The Best Orange Tshirt Outfit Ideas For Women & Men In 2022

The Best Orange Tshirt Outfit Ideas For Women & Men In 2022

In fashion, an orange tshirt outfit is having a moment that this vibrant color can be paired with many different outfits to create a unique and stylish look. Whether you’re looking for orange t-shirt outfit ideas for women or men, TeeNavi‘s got you covered!

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1. Outfit ideas with striking orange tshirt outfit for women

If women have an orange t-shirt in their wardrobe but don’t know what to combine with appropriate outfits, this is the section orange tshirt outfit for you. Immediately refer to the ways to coordinate orange shirt outfit ideas below to be able to become a fashionista in no time.

1.1 Orange tee outfit with a printed skirt

Let’s take a look at a stylish look that features an orange buttonless three-quarter sleeve shirt. Combine it with a white and black mini skirt that has random and delicate leopard-printed details. You can accessorize with pale pink pointed-toe heels. To look even more stylish, add a white leather clutch backpack to the mix.

orange t shirt outfit
Pair it with a little skirt in white and black

Dress in an orange shirt outfit and an orange full skirt for a casual and cool look — these two pieces go well together. When you add white canvas sneakers to the mix, the whole look comes together.

orange shirt outfit
Orange tee with a printed skirt
orange tshirt outfit
Orange shirt outfit women’s

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1.2 Orange cap-sleeve tee, cuffed jeans, and a brown belt

The orange tshirt outfit is ideal for those who want to look cheerful while keeping the look relatively low-key. Simply pair an orange cap sleeve tee with greyish blue wide stance cuffed jeans. To look elegant and ladylike, wear a brown belt and pale pink heeled sandals.

orange tshirt outfit
A cap-sleeved orange shirt, cuffed denim, and a brown belt

1.3 Bodysuit with slinky square-neck orange tshirt outfit

With this bright bodysuit, you’ll never have to stress about your top bringing untucked. For added interest, combine with khakis & a belt bag. This combination will help you become more attractive and mature.

orange shirt outfit ideas
Bodysuit with slinky square-neck
orange t shirt outfit
Slinky square-neck bodysuit

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1.4 Jeans and an orange puffy sleeve t-shirt

Good news if you embraced the puff-sleeve pattern of summer 2019! This spring and summer, a voluminous shoulder look is back. Wear this lightweight linen version in a bright orange shade with cropped high-waisted jeans and sandals to stay cool.

what to wear with orange t-shirt
Jeans and a puffy sleeved orange t-shirt

An orange t-shirt and orange skinny jeans are a smart pairing to add to your wardrobe. It’s amazing what a pair of tan leather heeled sandals can do for an outfit. For a killer and stylish look, pair an orange shirt with light blue skinny jeans. Experiment with your footwear and finish this look with a pair of orange leather sandals.

2. Style an orange t-shirt with what outfit will be beautiful for men

Above are the ways to coordinate high-color t-shirts for women, it will be indispensable for men to coordinate. Refer to the ways to create impressive and strong orange t-shirt outfits for men’s styles below!

2.1 An orange tshirt outfit and chinos

What color pants to wear with an orange shirt? Combine an orange shirt outfit mens and dark brown chinos for a casual look with a fashionable twist. Supplement this look with a pair of black canvas slip-on athletic shoes to add a pop of color. To feel confident in yourself while looking casual and cool, pair an orange tee with white chinos and a denim jacket. Why not add a pair of canvas low-top sneakers to mix for a more refined look?

what to wear with orange t-shirt
Wear an orange shirt with dark brown chinos

This combination of an orange top and black chinos is extremely versatile and instantly cool. Dress up your look with a pair of black chunky leather loafers in the style of David Beckham. Grey chinos and an orange tee are a stylish look to add to your casual wardrobe. When this outfit appears too classic, dress it down with a pair of black leather flip-flops.

orange t-shirt outfit mens
An orange shirt, white chinos with denim jacket are worn together
orange tshirt outfit
Orange shirt mens outfit

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2.2 A bright orange tee with athletic shorts

You’re looking at unmistakable proof that an orange tee and white shorts look great together in an edgy outfit. Orange leather high-top shoes are a simple way to add a stylish touch to any outfit. Consider wearing an orange top with beige shorts for a sharp and current casual look. Why not pair an orange shirt mens outfit with beige athletic shoes to give it a more polished look?
The combination of an orange shirt and olive shorts demonstrates that a safe casual outfit can still look very dapper. Want to take your shoe game to the next level? Wear a pair of grey shoes to complete your look.

orange shirt outfit women's
An orange tee with athletic shorts
orange urban outfitters t shirt
Mens orange t shirt outfit

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2.4 An orange tee and jeans

The ideal choice for a badass laid-back look? An orange tshirt outfit and black skinny jeans. Why not supplement your outfit with white and black canvas high-top footwear if you want to instantaneously lift it up with shoes? A combination of an orange shirt and blue jeans demonstrates that a safe off-duty look can still be very stylish. Complement this look with a pair of dark brown leather loafers to instantly up the fashion quotient of any outfit. We like a combination of light blue ripped jeans and an orange t shirt outfit for an edgy look without sacrificing functionality. Finish your look with white and black leather loafers.

orange urban outfitters t shirt
A black skinny jean and an orange shirt
orange shirt mens outfit
An orange tee and jeans

2.5 Black athletic shorts outfits with orange shirts

In a casual outfit, an orange t-shirt looks particularly cool when paired with black athletic shorts. Finish with a couple of tan canvas drop sneakers to add a pop of color to your look. The combination of orange t-shirt outfits like this creates a very impressive style.

orange t-shirt outfit mens
Orange t shirt mens outfit

3. Orange’s versatility when combining outfits

Orange is a difficult color to wear because it can be quite bright as well as overpowering. However, if you look closely, you will notice that there are many fabulous ways to style orange in a variety of color combinations. TeeNavi show you how to wear orange in various unexpected ways in this updated complete guide.

orange tshirt outfit
Orange is a challenging hue to wear

Can you believe how well orange goes with so many other colors? It’s proving to be a very versatile color. I’ve seen orange in stores in a variety of shades ranging from really bright to more demure, so you can simply choose the shade of orange that best suits your complexion as well as temperament and mix, and match with all of these other lovely colors. You don’t even need to buy something in this color. Adding a scarf or a bag will give you that orange flavor and add flair to your outfit.

4. Color clothes that go with orange

What to wear with orange t-shirt? Before considering what colors go along with orange, you must first choose the right orange clothing and accessories to serve as inspiration for the remainder of your ensemble. The colors that often combine well with orange can be mentioned as black, white, red, brown, and gray,…

4.1 Orange and black

The orange and black color scheme may have a Halloween vibe to it, but it’s still appealing. The key to nailing a black-orange pair is to select fashionable elements. Combining black and orange can help you achieve a more formal appearance. Orange, on the other hand, lightens the tone of black, dispelling its weight and darkness. Nothing beats a splash of eye-catching color to brighten up a black outfit, and orange is no exception. When orange and black are combined, they can create an optimistic, bright, trendy image that makes you appear modern and elegant. To look sleek and fashionable, pair a cute orange blouse with a pair of waist-high black pants.
orange urban outfitters t shirt
Orange outfit ideas

4.2 Orange and blue

Orange and blue is a great examples of a daring color combination, especially if you select royal blue. If you want to look like a street-style icon, this color combination is a must-try. However, if blue is too much, you can wear orange with a lighter blue. You’ll also look fashionable and elegant in a pastel metallic blue paired with bright orange. You can also try different blue tones with orange for a lovely and bold look. A baby blue jacket over an orange dress, for example, will look stunning. Deep dark blue looks great with orange as well.
orange shirt mens outfit
Orange and blue

4.3 Orange and burgundy

Burgundy is another fashionable color that goes well with orange. It’s ideal for fall and winter clothing, and it looks quite classy when paired with formal attire. Pairing burgundy a blazer and pants with a distinct orange accent, such as a cute tank top, is an excellent way to dress up and look professional. You could also wear white shoes with orange pants.
what to wear with orange t-shirt
Orange and burgundy

4.4 Orange and denim

Because orange is such a strong color on its own, combining it with neutrals is probably the best way to avoid appearing “too much.” Furthermore, while denim is typically a blue color, it is considered a neutral that goes well with almost any color, including orange. The combination of denim and orange looks casual yet modern without being overly brash or strange. If you want to be more daring, pair your orange shirt with stylish printed jeans. The key to pulling off eye-catching orange looks is to pair it with something that makes a comparable statement.

4.5 Orange and purple

While the color combination of purple and orange is uncommon, it is not without merit. Surprisingly, the combination works beautifully. Because purple and orange are complementary colors, they work well together. If you’re still unsure about the pairing, take a cue from fashion icon Rihanna. You can definitely pull off a purple shirt and orange pant combo if she can. You can also combine the carrot color with aubergine or plum if you use a subtle purple palette. To achieve the greatest color intensity, choose shades with similar qualities such as saturation, brightness, and depth. Just keep in mind that, while this combination appears to be fantastic, it will tire you out if it is too intense.

Orange tshirt outfit is gaining in popularity, as they can be paired with many different outfits to create a look that is both unique and stylish. Hopefully, with the combinations that TeeNavi introduced, you can mix and match your outfit with an orange t-shirt.

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