5+ Pencil Skirt With T Shirt Looks | Simple & Unique Styles 2024

5+ Pencil Skirt With T Shirt Looks | Simple & Unique Styles 2024

Suit up in something different with a pencil skirt with t shirt recipes from TeeNavi. Fashion is all about experimenting and having fun with your wardrobe. If you feel like you’re in a fashion rut, it’s time to try something new. And what better way to mix things up than by pairing two classic pieces in a new and unexpected way?

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1. Fresh inspiration with a pencil skirt with t shirt

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to wear every day. A pencil skirt with t-shirt is a fresh inspiration for your everyday look. These combos are simple, yet unique and stylish. With these five recipes, you can mix and match different styles to create a unique and memorable look. Try one of these combinations today and feel confident in your own personal style.

pencil skirt with t shirt
New ideas with a pencil skirt and t-shirt

2. Get a stylish look with a pencil skirt with t shirt outfits

If you’re looking for a simple and stylish way to mix up your wardrobe, then try pairing a pencil skirt with a t shirt. This combo is perfect for creating a unique and fashion-forward look. Whether you’re going for a casual or dressy look, there are plenty of different combinations you can try. So, if you’re feeling stuck in a fashion rut, then give this combo a try. You won’t be disappointed.

2.1 Spencil skirt and striped tee under blazer

With the weather cooling down, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about layering. And one of our favourite combos is a pencil skirt with a striped tee under a blazer. This look is stylish and professional, but still comfortable and casual.

pencil skirt with t shirt
Under blazer, pencil skirt and striped tee

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2.2 More cute with cartoon tee and pencil skirt

With a cartoon shirt and sneakers, you can give a checkered pencil skirt a whimsical touch. You may still seem casual by styling it with your go-to jacket. TeeNavi loves how this cute tops with pencil skirt combo of a cartoon tee and pleated skirt

pencil skirt with t shirt
Cuter with a cartoon tee and a pencil skirt

2.3 Printed pencil skirt with t shirt

Consider pairing a patterned pencil skirt with a brightly coloured t-shirt and sleek nude shoes for a springtime-inspired outfit. This attire is appropriate for going shopping, working, or simply hanging out.

what do you wear with a pencil skirt
T-shirt and printed pencil skirt

2.4 Crop T-shirt and ankle-length skirt

Cropped in the set pencil skirt with t shirt made of supple, ribbed cotton jersey. T-shirt with shoulders that are slightly lowered and a round, cut neckline. High-waisted skirt with a slit at the side of the hem and covered elastic at the waistband.

how to tuck shirt in pencil skirt
T-shirt crop and ankle-length skirt

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2.5 Colorful skirt with basic t-shirt

Consider a pencil skirt with t shirt in a vivid, rich hue like robin’s egg blue if you want to stand out at work (or simply need a cheerful, colourful upgrade). Stretch makes this skirt by Elizabeth and James extremely flattering and ideal for layering.

what color shirt goes with pink jeans
Colorful skirt paired with a simple t-shirt

3. How to pick the perfect pencil skirt match to t-shirt

When choosing this style, it’s important to consider the colour and style of both garments. More details:

3.1 Prefer to wear pencil skirts with slits

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, then try pairing a pencil skirt with darts with a plain t-shirt. This is a great way to create a polished and professional look. If you prefer to wear pencil skirts with slits, then be sure to choose one that has a bold or eye-catching pattern. This will help to make the outfit stand out.

  • Try to wear a pencil skirt and t shirt featuring two vertical darts sewed into the front to give the appearance of slimmer hips and legs. Your waist is defined by the darts, which also compel the eye to glance upward and downward rather than side to side.
  • You may want to think about a pencil skirt with a 2 to 3-inch slit in the centre behind to fit a tiny waist and broader thighs. Your legs have more space to move thanks to the slit, which also helps to keep the waistband snug which it ought to be for a good fit. Slits can also create a sexier, flirtier atmosphere for the skirt.
pencil skirt with t shirt
Pencil skirts with slits are preferred

3.2 Try with pattern, texture, and color

A variety of materials and patterns are used to create a pencil skirt with t shirt outfit. If you want a skirt that is generally adaptable, you can stick with conventional options, but if you are feeling brave, choosing something more unusual may be a terrific way to add extra pizazz to your ensemble.

  • If you just want one simple-to-style item in your closet, go with black since it’s impossible to go incorrect with a pencil skirt in that colour. Bright colours and designs might be a little tricky to dress up, but a black pencil skirt can easily transition from a professional to a casual to a sensual look.
  • Take attention to how texture, pattern, and colour impact your look as a whole. Your lower half will be the focus of greater attention the more you deviate from the traditional black skirt.
what do you wear with a pencil skirt
Experiment with texture, pattern, and color

3.3 Think about your features

The pencil skirt with t shirt flatters the majority of body shape, but if your bottom is particularly curvy, you may want to take a bit extra caution when wearing it. Pencil skirts tend to hug your thighs, emphasizing your lower curves, which may not be acceptable for many settings due to the added sex appeal.

  • Stick to pencil dark skirts and match them with colourful or textured tops to detract attention from your bottom half. The eye should be drawn upward by the aesthetically appealing top, away from your lower half in the approach.
  • Also, attach importance to the hemline. To avoid making the extra volume appear even more prominent than normal, make sure the length does not hit the largest portion of your thighs. Since your leg is thinnest around the knee or immediately below, skirts that fall at these locations are typically a better choice.
how to tuck shirt in pencil skirt
To draw attention away from your bottom half, wear pencil dark skirts with colorful or textured tops

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3.4 Play with height and length

Your overall look will be slightly influenced by both the height of the waistline and the length of the bottom hemline. Despite the fact that there are certain basic principles to keep in mind, the best approach to choose the length and height that is ideal for your form is to try on a range of looks and decide which one you like most while looking in the mirror.

  • Consider a high-waisted design with a lower hemline if you want to seem taller or thinner. You may give the appearance of longer legs and a smaller waist by moving the skirt up your torso.
  • Conversely, taller ladies might want to think about pencil skirt with t shirt that end at or just below the knee. With a short skirt, you could still give off your natural long legs, but if you’re tall enough just to pull it off, the extra length may look chic.
what color shirt goes with pink jeans
If you want to appear taller or thinner, choose a high-waisted style with a lower hemline

3.5 Your body should fit the skirt

Picking an outfit may seem obvious, but you must ensure that the skirt is a good fit for your body. Even though the majority of clothing companies size skirts using the same fundamental measures, you should still put the skirt on before purchasing it.

  • A pencil skirt that is too big might give your belly unneeded additional bulk. Your waist will appear bigger as a result, and your form might look boxy.
  • Conversely, a pencil skirt that is too tiny may result in bulges over your thighs, belly, and back. Pencil skirts that are too tight make it tough to move about.
pencil skirt with t shirt
A pencil skirt that is too big may add unnecessary bulk to your stomach

TeeNavi recommends trying on a few different styles and lengths to find the perfect one for your figure. TeeNavi also offers a high-pencil skirt to help lengthen your silhouette and create an overall slimmer appearance. You can easily find a pencil skirt with t shirt that fits both your personal style and professional wardrobe.


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