10 Men's Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas For 2023 (With Images)

10 Men’s Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas For 2023 (With Images)

With Thanksgiving almost here, are you still wondering what to wear on this meaningful day? Or are you looking for casual and cool men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas? So, the article below will send you 10 outfit ideas and tips on choosing clothes for this meaningful occasion. Let’s find out with TeeNavi!

1. Get ready to Thanksgiving day

Before you get dressed for Thanksgiving, don’t forget to groom yourself before the celebrations begin. Looking well-groomed adds a touch of refinement to your overall appearance. What’s more, when your body feels comfortable, you will become more confident and feel more beautiful in any men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas.

men's Thanksgiving outfit ideas
How to get men ready for Thanksgiving

Give yourself plenty of time in the morning to prepare for the day ahead. After personal hygiene, take a nice warm shower to wake up your body and feel refreshed. Then, trim your facial hair or shave, style your hair neatly, and ensure clean nails. 

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2. 10 men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas that you should not miss

If you are still wondering what to wear on this meaningful day, please refer to the following 10 men’s Thanksgiving outfits!

2.1. Be simple with T-shirt and jeans

Are there any men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas better than this? For a long time, the combination of T-shirts and jeans has become a popular fashion style among men. This type of outfit is highly applicable, they can be worn anywhere and anytime.

When it comes to jeans, long, baggy, waist-hugging jeans have become trendy. You can choose a pair of jeans that are comfortable or fitted. Additionally, you don’t need to care too much about their color. You can choose black, blue or any other color pants you like.

women's Thanksgiving outfit ideas
How to make a simple look for men

Next, about T-shirts, a white T-shirt is always the best choice. A basic white t-shirt combined with black or blue denim jeans is always a winning choice. If you want a brighter look, you can add a dash of color with a red or green tee to liven things up. Even t-shirts with graphics look good.

2.2. Be cool with gentlemen outfit

Want to appear to be a mature and cool guy? You don’t always need to dress in a complete suit and tie to look like a gentleman. So, go for men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas that are cool, casual, and comfortable while looking dapper enough for the occasion. A dressy waistcoat combined with a white button-up shirt and brown leather boots is a guaranteed way to draw attention during Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving outfit mens
Gentlemen outfit ideas

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2.3. Be stylish with the hipster man outfit

Another casual men’s Thanksgiving outfits comes in the form of jeans, a t-shirt, and a cardigan. If you feel jeans combined with a t-shirt are a touch too casual for this festive occasion, add a heavy cardigan with a collar. It will take your outfit instantly to the next level. To complete your outfit, choose a pair of your best boots, such as the lace-up pair above, or desert boots,…

men's Thanksgiving outfits 2021
A stylish idea outfit

2.4. Be comfortable with casual man outfit

A blue suit will never let you down when you want to appear your finest. However, for a twist on the classic look, let’s wear it with the no-socks trend.

men's fashion ideas age 50
Other casual outfits for men

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2.5. Casual men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas with the sensible man outfit

This is one of the perfect men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas for fall. It’s understated and trendy without being too casual. A turtleneck, a pair of pants, and a pair of leather boots are essential to help you create an ideal outfit. In addition, leather brogues will also be suitable.

men's Thanksgiving outfit ideas
How to make a casual look

2.6. Be safe with black outfit option

When choosing an outfit at the last minute, a black outfit is the safest choice. Not only does wearing all black look wonderful, but it also suits any male.

women's Thanksgiving outfit ideas
Choose a black outfit for Thanksgiving

2.7. Be warm and cozy with the artist outfit

This Thanksgiving, embrace your artist side with this ultra-chic outfit. You only need a v-neck sweater, a striped scarf, and tapered grey pants to achieve this look. These men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas are suitable for you when spending a day with friends or family.

Thanksgiving outfit mens
Wear the artist outfit

2.8. Be wild with earthy tone

Are you having difficulty choosing men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas with an early tone? Here are some item suggestions with this tone that you can choose to mix and match:

  • Rust-colored linen blazer
  • Dark brown pants.
  • Olive green button-down shirt
  • Maroon sweater
  • Brown tweed suit 
  • A light beige shirt
  • A cream-colored shirt
  • Mustard yellow sweater
  • Brown leather jacket
  • Dark green cable-knit sweater
  • Dark brown trousers.
  • Chocolate brown blazer
  • Navy blue sweater
men's Thanksgiving outfits 2021
Outfit for men with earthy tone

2.9. Preppy men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas with polo and jeans

If you wear a polo and jeans instead of a t-shirt, you may give yourself a little preppy Thanksgiving outfit mens. It offers the same impact but gives your look a little more sophistication and class. You simply can’t go wrong with a polo, and there are so many wonderful brands to choose from.

men's fashion ideas age 50
Coordinate with a polo shirt for Thanksgiving

2.10. Be trend with swearshirt

Sweatshirt is basically a sweatshirt but the collar, buttons, and quilting are taken to a new level. Depending on your preferences, you can easily combine it with boots or white sneakers. An outfit with a sweatshirt is also the last suggestion about men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas that we send to you.

men's Thanksgiving outfit ideas
The last men’s outfit idea for Thanksgiving

3. Choosing right shoes to fulfill your men’s Thanksgiving outfits

According to a saying, the shoes maketh the man. There are many options available to you when it comes to footwear. But it’s crucial to choose the style that best compliments your clothing. Here is a guide to the different shoe categories suitable for each type of men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas:

  • Sneakers: When wearing a t-shirt and jeans, all you need is a beautiful pair of white sneakers. Putting on sneakers with a polo shirt and jeans is also a good idea. Although you can wear sneakers with any of the outfits, they are far more appropriate for casual occasions. 
  • Boots: When wearing anything with jeans or pants, combat boots, chukka boots, or Chelsea boots are all excellent choices. They give off a more formal appearance without going over the top. 
men's Thanksgiving outfit ideas
How to choose shoes for men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas
  • Lace-ups: This might be a Derby or an Oxford shoe. Grab a pair of lace-ups if Thanksgiving dinner entails meeting your partner’s parents or is a gathering where you’ll be drinking adult beverages (wine or cocktails). There are many different styles so choose one that is suitable for you. This should be your first choice if you’re wearing a suit. 
  • Slip-ons: Slides, not so. We’re referring to a more stylish shoe, like a loafer or moccasin. It is perfect for the blazer and jeans style, although it also works nicely with any outfit that requires a collar.

4. What not to wear on Thanksgiving day

When it comes to Thanksgiving, some clothes shouldn’t be worn. Here are some items to avoid when it comes to men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas:

  • Headwear of any sort: It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, avoid wearing headwear. Bandannas, cowboy hats, and similar accessories are best kept at home.
  • Shorts: Shorts certainly don’t make a good impression at a Thanksgiving party. Therefore, you should not wear shorts on this occasion.
  • Tight clothing: Wearing anything restrictive is not recommended because eating and drinking continuously will make you bloated.
  • Sweatpants: Sweatpants are a huge no unless you want to spend Thanksgiving day at home on the couch. When everyone else is dressed nicely and you show up there in casual sweatpants, it never looks good.
  • Slides: Only while dossing around at home or going to the beach are slides acceptable.
mens formal outfits ideas
The types of clothes that you should not wear on Thanksgiving Day

5. Tips for your Thankgiving outfis mens

Here are some tips that you should remember when choosing men’s Thanksgiving outfits:

  • On Thanksgiving Day, whatever style you choose to wear, make sure you feel comfortable in it.
  • Choose to wear stretch pants or something more comfortable than a pair of straight jeans. Because on Thanksgiving, we tend to eat a lot, those types of pants will feel more comfortable.
  • Remember that not every Thanksgiving is the same as another one. You can get away with wearing a button-up shirt and a pair of jeans on the bottom or other formal clothes like a jacket on top, if you just chat with loved ones via video call.
men's fashion ideas age 50
Great tips when choosing clothes for Thanksgiving

The above article includes 10 men’s Thanksgiving outfit ideas and notes when choosing outfits that you can refer to. Hope this article can help you in creating a great outfit that will amaze everyone. If you need any questions answered, please contact TeeNavi immediately!

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