Reasons To Choose Microfiber T-shirt Material In Daily Wear

Reasons To Choose Microfiber T-shirt Material In Daily Wear

Microfiber t-shirt material has many outstanding features. Wondering what the difference is between cotton and microfiber t-shirts? In this post, TeeNavi gives a breakdown of the pros and cons of each material.

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1. What is microfiber t-shirt material?

Microfiber t-shirt material is a synthetic fiber made of polyester and polyamide. It is usually composed of two types of fibers, which are melt-blown fibers and micro denier filaments. The melt-blown fibers are small in diameter and are used to create the webbing that makes up the fabric. The micro denier filaments are even smaller in diameter and are used for the finest threads. This combination of fibers creates a lightweight, soft, and durable fabric. So, this fabric is perfect for creating a custom t-shirt.

microfiber t-shirt material
T-shirt material made of microfibre

2. Pros of microfiber t-shirt material

There are many reasons why people should choose microfiber t-shirt material in their clothing:

2.1 Light-weight

Due to their low density, microfiber t-shirt material is lighter than cotton ones. This is a particularly appealing trait if you play a sport where maintaining your weight is crucial. Even if you aren’t participating in a competitive activity, wearing lightweight clothing may improve the comfort of your whole exercise. As a result, you’ll be able to work out for longer and receive a greater workout.

microfiber t-shirt material
Microfiber t-shirts are lighter than cotton

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2.2 Wrinkle-free

Straight from the washer and into the dryer, yet the clothing is wrinkle-free? You have one fewer thing to be concerned about thanks to custom microfiber shirts. Compared to cotton shirts, you frequently need to spend more time caring for them, especially while they are drying, since it would result in undesirable wrinkles and nobody has time for that when they are hurrying to an essential location.

what material are soft t shirts made of
The clothes are wrinkle-free

2.3 Quick-drying

The most well-liked quality of microfiber shirt material is certainly wick absorption. It is the primary characteristic of microfiber shirts that makes them quick to dry.

Sweat is swiftly removed from the skin through wick absorption, drying and cooling it in the process. This makes microfiber shirts the ideal clothing for sweaty workouts or just taking a stroll outside on a hot day.

what material are soft t shirts made of
Wick absorption is the most popular feature of microfiber textiles

2.4 Easy to wash

Microfiber fabrics are more stain-resistant than cotton fabrics. Microfiber shirts might be a godsend for people who like outdoor activities. Your microfiber t-shirt will come out spotless after a thorough wash in your washing machine, no matter how much muck you managed to get on it. However, since cotton shirts are more likely to get soiled, you can’t claim the same thing about them. Therefore, if you enjoy being outside, maintain a couple of microfiber clothes in your closet.

microfiber t-shirt material about nonsterile compounded formulations
Microfiber textiles are stain-resistant compared to cotton

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2.5 Keep you cool

Microfiber garments are more breathable than textiles of the same weight. This allows you to stay cool in any weather, irrespective of your level of physical activity. Although not as permeable as cotton, microfiber textiles are your best bet for staying when compared to other similar materials on the market.

microfiber t-shirt material about nonsterile compounded formulations
Microfiber clothing is more breathable

2. 6 Don’t lose shape easily

Microfiber shirts’ thick fibers make it far more difficult for them to alter form. This makes microfiber clothes far more stretchable while still holding their form.

So, even if you play more violent sports like basketball or football, you can be confident that your microfiber clothes will retain their shape regardless of how they are tugged.

microfiber t-shirt material after washing
The dense filaments of microfiber shirts make it much more difficult for them to change shape

2.7 More durable

Unlike cotton, microfiber shirts are constructed of synthetic materials, making them more durable than cotton.

While cotton shirts should be replaced after a few machine washes, microfiber clothes are more machine wash resistant. So you may machine-wash your microfiber clothes for a lot more times and still use them for a long period of time.

microfiber t-shirt material after washing
Microfiber shirts are made from synthetic materials

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3. Cons of microfiber t-shirt material

There are cons to microfiber t-shirt material:

  • In comparison to microfiber vs cotton, Microfiber shirts may be less durable than cotton shirts.
  • When compared to a microfiber vs cotton shirt, you can compress a lot of fibers into the same space due to the tiny size of the fibers. As a result, microfiber shirts are substantially less breathable than cotton shirts. Wearing microfiber clothes can occasionally feel stuffier than wearing cotton shirts.
  • Microfiber shirts are not as ecologically friendly as cotton shirts.
  • One of the most common complaints regarding the use of microfibre in clothing is how harmful it is to the environment. While cotton production isn’t the most ecologically friendly, microfiber is less likely to be recycled. Because microfiber fabrics are so little, they are frequently found in waterways and in the food chain.
microfiber t shirt material against cotton
Microfiber t-shirt material has certain drawbacks

In this blog, TeeNavi answered whether microfiber t-shirt material is really good for t-shirts. We also cover some pros and cons of microfiber and cotton. Hopefully, this will be useful information for you. Follow us for more updates.


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