How to make cinnamon pinecones with essential oils for holiday

How to make cinnamon pinecones with essential oils for holiday

Decorating with cinnamon pinecones is an effective way to make your home warm and fragrant during the Christmas season. If you are still wondering how to make cinnamon pinecones, don’t skip this article. We will show you how to do it and some decorating ideas with these flagrant pinecones. Let’s find out with TeeNavi!

1. What are cinamon pincones

Cinnamon pinecones are pinecones that have been dried and scented with cinnamon oils. They are often used as decorations during the fall and winter seasons due to their warm and inviting fragrance. When paired with other rustic decor pieces like candles, cinnamon sticks, or even dried orange peels, they look fantastic. With the lovely light cinnamon fragrance, you can place them on a dining table centerpiece, on the fireplace, or on the bookshelf to decorate Christmas for your home.

how to make cinnamon pinecones
How to make cinnamon pinecones easily

When it comes to cinnamon pinecones, a question that always exists in many people’s minds is why store-bought pinecones are bad. Although the idea of having cinnamon-scented pinecones is incredibly appealing, the issue lies in the actual fragrance. The scented pinecones available in stores use mainly synthetic fragrances, which can be problematic for individuals with multiple chemical sensitivities. 

Artificial fragrances include over 1,000 different chemicals that are commonly employed in the fragrance industry. Therefore, if you are allergic to chemicals or prefer products that are safe for your health, you can make your cinnamon pinecones at home. It’s not as difficult as you think, we will show you how to make cinnamon pinecones simply and flagrantly!

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2. What we’ll need

When you follow how to make cinnamon pinecones at home, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Let’s pick some large pinecones if possible. But you can use what you collected outdoors, it’s still okay.
  • Clove oil or other essential oil scent that you like
  • Clean towels or paper towels
  • Sheet pan.
  • Small spray bottle.
  • Baking sheets.
  • Oven.
how do i make cinnamon pine cones
The materials that you’ll need

3. How to make cinnamon pinecones as the store

Here are 4 steps on how to make scented pinecones at home:

3.1. Step 1: Wash and rinse the pinecones

The first step on how to make cinnamon pinecones is to wash and rinse the pinecones. After purchasing or harvesting from your garden, check each pinecone closely to remove any that are damaged, moldy, or have an unusual odor. Next, clean any dirt, debris, or insects that may be on them by rinsing them in warm water. You can also use a soft brush or a toothbrush to gently brush away any remaining debris. Once finished, don’t forget to pat them dry with a clean towel or paper towels gently.

how to make pine cones cinnamon scented
The first step that you need to do is clean the pinecones

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3.2. Step 2: Arrange and bake the pinecones at a low temperature

After cleaning the pine cones, you need to make sure they are completely dried. This aims to avoid getting damp and creating an inappropriate odor. Therefore, baking the pinecones is the next and also quite important step in how to make cinnamon pinecones. First, you preheat your oven to a low temperature, around 200-300 degrees. Next, arrange the pinecones on a baking sheet and bake them for about 15 to 20 minutes. When it’s done, don’t forget to take them out of the oven and let them cool!

how to make pinecone smell like cinnamon
Baking the pinecones is an important step

3.3. Step 3: Add the cinnamon scent 

After the pinecones have cooled, you can start to add in the cinnamon scent. To do this, add them to a large bag and simply add 1-2 drops of cinnamon oil and 2 cinnamon sticks. If you like to create other scents, you should divide the pinecones into different bags and use the essential oil scent you like. It could be turmeric, rosemary, cloves, nutmeg, or orange oil to give your pinecones delightful fragrances. Finally, to finish this step on how to make homemade cinnamon pine cones, tie your bag tightly and shake gently so that the oil coats the pinecones well.

making cinnamon pinecones
Adding your favorite scent to the pinecones

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3.4. Step 4: Wait for 2 – 3 days

The final step on how to make cinnamon pinecones is to let the scented pinecones sit undisturbed for 2-3 days. During this time, the pinecones will absorb the cinnamon essential oil and release a delightful scent most effectively. After the waiting time, your cinnamon pinecones will be ready to use. And that’s all the steps you need to do, now enjoy the Christmas aroma throughout your home!

how to make cinnamon pine cones at home
The last step to create cinnamon-pinecones

4. Tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that you can refer to when making cinnamon pinecones for your Christmas home:

  • In case you are bringing pinecones inside from outdoors, make sure to bake them properly. The bugs and nasty things that emerge when you bake them will surprise you.
  • For this project, let’s use an old cookie sheet.
  • If you want a stronger scent, you should increase the amount of oil or leave the pinecones in the bag longer.
  • You are welcome to choose different scented oils besides the cinnamon oil.
  • Remember to keep your hands off the essential oil. When oil gets in close touch with the skin, it can cause severe irritation. 
  • Avoid eating or drinking the oil.
how long do cinnamon pine cones last
Let’s apply some tips when you make cinnamon-pinecones

5. Where you can decorate with cinnamon pinecones

Pinecones with cinnamon make a wonderful addition to your Christmas decoration. They can be used in a variety of ways and give a festive touch to any space. After successfully implementing how to make cinnamon pinecones that we give, you can use them for the following decoration ideas:

5.1. On a table or mantel

Placing cinnamon pinecones on a table or mantel is one of the simplest ways to decorate after doing how to make cinnamon pinecones. You may arrange them around candles or other decorations, or arrange them in a vase or basket. Consider combining them with a table runner or garland for a more refined appearance. 

how do you make cinnamon pinecones
Decorating cinnamon-pinecones on table or fireplace

Additionally, if you want to increase the aesthetics of your scented pinecones, you can apply a layer of yellow, red, or brown paint. Or even create a glitter effect using a gloss finish. They will make your pine cones look attractive during the Christmas season.

5.2. In a wreath or garland

Cinnamon pinecones can also be used for creating garlands and wreaths. You have the option to buy pre-made ones or make your own. They give any wreath or garland with a winter or festive theme a warm Christmas touch. Let’s experience this decoration idea after making cinnamon pinecones!

how to make homemade cinnamon pine cones
Try to decorate the garland with these scented pinecones

5.3. As ornaments

After finishing how to make cinnamon pinecones, you can also use them as decorations. Just tie a ribbon over their top and hang them on your Christmas tree. They enhance the natural and rustic look of your tree. Additionally, they go well with other natural decorations like garlands and wooden ornaments.

how to make your pine cones smell like cinnamon
Use pinecones like ornaments

5.4. On shelves

Cinnamon pinecones are a wonderful way to add some festive flair to any shelf in your home. It is a popular decoration that you should apply after completing the steps of how to make cinnamon pinecones. You may place them around other decorations, such as picture frames or candles, or arrange them in a colorful bowl.

how to make cinnamon infused pine cones
The last idea is decoration with pinecones

Overall, whether you place these scented pinecones on a table, mantel, or in a wreath. They all bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to your home. In the above article, we have sent you how to make cinnamon pinecones and some ideas for decorating them. Hopefully, you will get more useful information in decorating your home for the coming Christmas season. Don’t hesitate to contact TeeNavi if you have any issues that need assistance!

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