How To Screen Printing T Shirts | 5 Easy Steps With Images

How to screen printing t shirts is a great way to print custom designs on t-shirts. It can be used to create unique and customized clothing for any occasion. Please refer to TeeNavi’s article below on how to silkscreen T-shirt printing for more details!

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1. What exactly is screen printing?

Screen printing, also recognized as silk screening, is a manual technique for producing a custom t-shirt. It employs a silk screen that is applied to the t-shirt. The custom t-shirt printing design is then created by dragging brightly colored ink across the t-shirt. Screen printing is an excellent method for transferring a printable design onto such a T-shirt. A chemical process known as photo emulsion is used in the technique. While that concept may appear complex, the procedure is actually quite straightforward. 

It takes some skill to do, and the results are best when done by an expert t-shirt company like TeeNavi. We not only have the knowledge and expertise but also the specialized equipment to produce a large batch of custom tee that will look fantastic. So, let’s get started on learning how to screen print a t-shirt!

how to screen printing t shirts
Clear about screen printing

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2. How to screen printing t shirts with multiple colors

Below is the specific process of how to screen print on t-shirts unit to produce the best quality printed T-shirt, view the steps here!

2.1 Select and print an image

You should choose the image you would like to print. Try a silhouette and a single color as your first silkscreening subject. Something simple, or simple lettering, is ideal.

how to screen print on t-shirts
Choose and print an image

2.2 Prepare the print screen

How to start screen printing t shirts? After you’ve posted your design and approved the mock-up, it’s period for craftsmen to get to work. The screen is our primary tool for creating custom silk-screened t-shirts. It resembles a screen door on a house, but the one we use is much better quality and has significantly smaller holes.

The display is protected in a made of wood and then encased in an emulsion layer to prevent ink from passing through. We then prepare the screen so that it shows a reverse bad of your design. The color of the screen is itself yellow, but this has no bearing on the design.

We do a few inner things to have everything prepared for printing after the screen is created and your design is transferred onto it. This explains why the procedure takes so much longer than printing a t-shirt digitally. Everything must be completed by hand.

how to do screen printing on t shirts
Set up the print screen

2.3 Color mixing process

The next step in how to screen printing t shirts is the stage where your t-shirts begin to take shape. We use special ink cartridges and combine them until we get the exact colors you want to have on your t-shirts. Our inks are extremely high-quality and designed to last a very long time. They’re also quite thick, so the design will stand out in terms of color and thickness. After we’ve finished blending and matching in our color laboratory, we’ll begin the silk-screening process.

how to remove screen printing from t shirt
The color mixing procedure

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2.4 Pressing

To make your order, we are using a big metal tool known as a press. It weighs a few hundred pounds and is circular in shape. There are 12 “arms” with flat areas where the wooden silk screen is placed. It’s like an assembly line, where after one t-shirt is finished, the wheel does turn, and the next blank t-shirt is silk-screened.

We start by stretching a blank tee over a flat device that looks like an ironing board. We use lasers to align the tees so that the design is in the same place whether you order 10 or 10,000 t-shirts.

When we’re ready to begin, we decrease the screens onto another t-shirt. We then pour the custom ink on it and start moving the ink through one end of the t-shirt to the other with a 2-foot-long rubber squeegee (similar to the ones you see at gas stations).

As the ink moves across the screen, the design area absorbs the ink. Unless your custom tee requires more than one color, we may have to repeat the process on each shirt a second or third time.

how to start screen printing t shirts
Pressing T-shirt

2.5 The drying process

The final step in how to screen printing t shirts is to dry the product. We then place the tee onto a conveyor-type machine that runs it under a source of heat after we’ve applied the ink. This instantaneously dries the ink as well as causes it to become permanently embedded in the t-shirt. An eagle-eyed inspector stands at the very end of the line. This person inspects each and every shirt to ensure that it matches the mock-up.

When an order is finished, we carefully package it and send it to our shipping area, which carefully packages it and coordinates the pickup truck with the shipping company of your choice.

how to screen print t-shirts multiple colors
The last step

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3. Notes on T-shirts when silk-screen printing

While printing technology works well on almost any textile item, some t-shirts work better than others. Even though other fabrics are commonly used, 100% cotton t-shirts are usually regarded as the best t – shirt for screen printing. As a beginner making how to screen printing t shirts, it’s usually preferred to stick with 100% cotton t-shirts because they’re the easiest to work with and produce the best results.

t shirt screen printing how to
Notes for silk-screen printing on T-shirts

4. Order now custom printed t-shirts at TeeNavi

TeeNavi has worked in the trading market for 6 years. However, we take pride in having provided high-quality items to over 100,000 clients worldwide. We are on a mission to incorporate precious human bonding into our designs, sending a powerful message of family love, companionship, loyalty, and a variety of other things. We are strong in the production of printed t-shirts with a variety of designs and appreciated quality.

how to screen print t-shirts with multiple colors
How to order

Silk screening is best for team names, text on t-shirts, and company logos. The ink is raised and has a high-quality appearance and feel to it. Give us a call if you’re ready to have some fantastic-looking custom t-shirts made. TeeNavi has a large selection of specially made t-shirts and hoodies and can even assist you with the design stage!

Screen printing is a process that can be used to print designs on T-shirts. Hopefully, with the useful information that TeeNavi gives you above, you can understand how to screen printing t shirts. Stay tuned for our other great articles to learn more about t-shirts and t-shirt combinations!

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