10+ Easy How To Make A Santa Ornament For Christmas

10+ Easy How To Make A Santa Ornament For Christmas

How to make a Santa ornament can be a delightful addition to your holiday crafting. Each year, try making at least one DIY Christmas tree ornament. It’s not just a fun activity, but also a wonderful way to look back on the ornaments you’ve created over the years, particularly those made with your children. The number of memories tied up in these craft projects is truly amazing! Start the holiday season with TeeNavi by crafting these cute DIY Santa gnome ornaments. They are simple to make, require just a few materials, and bring a unique, personal touch to your Christmas tree.

1. How To Make A Santa Ornament With Yarn

Add a touch of whimsy to your Christmas tree or festive decorations with these delightful Santa gnome ornaments! They’re simple to create and look adorable hanging from the tree. Learning how to make a Santa ornament like this can be a fun and rewarding addition to your holiday crafting activities.

1.1 Supplies

To create a Santa ornament with yarn, you’ll first need to gather the following common and essential items:

  • White yarn (you might like the multi-tone yarn available at craft stores like Michaels)
  • Red felt
  • A hat pattern (which you can download online)
  • A wood bead for the nose (or you could use a pom pom)
  • Faux fur ribbon (like the one available at Michaels) or other faux fur
  • Hot glue gun or another type of craft or fabric glue
how to make a Santa ornament
Prepare necessary items

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1.2 Instructions

Many parts need to be done, so I will guide you through each small part. After completing the small parts, we will combine them to get a Santa Claus decoration.

Step 1: Beard

  • For creating a Santa ornament, start by cutting a piece of cardboard 5 inches high (you can repurpose an old cereal box) for Santa’s beard. Make a slit in the bottom corner to hold your wool securely.
  • Place the end of the yarn in the slit and wrap it around the cardboard about 25 times.
  • After cutting the yarn, gently slide it off the cardboard. Then, tie some more yarn around the top of the loop, leaving a tail of 15-16 inches at one end. This will be used as the loop for your Santa ornament.
  • Finally, cut the loops at the bottom of the beard to finish the look.
how to make a Santa ornament
First, use the yarn to make the beard

Step 2: Pom poms on the hat

  • To create the pom for Santa’s hat, a key step in learning how to make a Santa ornament, start by wrapping yarn about 20 times around your three fingers.
  • Then, gently remove the loop from your fingers and securely tie a piece of yarn around the center of these loops. Next, cut the loops at both ends and trim as necessary to shape a neat pom pom.
how to make a Santa ornament
Similarly, use the yarn above to make pom poms

Step 3: Santa assembly

  • Begin your journey on how to make a Santa ornament by downloading the Santa hat pattern here and cutting it out. Trace this pattern onto felt and cut accordingly. From each 8 1/2 x 11 felt sheet, you can craft two hats.
  • Next, position the beard on the Santa hat. Align the top of the beard with the curves on the hat design, letting the tail extend past the hat’s top. Secure the yarn from the top of the beard to the hat’s top with glue. Loop the yarn back over itself to create a hanging loop for the ornament. Then, glue a second piece of yarn inside the hat along the same path as the first.
  • The next step is to glue the hat together. Start by folding the hat’s tip over and securing it with glue, then continue gluing along the hat’s seam.
  • Hot glue a pom-pom to the hat’s tip, ensuring the hanging loop remains unobstructed. Fold the fur ribbon in half, glue it, and then attach it to the felt hat’s bottom, allowing a slight overhang over the felt. Ensure the seam is at the back of the hat.
  • Finally, use hot glue to attach the wood bead.
how to make a Santa ornament
Finally, we have completed the yarn Santa Claus

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2. Make a Santa Claus ball ornament

Looking for a delightful holiday project? Try crafting this easy Santa ball ornament, a perfect addition to your festive decorations. This craft, ideal for how to make a Santa ornament tutorials, is enjoyable for both adults and kids, making it a great choice for a family activity. Set up a crafting table and enjoy creating these charming Santa ornaments together!

2.1 What you’ll need

First off, to learn how to make a Santa ornament, you’ll need to gather these essential materials:

  • A plastic ball ornament
  • Small red glitter pom-poms
  • Scissors
  • 1/4 wide black ribbon
  • Gold glitter washi tape
  • Glue dots
how to make a beaded Santa claus ornament
Prepare some necessary items

2.2 Implementation steps

Creating a Santa ornament is a delightful holiday activity that can involve the whole family, whether during Thanksgiving gatherings or amidst the peak of holiday festivities. It’s a perfect project for little ones, with a bit of assistance, to craft something they’ll cherish for years.

  • Start by wrapping a black ribbon around the middle of a ball ornament. Trim the ribbon where the ends overlap.
  • Secure the ribbon to the ornament with three glue dots: one at each end and one in the middle. This ensures it stays in place.
  • For Santa’s belt buckle, cut a half-inch piece of washi tape. Attach a glue dot to the back of the washi tape for added security and place it on the ornament at the point where the ribbon ends meet.
  • To finish, remove the ornament’s top and fill it with red glitter pompoms. Once you reattach the lid, your Santa ornament is ready to be displayed or gifted.
how to make a beaded Santa claus ornament
You can attach a Santa Claus sticker to make the decoration more creative

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3. How to make a Santa ornament with wooden

Create adorable wooden Santa ornaments in just 15 minutes or less. These charming decorations are not only easy to make but also bring a festive farmhouse vibe to your Christmas tree. Perfect for anyone looking to learn how to make a Santa ornament, they add a delightful touch to holiday decor.

3.1 Ingredient

Preparing the materials for creating a wooden Santa ornament is quite straightforward and easily accessible. Here’s what you’ll need to embark on your journey of how to make a Santa ornament:

  • Testors Craft Paints in classic Santa colors: white, red, and black.
  • Wood slice ornaments to serve as the base for your creation.
  • Paint brushes for detailed and precise painting.
  • A mini red pom-pom, perfect for Santa’s iconic hat.
  • Hot glue and a glue gun for secure assembly of your ornament.
how to make a Santa beard for ornaments
Choose pieces of wood that fit real glass to make decorations

3.2 Step-by-step

With these simple supplies, you’re all set to create your own charming Santa ornament, bringing a touch of festive cheer to your holiday decor.

  • Begin crafting your Santa ornament by painting the top half of the wood slice red and the bottom half white, while leaving the middle in its natural wood tone.
  • Then, add the eyes using black craft paint.
  • Finally, use a hot glue gun to attach the red pom to the nose.

This step-by-step guide on how to make a Santa ornament will help you create a charming and festive decoration for the holiday season.

how to make a Santa beard for ornaments
Based on this tutorial, you can also draw snowmen and reindeer,…

4. Make a Santa salt dough handprint ornament

Creating a salt dough Santa handprint ornament is a delightful Christmas activity for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Crafting a handprint Father Christmas results in an incredibly charming and personal first Christmas ornament! Children grow up so fast, and it’s wonderful to have a lasting keepsake of their tiny hands. The process of making salt dough ornaments is a fun and creative way to achieve this. Learn how to make a Santa handprint ornament and cherish the memories of your little one’s small hands for years to come!

4.1 Prepare materials

Creating salt dough crafts, like a Santa handprint ornament, is a fun and simple activity using our straightforward salt dough recipe. This project requires only three common household ingredients:

  • All-purpose flour (2 cups)
  • Salt (1 cup)
  • Water (up to 1 cup)
how to make a Santa handprint ornament
The materials to make Santa Claus hand decorations are extremely easy to find

These ingredients are likely already in your pantry, making it convenient to start learning how to make a Santa handprint ornament whenever you’re ready. In addition, you need to prepare some other materials to decorate:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Mod Podge sealer (You can use a paint sprayer if you prefer)
  • Ribbon

4.2 Instructions

Below, you’ll find detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to make a Santa ornament using salt dough, perfect for kids’ crafts. Additionally, I’ve included some of my other favorite salt dough crafts for you to try out.

  • Step 1: Easy salt dough recipe for Santa handprint ornament: Creating salt dough is incredibly simple and perfect for how to make a Santa handprint ornament! Just combine flour and salt in a bowl, then gradually mix in the water. If the dough feels too sticky, just add a bit more flour.
  • Step 2: Roll out the salt dough: Form the dough into a ball and flatten it, using either your hand or a rolling pin. Make sure the flattened dough is slightly larger than the hand of the child whose handprint you’re capturing. Aim for a thickness of about 1cm once it’s flattened.
  • Step 3: Create the handprint: Gently press your child’s hand into the salt dough to leave a handprint. With babies and younger toddlers, it might take a couple of attempts to achieve the perfect handprint. For instance, here’s Oliver, at 6 months old, crafting his first salt dough ornament!
how to make a Santa handprint ornament
Create a Santa ornament from a child’s handprint in salt dough

5. Other ways to make Santa Claus ornament

Are you interested in crafting a Santa ornament to display in its entirety? There’s a great deal of creativity involved in creating such a piece. Or perhaps you’d prefer to concentrate on crafting just Santa’s head?

5.1 Make paper Santa ornaments

Engage your kids this holiday season with a delightful project: learning how to make a Santa beard for ornaments. This fun craft, featuring paper Santa Clauses, allows children to unleash their creativity, especially when fashioning the beard and the fluffy hat trim. This activity offers them complete freedom to create something unique and festive to adorn the Christmas tree. You can choose any size suitable for your tree, depending on the paper size used. Ultimately, the kids will relish the experience and take pride in displaying their handmade ornaments for everyone to admire.

how to make a Santa hat for an ornament
Craft Santa figures using folded and decorated colorful paper

5.2 Handmade Santa ornament with a paintbrush

Think creatively about how to make a Santa ornament for your Christmas tree this year. Start by grabbing a paintbrush, which will act as the foundation of your Santa creation. The bristles of the brush are perfect for crafting Santa’s beard. Feel free to paint beyond just the face; painting the handle can enhance the festive theme. Once you hang these ornaments, they’ll immediately catch the eye of any visitor in your home. Their unique design is not only captivating but also compact enough to allow you to create and hang several throughout your space.

how to make a Santa beard for ornaments
Turn a paintbrush into a Santa ornament with paint and fabric

5.3 Wine cork Santa head ornament

Are you searching for a method to create a miniature Santa Claus head, perhaps as part of learning how to make a Santa hat for an ornament? Consider using a wine cork, an excellent base for crafting a small Santa head. Utilize pom poms and cotton balls to achieve that iconic Santa look with a contemporary twist. Adding googly eyes brings a charming touch to your Santa creation. By the end of this fun project, you’ll have an adorable little Santa ornament ready to adorn your Christmas tree for everyone to admire.

how to make a Santa hat for an ornament
Use wine corks to make Christmas decorations

5.4 How to make a Santa ornament with craft sticks

Utilizing craft sticks, you can create incredible handmade Santa crafts that serve as a sturdy foundation. This method offers ample opportunity to experiment with crafting a unique Santa face and head, blending simplicity with creativity. A key aspect of this craft is learning how to make a Santa beard for ornaments, which makes each piece stand out.

how to make a Santa beard for ornaments
Use craft sticks to construct and decorate a Santa ornament

These ornaments, complete with their full beards and adorable red noses, are sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by your tree. Therefore, think about making several of these charming Santa Claus ornaments, as they complement any decorating style beautifully.

5.5 DIY crochet Santa Clause ornament

Crocheting offers a delightful approach to handmade craft decorations. So, consider applying this technique when learning how to make a Santa ornament for a personal touch. You can even take it a step further by incorporating unique shapes, such as a heart, into your design. The addition of a heart shape gives your crocheted Santa an eye-catching and distinctive look.

how to make a Santa beard for ornaments
Crochet a small, festive Santa Claus figure as an ornament

This crafted Santa is sure to stand out among the other tree decorations. Plus, its bold colors are designed to capture attention and become a focal point in your holiday decor.

5.6 Make Santa paper lantern decorations

Encourage the kids to create their own unique Santa ornament using these delightful paper lanterns. This project allows them to unleash their creativity by doodling various humorous or endearing Santa faces. These handmade paper Christmas decorations are a fantastic way to add distinctive and eye-catching ornaments to your tree. Their size is just right to draw attention.

how to make a Santa ornament
Transform paper lanterns into Santa-themed decorations with paper and accessories

When you hang these ornaments, they’re sure to stand out. Kids will be thrilled to see their artistic efforts come to life as you decorate the tree with their creations. Learn how to make a Santa ornament that’s not only fun but also a memorable addition to your holiday decor.

When beginning your holiday crafting, if you’re uncertain about where to start, consider checking out TeeNavi‘s compilation of the best DIY Santa ornaments for guidance. While Santa is the central theme, these projects offer ample versatility. You can create an ornament featuring just Santa’s head or craft his entire figure, complete with his iconic red suit. Alternatively, for a unique twist, try making a gnome-styled Santa ornament. No matter your choice, we’re confident you’ll discover an incredible design just in time for the holiday season. So, remember our list as you embark on learning how to make a Santa ornament, and enjoy decorating your tree with these festive crafts.

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