How to put garland around the door for Christmas occasion

How to put garland around the door for Christmas occasion

How do you put garland around a door? This is a great question when it comes to festive home decor. A garland adorning your front door not only signifies your holiday spirit but also brings a touch of elegance to your home. There are various garlands available, suited for different seasons and occasions, and they hold special significance during Thanksgiving and Christmas. So how to put garland around front door? In this article, TeeNavi will answer and guide you in the most detailed ways.

1. How to put garland around a door: Step-by-step guide

How do you put garland around a door? You have to continue reading to discover my incredibly easy approach to doing so. Prepare to have your home adorned beautifully for the holiday season!

1.1 Step 1: Gather the supplies

You don’t require any extravagant tools for this task. Here’s what I utilized for putting a garland around front door:

Items you’ll need:

  • Small, white screw-in hooks
  • Floral wire or Zip-Ties
  • Two 9-foot garlands (Similar to the one I have)
how do you hang garland around a door
Prepare the above tools to be ready to decorate the door during the Christmas season.

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1.2 Step 2: Install your hooks

I contemplated the most effective method for placing my garland. I thought about using Command Hooks, but I’ve encountered issues with them falling previously and didn’t want to deal with that. Therefore, I opted to screw these small hooks directly into our door frame.

how do you put garland around a door
Use small hooks to hang Christmas wreaths.

Admittedly, I had some reservations about making permanent holes in the door frame when considering ‘how you put garland around a door.’ Fortunately, the holes turned out to be so minuscule that patching and repainting them would be a breeze if I ever decided to remove the hooks. Nevertheless, instead of the annual patching and painting, I chose to leave the hooks in place. I initially installed them in 2016, and they continue to hold up well.

what do you use to hang garland around a door
Attach these small hooks to the door frame.

Given that the hooks are white, they blend in seamlessly, making them hardly noticeable. This not only streamlines the process of hanging my Christmas garland annually but also adds to the convenience.

how to hang garland around door outside
Hook around the door frame to decorate the Christmas wreath.

I placed four hooks on each side of the door frame and one hook at the top center of the frame, making a total of 9 hooks in all. You can refer to the image below to see their precise locations. (I marked them with circles to make them more visible!)


1.3 Step 3: Attach the garland to the hooks

Now that the hooks are securely in position, it’s time to address the age-old question of how do you put garland around a door. I’ve employed two effective methods for this task. Initially, I opted for a straightforward approach, using a roll of 20-gauge, 16-inch floral wire that I had on hand from the dollar store. To ensure the garland stayed securely fastened, I doubled up, using two pieces of floral wire simultaneously.

how to hang garland around door without nails
Floral wire to secure holiday wreath.

Initially, I secured the two segments of floral wire around the garland’s wire, strategically placing them where the greenery of the garland would conceal the floral wire. Afterward, I gave them a few twists to ensure they remained firmly in position. Next, I wound the two ends of the floral wire around the hook on my door frame multiple times to secure it in place.

how do you put garland around a door
Floral wire wrapped around the hook on the door frame to hang the Christmas wreath.

You simply wrap the zip-tie around the garland and make a loose loop. You slide the loop over the hook and tighten it up, and the garland stays firmly in place. Once the garland is secured, You can trim off the tails of the zip-ties using scissors. Then, fluff the garland so it looks nice and full and completely hides the zip-ties.

how to hang garland around a door frame
Christmas wreath tied to a hook and hung around the front door

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1.4 Step 4: Plugging in around-the-door Christmas garland

For you, it’s easiest to begin at the top center of your door frame and work your way down the door when considering how do you put garland around a door. Ensure that the plug for the garland, not directly connected to the house outlet, is positioned at the top center of the door frame. You can then connect it to the other garland that will be plugged into the outlet.

how to hang garland around a doorway
Plug in the electricity on the outdoor Christmas wreath.

Your outlet is somewhat camouflaged into your stonework to the left of your door, and it conveniently hides behind your planter! You just need to ensure that the plug of your garland on this side of the door ends up at the bottom, near the outlet.

how do you put garland around a door
Equipped with outdoor sockets.

I adore adorning the front of our home with a festive touch during the holiday season! We prefer a more subtle approach with lights, making the use of greenery (both real and artificial) the perfect choice to infuse our porch with a dose of Christmas cheer.

how to hang garland around door
Outdoor Christmas wreath around the front door at night.

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2. How to hang garland around a doorway with nails and tools

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of how to hang garland around a door with nails and tools, let’s set the stage. TeeNavi is here to walk you through the steps of creating a festive entryway with your chosen garland. So, let’s get started on making your doorway the epitome of holiday cheer!

2.1 Hammer nails into the border of the door

How do you put garland around a door is a common holiday decorating question. To achieve this, you can use 1-2 inch (2.5–5.1 cm) nails, taking the door’s thickness into account to prevent them from protruding. Space the nails about 12 inches (30 cm) apart, whether around the door frame, along the door’s perimeter, or even in a circular arrangement in the door’s center. Be sure to drive the nails halfway into the door, creating a secure anchor for the garland.

  • It’s important to select nails with sizable heads to prevent the garland from slipping off and falling.
  • To conceal the nail holes later, consider placing the nails diagonally within the door’s grooves. If you insert them directly into the flat areas of the door, they may be more conspicuous to the naked eye.
how to put garland around outside door
Use a hammer to hammer nails into the door frame.

2.2 Stick nails around the door

If you’re wondering how to put garland around your front door, especially when your door is set amidst rock or stonework, consider securing the garland around the door frame. You can achieve this by strategically placing nails approximately every 12 inches (30 cm) into the grout or mortar. Depending on the density of the material, you may require a drill to create holes effectively. This method minimizes potential damage to your front door, and any resulting nail holes will be far less conspicuous.

how to make a garland around your front door
Apply nails around the door.

2.3 Wrap the wire around the garland so it can hang from the nails

To affix garland around a door, intertwine a length of fishing wire, ornamental ribbon, or slender twine within the foliage, ensuring there’s an extra length of wire at the garland’s apex. This additional wire is crucial for suspending the garland, and it’s important to position it centrally or towards the upper section for a balanced display. If you’re wondering exactly how do you put garland around a door, this method ensures your decoration will be both secure and aesthetically pleasing.

how do you put garland around a door
Wrap the string around the wreath so it can hang from the nail.

2.4 Hang the garland on the nails

Attach the wire to each hook, and ensure the garland remains securely in place by gently opening and closing the door a few times. To achieve the desired effect when decorating your door with garland, you can choose to frame the door by placing nails around the border or position it centrally by placing nails in the door’s center.

how to hang garland around door on brick
Hang the wreath on the nail.

3. How to hang garland on different front doors

Adorning your home with beautiful Christmas wreaths and garlands creates a festive ambiance for the New Year. These decorations play a vital role during the winter holidays, welcoming joy into your home right from the doorstep. However, figuring out how to put garland around a door can be a delicate matter, as door surfaces can vary in materials. Consequently, a tailored approach is essential for securing garlands to each unique surface.

3.1 Steel doors

Frequently, individuals inquire about how do you put garland around a door, particularly when it comes to metal exterior doors. Various methods can be employed, and they are all suitable. However, the most convenient approach is utilizing a suction hook. You can easily attach this hook to the door and then secure your decoration in place.

how to hang garland around door
To hang garland on steel doors, try magnetic garland hangers.

3.2 Wooden doors

How do you put garland around a wooden front door without causing any damage? As mentioned earlier, using nails or thumbtacks may harm the wooden surface. Hence, the most straightforward and non-intrusive method to affix such decorations to a wooden door is by using Scotch tape. The only drawback of this approach is the need to clean off any residual dried adhesive from the door afterward. However, this can be easily accomplished using warm water or a specialized solvent. When selecting a solvent, be certain that it’s gentle on the door’s material.

how do you put garland around a door
For wooden doors, use adhesive hooks or removable outdoor clips.

3.3 Glass doors

Utilize a double magnet wreath hanger to discover how to hang garland around a doorway. These robust magnets securely fasten on both sides of the glass, making them an ideal choice for not only holding wreaths but also for window displays. Another effective option is a suction cup wreath hanger.

how to put garland around front door
Decorate glass doors with clear, removable suction cups.

4. A few tips on how to hang garland around the front door

  • Depending on the materials used in their production, wreaths and garlands come in various sizes.
  • Make sure to measure both your door and the decoration itself. Otherwise, you might find that the garland or wreath is too small, almost disappearing against the backdrop of your double door. Alternatively, it could be too large for the door panel, leading to frequent brushes when entering or exiting your home.
  • When it comes to attaching them, the weight of the decoration is crucial. The method of attachment directly hinges on how heavy this decorative element is.
how to put garland around front door
Some tips for hanging wreaths in front of the house.

In conclusion, adding festive garland to your door for Christmas is a wonderful way to spread holiday cheer. TeeNavi hopes these tips and techniques have been a helpful resource for transforming your home into a festive wonderland. Remember, how do you put garland around a door may have multiple answers, but the result is the same: a warm, welcoming, and beautifully adorned entryway that captures the spirit of the season. So, don’t hesitate to get creative and make your home a beacon of holiday joy. Happy decorating!


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