20+ Mothers Day Games To Play For Mom And Kids

20+ Mothers Day Games To Play For Mom And Kids

Are you looking for unique ideas for Mothers Day games to play? Mother’s Day is a time to pay tribute to our mothers and celebrate what they do to enrich our lives. And there’s nothing better than when the whole family gathers to play games and enjoy relaxing moments together on this meaningful day. So, are there any interesting games suitable for Mother’s Day? Join us to explore 20 great games through the following TeeNavi article!

1. Fishbowl – Mothers Day Games To Play

Fishbowl is an excellent choice for the games to play on Mother’s Day, especially for families with teenagers and young adults. To organize this game, make a list of Mom’s favorite movies, TV shows, celebrities, and activities. After you’ve let all of the paper slip into a bowl, divide the members into two teams. The two teams will compete against each other for three rounds.

Mothers Day games to play
The first game for Mother’s Day to play

In the first round, one player from each team has one minute to provide clues by describing a word or phrase. If their team guesses correctly, they continue to pull out slips of paper until time runs out. In the second round, players can only provide one-word clues. Finally, during the third round, no talking is permitted, and you must act out your word or phrase. Add up all of your points and see which team ultimately wins.

2. Mother, May I?

This one for Mothers Day games to play is especially useful for keeping children out of mischief and testing their memory! As the day goes by, everyone is required to ask “Mother, may I” for any task they wish to complete. Activities can be big or small, such as doing homework or watching television. If they forget to ask, they will be eliminated!

games to play for Mother's Day
The perfect Mother’s Day idea with the “Mother, May I?” game

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3. Mothers Day Charades/Pictionary

This Charades/Pictionary game focuses on Mom’s favorite movies, books, and television shows. You begin by writing down a slew of answers on separate pieces of paper and placing them in a bowl. Each person takes a piece of paper and begins acting out the answer. Set a timer for 60 seconds, and everyone has the opportunity to shout out their answer before the timer goes off. Let’s try these Mothers Day games to play!

fun games to play on Mother's Day
Charades/Pictionary game on Mother’s Day

4. Sack Race games to play on Mother’s Day

We come to the next idea for fun games to play for Mother’s Day that you can refer to. A good old-fashioned potato sack race can be a fun Mother’s Day activity! If you don’t want to buy potato sacks, you can use laundry bags or large trash bags.

games to play at Mother's Day party
Exciting racing with the Sack Race game

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5. Balloon Stomp

This energetic Mothers Day games to play only requires some string or rope and a few balloons. Each player receives a blown-up balloon attached to them by a long piece of string or rope. When someone yells “go,” players rush around, attempting to stomp on other players’ balloons while keeping their own intact. The last person standing with their balloon unpopped wins!

games to play on Mother's Day
Fun game with balloons on Mother’s Day

6. Mommy bingo – Mothers Day games to play

Bingo is a game that the entire family can enjoy on Mother’s Day. Simply print the free bingo sheets and prepare to play! The cards are bright and colorful, which will keep kids interested. The person who achieves the highest score, or completes a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line first will become the winner.

fun games to play for Mother's Day
Play the Bingo game together on Mother’s Day

7. Picture Hunt

Picture hunts are excellent Mothers Day games to play to revisit old photos that have been tucked away in scrapbooks for years. Make a list of photos of your mother that you need to find, such as “mom in a party hat” or “mom on vacation,” and see how many you can find. You won’t believe how many laughs and fun stories this game generates.

games to play at a Mother's Day brunch
Hunt for photos with this fun game

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8. Presents hide and seek

The hide and seek is one of the best games to play on Mother’s Day. Have each child hide with their present so that when mom finds each of her children, she will receive the lovely gifts. If you don’t want to use gifts, have the children hide with a different flower each round. After a few turns, she’ll have a beautiful bouquet.

Mothers Day games to play
Prepare the surprise present for Mom with Hide and Seek game

9. Scavenger Hunt games to play for Mother’s Day

You can organize a Mother’s Day-themed scavenger hunt at home or via video chat! Create a list of prompts, such as a funny text from a mom, a baby photo, or a family heirloom for the Mothers Day games to play. Read them off one by one, then let everyone rush off to get their object! You can also use more personal prompts, such as a funny mom story, or have the kids go around and give their impressions.

games to play for Mother's Day
Make a scavenger hunt at home

10. Give Mom a Break Game

This Mothers Day games to play will demonstrate to everyone in the family just how much they rely on Mom for everything — all day, every day — and how they would be lost without her. At the start of the game, distribute five safety pins to each player. The rule of the game is that no one can say “mom.” Whoever hears another person say the word gets to take one of their pins. The player with the most pins at the end wins.

fun games to play on Mother's Day
Enjoy a fun time with this game on Mother’s Day

11. Makeover Contest

It’s time to put your artistic skills to the test with these fun games to play on Mother’s Day! Mom is pampered in this fun contest, while the siblings compete to see who has the best makeup skills. Don’t forget to take photos of the finished product, and Mom will have photos to cherish for years to come.

games to play at Mother's Day party
Makeup contest for moms on Mother’s Day

12. Painting Trade-Off

This idea of Mothers Day games to play can be extremely silly but very fun, and at the end, you’ll have a “beautiful” art piece to hang up. Get some paper and some paint or pencils. Set a timer for one minute and let Mom begin drawing. When the timer goes off, Mom gives it to the next person to add to her creation. Continue rotating until the artwork is completed.

games to play on Mother's Day
Paint together in this game

13. Mad Libs – Mothers Day games to play

Transforming a favorite game from childhood into one that celebrates your mom on Mother’s Day by whipping up the game of DIY mad libs. Create a story about your mother, either factual or fictional, but replace blanks with keywords. Under each blank, specify the part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) and allow everyone to fill in their own words. When everyone is finished, read all of the stories out loud for some seriously funny results.

fun games to play on Mother's Day
Have a good laugh with the Mad Libs game on Mother’s Day

14. Mom-Approved Bake-Off

The next idea for Mothers Day games to play at family parties is the “Mom-Approved Bake-Off” game. Who doesn’t enjoy fun cooking shows? Bring the competition home with your own bake-off. If you have a house full of cooks, everyone can try to bake Mom’s favorite treat. If you want to keep things simple, bake the cookies ahead of time and set up a decorating station. Then let Mom decide which cookies turned out best!

games to play at Mother's Day party
Baking cake contest on Mother’s Day

15. Memories of mom

Before Mother’s Day, ask the children to write down as many memories of their mother as they can remember. On Mother’s Day, the children can read their memories to Mom. This will be a wonderful family sharing time as well as a lovely keepsake for Mom. Let’s try this idea for fun games to play for Mother’s Day!

games to play on Mother's Day
Remember beautiful memories together with this game

16. Who Wore it Best?

In this silly clothing competition, everyone is attempting to dress like mom. You can play this Mothers Day games to play in two ways: 

  • First option: Each person goes through their closet and tries to put together an outfit using their clothes that matches Mom’s style. Walk the “runway,” and ask her to vote for the person who made her look down the most. 
  • Second option: Everyone goes into mom’s closet and selects a set of clothes that she would never wear together. Walk the “runway,” and let her vote on who made the worst combination!
fun games to play for Mother's Day
Fun fashion game on Mother’s Day

17. Playing Cards for Mom

Let’s come to the next fun idea for Mothers Day games to play! Having a set of playing cards around the house is essential for avoiding boredom, especially since there are so many different games you can play with just one deck — Go Fish, Rummy, and War, to name a few. Let’s try it!

games to play at a Mother's Day brunch
Playing Cards together on Mother’s Day

18. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is a great way for family members to understand each other better. The premise is straightforward: Have Mom think of two truths and a lie about herself, then have everyone guess the lie. Don’t miss these exciting games to play on Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day games to play
Understand your mother better with the Two Truths and a Lie game

19. Poem/Card Competition

Poem/Card competition is the last Mothers Day games to play that we want to recommend to you. Mother’s Day is the holiday that inspires the most heartfelt poems and greeting cards. Hold a contest in which each guest/team/family member writes their own poem or creates a Hallmark-worthy card, with prizes awarded to the best, worst, funniest, and most thoughtful.

games to play for Mother's Day
The last game for Mother’s Day

The above article gives you a list of the best 20 Mothers Day games to play. Hopefully, you will choose the right game to enjoy fun moments together with your family on this meaningful day. Finally, remember to contact TeeNavi for quick support if you have any questions!

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