How to make a christmas card for adults that unique and stylish?

How to make a christmas card for adults that unique and stylish?

Even if visiting friends and family for Christmas isn’t possible, a heartfelt homemade Christmas card serves as a reminder that we’re still holding them close in our thoughts. TeeNavi presents simple how to make a Christmas card DIY ideas that you can easily create at home. Plus, we’ve included lovely suggestions for embellishing your Christmas card.

1. What you’ll need?

One Christmas card, countless creative possibilities, you can utilize the foundational concepts of how to make a Christmas card and then unleash your creativity. Whether you opt to adorn the DIY Christmas card with a felt star, embellish it with fir sprigs, or choose an entirely different design, this handcrafted Christmas card will surely captivate your recipients.

how to make a christmas card
Crafting a unique and heartfelt Christmas card begins with gathering all the necessary materials.


  • Craft cardboard in your preferred color
  • Felt
  • Transparent (design) paper
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Scissors and glue stick

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2. How to make a Christmas card easy at home?

Given that crafting Christmas cards by hand is a time-consuming endeavor, it’s advisable to begin early on how to make a Christmas card to ensure they reach the recipients in time for Christmas.

2.1 Step 1: Gathering materials

Gathering materials is the initial step when you’re planning to make a Christmas card. You’ll need a few essential items to kickstart your creative process. This can include quality cardstock or paper as your card base, various art supplies such as markers, colored pencils, or paints, and decorative elements like stickers, ribbons, and glitter to add that festive touch. The choice of materials depends on your design ideas, so feel free to explore and select what resonates with your unique vision for the card.

how to make beautiful christmas cards
Your first step is to collect the essential materials for a seamless crafting process.


2.2 Step 2: Choose your format

If you’re diving into how to make a Christmas card by hand, you have a range of format options at your disposal. From personalized, handwritten, and embellished designs to photo cards, you can tailor each card to its intended recipient or opt for a uniform design to send to everyone on your list.

how to make beautiful christmas cards
Once you have your supplies, choose the card format, whether traditional or a creative pop-up design.

You can gather inspiration for card formats from various sources, including magazines and websites. Publications like Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart Living, and Real Simple offer examples of diverse card formats you can create, spanning from embellished to handwritten cards. Websites like Shutterfly provide ideas for picture cards.

2.3 Step 3: Start to sketch a basic design

If you have a clear vision of how to make a Christmas card, it becomes easier to gather the necessary supplies and streamline the card-making process. Consider a range of design elements, from color choices to motifs and messages, ensuring each component complements the others.

how to make a christmas card
The choice of appropriate paper and matching envelope is crucial for the card’s aesthetics.
  • There’s a wealth of Christmas motifs to choose from for your cards. For instance, opt for a Santa or Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer design to delight the little ones. For the adults, you can go with a Christmas tree, hanging ornaments, or even a simple message like ‘Season’s Greetings’ or ‘Noel.’
  • There’s also a variety of Christmas messages to inscribe on your cards. You may opt for a traditional and straightforward greeting like ‘Wishing You a Merry Christmas,’ or you could pen a personal message on each card. Another option is to match your motif with your message. For instance, if you’ve chosen stockings hung by the chimney for your motif, you can write ‘The Stockings Were Hung…’

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2.4 Step 4: Choose appropriate paper and envelope

Select and purchase paper and envelopes for your cards as part of your preparations on how to make a Christmas card. Once you’ve solidified your concept, including the format and a basic design sketch, choose the paper that suits your vision. You’ll find a range of paper types and colors, from robust cardstock to scrapbook paper.

how to make your own christmas card
After selecting materials and format, sketch a design that aligns with your vision.
  • Don’t overlook the envelopes; you’ll need them to send your cards!
  • Cardstock is a sturdy, high-quality paper available in a variety of colors, including holiday classics like red, green, silver, and gold.
  • If you’re creating a photo card, opt for cardstock to support the weight of the picture.
  • Scrapbooking paper, despite its name, is also a quality paper option, though it’s lighter than cardstock. It’s versatile and can be used for crafting Christmas cards as well.
  • You may notice that cardstock, and sometimes scrapbooking paper, comes pre-folded. At this stage, you can also determine whether you prefer a portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation for your cards.
  • You can find card paper at major retailers like Target or specialty stores such as Michael’s or Paper Source. Online retailers like Target, Michael’s, and Paper Source also offer a wide selection. Local print shops usually have a variety of paper options for your cards.

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2.5 Step 5: Make your card as your design

Create a single card based on your fundamental design sketch to gain insights into how to make a card for Christmas. This step allows you to ensure cohesiveness, estimate the appropriate text size, and determine the optimal placement for your decorative elements.

how to make a christmas card
Bring your design to life by crafting the card, following your chosen format and design.

2.6 Step 6: Write message

When considering how can I make a Christmas card, you have the option to either handwrite or print the messages you’ve selected for both the inside and front of your card.

  • To ensure straight writing, use a ruler as a guide.
  • If you plan to include a message on the front of the card, or if it’s a single-page card, write it and make sure there’s ample space for your decorations. For example, if you choose to write ‘The Stockings Were Hung…’ and add stocking stickers, ensure enough space is available for hanging the stockings on the card. Similarly, if you’re incorporating a photograph on the front and want to include a message, make sure there’s sufficient space for both elements or adjust the size of your handwritten message accordingly.
how to make a pop up christmas card
Write a warm, heartfelt message inside to convey your holiday wishes.
  • If your handwriting isn’t the neatest or most beautiful, consider printing your message from a design you find online or one you create using a word processing program on your computer.
  • After finishing the front, write your message on the inside of the card. Remember to sign your name, and those of your family members if you wish.
  • Allow enough time for pens or glue to dry before commencing the card decoration.

2.7 Step 7: Decorate your card and let it set

Now, it’s time for the enjoyable part! After you’ve written your messages on the front and inside the card, it’s time to enhance it with decorations.

  • Keep your decorations at hand as you work. You may also consider having Q-tips or cotton swabs for corrections.
  • If you run out of decorations, get creative with other decorative materials, even using spare paper if needed.
how to make a pop up christmas card
Before you tuck your handcrafted Christmas cards into their envelopes for mailing, let them sit overnight to ensure that any adhesives remain in place.

3. How to make a card for Christmas? – Pros and cons

Creating a holiday card from scratch has its pros and cons. Prior to opting for the DIY path, we recommend that you take a look at these factors on how to make a Christmas card with paper.

3.1 Pros

  • Personal satisfaction: Creating a Christmas card with paper from start to finish brings a sense of personal satisfaction. Demonstrating to our children how something can be crafted from simple materials is an invaluable lesson, making the DIY process worthwhile. And when the project is completed, there’s a special feeling in saying, “I made that!”
  • Complete creative freedom: Making a Christmas card with paper allows you to design it exactly as you desire. It becomes a unique creation tailored to your family and the intended recipient.
  • Good family bonding: Gathering around the kitchen table with your kids to engage in a family activity is an excellent way to strengthen bonds and cherish each other’s company.
how to make a christmas card
The advantages of making your own Christmas cards for loved ones.

3.2 Cons

  • Scalability: Making a handmade Christmas card can be time-consuming and costly. If you have a long recipient list (40+ people), it’s more practical to start with a fully customized Minted Christmas card and add a small DIY touch if desired.
  • Time and cost: DIY cards may end up costing more when you factor in material expenses and the value of your time.
  • Expectation vs. Reality: Online inspiration may not always match your DIY results, and it’s essential to be okay with imperfections to avoid holiday stress.
how to make a christmas card
Disadvantages of making your own Christmas cards.

4. How do you make a Christmas card for your holiday? – 10 ideas you shouldn’t miss

When it comes to creating a cute Christmas card, DIY ideas are abundant, and the ones that leave the most memorable impression often require a significant time investment. If you have the time, patience, and energy, you’re bound to craft something truly stunning. However, it’s crucial to ensure that committing to these DIY projects aligns with your priorities. Here, we share seven of our top ideas for you to explore. If you’re a fan of home crafting, you might also find our post on additional DIY Christmas crafts with step-by-step picture guides enjoyable!

4.1 Christmas tree card

Incorporate a charming Christmas tree card design into your homemade Christmas card. Decorating your card with a festive tree adorned with colorful ornaments and twinkling lights adds a touch of holiday magic. You can opt for a simple and classic green tree or get creative with unique and stylish tree variations to make your Christmas card truly special.

how to make a pop out christmas card
Craft a charming Christmas tree card to send warm holiday wishes to your loved ones.

4.2 Watercolor card

Watercolor cards are a beautiful and artistic way to express your creativity when considering how to make a Christmas card. The blend of colors and the unique patterns you can create make each card a piece of art. Dive into the world of watercolors and add a personal touch to your holiday greetings.

how to make a pop up card for christmas
Create a watercolor card with intricate details that evoke the spirit of the season.

4.3 Reindeer card

One of the most heartwarming presents a parent or grandparent can receive from a child is a handmade Christmas card! This handprint reindeer card is an ideal Xmas craft for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school, showing them how to make a Christmas card with paper to take home to Mom and Dad. It’s yet another one of our enjoyable reindeer crafts for kids, a project that’s simple to put together and only calls for a handful of basic supplies.

how to make a pop out christmas card
Fashion a reindeer card that captures the whimsy and wonder of Christmas.

4.4 Pop-up gnome card

Creating a pop-up gnome card is a charming way to add a touch of whimsy to your holiday greetings. Here’s how to make a Christmas card pop up with these delightful little gnomes.


  • Colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Gnome templates (easily found online)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers for decorating
how to make a pop up card for christmas
Design a delightful pop-up gnome card that surprises and delights the recipient.


  • Begin by folding the colored cardstock or construction paper in half to create the base of your card.
  • Print or draw gnome templates on different colored paper. You can find a variety of gnome designs online. Cut out the gnome shapes carefully.
  • Fold the gnome shapes at the bottom of their bodies to create a tab. This tab will be glued to the card.
  • Apply glue to the tab and attach the gnomes inside the folded cardstock. Ensure they pop out when the card is opened.
  • Decorate the card with markers, adding festive details to the gnomes and the background.
  • Write your personalized message inside the card.
  • Once your card is complete, let the glue dry, and it’s ready to spread holiday cheer.

4.5 Paper quilling Christmas tree card

Utilize quilling paper strips to master the lovely scrolls that compose this Christmas tree. If this appears too complex, this artisan has also designed a how to make a handmade Christmas card with a simpler quilling paper tree ornament suitable for young crafters.

how do you make a christmas card
Try your hand at a paper quilling Christmas tree card, where precision and creativity intertwine.

4.6 Rudolph Christmas card

Children crafting their own Christmas cards is a highly rewarding experience for them. They create charming little cards and present them to those who hold significance in their hearts. This practice also fosters writing skills, as there’s nothing quite like penning your holiday wishes in a card you’ve personally made.

Rudolph the reindeer stands as one of our beloved Christmas characters, and to commence this year’s card collection, we’re introducing the easiest reindeer Christmas card for kids to craft! With just a few cuts and a touch of glue, you’ll have the most delightful Christmas card.

4.7 Pom-Pom wreath card

To learn how to make your own Christmas card, start by cutting a letter-size cardstock paper in half and folding it at the center. Next, trace a circle on the folded cardstock and attach pom-poms around the circle. Allow time for drying if you’re using standard school glue; we utilized hot glue in our project. Take a piece of red ribbon and tie it into a bow. Attach the bow to the wreath, as demonstrated in the image below. Cut out a star shape and a tree stem from gold glitter paper, then glue them onto the card as displayed. Let your child add a personal touch to make it an extra special Christmas card for their loved one.

how do you make a christmas card
Construct a pom-pom wreath card that adds a touch of festive cheer to your greetings.

4.8 Snow globe Christmas card

Explore your local craft store to find a small plastic plate or a clear circular cover that can be affixed to the front of a blank card. Trim paper and sequins into small segments and tuck them beneath the adhered plastic surface to craft a snow globe effect directly on your holiday card. Give your creation a gentle shake to witness the sequins and glitter dancing before your eyes! If this method seems too intricate, Minted offers a variety of card designs with a festive snow globe theme that you can personalize with photos or a heartfelt message.

how to make a christmas card
Craft a snow globe Christmas card, offering a glimpse into a winter wonderland.

4.9 Embroidered Gift Tags

What’s wonderful about these gift tags is their flexibility. You can utilize any color of embroidery thread to enhance them, and there’s a vast array of colors available to choose from! Thus, regardless of your tree’s color scheme, I’m confident you can find a thread that complements it.

how can i make a christmas card
Enhance your holiday gifts with embroidered gift tags that add a personal touch.

Creating an embroidered Christmas card is a remarkable demonstration of your DIY expertise. Discover a straightforward or intricate pattern and apply it to either a sheet of paper or a pre-scored and folded card. Play around with various yarn colors to achieve a striking effect. Pro tip: When making a homemade Christmas card, using 100% cotton papers makes it easiest to pierce with an embroidery needle.

4.10 Hand-drawn Christmas Doodles

Get the colored pencils and markers ready and inspire your kids to create their own Christmas card designs. Whether it’s a Christmas tree, a snowflake, bells, or any other holiday motif, let their creativity shine. After collecting a set of joyful drawings, cut them out and affix them to your DIY Christmas cards. If you want to add an extra touch of elegance and customization to your cards, explore the Minted Custom Card option with foil-pressed accents. Each card will be a unique masterpiece!

5. 10 suggestions to decor your Christmas card

If crafting Christmas cards from scratch seems too daunting, there’s a middle ground to explore. Customize beautiful Minted Christmas Cards on our website by adjusting color combinations, text styles, card sizes, and more. You can easily incorporate a family photo for a personalized touch with a wide selection of Christmas photo card designs. After your cards arrive, enhance them with your own homemade touches. Explore 10 ways to add a DIY touch to your holiday cards without the stress of starting from scratch.

5.1 Attach ribbons or bows

Punch holes or create small slits in your card, and then thread a ribbon through them. Form a charming bow, and there you have it! Look for ribbons that match the colors featured in your card design. (You can look up the fork technique for crafting bows.) For added flair, consider stringing charms or beads onto the ribbon as well.

how can i make a christmas card
Add ribbon or bows for a personal touch.

5.2 Rubber stamps

Get the whole family involved in the Christmas card-making process by selecting a unique rubber stamp that best reflects their personality. Encourage each family member to add their signature beneath the stamp, and don’t overlook your beloved pet—include their paw print for an extra touch of joy. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to make a great Christmas card, we’ve got you covered.

how to make a christmas card
Use rubber stamps for creative designs.

5.3 Decorative wax seals

Enhancing the presentation of your holiday envelope with wax seals adds an elegant and personal flair. Whether you prefer the traditional method of dripping and stamping the wax yourself or opt for a convenient, holiday-themed wax seal that functions like a sticker, there are various ways to achieve this charming detail. To learn more about how to make a great Christmas card, explore our tips and ideas. Minted offers a diverse selection of decorative adhesive wax seals in a multitude of colors for your convenience.

how to make a card for christmas
Seal it with decorative wax for elegance.

5.4 Add stickers

We’re all familiar with how much children adore stickers. You can opt for unique holiday-themed designs or keep it straightforward with tiny, sparkling stars. Allow them to decorate freely – you can give them specific instructions and show them how to make a Christmas card from a photo, marking the designated spots with a pencil, or you can encourage their creativity as they choose where to place the stickers.

5.5 Dried flowers

You can incorporate small dried flowers to add vibrancy to an existing floral-based card design or infuse a floral element into contemporary handmade Christmas card designs. Alternatively, fresh or dried greenery can be artistically layered atop your Christmas card. To elevate your creation further, consider using fragrant holiday plants such as rosemary, spruce, or juniper for an aromatic twist. Don’t forget to check out our post on Christmas flowers and greenery for more inspiration. Lastly, adding small fabric or faux leaves to the card’s surface can introduce a textural flair, enhancing the overall look of your creation while keeping it unique.

how to make a card for christmas
Incorporate dried flowers for a natural touch.

5.6 Envelope confetti

Add a touch of delight to your Christmas card envelopes by crafting your envelope confetti using various materials like wrapping paper, ribbon, tinsel, or even aluminum foil. Opt for these materials over loose glitter to make cleanup easier for the recipient. These slightly larger confetti pieces will undoubtedly add a festive and enjoyable element. If you find making envelope confetti from scratch too time-consuming, you can always consider using pre-made assorted confetti packets in holiday-themed shapes and colors.

5.7 Glitter patterns

Apply liquid glue or glue dots in a pattern or design that complements your selected Minted Christmas Card. Sprinkle glitter in your choice of colors onto the glue lines, and allow it to dry for three to four hours before handling. This is one way to add a touch of sparkle to your holiday greetings.

how to make a christmas card
Glitter patterns for a sparkling effect.

5.8 Holiday scents

The holiday season brings a medley of distinctive scents, from gingerbread to pine needles and peppermint, instantly evoking memories of Christmas presents and cozy firesides. Consider adding a touch of these scents to your holiday cards before mailing them. If you’re interested in how to make a pop-up card for Christmas, we have creative ideas to share.

5.9 Include brushstrokes of paint

Acquire your cards crafted on double- or triple-thick paper and enjoy the process of adding a burst of color to the edges. You have the freedom to let your creativity run wild or keep it minimal, depending on the variety of colors you employ. Opt for silver or gold paint for a classic and refined appearance, or experiment with individual card colors to achieve a completely personalized aesthetic.

how to make an christmas card
Brushstrokes of paint add artistic flair.

5.10 Custom calligraphy

If you take pride in your impressive penmanship, consider selecting Christmas cards with a blank white background. This blank canvas allows you to unleash your creativity using your preferred ink pens and craft a beautiful holiday message, complete with personalized lettering, all crafted by your own hand! Additionally, you can explore creative ways of addressing the front of your envelopes.

how to make an christmas card
Custom calligraphy for a unique touch.

In conclusion, crafting your own Christmas cards is a heartfelt and personal way to spread holiday cheer. We’ve covered various ideas and techniques on how to make a Christmas card, allowing you to express your creativity and make the season a little more special. With TeeNavi‘s guidance, your holiday card creations will undoubtedly stand out and bring joy to your loved ones during this festive season.


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