How to make a Christmas wreath with ribbon: Step-by-step guide

How to make a Christmas wreath with ribbon: Step-by-step guide

Discover a straightforward method for crafting an exquisite ribbon wreath by following our step-by-step guide on how to make a Christmas wreath with ribbon. These wreaths serve as a stunning addition to your front door decor during the holiday season or as an elegant centerpiece on your dining room table alongside LED candles. The availability of various wireframe sizes and an array of ribbon styles and colors offers limitless creative possibilities. Join us at TeeNavi, gather your materials, and embark on a ribbon wreath-making adventure!

1. How to make a Christmas wreath with ribbon?

If you’re a dedicated wreath decorator, this is an ideal solution. It’s budget-friendly, allowing you to craft a fresh wreath for each season. Plus, there’s no need to keep it plain (although it’s adorable). Feel free to enhance it with embellishments in your preferred style. Looking to expand your wreath-making skills? Learn how to make a Christmas wreath with ribbon.

1.1 Prepare supplies

  • Choose a wire wreath frame suitable for your project; they are available in various sizes, so select the one that best fits your requirements. Typically, an 18-inch wreath frame is ideal for a standard-sized door.
  • You’ll need ribbon, and the quantity will depend on the size of your chosen wreath frame.
  • Don’t forget a wreath hanger to display your creation.
  • Consider having floral picks on hand; they are optional but can enhance your design.
how to make a christmas wreath with ribbon
Gather your materials and get ready.

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1.2 Cut the pipe cleaners

When it comes to crafting a Christmas wreath, the choice of ribbon plays a significant role. For our 2.5-inch ribbon, we opted to cut the pipe cleaners into thirds. However, if your ribbon happens to be wider, you might find it more suitable to halve the pipe cleaners. In the case of mesh, it’s customary to cut each pipe cleaner into two equal pieces. Here’s a useful tip on how to make a Christmas wreath with ribbon: Gather these pieces into a neat pile.

how to use ribbon to make a wreath
Trim the pipe cleaners to the desired length.

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1.3 Attach the ribbon

Gather the ribbon’s end and secure it to the wreath form by wrapping it from the front to the back, using a piece of pipe cleaner, which you’ll twist together at the back. Maintain a hand-sized gap between each tie; wrap the ribbon around your hand to achieve the desired spacing.

how to put ribbon on a wreath
Secure the ribbon to the wreath with a pipe cleaner.

Next, fasten the ribbon by forming a loop and using another pipe cleaner. Alternate the wires to which you attach the pipe cleaners.

how to make a ribbon for a wreath
Form a loop and use another pipe cleaner.

Continue the process of crafting ribbon loops and anchoring them with pipe cleaners around the entirety of the wreath form. You’ll alternate between attaching them to the second and third wires of the form.

how to make a christmas wreath with ribbon
Continue crafting ribbon loops and anchors. Repeat for one full rotation.

Repeat this process until you’ve completed one full rotation around the form. Your DIY ribbon wreath is well on its way to taking shape! This first row will use up an entire spool.

how to make a large christmas wreath bow
Continue for the next loops.

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1.4 Make the second row

Begin by trimming your ribbon or opening a new spool. Secure the end by twisting it down, mimicking the initial step. Proceed to encircle the interior of the wreath form once more, focusing on utilizing the second and third wires. This additional row significantly enhances the wreath’s volume, gently pushing the initial row outward.

how to make a christmas wreath with ribbon
Continue by adding a second row of ribbon.

1.5 Finish with the third row

  • Commence crafting your ribbon wreath’s third row, this time starting from the innermost section. Alternate the attachment of the ribbon between the first and second wires of the form, following the steps on how to make a ribbon for a wreath.
  • After completing the attachment, use your scissors to neatly trim the ribbon.
  • Now’s your opportunity to give the ribbon some added ‘fluff.’ The wire within the ribbon allows you to shape and adjust it to fill in any gaps and restore loops that may have flattened, as advised in the guide on how to make a Christmas wreath with mesh ribbon. Make sure not to skip this crucial step before hanging your wreath!
  • This wreath is effortlessly hung using either a picture hook or a Command strip, and it’s remarkably lightweight.
how to make a christmas wreath with mesh ribbon
Complete the wreath’s design with a third row of ribbon.

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1.6 Decorate your wreath

Enhance the charm of your Christmas wreath adorned with ornaments and ribbon by following these creative steps on how to make a Christmas wreath with ornaments and ribbon:

  • Incorporate floral holiday picks for an elegant touch.
  • Craft a contrasting ribbon bow and secure it at the top.
  • Introduce a touch of festive sparkle by stringing mini twinkle lights.
  • Complete the look with miniature ornaments as your final decorative flourish.
how to make a christmas wreath with ribbon
Add your personal touches and embellishments to adorn your wreath.

To showcase your DIY ribbon wreath, learn how to make a Christmas wreath with ribbon and then hang it using a wreath hanger or a convenient removable 3M plastic hook. These hooks offer the advantage of easy removal after the holiday season, ensuring your door (or wall) remains undamaged.

2. Some tips on how to make a ribbon for a wreath

Here are some tips on how to make a Christmas wreath with ribbons:

  • Select the right ribbon: Choose a ribbon that complements the theme and color scheme of your wreath. For Christmas wreaths, consider festive colors and patterns to match the holiday spirit.
  • Determine the ribbon length: Measure and cut the ribbon to your desired length. Keep in mind that longer tails can add elegance and drama, while shorter tails offer a neat and tidy look.
  • Create the bow: To make a beautiful bow for your wreath, fold the ribbon into loops, ensuring the ends are even. Secure the center with a twist tie or wire.
  • Add a tail: Attach a ribbon tail to your bow. This extra piece of ribbon hanging down can add visual interest and style.
  • Fluff and adjust: Gently fluff and adjust the loops to achieve the desired shape and fullness of your bow.
how to make a christmas wreath with ornaments and ribbon
Some tips make how to make a Christmas wreath with ribbon easier.
  • Attach to the wreath: Use floral wire or pipe cleaners to secure your ribbon bow to the wreath. Make sure it’s firmly in place and positioned where you want it.
  • Trim the ends: Trim any excess ribbon for a polished finish. Vary the tail lengths for added dimension.
  • Personalize with accents: To make your ribbon truly unique, consider adding ornaments, decorative picks, or other embellishments that match your wreath’s theme.

By following these tips on how to make a ribbon for a wreath, you can create a festive and eye-catching Christmas wreath. Whether you’re using ribbons, ornaments, or both, your wreath will be a beautiful addition to your holiday decor.

3. People also asked

1. Question: What materials do I need to make a Christmas wreath with ribbon?

  • Answer: You’ll need a wire wreath frame, wire, ribbon, wire cutters, and any additional decorative elements you want to include.

2. Question: Do the directions involve using the 2nd and 3rd wires for both the first and second ribbons? Do the ribbons cross over each other, with no ribbon attached to the outer wire? Additionally, should the 3rd ribbon be fastened only to the inside wire?

  • Answer: No, they don’t intersect; they’re positioned side by side. When you try it, you’ll understand what I mean. The outer wire doesn’t have a ribbon attached because, in my experience, it made the wreath too bulky. Instead, the third ribbon complements the first and second wires to fill the interior.
  • If you desire a fuller wreath, you can experiment by adding another length of ribbon on the outer edge. If you don’t like the outcome, it’s simple to undo by removing the pipe cleaners and starting that row over. So, even a mistake isn’t a major setback; it’s easily correctable until you achieve the wreath you prefer.
how to make a ribbon for a wreath
More diverse variations of how to make a Christmas wreath with ornaments and ribbon

3. Question: Can you use zip ties on the ribbon wreath?

  • Answer: Yes, you can use zip ties on the ribbon wreath. They are a convenient and secure way to hold the ribbon in place and create a beautifully crafted wreath.

4. Question: How can I create different patterns or designs with the ribbon on my wreath?

  • Answer: Experiment with different ribbon placement, weaving techniques, and color combinations to achieve unique patterns and designs. Feel free to get creative and try various styles.

5. Question: Can I use different types of ribbon, such as satin or burlap, for my Christmas wreath?

  • Answer: Yes, you can use various types of ribbon to create different textures and looks. Satin, burlap, and other ribbon materials can add depth and character to your wreath.
how to put ribbon on a wreath
Optionally, use the items you have available to make how to make a Christmas wreath with ribbons.

6. Question: What ribbon width is best for making a Christmas wreath?

  • Answer: Ribbon widths typically range from 1.5 to 2.5 inches and are suitable for wreath-making. Choose a width that complements your design and personal preference.

In conclusion, crafting a stunning Christmas wreath with ribbon has never been more accessible. With this step-by-step guide on how to make a Christmas wreath with ribbon, courtesy of TeeNavi, you can infuse your holiday season with a touch of creativity and festive flair. Embrace this DIY project to add a personalized and welcoming touch to your holiday decor. From ribbon selection to weaving techniques, you’re now equipped to create a wreath that reflects your unique style. Get ready to impress your guests and spread the holiday cheer with your beautifully crafted ribbon wreath.

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