15 Best Office Funny Christmas Door Decorating Contest Ideas

15 Best Office Funny Christmas Door Decorating Contest Ideas

The office funny Christmas door decorating contest ideas are an easy and enjoyable way to spread holiday pleasure. Participants in the office Christmas event can use paper and other art tools to change an ordinary office door into a magnificent winter wonderland or a hilarious festive scenario. Begin by picking a category that interests you and working your way from there. Let’s explore them with TeeNavi!

1. 15 Office Funny Christmas door decorating contest ideas to make your colleagues laugh

Liven up your workplace during the holiday season for office funny Christmas door decorating contest ideas.

1.1. Favorite Christmas Recipes

One of the office funny Christmas door decorating contest ideas is making your front entrance into a Christmas cookbook. Collect your favorite holiday recipes and hang them on the door. You may arrange them on the door by printing them or writing them by hand on ornamental paper. Include recipes for eggnog, hot chocolate, cookies, gingerbread, and fruitcake. In addition to the recipes, utilize drawings that correspond to the ingredients. Make sure to incorporate a lot of red, green, and Christmas ornaments into the overall design.

xmas office door decorating ideas
Decorations with your favorite recipes

Make copies of the recipes and set them near or on the door for everyone to take and enjoy. Add some fresh cinnamon sticks or cloves to your door to make it stand out so that everyone who comes by senses the scent and pauses to look at the recipes.

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1.2. Christmas Emoji

Emojis are popular and are frequently used in text and email conversations. Why not dress up emojis in Xmas office door decorating ideas? This theme is likely to make people giggle. Emojis may be displayed on the door with embellishments such as Santa hats, ugly Christmas sweaters, antlers, and lights. For a humorous twist, put each employee’s name on an emoji. Each coworker should be assigned an emoji depending on their personality and sense of humor. This design will look amazing with a solid color backdrop. Allow the emojis to be the focal point of the door and fill up the open places with little decorations such as candy canes or miniature Christmas tree forms.

xmas door decorating contest ideas
Making fun of emoji balls

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1.3. Homemade from the heart

Prepare your knitting needles and make a beautiful door filled with love and festive happiness. Everything in this design should be produced by hand. Small knitted objects, crochet hearts, homemade decorations, and other items can be included. One suggestion is to make a wreath and adorn it with handcrafted pieces to hang in the middle of the entrance. For a pine aroma, sprinkle the wreath with balsam spray. You may also decorate the entrance with a string of crocheted lights or a strand of popcorn garland.

office door christmas decorating contest ideas
Some DIY made from the heart for decorations

Install some bells so that the door sounds when it opens or closes. To complete the appearance, consider wrapping some boxes in burlap and ribbon and placing them on the floor near the door. The more handcrafted and sentimental stuff you can incorporate, the better. Those are office funny Christmas door decorating contest ideas.

1.4. Snow globe spectacular

Transform your office door into a massive Christmas snow globe. This is a simple task for office Christmas decorating contest ideas. Create a winter scene on the door first, complete with cut-out snowflakes and Christmas patterns. You may personalize the snowflakes by writing your names on them and incorporating motifs such as candy canes, holiday lights, and Santa. It will enhance the impression if you can make certain photographs three-dimensional.

office door decorating contest ideas for christmas
Snow makes a wonderful design

Once your design is finished, form it into a snow globe using transparent cellophane wrap, aiming to make it stand out from the pattern. Translucent tape can be used to fix the sides. To finish the appearance, use spray snow around the borders to disguise the tape. You may use a star shower or a tiny spotlight to highlight the entire entrance. Finally, play music that is related to the subject.

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1.5. Classic Christmas theme

Classics are always a safe bet for office funny Christmas door decorating contest ideas. A holiday door decoration contest would be ideal for images of Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, wreaths, or Christmas trees. Cover the door, for example, with red construction paper bricks. Add Santa’s boots when he disappears down the chimney at the top.

holiday office door decorating contest ideas
Classic theme is always the best choice

To create a simple winter picture, cover the top half of the door with blue paper and the bottom half with white paper covered with white batting to resemble falling snow beneath a blue sky. Add some Christmas trees, snowmen, and a little home decked out in wreaths and lights.

1.6. Pop culture theme

Pop culture Christmas characters may be a terrific source of inspiration for your Christmas door decorating contest ideas submission. Some examples of pop culture personalities you may include:

  • The Grinch: Make giant construction paper cutouts of the Grinch and his faithful dog Max or Cindy Lou Who, then add a headline with a play on words on not becoming a Grinch this Christmas season.
  • Ralphie from A Christmas Story: Using Ralphie in his pink bunny suit can make your door stand out from the rest of the contest entries, which are adorned with more traditional Christmas images. Make the full rabbit costume out of pink paper, then add cut-out black glasses and a word bubble that says “Oh, fudge” to finish this easy door.
  • Buddy the Elf: Everyone’s favorite seasonal optimist will brighten your workplace corridor. Buddy’s yellow trousers, green and white coat, pointed green hat, and black belt are made from taped-together construction paper pieces. Of course, make his collar and cuffs out of white paper or cotton batting.
holiday office door decorating contest ideas
Some fun with pop culture themes

1.7. Work-related theme

It only makes sense to utilize your work as inspiration for office funny Christmas door decorating contest ideas. Make a festive scene out of some of your workplace materials. Someone who works in a medical setting, for example, may blow up latex gloves to form balloons and mold them into a Christmas tree. In a workplace, you might build a tree out of sticky notes and adorn it with garlands made from paper clips and snowflakes cut from business letterhead or old documents.

office door decorating contest ideas for christmas
Work-related themes are simple ideas

1.8. Specific theme to your team

Personalizing your door may help you score points with the Christmas office door decorations contest judges while also delighting your coworkers. Begin by covering the entire door in a mild Christmas design wrapping paper. Then, attach various components to the door that showcase your team or your first year at work.

  • Make one ornament, candy cane, Santa hat, snowman, or star for each person in your office. On one cutout, write each person’s name or photo, as well as a hilarious Christmas story or the best present they’ve ever gotten.
  • Use your door decorations to reflect on the previous year at your office and to touch the higher-ups’ hearts. To write on their cutout, ask each coworker to mention their favorite work memory or finest accomplishment from the year.
office door christmas decorating contest ideas
Making decorations with personalize themes

Whatever the outcome, an office funny Christmas door decorating contest ideas should be a wonderful way to enjoy the Christmas season with your coworkers and have some fun with arts and crafts on company time. Choose a door theme that makes you happy when you walk in the door every day, and that will be enough of a gift!

1.9. Tree trimming

Ideas for Christmas door decorating contest may include tree trimming. If your squad is huge, competitors might be divided into smaller groups. After that, each team decorates a tree. Competitors can select from conventional, modern, quirky, or custom designs. Guidelines can decide whether the team handcrafts decorations, purchased from a store, or a combination of the two. If competitors can buy decorations, establishing a suitable budget for the teams to work within will aid them in their shopping.

xmas door decorating contest ideas
Trimming trees to decorating more beautiful

1.10. Ginger Bread village

A gingerbread village motif is ideal for office funny Christmas door decorating contest ideas. Contestants make gingerbread houses from kits for a classic gingerbread town. Participants can then pick a motif for decorating their dwellings, such as a warm lodge, a winter wonderland, or a North Pole cottage. Moreover, teams can exhibit their completed gingerbread masterpieces around the office for judges to evaluate their originality and execution.

xmas office door decorating ideas
Gingerbread is a popular decoration

Alternately, contestants might turn their cubicles into gingerbread homes using rolls of brown construction paper. Contestants can “frost” their houses with paint, glitter, markers, and other arts and crafts products to create a full gingerbread scene. Categories for awarding awards include Best Two-Story Gingerbread House, Best Use of Glitter, and Best Frosted Roof.

1.11. Toy factor

Teams may transform their computers into Christmas toy factories with conveyor belts loaded with dolls, automobiles, sports balls, and other items. You may designate a different toy for each region if your teams work in cubicles. Competitors can make mechanical displays featuring gears, wheels, and levers out of wrapping paper tubes, paper plates, boxes, and recycled food cartons. A few industrious elves distributed across the factory will be included in creative teams!

xmas office door decorating ideas
Christmas toy factories

1.12. Nutcracker suite

Teams recreate scenarios from the classic “The Nutcracker” using Christmas trees, seasonal decorations, and other innovative components for office funny Christmas door decorating contest ideas. Competitors who possess nutcracker figurines can use elements from their collection to make displays. In addition, competitors can work together to make a giant nutcracker for a cooperation challenge utilizing boxes, paper tubes, and craft items. Nutcrackers are rated on their ingenuity, engineering, and overall display. These wooden soldiers may serve as seasonal joy keepers throughout the office.

xmas door decorating contest ideas
One of the Christmas characters is Nutcracker

1.13. Glitter and glow

This Christmas office door decorations contest aims to make the workplace sparkle with as much glitter as possible. Competitors use wreaths, tinsels, garlands, icicles, and lights to give as much sparkle and brilliance to their office as possible. In the displays, ornaments like foil stars, dazzling lights, glitter snowflakes, and shiny ribbons will collect as much light as possible. Artificial snow put over desktops may provide the appearance of glistening frost. The end effect will certainly wow!

christmas door decorating contest ideas
Glitter and glow make space brighter

Above is all the content about office funny Christmas door decorating contest ideas that we give the audience. Hope it will help give you more ideas for the contest. If you need advice, please contact TeeNavi immediately for answers!

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