How to wrap a Xmas gift perfectly that will impress everyone

How to wrap a Xmas gift perfectly that will impress everyone

The Christmas season is just around the corner again, surely some people are busy preparing loving gifts for their loved ones. Or some people still don’t know how to wrap a Xmas gift beautifully and elegantly. Because the joy of giving and receiving gifts is always along with every Christmas. Don’t worry, we will send you gift-wrapping instructions and offer some interesting ideas in the article below. Let’s explore with TeeNavi!

1. How to wrap a Xmas gift box like a pro

Expressing your concern for the recipient is a crucial component of the wrapping process. You don’t know how to gift wrap a box? Please follow the instructions in the following steps!

1.1. Place the gift in a box

The first step on how to wrap a Xmas gift is placing your gift in a box. This step will make the gift-wrapping process easier. If the gift does not come with a box, look for a gift box that is the right size for your gift. Then, you place the gift carefully in the center of the box. You need to make sure the gift is securely placed and does not move inside the box.

how to wrap a xmas gift
The first step in wrapping gift process like a pro

If your gift is fragile, you should consider using bubble wrap or tissue paper to enhance extra protection. Then, seal the box with tape. A good tip that you can refer to is to prepare those little pieces of clear tape ready to go and place them on the edge of your table. This action helps you not have to fumble the tape dispenser as you wrap the gift.

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1.2. Measure the Christmas present

After placing the gift securely in the box, the next step you need to take on how to wrap a Xmas gift is measuring the Christmas present. This step will help you determine how much wrapping paper you’ll need to cover your present. To do this step, you will need a ruler or tape measure. Next, you place your gift box on a flat surface like a table or the floor and measure its length, width, and height. 

how to gift wrap without a box
Measuring your present before buying the wrapping paper

To measure height, you put the ruler or tape measure perpendicular to the surface. With that, you extend it from the bottom to the top of the gift box. Additionally, before searching and purchasing your favorite gift-wrapping paper, add a few extra inches or centimeters to the length and width measurements. This ensures that you will not run out of wrapping paper while wrapping your meaningful Christmas gift.

1.3. Lay the box topside down over your wrapping paper

This is a great step for how to wrap a box for Christmas neatly. First, you measure and cut enough wrapping paper to cover your gift box. You should leave a few inches of extra paper on all sides to let it fully wrap the present. 

how to wrap a gift box creatively
How to wrap a gift easily for the Christmas holiday

Then, you fold the edge of the paper by approximately an inch to create clean lines and strengthen the seams. This also helps you conceal any imprecise and sloppy cutting. And, you lay the box topside down over your wrapping paper that is already cut. Make sure you align the corners of your gift box with the corners of the paper. 

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1.4. Fold the wrapping paper

After you put the gift box topside down on the wrapping paper, you will move on to fold the wrapping paper. This is also the 4th step in how to wrap a Xmas gift like a pro. Start by securing the paper with tape on the bottom of the gift before you start wrapping. This will help hide the tape when the gift is wrapped. 

how to wrap a box for christmas
The 4th step in wrapping a gift box

Next, you bring the paper around the box, overlapping the edges by 1 inch to cover the taped portion. To create pointed ends at the corners, lay the gift on its side and fold in the ends of the paper. Start at one end and fold a short side towards the center of the box, creating a crisp point at the corner of each long side of the paper. Make sure to crease the wrapping paper to maintain its shape and prevent tearing. 

After that, you repeat this process for the remaining short ends on each side of the gift. Fold up the bottom flaps on each side and secure them with double-sided tape. Finally, fold down the top flaps and secure them again with double-sided tape.

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1.5. Add accessories to the gift

After the Christmas present has been wrapped, the last step on how to wrap a Xmas gift is enhancing its appearance. You can do this step by adding some accessories to it. You can conceal the tape used to secure the gift’s sides by using a ribbon or a bow. It also helps you create an eye-catching highlight for the gift’s appearance. Also, you can embellish the present with a personalized gift tag with the recipient’s name or a heartfelt message.

how to gift wrap a box with ribbon
Completing your gift with some accessories for the Christmas season

Additionally, attaching a small bouquet or a single flower to the top of the gift as an elegant accessory is also a good idea. You can use various decorative elements such as glitter, or stickers to add a Christmas touch to the wrapping paper. Finally, remember that adding these accessories is not only about making your gift look prettier. It also expresses your thoughtfulness and sincerity towards the recipient.

2. 20 Xmas gift unique wrapping ideas for the holiday

Here are 20 simple but no less attractive ideas on how to wrap a box for Christmas:

2.1. Santa’s Belly

Transforming your gift box into a Santa suit is the first idea we want to give you about how to wrap a Xmas gift. It’s also very easy to make! You use red wrapping paper and proceed to wrap the gift with the steps we have instructed above. Then, to create Santa’s belt, you cut a black ribbon and wrap it around the middle of the gift. You should fix them with tape or glue. Continue, to use a smaller square with bronze paper or other suitable color to make the buckle of the belt. So you’ve perfected this gift-wrapping idea!

how to gift wrap a bag without box
Wrapping a gift box with a Santa suit idea

2.2. Folded Paper and Plant Decor

Folded paper and using plant decor is the next idea you can refer to when searching for how to wrap a Xmas gift. You create intricate details using simple brown paper by folding it and inserting greenery between the creases. Then you can enhance the gift by placing small Christmas stickers on the surface.

how to gift wrap a box lid
Wrapping a gift with brown paper

2.3. Watercolor Wrapping

Watercolor wrapping is typically created using watercolor paints. The colors of this wrapping paper are often blended creating an artistic effect. Using this type of wrapping paper will give a soft, fluid appearance to your Christmas gift look. If you are giving gifts to art lovers, watercolor wrapping paper is a great choice! Check out this idea for how to wrap a gift box creatively!

how to gift wrap a box with a lid
A creative wrapping with watercolor paper

2.4. Stick-On Letters

Attaching letters to gift boxes is the next idea that you can refer to when thinking about how to wrap a Xmas gift. You can convey a short message or create the recipient’s name on the gift surface after completing the wrapping process. In this way, you can create a creative and attractive gift. In addition, the recipient feels happier and more surprised when they see their name or a message on the surface of the gift. Let’s try this interesting idea now!

how to gift wrap a bowl without a box
Sticking letters on the surface of your present

2.5. Cardboard Box Snowman

Using cardboard boxes Snowman is a creative and festive idea on how to wrap a Xmas gift. This idea adds a whimsy and cheer touch to the gift-giving experience on Christmas. Preparing gifts with Snowman boxes also shows your thoughtfulness and makes it more memorable for the recipient.

how to gift wrap shoes without box
Wrapping with Snowman idea

2.6. Paper Animals

Why not try crafting a friendly greeting from a penguin, reindeer, or polar bear? This idea is a unique way to decorate as you wrap gifts during the holiday season. You just need to grab a circle punch, and scissors and cut out the necessary pieces from colored paper. Then, attach them to an existing gift and create adorable animals.

how to wrap a big box for christmas
Decorate your gift with animal idea

2.7. Matte Black

What do you think about the idea of highlighting your accessories by utilizing matte black gift wrap? It’s such a bold idea for how to gift wrap a box during the Christmas season! Along with using matte black wrapping paper, you should combine it with twine and either an evergreen sprig or pinecone. Don’t miss this idea!

how to gift wrap a jewelry box
A matte black gift idea for your Christmas

2.8. Natural Gift Toppers

Try something a bit more festive in place of the traditional present bows. It can be pine branches, holly sprigs, pinecones, or kumquats,… These natural gift toppers truly stand out against plain brown wrapping paper. In particular, you may also smell different pleasant fragrances depending on what you use. Try this way for how to wrap a Xmas gift!

how to gift wrap a big rectangular box
Using some natural gift toppers

2.9. Road Map

Road map wrapping paper demonstrates in the most charming way that life is a journey. You just need to look for an old road map and use it to wrap your presents. For a lovely take on a bow, you can tie a bit of thread around a vintage button to hold everything in place. This idea of how to wrap a Xmas gift is interesting, right? Try it!

how to gift wrap a small jewelry box
Try this wrapping gift idea with road map paper

2.10. Movie Quotes

Put a quote from one of your favorite Christmas movies on each present. It’s also a nice idea for how to wrap a Christmas gift box that you should try! To get started, you’ll need alphabet stickers, sturdy gift wrap, and a straight-edged book or ruler to keep yourself level.

how to wrap a christmas gift box
Adding movie quotes on your Christmas present

2.11. Make a Fashion Statement

When wrapping a Christmas gift, you can make a fashion statement by choosing a trendy wrapping paper. Let’s look for designs with geometric patterns, metallic prints, or bold colors that are currently in fashion. Additionally, you can use unique gift embellishments to implement this idea on how to wrap a Xmas gift. Let’s add fashionable flair by using trendy accessories like a mini keychain and a decorative brooch onto the gift.

easy way to gift wrap a box
Using trendy wrapping paper for your Christmas present

2.12. Get Inspired by Nature

Go all out by using a nature-inspired wrapping palette. You can choose wrapping paper in earthy tones like green, brown, or beige to evoke a nature-inspired feel. Along with that, let’s embrace the beauty of the forest by attaching a small pinecone to your gift box. 

how to gift wrap jewelry without a box
Create a gift wrapping from natural inspiration

You can wrap it with rustic twine because it is reminiscent of nature’s raw beauty. Or you can secure a small bouquet of dried flowers on top of your gift using a ribbon or twine. Additionally, using eco-friendly wrap made from recycled materials or fabric is also a good idea for how to wrap a Xmas gift.

2.13. Wrap Candy Colored Gifts

Let’s choose wrapping paper in vibrant shades to remind us of candy like red, green, blue, pink, or purple. Then, decorate the gift with candy-themed accessories to create a highlight and make the gift more prominent. They can be ribbons, bows, or stickers,… Try to refer to this cute idea on how to wrap a box for Christmas!

how to gift wrap a box of diapers
Decorate your gift box with colorful candy

2.14. Coastal Inspiration

Instead of purchasing gift wraps, be imaginative and gather materials from nature. For example, with ideas inspired by the seaside, you can use oyster shells as gift tags.

how to wrap a christmas present box
Decorate with coastal inspiration

2.15. Paper Flowers

Instead of using regular ribbons or bows, try using confetti to make your gift wrapping more unique and attractive. In addition, the idea of how to wrap a Xmas gift with paper flowers will create warmth and familiarity for the gift. Especially in festive spaces like Christmas, confetti can create a joyful atmosphere and make the recipient feel warm.

how to wrap a square box for christmas
Wrapping your gift with paper flowers

2.16. Botanicals

If the person receiving the gift enjoys botany, you can send a present with some evergreen plants and berries that may make it appear active. You may place them on top of any colored paper, but ideally, a light brown tone wrapping paper. Additionally, you can attach a small bouquet of dried lavender, rosemary, or thyme to the top of the gift. This not only adds a lovely botanical touch but also provides a pleasant smell when the recipient opens the gift. Don’t hesitate to try this idea for how to wrap a Xmas gift!

how to wrap a small box for christmas
Botanical wrapping style for Christmas

2.17. Stencil Patterns

Are you searching for an idea for how to wrap a Christmas box that is both nice and practical at the same time? So, the gift boxes with stencil patterns are ideal. In addition, the recipient can also store ornaments all year long with this kind of gift box.

how to wrap a trampoline box for christmas
A simple idea with stencil patterns

2.18. Splatter Paint

If you are an 80s aficionado, this idea will be very suitable for you. This is not only lovely but it’s also really easy to do! You simply take some white wrapping paper and splatter paint on it. After that, you add a bright-colored and vibrant ribbon to complete the gift look for the Christmas season.

how to wrap box christmas presents
Completing the present look with a Christmas ribbon

2.19. Lace Details

Every Christmas gift look can be accentuated with lace details. Adding them can enhance the overall of your gift. You can choose lace ribbons instead of using regular satin or grosgrain ribbons. This alternative will give a delicate and elegant touch to your present. Instead, you can use lace wrapping paper to save you time while still achieving an elegant look. This idea for how to wrap a Xmas gift is worth experiencing!

how to gift wrap a dress without box
Try to use lace wrapping paper

2.20. Painted Paper

With the last idea for how to wrap a Xmas gift, we want to propose to you an idea that requires little work. All you’ll need is some brown paper, a paintbrush, and ribbon. You can get creative with the colors and patterns to suit your favorite style. You won’t be disappointed with the geometric design!

how to christmas wrap a shoebox
The last wrapping idea for your Christmas gift

The above article gives you a guide on how to wrap a Xmas gift and 20 unique ideas that you can refer to. We sincerely hope that this article will assist you in creating loving and meaningful gifts during this holiday season. Please contact TeeNavi immediately if you have any inquiries!

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