How To Make Wood Slice Ornaments DIY For Christmas

How To Make Wood Slice Ornaments DIY For Christmas

Learn how to make wood slice ornaments to capture the charm of your Christmas tree or transform branches into striking decor pieces. Embrace the art of pyrography (wood burning) to craft breathtaking, adorable, or whimsical designs for your tree’s adornment this season. Keep reading TeeNavi‘s blog for insightful tips and techniques on creating these unique ornaments!

1. How to make wood slice ornaments

I’m thrilled about the idea of bringing the spirit of previous Christmases into the next year with these wood-burned Christmas ornaments. The process of how to make wood slice ornaments not only preserves sentimental memories but also adds an incredible aesthetic to the tree. I have a preference for natural decor, and I’m fond of the rustic, personalized touch these ornaments bring!

1.1 Things you’ll need

If you’re naturally inclined towards crafting, chances are you already possess most of the supplies needed for creating wood slice ornaments. If you’re missing a few items, they’re easily obtainable at your local craft store or through Amazon.

how to make wood slice ornaments
Gather wood slices, paints, brushes, ribbons, sealant, and decals

Essential Supplies for making wood slice ornaments:

  • Wood slices with pre-drilled holes
  • Acrylic paints in black and white
  • A fine paintbrush
  • Wooden beads
  • Jute twine
  • Decorative ribbon
  • A Cricut machine for crafting decals
  • Black and white durable vinyl for decals
  • Transfer tape for easy application
  • Ornament-specific word cut files for unique designs
  • A protective sealant, like Mod Podge or polyacrylic, to finish

1.2 Step 1: Prep the wood slice

If you’re embarking on a wood slice ornament ideas project, start by selecting a suitable tree or branch. Once you’ve made your choice, carefully trim away all the branches from the trunk, cutting as close to the trunk as possible. For optimal results, let the trunk dry out completely in a warm, dry area to prevent any splitting of the wood. Then, divide the trunk into several segments to facilitate quicker drying.

wood slice ornaments diy
Sand and clean the wood slice for a smooth surface

Remember, drying wood is a slow process and can sometimes take months. Pre-sawing the trunk can significantly hasten the drying time. Keep the wood slices indoors in a warm environment to dry them out more rapidly. Be mindful that some slices might crack during drying, so it’s wise to cut extra slices to compensate for any potential loss.

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1.3 Step 2: Paint a base on wood slices

First, start by painting your wood rounds and beads with black and white acrylic paints. This process could require multiple layers, depending on your paint’s quality and thickness, an essential step in learning how to paint wood slice ornaments. When it comes to painting the beads, I painted them by hand. However, you may find it easier to thread the beads onto a pipe cleaner and paint them that way. This technique not only makes painting simpler but also helps to minimize mess.

wood slice ornament ideas
Apply a base coat of paint for color and primer

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1.4 Step 3: Prepare and apply decals

To begin creating your wood slice ornaments, first download the digital ornament SVG files. Next, using Design Space (Cricut), resize these designs to suit the dimensions of your wood rounds. Then, utilize your Cricut machine to precisely cut out the decals. After cutting, carefully remove any excess vinyl from each design. Finally, employ transfer tape to meticulously apply your design onto the wood slice.

Although this process may seem like a multitude of steps at once, I’m assuming you’re already familiar with operating your cutting machine. This guide is part of a comprehensive tutorial on how to make wood slice ornaments, designed to help you effortlessly bring your creative ideas to life.

making wood slice ornaments
Choose and smoothly apply decals to the wood slice

Once your decal is positioned exactly where you want it on your wooden slice ornament, it’s time to adhere it firmly in place. To secure your decal, apply a layer of Mod Podge or Polycrylic over the decal, and then allow it to dry. (I used a foam brush to accomplish this step in my DIY wooden slice ornaments project.)

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1.5 Step 4: String decorative strings

After the sealant on your wood slice ornaments has completely dried, it’s time to attach the string for hanging. Start by folding your jute string in half and threading the loop end through the hole at the back of the ornament. Next, pull the two loose ends through the loop you just created at the front, and then tug firmly to secure them in place. This method is a key step in learning how to make wood slice ornaments that are ready for display.

how to paint wood slice ornaments
Thread strings through the slice for easy hanging

1.6 Step 5: Tie more ribbon

Next, while making wood slice ornaments, thread the beads onto both ends of the jute string, and then secure them by tying a knot just above. Finally, tie off the ends to form a loop for hanging the ornament. To complete the look, take your ribbon and tie a charming, small bow beneath the beads.

wood slice Christmas ornaments diy
Add extra ribbons for decorative flair and style.

2. Wood slice Christmas ornaments DIY ideas

I’m thrilled to show you these ornaments today! The natural charm of wooden ornaments on my Christmas tree is something I adore, but there were numerous ways to craft them. Here’s how to make wood slice ornaments, a method that truly stands out and brings a unique touch to holiday decorations.

2.1 Hand-lettered wood slice ornaments

For these ornaments, I use paint markers to write directly on the wood. If you’re wondering how to make wood slice ornaments with a personal touch, I highly recommend sketching out your design first and giving your marker a good shake. Remember, wood absorbs more paint than paper or other surfaces, so get the marker ink flowing before you begin. Press the tip on a scrap piece of cardboard now and then to maintain a smooth flow and avoid streakiness. As you might notice in my video, I learned this technique through trial and error.

wood slice ornament ideas
Create personalized ornaments with custom hand-lettering

2.2 Stamped wood slice ornaments

One of the ornaments I made features ‘Falala’ and another displays ‘Holly Jolly’. I always enjoy adding a few extra touches, like dots and stars. Since I didn’t have star stamps, I improvised with a tiny X stamp and a period dot. Both types of wood slices, particularly the birch slice ornaments, were perfect for this project, especially given how the stamp impressions interact with the light, Scandinavian hues of the wood.

how to make wood slice photo ornaments
Use stamps for quick, intricate designs on slices

2.3 Watercolor wood slice Christmas ornaments DIY

Initially, it’s notable that wood rounds absorb significantly more water compared to wood panels or paper. This makes it challenging to discern the amount of color applied while it’s still wet. Therefore, patience is key: allow it to dry before adding additional paint. For this project on how to make wood slice Christmas ornaments, I employed a water brush and solid watercolors. However, a regular paintbrush combined with watercolors would work just as well!

wood slice ornament ideas
Watercolor wooden Christmas decorations

2.4 DIY chalkboard wood slice ornaments

To create wood slice ornaments, begin by applying black paint to the wood slice. You can opt for chalkboard paint if available. I employed a satin multi-surface craft paint for this project. Be mindful to paint around the hanging hole, ensuring not get painted on the string. For those aiming to craft an erasable and rewritable chalkboard ornament, it’s crucial to apply a minimum of two layers of chalkboard paint. Once the paint has dried, prime the surface by generously rubbing chalk over it, and then wiping it off. This process helps to fill in the pores, setting the stage for your “how to make wood slice ornaments” project.

wood slice ornaments diy
Craft chalkboard ornaments for customizable designs

2.5 Wood slice ornaments cocktail napkins

To craft wood slice ornaments cocktail napkins, start by selecting high-quality cocktail napkins that complement your festive decor. For the wood slice ornaments, use thin, circular wood slices which you can find at a craft store or make by slicing small branches. Paint or stain these slices in colors that match your napkins and holiday theme.

how to make wood slice ornaments
Use wood slice designs for rustic-themed cocktail napkins

Once dry, use a fine-tip marker or paint pen to draw festive designs or write holiday messages on each slice. Attach these decorated slices to the napkins using decorative ribbons or twine, creating a loop so that the wood slices dangle elegantly. This combination of rustic wood slices with elegant napkins adds a unique, personalized touch to your holiday table setting.

3. FAQs about how to make wood slice ornaments

Find out questions surrounding how to make wood slice ornaments. These may be problems you are facing, let’s find a solution with TeeNavi!

3.1 Why do decorative wood slices crack?

If you’re noticing cracks in your wooden slice ornaments DIY, it’s likely due to improper drying. When you attempt to paint these DIY ornaments, the added dryness from the paint can exacerbate the issue, leading to further drying and additional cracking.

how to paint wood slice ornaments
Slices crack due to moisture changes and temperature shifts

3.2 What kind of paint should wooden decorations be?

When it comes to painting wood slice ornaments, acrylic paint stands out as the optimal choice. This is especially relevant in the context of how to paint wood slice ornaments, where the unique properties of acrylic make it ideal for achieving vibrant and long-lasting results on wooden surfaces.

3.3 Should wood slices be dried to make decorations?

When crafting DIY wood slice ornaments, the drying phase is often the trickiest part to get right. It’s a gradual process that could span several months. For these ornaments, it’s best to start by slicing the tree immediately. This technique accelerates the drying process of the slices.

how to make wood slice Christmas ornaments
Dry slices thoroughly to prevent cracking and warping

Next, keep the slices indoors in a warm, low-humidity environment. Patience is key; wait until they are completely dry before you start decorating them. A tip for those learning how to make wood slice ornaments: it’s common for some slices to develop cracks as they dry. To prepare for this, it’s wise to cut a few extra slices to replace any that might crack during the drying process.

3.4 How to keep the patterns on wooden slices from fading?

To ensure the patterns on your wooden slices remain vibrant and don’t fade over time, the key is in proper sealing and protection. First, ensure your wood slices are thoroughly dry, as moisture can lead to fading and damage. Once dry, apply a clear wood sealer or a polyurethane varnish. This not only protects the wood from moisture and environmental factors but also helps to seal in the colors and patterns. Additionally, consider using a UV-resistant sealer for added protection against sunlight, which can further extend the life and beauty of your wooden pieces. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and occasional reapplication of the sealer, will keep your wooden slices looking fresh and preserve their natural beauty for years to come.

how to make wood slice ornaments
Seal with UV-resistant varnish and avoid direct sunlight

It’s important to choose a UV-resistant sealer if your wooden slices will be exposed to sunlight, as this will further prevent fading. Additionally, avoid placing the slices in areas with direct, harsh sunlight, and consider using a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner for maintenance to keep the patterns crisp and clear.

In conclusion, mastering the art of how to make wood slice ornaments can add a unique and natural charm to your décor. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, the process we’ve outlined is straightforward yet allows for creativity and personalization. Remember, the key to beautiful ornaments lies in careful preparation, drying, decorating, and sealing. This guide, brought to you by TeeNavi, aims to inspire and assist you in creating stunning, long-lasting wood slice ornaments that can adorn your space or serve as thoughtful, handmade gifts.

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