10 Tips On How To Make T-shirts Bigger | With & Without Sewing

10 Tips On How To Make T-shirts Bigger | With & Without Sewing

Your t-shirt doesn’t fit your body yet, and you want to know how to make t-shirts bigger. You don’t want to go through the hassle of sewing or returning it, so what do you do? Is it possible to make your T-shirts bigger with these easy tips from TeeNavi’s post?

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1. Can you really make a t-shirt bigger?

Generally speaking, if the correct procedures are used, t-shirts of any style may expand at least a little amount. If you’d like to change your shirt using a sewing method, the style is really important. T-shirts are typically quite straightforward to change, but blouses and button-downs need more ability. So, when do you need to make your t-shirt bigger:

  • If the t-shirt is too small, it can be uncomfortable to wear.
  • A too-tight t-shirt can also be unflattering, and you may not feel confident in how you look.
  • On the other hand, a t-shirt that’s too big can be baggy and look sloppy.
how to make t-shirts bigger
Is it possible to enlarge a t-shirt?
  • If you’ve recently lost weight, your t-shirts may no longer fit properly.
  • You may also want to make a t-shirt bigger if you’re pregnant and your regular shirts are starting to feel snug.

Fortunately, there are a few ways how to make small t shirts bigger without sewing or returning them. You sure can! Just follow these easy tips and tricks on how to make your T-shirt fit you perfectly. You don’t even need to sew!

2. How to make t-shirts bigger without sewing

You can absolutely make a t-shirt bigger easily, with or without sewing. By trying any (or all!) of the following tips, you can add some extra inches to your t-shirt in a flash. Let’s get started to learn how to make t-shirt sleeves longer without sewing!

2.1 Tug stretch

Frequently tug on the t-shirt. Cotton shirts are quite stretchy. The t-shirt will ultimately stretch if you tug on it repeatedly. If you use it constantly, pushing on it will gradually stretch it out. Just be cautious when doing the stretching or it’ll end up looking out of shape.

how to make t-shirts bigger
Stretching tug

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2.2 Chair stretch

How to make t-shirts bigger by this technique is ideal for tiny or fitting T-shirts.

  • Soak the entire T-shirt. Use the dishwasher or immerse it in a water tub.
  • Wrap the wrung but damp shirt around the back of a lounge chair. Alternatively, pick another chair that is adequately proportioned and will not be destroyed by the water.
  • Let the garment dry. The curvature of the chairs will expand the t-shirt beautifully for you while it dries.
how to make t-shirts bigger
Chair elongation

2.3 Body stretch

Wear the t-shirt on a bigger pal. The catch is that a buddy who is too similar to your size will not be able to sufficiently expand the t-shirt; a person who is too large will either be unable to wear it on or will expand it out too far. However, if you have a buddy who is in the Goldilocks zone (just perfect), ask them for the most basic favour they could possibly do for you. They only need to wear your clothing for an hour or two or sleep in it.

how to make t shirts bigger
Stretching the body

2.4 Weight stretch

How to make t shirts fit better by using weights to change the size of the t-shirt. If you utilized one of the methods described above, you may wish to place weight on the tee to maintain it expanded out for exact measurements. Place cups, books, or rice bags on the shirt’s edges while maintaining the t-shirt spread out. Do you require it extended out to the chest? Stretch out that region with a few baseballs. Do you require longer arms? Fill the sleeves with a small bowl.

how to make a t shirt bigger
Stretching the weight

2.5 Iron stretch

Wetting the t-shirt completely with cold water is a way how to make t-shirts bigger. In a manner identical to the approach described before, wet your entire t-shirt, trying to make sure that each fibre is saturated. To make sure it’s wet all the way through, hold it flat on the bottom of a sink.

make t shirt bigger
Stretching iron

Start tugging and pushing the t-shirt out using the iron while holding it in one arm and the t-shirt in the other. Instead of just passing over the t-shirt, employ force with the iron, stretching the fabric as it does so and pushing it outward. Let it air dry. Make sure it is flat, then give it one last tug. Spread it out, and then, if you’d like, add weights to the outer borders. This only ensures that it will continue to be the exact size you like.

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2.6 Conditioner stretch

If you’re looking for a way how to make t-shirts bigger without sewing, the conditioner stretch method is a great option. All you need is a bottle of conditioner and a sink full of water.

  • Soak the t-shirt in water until it’s completely wet.
  • Pour a bottle of conditioner over the top of the shirt.
  • Rub the conditioner into the fabric of the shirt until it’s fully absorbed.
  • Let the shirt soak in the water for another hour.
  • Rinse the shirt in cold water and stretch it out to its original size.
make shirts bigger
Conditioner elongation

2.7 Shower stretch

In the shower, wear a t-shirt. When clothes are wet, they stretch more. Wear your shirt the next moment you take a shower (a warm shower is great). Pull on it in all of the areas that need to be stretched. What a productive shower! This may sound foolish, but consider this: if you stretch it out while using it, you’ll be able to expand it in the regions you want it stretched, rather than stretching it all over. So, if you merely need a t-shirt that’s a little longer or a little wider in the bust, this is a good option.

how to make a t shirt longer
Shower stretch

3. How to make t-shirts bigger by sewing

Some tips on how to make t-shirts bigger by sewing you may refer for your t-shirt here:

3.1 Add lace 

Cut up straight from the hem through to the collar of your t-shirt after measuring the back for its precise centre. Second, measure the length of the t-shirt from collar to hem and cut out a piece of lace that is precisely one inch longer and 2 to 5 inches wider (based on how much wider you would like to make it). The lace insert’s top and bottom should be folded over and hemmed. Now the insert and t-shirt should be the same length. Turn the t-shirt inside out and pin the opening edge and the lace together with the correct sides facing out. The lace insert should be stitched up on both sides, and the raw edges should be finished with a zigzag stitch.

how to make t-shirt sleeves longer without sewing
How to make t-shirts bigger by lace

3.2 Add side panel

To begin, use a pair of sharp stitching scissors and cut the t-shirt apart from the bottom of every side seam up to the sleeve. The front and back of the shirt will now match each other.

The “filler” t-shirt should then be laid flat in a complementary or contrasting hue. Cut an inch or two inside of the side seam, going through the layers of the t-shirt this time, based on how much you would like to expand the original garment. To create an upside-down L-shaped cutoff piece of cloth, slice it up and across the underarm seam.

how to make small t shirts bigger
Include a side panel

Now, sew the L-shaped cloth into the underarm seam, hems, and sleeve hems of the original t-shirt. Sew up the fabric insert on both sides, and then repeat for the opposite side seam. In essence, you’re removing the side seam from the filler t-shirt and sewing it into the original outfit!

3.3 Add length

There are a few different ways that you can add length to a t-shirt in order to make t shirt bigger. The easiest way is to simply cut the bottom of the shirt off and sew on a new piece of fabric that is the desired length. You can also add panels of fabric to the sides of the shirt, or use lace to insert extra width into the garment. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you measure and cut the fabric accurately in order to create a well-fitting shirt.

how to make a small t shirt bigger
Increase the length

4. FAQs

Some FAQs on which you may base to collect the experiences in how to make t-shirts bigger:

4.1 How to stretch a shirt without sewing?

If you don’t want to sew, you can try one of these methods to stretch your shirt: Tug stretch, chair stretch, body stretch, weight stretch, iron stretch, conditioner stretch, or shower stretch.

how to make t shirts fit better
Tug stretch, chair stretch, and body stretch can all be used to stretch a shirt without sewing

4.2 Why do cotton t-shirts shrink?

Cotton t-shirts shrink because of the way the fabric is constructed. The cotton fibers are woven together tightly, which makes the shirt more durable but also causes it to shrink in the wash.

how to make t shirts fit better
Cotton t-shirts shrink due to the way the fabric is made

4.3 How many extra inches can I add to my cotton t-shirt?

You can add a few extra inches to your cotton t-shirt by following one of the methods outlined in the article. Measure and cut the fabric accurately to ensure a well-fitting shirt.

how to make a big t-shirt look smaller
How much length can I add to my cotton t-shirt?

4.4 Should I wash my t-shirt in cold or hot water?

Whether you should wash your t-shirt in cold or hot water depends on the fabric. Polyester and acrylic t-shirts can be washed in hot water without shrinking, while cotton and linen shirts should be washed in cool or cold water to avoid shrinkage.

how to make a big t-shirt look smaller
Is it better to wash my t-shirt in cold or hot water?

In this post, TeeNavi has listed how to make t-shirts bigger in many ways with or without sewing. Hopefully, by following these simple ways, you may remake your t-shirt perfectly by yourself. For more updates on clothing, don’t forget to follow the next post on the TeeNavi website.

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