7+ Tips How To Dress Up A Graphic T-shirt For Work Like Boss

How to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work? Graphic t-shirts are suitable for all styles, you can wear them to go out, go for a walk, or even go to work. Follow the tips TeeNavi listed below to turn your favorite tee into an office wardrobe!

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1. What is a graphic t-shirt?

A graphic tee is a t-shirt that has a graphic design printed on the front. Graphic tees are usually made of cotton and have short sleeves. They are a popular type of casual wear and are often worn as part of an outfit. Graphic tees can be plain or have embellishments such as sequins or beads.

how to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work
A graphic tee is a t-shirt with a graphic design on the front

2. How to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work

You may refer to some ways how to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work below:

2.1 With a pencil skirt

You only need a well-structured, closely-fitting pencil skirt to add a touch of bossy flair to your graphic t-shirt. In contrast to those uncomfortable and lanky pantsuits, it will offer you a sexier formal atmosphere. It’s the ideal low-key yet precisely on-point statement for work. Just make sure to choose pencil skirts in muted or neutral colors, including black, white, beige, brown, and blue, rather than anything bright. Play up a basic pair of pumps or your most stylish pair of pointy-toed black stilettos, and finish this outfit with a crisp jacket or even a knee-length trench coat to kill this style.

how to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work
With a pencil skirt

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2.2 Mix with a denim coat

Finding the answer to “How to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work?Why not, if you don’t already have a jean jacket? It may be worn in a variety of ways! A graphic t-shirt and a jean jacket are two items that look great together. Especially if you’re wearing shorts.

how to dress up a graphic t shirt
Combine with a denim coat

2.3 Under suit

This is a fantastic appearance. Not only because of the fitted suit and graphic t-shirt but also because of the suit’s colour. Yes, if it’s time for a new one, don’t automatically think it has to be a natural colour.

how to dress up a graphic t shirt
This is an excellent appearance

2.4 With a leather skirt

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for an autumn wardrobe essential, invest in a leather skirt. This image explains why it is one of the finest things you could ever do.

how to dress up a graphic t shirt
Combined with a leather skirt

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2.5 Mix with blazer and dressy

We wish I could take credit for this style.  You may put on this outfit to go to the office. The combos are the t-shirt under a gorgeous blazer and dressed-up trousers. Did we mention you got several praises for your outfit during the day?

how to dress up a graphic t shirt and jeans
Dress it up with a blazer

2.6 How to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work with high waist pants 

High waist pants are the hottest fashion standard for a sleekly beautiful and gracefully sophisticated business wear look to pair with a graphic t-shirt. You may try on a variety of styles, such as printed flowery high-waist trousers with a neutral shirt, an all-white or black graphic t-shirt, or dark pants with a wacky tee and a crisp jacket. The options are actually limitless; you may also take up your high-waisted skinny jeans, shorts, or other slim pants that offer your legs a stretch fit.

how to dress up a graphic t shirt and jeans
Wear a graphic tee to work with high-waist pants

2.7 Midi madness

Midi skirts are fantastic for the office, and these charms will enable you to exude enticing elegance and charming femininity. The greatest part is that midi skirts are ideal for a basic and sophisticated style, as compared to maxi or miniskirts, which may be loud and overpowering.

how to dress up a graphic t shirt and jeans
Midi skirts are ideal for the workplace

Choose a free-flowing or precisely constructed high-waist midi skirt and combine it with your favorite bright-hued graphic shirts for a gently informal work-mode statement. Choose skirts with stripes, floral designs, neutral colors, plaid, or textured materials such as mesh, lace, leather, silk, or metallic prints. Combine this look with a sultry pair of boots!

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3. How to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work in different looks

Here are some tips on how to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work in different looks for more professionals.

3.1 A chic look for winter

In the winter, layer your graphic shirts with a jacket, coat, or cardigan and thick tights/pants. Winter is the ideal season to cozy up in your favorite graphic shirt and long jacket, along with a stunning pair of tights. Put on a woolly hat and you’re set to go.

how to dress up a work t shirt
A stylish winter look

3.2 Autumn outfit style

The fall vibes hit you strong this September. This fall, you could harness the “how to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work” question by wearing the t-shirt tucked into your favorite jeans. And then, you layered this wonderful new caramel-toned cardigan from a little clothing store.

how to dress up a work t shirt
Autumn outfit ideas

3.3 Classic look

Jeans and a t-shirt are the go-to outfits for daily. This is the most casual way to wear any of our summer t-shirts. And how to dress up a graphic t shirt and jeans? The combination of unisex tee tucked into favorite tattered denim. You may wear it with your favorite jeans, shorts, skirts, and so on. Finish off the ensemble with a pair of white shoes. You may wear variants of this innumerable times, and it never gets old. A genuine classic.

how to dress up a work t shirt
Traditional appearance

There are many different how to dress up a graphic t-shirt for work. TeeNavi offers that you can try pairing your shirt with a blazer or cardigan, choosing solid colors or prints that are more muted, or wearing trousers or skirts that are dressier in style. You can also accessorize with a scarf, necklace, or brooch. Tucking your shirt in to show off your waistline is another option. Whatever method you choose, make sure that the overall look is professional and polished.

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