25 festive and fun office party Christmas games to play in 2023

25 festive and fun office party Christmas games to play in 2023

Are you planning a party for your office because the Christmas season is fast approaching? Are you looking for office party Christmas games that have fun, humorous elements and create memorable memories? A Christmas party cannot lack fun moments when colleagues participate in games together. Because it not only helps employees relieve stress but also increases their solidarity and interaction. Let’s explore 25 game ideas for this festive season with TeeNavi!

1. 25 funny office party Christmas games that will create joy

Whether you’re searching for Christmas games with careful preparation or simple to perform, the interesting games we are about to introduce are suitable for you to choose from. Here is a list of 25 unique ideas for work Christmas party games that will make your office gatherings extra memorable:

1.1. Desk decorating competition

The first office party Christmas games that you can refer to is organizing a desk decoration contest. This game not only encourages employee creativity but also brings the magic of the holidays into the workplace. First, give employees a heads-up about the event one to two weeks in advance. Don’t forget to announce the available materials that can be used to decorate desks or cubicle areas for decorating. They can items including paper, garlands, balloons, glitter, and streamers. Then, let’s set a detailed timeline for when participants can work on their designs. Along with that, emphasize to the staff that all decorations must be finished before the start of the party.

office party Christmas games
Desk decorating contest for Christmas party

During the party, encourage guests to walk around and admire the various desk designs while also serving as judges for the competition. Voting for the best-decorated desk is open to everyone, and the winner of the competition is the person who receives the most votes. Finally, promote an enticing prize for the winner to entice staff members to participate. Those prizes include an extra vacation day, a gift card, or even cash,…

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1.2. Forbidden words

The second office party Christmas games is called ” Forbidden Words “. This game inspires employees to engage in unconventional discussions instead of spending time chit-chatting during the company’s party. In addition, Forbidden Words can strengthen employee bonds and promote solidarity within the company.

work Christmas party activities
Play Forbidden Words together

When guests arrive, you will give each person a holiday-themed necklace with bells, along with a list of forbidden words. If any player utters one of the forbidden words or engages in discussions on off-limits topics, the first person who overhears it can confiscate their necklace and wear it. At the end of the party, the participant with the most jingle bell necklaces is named the winner. Some topics commonly discussed at holiday parties, such as:

  • Christmas
  • Snow
  • Gifts
  • Food/dinner
  • Travel plans

1.3. Holiday movie-themed Pictionary

Holiday Movie Pictionary is a lighthearted and entertaining game that inspires innovative thinking among employees. These work Christmas party activities are a great low-cost idea for your company. With this game, you will prepare each team a drawing easel set up with a whiteboard or a large easel pad, and dry-erase markers. Along with that, you need to prepare small pieces of paper with the names of the movie titles and store them in a Santa hat or festive bowl. To organize the game, you will divide people into several groups to perform one at a time.

work Christmas party games
Guessing the movie’s title is one of the office party Christmas games

One player from each team randomly picks a movie title from a Santa hat or festive bowl that you have prepared. Next, this player needs to try to describe the title of the movie using pictures only. Their teammates will try to guess the movie’s title correctly. The team will get an extra point for each correctly guessed title. At the end of the game, the team with the most points will be the winner.

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1.4. Holiday “Guess who?”

If you are looking for office party Christmas games to celebrate culture, diversity, and community, “Guess Who?” is an ideal game. Ask attendees to bring a photo of any childhood memories. of them before the party date. Then, you need to collect their photos and label each photo with a number. Then, you need to attach them to your office-wide display. Employees will rely on these to guess who the person in the photo is. The winner is the employee who guesses the most photographs properly.

office party Christmas games
Guessing the employee with their childhood photo

1.5. Jingle Bell hunt

This is one of the loudest office party Christmas games that creates a bustling festive atmosphere. Before the party begins, let’s hide jingle bells all over the place like in planters, under the copier, under any employee’s desk, or even in the team fridge. On the day of the party, give each attendee a small tote bag or basket. They will go looking for jingle bells and put them in bags. 

work Christmas party activities
Let the employees find the bells

Before the time limit ends, the person who earns the most jingle bells will be the winner. In addition, the funny noise level will increase as staff members frantically search for and gather concealed jingle bells. The competition will be funnier the more bells you conceal and the better you hide them. Try organizing this game!

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1.6. Poinsettia potluck

Potlucks are one of the most cost-effective office party Christmas games. In this game, each participant will contribute a dish that they prepare and bring to the party. At the party, everyone will enjoy the contributed dishes and share them. The purpose of the potluck game is to create a fun, interactive, and cohesive atmosphere among office members. With this game, you may have a feast without spending a fortune since employees share the responsibilities and price of dishes equally. The first important thing you need to do is post a sign-up sheet and have participants put down the dishes they plan to bring. 

work Christmas party games
Enjoy food together at the office

With that, it’s a good idea to categorize the list into appetizers, sides, major courses, desserts, and beverages. Also, if the company does not intend to provide throwaway items such as cups, plates, cutlery, and napkins, divide them into a separate category. Furthermore, you should also be careful to prepare enough electrical and outlet space as well as extension cords for dishes that require a crock pot.

1.7. Ugly sweater station for office party Christmas games

One of the most fun work Christmas party games is to set up an ugly sweater station. On the holiday party invitations, let’s encourage employees to attend dressed in a plain basic sweater or T-shirt. After that, you need to prepare accessories like felt shapes, string lights, ribbons, and ornaments to decorate those sweaters. The individuals who voted to decorate the most unique and interesting shirt will be presented with a reward for the most innovative ensemble. To vote, you may offer employees stickers and have them place one on their favorite sweater. Alternatively, you can go with the traditional method which is using ballots.

office party Christmas games
Prepare a sweater station

1.8. Hidden snowmen

A delightful game that challenges employees’ observation is named “Hidden Snowmen”, which takes its cues from the Mickey Mouse symbols hidden around Disney World. Let’s hide snowman shapes in different places when decorating for your office party. Some places to store paper can be decorative balloons at the office entrance, food plates on the buffet table, near potted plants, or hiding under a tree. Don’t forget to make some to spot easily, and others more hidden. This will increase the fun and excitement of the game!

work Christmas party activities
Have a fun time with office party Christmas games named “Hidden Snowmen”

Here are the game rules. Give each launch a sheet of paper at the party and inform them of the overall number of snow folk that exist. As participants spot the snowmen, they can jot down their locations on a piece of paper. The player who can locate all the snowman’s locations first will receive a prize from the organizers after exchanging the paper. In case no one finds all the hidden snowmen after the party, gather the slips and give awards to the people who found the most snowmen. With the fun that this game brings, please try to refer to it when choosing office party Christmas games!

1.9. This or that

This is a game where players are asked to choose between two different options related to the Christmas theme. The goal of this game is to help colleagues gain a better understanding through exploring each other’s personal preferences and choices. Here are some suggested questions when you organize this kind of office party Christmas games:

  • Buy presents at the store or create homemade presents
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Snow or no snow
  • Gingerbread or sugar cookies
  • Wait to be surprised or snoop for presents
  • Open presents Xmas on eve or morning
  • Put the tree up in December or November
  • Naughty list or nice list
  • Real tree or fake tree
  • Go to travel or at home for the holidays
  • Wait until Xmas Eve to finish shopping or finish Xmas shopping months in advance
  • Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not a Christmas movie
work Christmas party games
Play “This or that” game together at the Christmas office party

1.10. Christmas card crafting

Christmas card crafting is an activity that not only helps employees express their talents and creativity. But it also creates a close and fun environment in the company. Therefore, setting up a card-making station is a lovely addition to a holiday party. You can invite a professional calligrapher or artist to produce unique cards for participants or to instruct them on how to create festive card crafting. Making cards provides employees with a keepsake to display or gift to loved ones, while also bringing a hands-on aspect to the celebration. Try implementing these work Christmas party activities!

office party Christmas games
Creating some lovely Christmas card

1.11. Cookie swap challenge

Without cookies, Christmas would be like Spider-Man without Mary Jane. The highlight part of the holiday season is those cookies fashioned like snowflakes, stars, or bears. They not only taste fantastic but make a great gift with their stunning appearance. You might be surprised to learn, though, that cookies can also be a component of certain office party Christmas games. Engaging games like Cookie Swap Challenge may bring in the Christmas spirit.

work Christmas party activities
How to play the Cookie Swap game

The first thing to do to deploy the game is to count the number of people participating. Then, prepare many samples of delicious cookies in different shapes based on the number of people participating. You can encourage employees to attach warm Christmas greetings to cookie templates and exchange them with others in the office. The delicious trade-off comes to an end once each person has given a cookie to another. When everyone has finished giving cookies to one another, the tasty-trade-off ends.

1.12. Santa belly bust

This is one of the fun office party Christmas games with Santa at its center. It is a whole new level of joy for all your employees. Your employee from busting out laughing at the sight of their colleagues’ bulging belly. Sounds interesting, right?

work Christmas party games
A fun office game with the “balloon” Santa belly

To begin this game, inflate balloons and ask your employees to put them under their shirts. Players need to keep their hands behind their backs and bust the balloons without using their hands. The player whose balloon under their shirt is still intact at the end will have to leave them in that position for the rest of the party. Don’t forget to turn on fun Christmas music to increase the fun of the game!

1.13. Identify the Christmas Songs/ Guess the Movie

Adding difficult activities to your office Christmas party will make it engaging and interesting. Games that assess employees’ general knowledge will add a punch of positive competition. You can refer to “Christmas song guessing” and “Movie identification” which are popular choices for office party Christmas games. First, you need to prepare a list of Christmas songs and movies. Remember to make sure that you will not disclose it to anyone. 

office party Christmas games
Guessing the title of Christmas movies and songs

Next, proceed to divide your employees into groups, each group has 3 people. For songs, play their first few lines. As for movies, show a few clips or popular scenes from them. Then, give the groups some time so they can guess. The group that raises their hand first will have the opportunity to answer first. In the end, the group with the number of correct guesses of the song/movie title will be the winner.

1.14. Dangling doughnuts – Office party Christmas games

An exciting addition to the celebration will be the dangling donut challenge. This game will bring an exciting and extremely exciting time to your office on the merry Christmas day. The things you need to prepare for these work Christmas party games include a few dozen donuts, string rolls, a ceiling or a bar to hang the donuts, and an indispensable clock. 

work Christmas party activities
A great office game with delicious doughnuts

After preparing the necessary items, you start to hang the donuts on a bar or the ceiling first. Hang them at a height that is neither too high nor too low. Staff participating in the game will clasp their hands behind their back while eating the dangling donuts. After a certain amount of time, the person who eats the most donuts will be the winner of the game.

1.15. Never have I ever

The next office party Christmas games that we want to introduce is the “Never Have I Ever” game. Getting to know better colleagues is one of the goals of planning Christmas parties. So, this game is ideal. This game can be played anytime and anywhere, and it requires little to no props. 

work Christmas party games
Prepare some interesting questions for the Never Have I Ever game

One thing you need to keep in mind when organizing this game is to avoid asking scandalous questions or privacy invasion questions. Instead, have fun with the game by posing queries that make people laugh and smile. For example:

  • Never Have I Ever fallen asleep at the desk in the office.
  • Never Have I Ever lied to my leader and colleagues.
  • Never Have I Ever given Christmas gifts to somebody.
  • Never Have I Ever participated in running a marathon.

1.16. Guess who made this Christmas treat

Beautiful and meaningful gifts are indispensable during the Christmas holidays. Incorporating this into games, what do you think about it? This idea for office party Christmas games will be more interesting than you think! First, you just need to ask the participating staff to prepare signature holiday treats and bring them to the party. Afterward, let other participants guess who prepared the gift and write their responses on paper. After the game ends, whoever has the most correct answers will be the winner.

office party Christmas games
A nice game for your Christmas office party

1.17. Find Santa’s friends

This next game that we introduce is perfect for people to get up and move after a long time sitting around eating food. You just need to prepare the necessary items including small elf stickers or elf figurines, paper, and pencils. Before the day of the party, hide the figurines and stickers around the office space and make sure to hide them well. Next, when the game starts, let everyone have 10 minutes to find as many elves as possible. Who has the most elves will be the winner. Add this fun game to your list of work Christmas party activities!

work Christmas party activities
Let’s find the friends of Santa Claus

1.18. ‘Who Am I’ for Christmas

For those who are short on time or looking for low-prep office party Christmas games, this one is a great choice. For this fun activity, you only need to prepare some sticky notes and pens. Next, try to come up with as many Christmas-themed locations and characters as you can. Afterward, write each one on a sticky note. To participate in the game, each player must choose a sticky note and apply it to their forehead. They need to go around and let their coworkers guess who they are by asking “yes” or “no” questions. The first person to correctly guess it wins. 

work Christmas party games
The fun activity for your office Christmas party

1.19. Two-holiday truths and one lie

This fun type of office party Christmas games is a perfect team-bonding activity. The “Two-holiday truths and one lie” game will help your colleagues get to know one another a little better. What you and your colleagues need to prepare includes only paper, pens, and lie-detecting skills.

office party Christmas games
Using your lie-detecting skill to play this game

To begin the game, each player must write down three holiday-related facts about themselves on their papers: Two truths and one lie. The other participants then have to ask “yes” or “no” questions about each fact on the paper to determine which of the facts is untrue. Until every player has told their truths and lies, the game is not over.

1.20. Christmas squid game challenge

Surely this is a game that the employees in your office will enjoy immensely because of Squid Game’s viral popularity that no one knows about it! A dozen boxes, wrapping paper, and a toy laser gun are what you need for this office party Christmas games. First and foremost, you must prepare the boxes. Shoe boxes or other similar-sized boxes are ideal. Half of them must be stuffed with something like old newspapers to prevent them from collapsing under the weight of the participants. The other boxes should be left blank. Then, wrap all of the box with holiday-themed wrapping paper.

office party Christmas games
A game with a Squid Game theme

When it’s time to play, arrange the boxes in two parallel lines on the floor. The game’s participants must choose which box to walk on. They will win if they walk on the ones that don’t break. Conversely, if the box breaks, that player is eliminated, and you direct the laser gun at them. Finally, the winner is the first person to cross the lines of boxes without stepping on any that are empty.

1.21. Holiday human bingo – Office party Christmas games

Human bingo is a great quick-prep choice among work Christmas party games. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete and is an excellent game for promoting the engagement of your employees and helping them interact more with each other. The materials that you’ll need are bingo scoring cards, pens, and a timer. Begin the game by giving participants 5 minutes to wander around the office and find someone to match each right statement. The winner is the individual who discovers the most persons and thereby ticks off the most statements! Let’s try this idea!

work Christmas party activities
Let’s enjoy a fun time with the Human Bingo game

1.22. Christmas song musical chairs

You need to prepare one less chair than the number of people playing, a speaker to play music, and a list of Christmas songs. First, you need to set up some chairs in a circle with the number of chairs being less than the individuals playing. Then let’s play a Christmas tune and ask your team to run around the circle of seats. When you stop the music, your team must race to locate a seat. The player who fails cannot find the chair is out and leaves the game. After that, you continue to remove another chair and play until the last player standing will be the winner. It’s so fun, don’t forget to add this game to your list of office party Christmas games!

work Christmas party games
Play games with fun Christmas songs playing

1.23. Snowball fight

Snowball Fight is another game we want to introduce to you when it comes to office party Christmas games. A snowball battle with running around in the outdoors is a terrific game to let off some steam and create some feel-good hormones! First, you need to divide your employees into teams. Teams will take turns hitting as many members of the other team as possible with snowballs in 10 minutes. Each match will have 2 teams participating and the team that strikes the most enemy players wins.

work Christmas party games
A funny fight with a snowball

1.24. Christmas gift exchange

Christmas gift exchange is an excellent activity to make employees in your office feel more connected. First, you need to prepare pieces of paper with the names of each team member written on them and place them in a hat before your office Christmas party. Each employee must draw a piece of paper from the hat and purchase a Christmas present for the coworker whose name is printed on it. 

work Christmas party games
Colleagues give gifts to each other at Christmas party

Next, let’s urge your employees to purchase and bring their gifts to the office Christmas party! Additionally, colleagues can explain why they purchased the gift to each other. This is one of the great work Christmas party activities, right? Therefore, try it!

1.25. Gingerbread house building race

Making a tasty treat for the holiday season is a great way to get your employees’ taste buds tingling. Not only that, this also gets them enthusiastic about playing workplace party activities! These office party Christmas games are perfect for offices that have just added many new employees or newly established offices. Since it encourages people to engage with one another and start talks.

office party Christmas games
Decorate the gingerbread house together in your office

To begin this game, divide your teams into couples or groups of 3 people. Then, you give them the supplies to decorate a gingerbread home together. Don’t forget to set a time restriction! In the end, the team that owns the gingerbread homes rated the most will be the winning team. This is also the last game idea we propose to you!

Above is a summary of the 25 best office party Christmas games that you can refer to. Hopefully, you will have more interesting ideas to help members of your office get into the Christmas spirit through our articles. If you need help with any problem, please contact TeeNavi right away!

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