15+ Men's T-shirt Outfit Ideas For More Elegant Looks In 2023

15+ Men’s T-shirt Outfit Ideas For More Elegant Looks In 2023

Today we’ll talk about how to wear a men’s t-shirt outfit for a more trendy look. Besides, TeeNavi also offers some trendy clothing ideas that are both basic and attractive. This fashion trend is especially handy in the summer.

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1. How many types of men’s t-shirt outfits should men have?

Every man’s wardrobe should include a t-shirt. Because of their adaptability and low cost, they may be worn in a variety of ways for practically any occasion…except perhaps a cocktail party. Having said that, the guidelines for dressing in men’s t-shirt outfits are rather easy.

men's t-shirt outfit
Men should have a variety of t-shirts in their wardrobe

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So to answer the “How many types of t-shirts men’s should men have?” question, actually, there is no definitive answer, but it is generally recommended that men have a few different types of t-shirts in their wardrobe. This will allow them to mix and match their outfits to create different looks. Some of the most popular types of t-shirts include basic crew neck t-shirts, v-neck t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, plain t-shirts, and graphic t-shirts…

2. How to pair long-sleeve men’s t-shirt outfit

Started with a long-sleeve men’s t-shirt outfit, this is a good idea for cold weather or autumn. You may refer to some ideas for men’s t-shirt outfits listed below:

2.1 Long-sleeve t-shirt with beige jeans and sweater vest

A sweater vest and a white long-sleeve shirt outfit are timeless and casual outfits that work in many different contexts. Feeling rebellious today? Put on high-top sneakers to soften this ensemble.

men's dress shirt brands
Long-sleeved tee, beige jeans, and sweater vest

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2.2 Long-sleeve shirt outfit male matching chinos and high-top sneakers

Make a henley sweater vest, a white long-sleeve t-shirt, and a chinos outfit choice for casual dressing with a contemporary twist. Choose a pair of daring white canvas sneakers to finish off this men’s t-shirt outfit ensemble.

men's shirt cloth types
Long-sleeved tee with chinos and high-top sneakers

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2.3 Long sleeve men’s t-shirt under suit and loafers

This outfit, which consists of a suit and a long sleeve t-shirt, is really striking. Some of those sport-anywhere-anytime clothes that have evolved into the essential components of any gentleman’s wardrobe are a suit and a long sleeve t-shirt. Why not make the situation more elegant by including a pair of leather loafers?

t-shirt outfit ideas mens
Long-sleeved men’s t-shirt ensemble with suit and loafers

3. How to pair printed t shirt outfits men

Printed t-shirts are definitely indispensable shirt in your men’s t-shirt outfit collection. You know, printed men’s t-shirts make it possible to coordinate them in more looks.

3.1 Print t-shirt matching shirt jacket and chinos

Why not choose khaki chinos and a graphic t-shirt for your tan t shirt outfit men? Both items are absolutely useful and look stunning when matched. By finishing your men’s t-shirt outfit look with a pair of sports shoes, you can show off your outfit coordination prowess to the fullest.

men's dress t-shirts
Matching print t-shirt, shirt, jacket, and chinos

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3.2 Men’s t-shirt outfits combine print long sleeve t-shirts with chinos

Pair a t-shirt with chinos is a great and stylish combination. Consider donning black chinos and a white long-sleeved shirt if you want to seem both relaxed and professional. Pick up a pair of sports sneakers to bring out your playful side.

tan t-shirt outfit men's
T-shirt outfits for men combine print long sleeve t-shirts with chinos

3.3 White and black print t-shirt, jeans, and canvas sneakers

Choose a printed t-shirt and denim jeans for an outfit that is fairly basic but can be styled in many different ways. Add white and blue canvas low-top shoes to your attire to complete the dressier end of your outfit.

brown t-shirt men's outfit
T-shirt with a white and black print, jeans, and canvas sneakers

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4. How to style plain t-shirt outfits for men

The simplest fundamental item for guys to wear is a plain t-shirt. These are solid-colored t-shirts, as we just established, that goes well with just about anything.

4.1 Mens black t shirt outfit with trenchcoat and chinos

This mix of a t-shirt and chinos is ideal for the men’s t-shirt outfit without sacrificing utility. Add a touch of sophistication with a pair of leather Chelsea boots. We love how this sophisticated casual combo instantly elevates any man’s outfit.

mens black t shirt outfit
T-shirt, trenchcoat, and chinos in black

4.2 Grey plain t-shirt under long sleeve shirt, white chinos

These t-shirt ideas for men of a t-shirt and chinos are quick and easy to put together, allowing you to seem on-trend and ready for anything without having to hunt through your closet. To completely change up the look, add a pair of canvas shoes to the mix.

embroidered t-shirts men's
White chinos, a grey plain t-shirt under long sleeve shirt

4.3 Shorts and t-shirt outfit men’s and athletic shoes

If the occasion permits casual attire, go in shorts and t-shirts polos outfit ideas. This combination of a blue jacket and black shorts proves that a comfortable casual outfit could still look stylish. If you wish to break the trend a little, pair your outfit with sports sneakers.

vintage t-shirt outfit men's
White plain tee, black shorts, and athletic shoes

5. How to pair striped t-shirt outfits men’s

The world’s more fashionable males have a thing for striped t-shirt outfit mens. Striped t-shirts must always be worn with bottoms that are solid colors due to their design. That would be basic pants, nondescript chinos, and black or blue denim, or black.

5.1 Denim jacket, hoodie with striped t-shirt and jeans

If you’re searching for a men’s t-shirt outfit suggestion for when you’d like to seem relaxed and cool, think about donning a horizontally striped t-shirt with black jeans. And if you’d like to easily improve this style with footwear, combine your attire with a set of black sports shoes.

types of t-shirts men's
Denim jacket, hoodie, striped tee, and jeans

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5.2 An olive jacket, jeans, and t-shirt outfit mens

White jeans and basic items like a t-shirt with horizontal stripes are perfect for adding easy style to your everyday casual wardrobe. If you want to amp up the drama a bit right now, wear jeans and t-shirt outfit mens with a pair of brown leather derby shoes.

mens white t shirt outfit
Men’s outfit consisting of an olive jacket, a white striped t-shirt, and jeans

5.3 Double blazer match horizontal striped t-shirt and khaki pants

Choose khaki dress pants with a blue double-breasted blazer for a style that will make heads turn. A striped t-shirt paired with khaki pants is a definite way to add some male refinement to your everyday wardrobe. Choose leather boat shoes as your shoes, and the entire ensemble will appear put together.

urban outfitters men's t shirt
A double blazer goes well with a horizontally striped t-shirt and khaki pants

6. How to pair henley men’s t-shirt outfit

In the world of old cars, the henley shirt is a timeless essential. The unassuming t-shirt is elevated into a manly style zone by the notched collar and buttons. In light of this, plain henley t-shirts without prints are best suited for men’s t shirt outfit

6.1 Long-sleeved henley t-shirt with khaki chinos

On days when you want to be comfortable, wear a blue long-sleeve henley shirt with khaki chinos. Wear a pair of Chelsea boots to amp up the stylish factor of this ensemble. Choose a simple yet tidy and casual look with this look to your wardrobe to instantly elevate this appearance with shoes.

light blue t-shirt outfit men's
Long-sleeved henley tee and khaki chinos

6.2 Men’s henley men’s t-shirt and jeans

To show off your serious menswear skills, try donning a long-sleeved henley shirt and a pair of navy denim. The classiness of this suit is readily increased by adding a pair of leather casual boots.

mens green t shirt outfit
Men’s henley, t-shirt, and jeans outfit

6.3 Denim jacket mix henley t-shirt and denim overalls

Long-sleeved henley shirts and jean overalls are really simple and quick men’s fashion accessories clothing to put together, making you look great and ready for anything without having to spend a lot of time digging through your closet. Finish off with a pair of casual dark brown leather boots to avoid seeming overly casual.

blue t-shirt outfit men's
Denim jacket over a henley tee and denim overalls

There are many different ways to style your men’s t-shirt, and the outfit possibilities are endless. With a little creativity, you can come up with an endless number of looks that will help you stand out from the crowd. TeeNavi has provided t-shirt outfit ideas mens to get you started, but feel free to experiment and find what works best for you. What is your favorite men’s t-shirt outfit? Let us know in the comments below!

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