How to decorate a pine tree for Christmas simple and thrifty

How to decorate a pine tree for Christmas simple and thrifty

How to decorate a pine tree for Christmas that is both simple, beautiful, and impressive is an issue that gets a lot of attention when the Christmas season comes. Decorating the tree is considered an indispensable activity, helping all family members become more connected when participating together. If you still don’t know how to decorate your pine tree, don’t miss the following article by TeeNavi!

1. Select a Christmas tree – How to decorate a pine tree for Christmas

Choosing to buy a pine tree is the first thing you need to do in the guide on how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas. Decide whether you want to display a real, natural pine tree or an artificial one. Real pine has a natural scent and is considered recyclable after use. As for the artificial pine tree, it can be used for many years in a row and looks so real that it is indistinguishable. 

Besides, you can refer to some of the following tips when choosing to select a pine tree:

  • Choose Christmas trees made from premium materials to ensure sturdiness and durability for decorations. Trees with high-quality materials are always more durable, so you can use them many times, year after year, and still maintain their beauty.
  • To avoid your tree being “out of date” in a few years, you should choose a traditional tree instead of one that follows the latest trends. A traditional design provides the ideal base upon which to add and decorate as you choose.
  • Pre-lit Christmas trees remain a popular choice among households. Because of their time-saving advantage, you don’t need to waste effort in untangling the lights. However, purchasing an unlit tree allows you the freedom to choose lights in any desired style.
how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas
Choose a pine tree of the right size for your space
  • Regarding size, you should choose a tree that is suitable for your space and doesn’t make it feel overly confined.
  • If you have limited space available, you can opt for slim Christmas trees such as narrow pencil designs which could be a more suitable option.
  • When choosing a pine tree, check the pine tree’s branches and leaves to see if they radiate fully and are not broken or stiff. Choose a pine tree with a tough trunk that is not scarred or severely damaged.

After you’ve made your choice, remember to choose an ideal spot in your house for your tree. If it is a real tree, you should place it where it is as cold as possible. Make sure you place it away from radiators and fireplaces to prevent them from drying out. Finally, prepare the plug to facilitate decorating the tree with lights.

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2. Shape and fluff branches

Shape and fluff pine tree branches are the next things you need to consider in how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas. Spending time fluffing the branches of your artificial Christmas tree is crucial for achieving a fuller and more realistic appearance. Although it may be time-consuming, the outcome will make it all worthwhile.

how to decorate a pine cone for Christmas
Decorate your Christmas tree by shaping branches of pine tree

You need to ensure that each branch is separated and fanned out to cover a maximum area. Don’t hesitate to bend individual branches to fill any gaps. Regardless of whether you choose minimal or extravagant decorations, a well-shaped Christmas tree is always visually appealing. Finally, don’t forget to wear gloves and long sleeves to protect your hands and arms from any scratches or injuries.

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3. Choose a theme

A well-presented Christmas tree creates a cohesive display by incorporating a dominant focal point. Planning a theme before selecting ornaments not only establishes the overall ambiance. But it also provides a clear direction for decorating your tree. So, choosing a theme is what you do next in ways to decorate a Christmas tree.

how to decorate a large pine tree for Christmas
Select a theme for the Christmas tree

4. Select the appropriate colors and materials

When you have finalized your theme, let’s choose a color scheme to make it come alive. This is the next way how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas. For instance, if you desire a classic yet extravagant ambiance, you can choose a combination of red and gold colors. If you want to achieve a Scandinavian atmosphere, you need to layer various shades of white and gentle neutrals.

Alternatively, opt for a blue and silver palette for a chilly and sleek aesthetic. It is advised to limit your color choices to two and no more than three. This helps you maintain a cohesive decoration for a Christmas tree rather than a cluttered one.

how to decorate a pine tree
Select a suitable choice for colors and materials

Additionally, you also need to consider the materials and textures you will use. Select plush velvet ornaments are perfect for creating a luxurious tree. And if your tree is inspired by Nordic or a minimalist decoration, paper and wooden decorations are the best choices.

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5. Choose and hang Christmas lights – How to decorate a pine tree for Christmas

Although pre-lit Christmas trees are popular and can save you time and money. But, if you have a plain tree, you will still need Christmas tree lights. So, the next step in how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas is choosing and hanging the lights. According to the lighting experts, we should use 100 bulbs or 5 meters of lights for every 2 feet of the Christmas tree. 

Therefore, depending on the feet of your tree, you choose the appropriate number of bulbs and meter of light. For example, with a 6-foot tree, you would require 300 bulbs or 15 meters of light. These are 4 popular kinds of Christmas lights that you may use to deck your tree:

  • Traditional incandescent lights: This kind is the most popular type of Christmas tree light. They are available in various sizes and colors. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. When wrapped around the branches of a real tree, they create a warm ambiance and release the delightful scent of pine into your house.
  • LED lights: These modern Christmas tree lights are more recent compared to the traditional incandescent lights and do not generate any heat. Although they often come at a higher price, they are flameproof, fireproof, and completely secure for decorating a Christmas tree.
  • Globe lights: These Christmas tree lights are available in various sizes and have a round shape. When placed on the tree, they seem like colorful balls. Although their glow is not intense, they can create a wider light section on the tree.
  • Bubble lights: These vintage lights are upright on the branches of your Christmas tree. As the liquid tube above the light warms up, it forms lava lamp-like bubbles that rise and fall inside the tube.
how to decorate pine cones for Christmas tree
Select the lights in how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas

So how to hang lights on your Christmas tree? You should use the plug as the starting point, wrap the lights around the base of your Christmas tree’s trunk, and gradually work your way upwards from the center. Ensure the lights are evenly distributed around the branches closest to the trunk, proceeding to weave them upward from the middle of the crown. Feel free to explore various lighting arrangements until you discover a preferred one.

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6. Add the Christmas tree wreath

Adding the beautiful Christmas tree wreath is also a way how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas. You can use tree picks and floral sprays come in many forms like decorated branches, twigs, berries, or even pine cones. Utilize them as delicate touches to complete the appearance of your tree. Using floral wire to group picks together is a clever way to add visual interest to your tree without competing with other decorations.

how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas
Decorate with the tree wreath

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7. Mix large and small ornaments

The next way for how to decorate a pine cone for Christmas is by mixing large and small ornaments. To begin, start by hanging the bigger ornaments first. You should distribute them evenly around the tree to efficiently fill in any empty spaces. Continued by hanging the medium-sized ornaments, followed by the smaller ones. You must ensure that all gaps are covered as you proceed.

how to decorate a pine cone for Christmas
Mix different size ornaments

It is recommended to hang a few ornaments closer to the trunk to add depth and visual appeal, thus achieving a balanced look. Always ensure that your ornaments are hanging vertically and not tilted or uneven on the branches. If they do not fit properly, gently push them in between the branches until they hang correctly.

8. Ribbon layering and styling – How to decorate a pine tree for Christmas

Decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon is an ideal choice when you want to replace a garland. To elevate the aesthetic of your Christmas tree, carefully drape decorative ribbons in layers. Opt for a single kind of ribbon, or combine ribbons with contrasting textures and varying widths for a more striking effect. You can explore further how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas by employing vertical ribbons on the tree. This produces magnificent decoration that flows from the top of your tree to the base.

how to decorate a large pine tree for Christmas
Decor by layering and styling the ribbon on the Christmas tree

9. Fill in gaps by using tree picks

When decorating a Christmas tree, there are several key areas where you can use tree picks to fill in gaps and add extra flair. This is also the next how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas that we want to convey to you. You can insert small tree picks with colorful decorations into empty or sparse spots on the pine tree. You can add berries, pinecones, or mini ornaments to cover these gaps. Additionally, you should choose tree picks that match the overall color scheme of your tree and insert them to create a fuller look.

how to decorate pine cones for Christmas tree
How to fill the gaps by using tree picks

10. Add fragrant ornaments

Thanks to scented ornaments, your artificial Christmas tree can now emanate a fragrance like a real one. It will infuse your entire house with the enchantment and magic of Christmas. You can do this by simply purchasing a bottle of scented paper tube sticks. Then, carefully place them among your decorations on the tree. Whether you prefer the allure of berries or the invigorating fragrance of winter fir, they will easily fill your space with a refreshing aroma. Try applying this scent-filled how to decorate a pine cone for Christmas!

how to decorate outdoor pine trees for Christmas
Decorate your Christmas tree with fragrant ornaments

11. Select the appropriate tree topper

To enhance the stylish appearance of your tree, consider adorning it with a statement tree topper. It’s crucial to choose one that complements both the theme and size of your tree. And don’t forget to consider the height of your ceiling. While star tree toppers and angels are traditionally favored, numerous alternative designs exist. Personalized options are available, or if you prefer, you can create your very own tree topper. This is a way how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas that cannot be missed!

how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas
Decorate the pine tree with a tree topper for Christmas

12. Finish with adding a tree skirt

Often unnoticed, a Christmas tree skirt plays a crucial role in complementing your decorations. It also helps to ensure a balanced overall design for your Christmas tree. Additionally, tree skirts offer numerous benefits, such as concealing the unsightly legs, trunk, or stand of your tree. If your tree is real, tree skirt sẽ safeguarding your floors and carpets from any fallen pine needles.

how to decorate a pine cone for Christmas
The last way to decorate a Christmas tree

They also naturally draw attention to the lower part of the tree, enhancing a comprehensive and harmonious appearance. Moreover, tree skirts provide the perfect backdrop for elegantly wrapped Christmas presents. This is also the last thing you can refer to when mentioning how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas.

The above article shows you how to decorate a pine tree for Christmas which is simple, easy to do, and brings extremely impressive results. Hopefully, this article can be useful to you in coming up with ideas and decorating the pine tree for your home. In case you have any issues, don’t forget to contact TeeNavi right away!


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