How To Make A Lemon Wreath Decoration For Christmas

How To Make A Lemon Wreath Decoration For Christmas

Are you a fan of the classic beauty of wreaths with fresh lemons? Are you looking for how to make a lemon wreath easily that you can do at home? That’s quite understandable! Because an eye-catching lemon wreath over the entrance door during Christmas is an age-old representation of prosperity, luck, and hope. The following article by TeeNavi will send you 5 simple steps to create this type of decorative wreath. Let’s explore together!

1. How To Make A Lemon Wreath Ideas

Here are 5 basic steps to create a DIY lemon wreath:

1.1. Materials you’ll need

The very important first step in how to make a lemon wreath is to prepare the necessary ingredients and tools. As follows:

  • Lemon leaves
  • Glue gun
  • Fresh lemons (Let’s choose the lemons that have the thickest skins if you will use hot glue to attach them to the wreath)
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral wires
how to make a lemon wreath
The materials and tools that you will need to make this kind of wreath

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1.2. Make a wreath

After preparing all the necessary tools and ingredients, the second step you need to do in how to make a lemon wreath is making a wreath. First, you need to determine the wreath frame size you want. If you choose to use steel wire or flexible fiber, bend it into a circle shape according to the chosen size. This material is easy to work with and malleable but may not be strong enough to keep the wreath in shape if the decoration is too heavy. Therefore, you should prioritize using wire made from metal so that the wreath has more rigidity and durability.

lemon wreath diy
Creating a wreath

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1.3. Attached branches

First, you wrap lemon leaf or pine tree branches around the frame you created in the step above so that they are in opposite directions on the left-hand side of the wreath. Just put them in order: Two branches facing up and two facing down and keep doing the same. You can buy these pre-made hoop frames at hardware stores. Then, you use hot glue or twines to secure the branches to the hoop or frame. So, you have completed the next step to perfect the process of creating a DIY lemon wreath!

lemon wreath meaning
Continue with attaching branches step

1.4. Add lemons and flowers

The next step in how to make a lemon wreath that you need to do is adding lemons and flowers. You begin by threading a piece of wire through a lemon and wrapping the wire around the wreath, twisting it tightly. After that, you just need to repeat this process by inserting wires into the remaining lemons and attaching them to the wreath until you achieve the desired look. You can add some flowers if you want. Alternatively, if you prefer not to use real lemons, you can opt for faux lemons and attach them to the wreath using hot glue.

how to make a lemon wreath
The 4th step on how to make a lemon wreath

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1.5. Add a bow

Only one more step left and you have completed the process of how to make a lemon wreath! First, prepare a bow of the appropriate size for your lemon wreath. You can buy or make your own bow from fabric, bows, or any other material. Then you determine where you want to attach it on the wreath. You can place it in the center or any other location that you like. Next, you use ribbon rope, or even hot glue to secure the bow onto the wreath. Finally, you have completed a beautiful wreath with lemons for your Christmas!

lemon wreath diy
The final step for making wreaths

2. FAQs About Lemon Wreath DIY

Here are 3 common FAQs during the process of creating a DIY lemon wreath:

2.1. What does a lemon wreath meaning?

Greeting the guests with a refreshing lemon wreath adorning the entrance is a decoration idea that is popular with many people. This lively wreath symbolizes good fortune, positivity, and prosperity in ancient traditions. In modern society, these symbols hold a deeper meaning, as they bring cheerfulness during festive periods and serve as a remembrance throughout more difficult times.

lemon wreath meaning
The meaning of this kind of wreath during the Christmas season

This fresh wreath often represents the cycle of life and the new, the beginning. The fresh green branches on the wreath symbolize longevity and rebirth in the winter absence of nature. Furthermore, this wreath also symbolizes love and peace. During the cold winter Christmas period, this decoration will bring warmth and hope to your family. Overall, decorating your home with these wreaths brings meanings of love, peace, faith, longevity, and family connection during Christmas. So, let’s check out how to make a lemon wreath below!

2.2. How to style for your lemon wreath ideas?

A fresh and beautiful lemon wreath can spruce up any space! The first style is hanging this wreath on the front door. This is typically considered the perfect and is also the most common option. Irrespective of whether it’s set indoors or outdoors, it will undoubtedly create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

how to make a lemon wreath
Trying some style ideas for your wreath

Additionally, you can use this wreath as a table centerpiece by placing it elegantly atop it. Besides, if you want an extra touch of ambiance style, consider positioning a candle at its center. For a delightful twist, hang the wreath upside down above a table. Try these decoration styles after you successfully make how to make a lemon wreath!

2.3. How to hang a lemon wreath in your home?

The first of hanging your lemon wreath ideas is wrapping the decorative ribbon in a loop around the upper part of the wreath, then proceed to hang it on the front door. You can add a few small bells or leaf petals for additional decoration. If there is sufficient space at the top of your door, you can simply secure the ends of the ribbon to the door using a flat tack. If you want to create a cheerful Christmas atmosphere, showcase your completed wreath on a covered porch or indoors. 

lemon wreath diy
Some ways to hang this fresh wreath during the Christmas season

Alternatively, you can hang this wreath on the window frame to create a highlight for the outside of your home. Use small hangers or strings to connect the wreath to the window frame. Besides, if your house has stairs, you can hang your wreaths on the railing of the stairs to create a highlight for this space. Please refer to these ideas!

The merry Christmas season is approaching, now that you know how to make a lemon wreath with just a few supplies and simple steps. We hope that you have gained more useful information for the process of decorating your home during this warm holiday season. If you have any questions that need answering, please contact TeeNavi immediately! Thanks for reading!

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