How To Dress Up As Santa Claus At Christmas With 6 Steps

How To Dress Up As Santa Claus At Christmas With 6 Steps

How to dress up as Santa Claus is something that many people search for every Christmas time. This is also quite easy to understand! Santa Claus is a character often associated with the Christmas season and is also the legendary character of every show every December. So, how can you dress up as Santa Claus simply and easily? Let’s explore this with TeeNavi through this article!

1. How To Dress Up As Santa Claus

Below are 6 basic steps in how to dress up as Santa that you can refer to:

1.1. Wear red pants and black boots

The first step in how to dress up as Santa Claus is to prepare red pants and a pair of black boots. They are an indispensable part of Santa’s outfit. After wearing them, don’t forget to tuck your pants into your boots so you can show off the white fluffy trim on your boots. In case you don’t have a pair of black boots, you can use some boot covers.

how to dress up as Santa Claus
The first step to dress up as Santa Claus

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1.2. Add stuffed belly

Santa Claus with a big belly appearance is a traditional image that we often see. Therefore, the next step in how to dress up as Santa Claus is to create a big belly shape for your body. If your belly isn’t jiggly like a bowl full of jelly, you can add some padding or use a stuffed belly. Don’t forget to secure this “fake belly” with bows on both sides.

how to dress up as Santa Claus
Adding the stuffed belly to look like Santa’s belly

1.3. Dress jacket with belt up

Dressing a red jacket with a belt up is an indispensable step in how to dress up as Santa. First, you wear a red jacket that matches the pants in step 1. You should choose a jacket with white fur trim around the sleeves and a hood. These are not only typical details of Santa’s outfit, but they also help him feel warm on a cold Christmas night. 

how to dress up as Santa Claus
The next step is to dress in a red jacket with a belt up

Next, you need to tie a wide black leather belt with a gold buckle on your jacket. You should tie it tightly around your waist so that your belly slightly spills out. This will help you look like a real Santa Claus! These simple additions can help transform your appearance into that of Santa Claus for a fun costume.

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1.4. Attach a fake beard and hair

At this step, although your suit is appropriate, you may appear a bit too youthful to convincingly portray Santa. So, wearing a synthetic white beard and mustache is ideal for you. A small tip is to let the elastic strap rest at the back of your head, near the crown, or around your ears. Then, remember to adjust the position of the beard in a way that allows your mouth to be visible just below the mustache. Not only that, to complete the look like Santa Claus, you need to wear a wig of wavy white hair to match your beard. So, you’ve completed this fun step for how to dress up as Santa Claus!

how to dress up as Santa Claus
Prepare a white beard and hair

1.5. Put on glasses with a hat

Another step you need to take in how to dress up as Santa Claus is to put on your glasses and hat. Since Santa is quite elderly, his eyesight has weakened over time, so we often see him wearing glasses. Therefore, you need to wear a half-moon spectacle positioned at the tip of your nose. 

how to dress up as Santa Claus
You will put on glasses and a hat in this step

Next, let’s get to wearing hats! You need to wear a vibrant red hat adorned with white fluffy trim. Let’s place the brim at the front and smoothly pull the back over your head. Let’s allow the pom-pom to dangle down on one side of your shoulder.

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1.6. Don’t forget Santa’s sack

The final step in how to dress up as Santa is to prepare Santa’s sack. This is one of Santa’s indispensable items. He brought this sack to contain gifts to give to children. The important thing about this bag is that it symbolizes togetherness and willingness to share joy and happiness during Christmas. 

how to dress up as Santa Claus
The last step for dressing up like Santa Claus

In addition, you should also prepare a pair of gloves. You can look for gloves that are bright red and decorated with Christmas-related motifs such as images of pine trees, globes, bells, etc. Besides, you should choose gloves that have a thick design to keep warm when worn on a cold Christmas night.

2. Tips when becoming as Santa Claus

Besides following the steps on how to dress up as Santa Claus, here are some tips that you can refer to dress up as a real Santa Claus:

2.1. Act like Santa and stay in character

Now that you have the appearance down after applying our instructions for how to dress up as Santa Claus. And it’s time to put your acting skills to the test and stay in Santa’s character! Here are some tips on how to act like Santa Claus:

  • Don’t forget to say his famous and familiar medicine: ‘”Ho, ho, ho!”. Let’s feel free to say it as much as you like!
  • When any child asks you for something for Christmas, listen attentively and answer happily and openly.
  • To enhance the Christmas spirit, make sure you have plenty of candy canes in your bag to give out to children.
how to dress up as Santa Claus
How to stay in Santa’s character
  • You should perform the iconic action of Santa Claus. That is, he often rubs his belly as a signal to others that he’s hungry.
  • You must walk slowly with a subtle bounce in your step and keep your shoulders back.
  • Speak slowly, calmly, and with a deep voice. This adds to the mystique and warmth of Santa Claus.
  • Finally, this is the most crucial tip of all. You remember to always wear a smile! Frowning is strictly prohibited in the Santa Claus handbook!

2.2. Be prepared to answer tough questions

This tip for Santa Claus is very important to help increase success when performing how to dress up as Santa. There will be some questions asked by children waiting for you! Therefore, you need to prepare some backup answers for frequently asked questions. Some common questions include: “How will you bring me presents if my house doesn’t have a chimney?”, “Can I have a puppy from you this year?”, “What is the name of the reindeer?”,…

how to dress up as Santa Claus
Practicing being ready to answer tough questions is essential

Besides, you should remember to exercise caution when addressing any additional questions that may arise. It is advised to provide vague responses to avoid saying something wrong. Finally, adopt a childlike mindset, as it can be particularly helpful in effectively portraying yourself as Mr. Santa Claus.

2.3. Reasons to dress as Santa

There are several reasons why you should dress like Santa:

  • Santa Claus is associated with happiness, generosity, and spreading holiday spirit. By taking the steps on how to dress up as Santa Claus, you can bring joy to children and adults alike, especially during the holiday season.
  • Let’s imagine the excitement and wonder on children’s faces when they see Santa Claus! Dressing as Santa allows you to create magical moments and make lasting memories for people.
  • Many people dress as Santa Claus for public events, parades, or charity functions. It’s a way to connect with your community, participate in festive celebrations, and bring people together.
how to dress up as Santa Claus
Some reason why you dress as Santa
  • Christmas isn’t just about receiving, it’s also about giving, too. Santa Claus is often associated with charitable acts during the Christmas season. By dressing as Santa, you could raise funds for a cause, collect donations, or bring attention to important charitable initiatives.
  • Dressing as Santa can symbolize the enduring nature of these traditions and pay homage to cultural practices.

2.4. Consider budget for your Santa suit

The next tip when you do how to dress up as Santa Claus is to think about your Santa fancy dress budget. Considering your budget helps you choose outfits that suit your financial capabilities. Santa costumes can vary in price, ranging from affordable options to high-end, professional-grade outfits. Therefore, you need to determine the purpose of dressing up as Santa Claus to choose the appropriate suit.

how to dress up as Santa Claus
Let’s consider your budget

2.5. Become a Merry Santa Claus

Finally, maintain a cheerful spirit! When people think about Santa Claus, they generally envision a jolly character. So, let’s ensure that you always have enough positive energy that prevails on all occasions.

how to dress up as Santa Claus
The final tip when dressing up as Santa

The above article gives you instructions on how to dress up as Santa Claus and some great tips that you can apply. Hopefully, through this article, you will have more information that can help you in the process of dressing up as the legendary Santa Claus character. Please contact TeeNavi immediately when you need support!

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