrapbookpaper stash. If you don’t have scrapbook paper, you can substitute Washi tape! The key is to pair distinct patterns with similar color palettes.

homemade Valentine cards for preschoolers
Making the cards with scrapbook paper

2.7. Handmade Turtle Valentine

Surely the kids will love this idea of homemade Valentines for preschoolers cards. Those are cute turtle cards. Spend some time crafting with the kids and learning about these fascinating creatures. Then, think of some clever turtle puns to include on the inside of the card. “I turtles love you” and “You’re a turtle rad friend” are just a few examples.

homemade Valentines day cards for preschoolers
The great turtle cards for your preschoolers

2.8. Unicorn Valentine’s Day Card Craft

Preschoolers are extremely creative, and often all you need to do is set out craft supplies and let them do the rest. Allow your child to express their creativity by providing materials and seeing what they come up with for unique Valentine’s Day cards. However, if you want to teach them something, children this age are eager to learn. You can even make Unicorn cards with a lollipop like the horn. These homemade Valentines Day cards for preschoolers simply be innovative!

homemade Valentine card ideas for preschoolers
Let your kids creative with unicorn card craft

2.9. Pop-Up Valentine’s Day Cards Craft

The pop-up cards will never go out of style, and children love them. Follow these steps to make this idea for homemade Valentines for preschoolers cards:

  • Begin by folding your paper in half to make a card.
  • Decorate the front as your child wishes, and then start on the inside. You’ll need a five-inch-long, one-half-inch-wide strip of construction paper. It doesn’t have to be that precise because you can just wing it. Fold it in half like an accordion.
  • Next, cut a heart shape that is slightly smaller than the card and will fit inside.
  • You can write “I Love You” or “Be Mine” on one side of the heart. Remember that one end of the accordion strip should be glued to the back of the heart.
  • Then, you glue the other end of the accordion strip to the inside of the card, on the right-hand side. When everything has dried, press the heart down and close the card. The heart will appear when you open it.

In the same way, you can make a pop-up air balloon card or anything your preschoolers like! So many ideas!

homemade Valentine gifts for preschoolers
Another great pop-up card idea

2.10. Handprint Painting Valentine’s Day Card Craft

This will be an interesting homemade Valentines for preschoolers card idea that you should try! You let your child create a masterpiece by painting their handprint on the front of the card. A cute note like “Give me a high five, Valentine” written over a handprint can be the perfect type of card!

homemade Valentines for preschoolers
A card decor with preschoolers’ handprint painting

2.11. Double Drawing Valentine’s Day Card Idea

Double drawing is an intriguing way to add a design element to homemade Valentine cards for preschoolers. For this project, you can use crayons, colored pencils, or markers. After deciding which media to use, tape two of them together, side by side. There will be double lines when your child draws on the paper. For different effects, use the same or a combination of colors.  

homemade Valentine gifts for preschoolers
A nice idea with double drawing card

2.12. Vintage Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Craft

There are a few things you should do ahead of time to get your child started this homemade Valentines for preschoolers card idea. First, print out some vintage Valentine’s Day images that you can find online. Next, fold a piece of construction paper in half to make a card. 

Following that cut a heart out of the front page by pinching it in half and cutting a half heart. The size of this heart opening should be the same as the size of your printed image. Next, glue or tape the image to the front page’s inside. The image should appear through the opening in the heart.

homemade Valentines for preschoolers
Making Valentine’s cards with your preschoolers

It is now time for children to express themselves creatively. Give the card to your child to complete the task. Depending on your child’s age, he or she may require assistance spelling words or adding decorations. Remember to be nearby to assist them!

2.13. Crazy Owl Valentines

Go to a party store and buy enough crazy straws for all the children in your child’s class to enjoy these fun owl Valentines. Next, prepare cards with fun, colorful patterns. The Valentine cards are available as a free printable template. Finally, simply punch two holes in each card for the crazy straw to slip through. 

homemade Valentine card ideas for preschoolers
The colorful Valentine’s card idea for preschoolers

2.14. Fish Bowl Valentines

If you are searching for a clever homemade Valentines for preschoolers idea, this one combines Valentine’s Day and a school theme. The DIY snack bags have a printable background that reads, “Dear Valentine, I’m so glad we are in the same school!” To add to the theme, you can fill the bags with fish crackers.

homemade Valentine gifts for preschoolers
Make some fish bowls with your preschoolers

2.15. Dinosaur Valentines

Filling a small plastic bag with a toy dinosaur is a festive homemade Valentines for preschoolers gift. Let’s print and staple the free “Rawr! means I like you in dinosaur” bag topper to the top of the bag. If your child wants to give a small Valentine’s Day gift to their friends, this is a great option.

homemade Valentines for preschoolers
Dinosaur Valentine’s handmade gift

2.16. Magnetic Kissing Pigs Toys

Magnetic kissing pig toys are another homemade Valentine gifts for preschoolers. When you give children a set of pig toys that “kiss” when the magnets at the ends of their noses are placed close together, surely they will squeal with delight. These adorable piggies are made from towels and polyfill and require intermediate sewing skills. Furthermore, instead of pigs, you can always create your kid’s favorite animal pattern.

homemade Valentine cards for preschoolers
Handmade magnetic kissing pig toys for your children

2.17. Awesome Sauce Snack Labels

With “You’re awesome sauce Valentine labels, ordinary snack-size packages of applesauce can be transformed into a Valentine’s Day treat. The free printable labels fit perfectly on top of the foil wrappers on the containers. Simply print the design in black ink on colored paper, cut it out, and tape it to the applesauce containers.

homemade Valentines day cards for preschoolers
The DIY sauce snacks Valentine’s labels

2.18. Overlapping Hearts Valentine’s Cards

A wonderful homemade Valentines for preschoolers card all in one. To make overlapping hearts Valentine’s card, all you need includes:

  • Paintbrush
  • Paint pallet or small saucer
  • Some card stock or watercolor paper
  • Empty cardboard roll
  • Tape
  • Black paint
  • Liquid watercolors
homemade Valentine card ideas for preschoolers
How to make overlapping hearts cards for your kids


  • First, shape one end of the cardboard roll into a heart and secure it with tape.
  • Next, you fold a piece of cardstock in half to make a greeting card.
  • Then, dip the heart-shaped end of a cardboard roll in a puddle of black paint and press it onto the paper to make a heart print.
  • You repeat and overlap your prints until your heart collage is the desired size.
  • Allow the black paint to dry before using watercolor paints to fill in the hearts and their overlapping sections. Finally, let’s fill in the blanks with a heartfelt message.

2.19. Homemade Puffy Paint Valentine’s Cards

It’s easy to make and it puffs right up when you put it in the microwave. Try making these homemade Valentines for preschoolers cards! The supplies that you will need include:

  • Homemade puffy paint
  • Small bowls
  • Q-tips (the cotton swabs or cotton buds)
  • Colored card stock for cards
  • White cardboard
  • Microwave
homemade Valentine gifts for preschoolers
The last handmade card for preschoolers

The instructions:

  • First, you need to make rectangles out of cardboard that are slightly larger than your hand.
  • Next, draw a heart with a black crayon. Press firmly on the crayon and, if necessary, go over your lines to make them nice and dark.
  • After that, punch holes in your hearts before painting and baking if you’re making ornaments or a garland. If you’re making a card, fold and crease your card stock before painting. Reopen it to paint and bake it.
  • Apply a thick layer of paint to your heart with your Q tip.
  • Microwave your paint for 20-30 seconds to cook it and puff up the paint.
  • You can now add a message to your card or hang your ornaments and garlands. That’s it!

The above article gives you a list of 20 easy homemade Valentines for preschoolers ideas. Hopefully, you will have more cool handmade ideas to make and give to your preschoolers. Please contact TeeNavi immediately for the fastest support if you have any problems!

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