4 Best Print T-shirt High Quality Methods Custom In 2022

When it comes to finding a print T-shirt high quality, you have a few different options to choose from. Each of these methods has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to understand the differences before making a decision. This article by TeeNavi will help you answer this problem.

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1. The highest quality t-shirt printing methods

When it comes to the highest quality t-shirt printing methods, there are a few different options to choose from. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to understand the differences before making a decision. We will take a look at four of the highest quality T shirt printing methods used for custom t-shirt printing: DTG, screen printing, vinyl, dye sublimation.

print t-shirt high quality
Techniques of t-shirt printing

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2. Criteria for print t-shirt high quality

If you want to print T-shirt high quality, you need to consider many aspects related to the material and printing method. Here are the best quality for printing t-shirts criteria to pay attention to.

2.1 Fabric composition

Polyester, cotton, rayon, and possibly others are the most common T-shirt materials, accounting for the large majority of T-shirt fabrics. However, each of these includes additional details and variations that are critical to understanding the garment they create. Cotton, for example, is not created equal, and the variation in cotton fabrics has a significant effect on the final result. This post will explain the differences between these fabrics, and by the end, you will be well-prepared the next time you browse our product catalog.

print t-shirt high quality
The fabric’s composition

2.2 The fabric’s weight

The weight of the fabric is measured in square yards or meters. Heavyweight T- shirts are frequently carded open-ended, whereas lighter weighT shirts are combed and ring-spun and weigh 5 to 6 oz. Tri-blends are also extremely light, which is why they are so popular. A lightweight T-shirt typically weighs 3 to 4 ounces.

print t-shirt high quality
The weight of the cloth

3. Ways to choose the best print T-shirts?

Here are the best t-shirt designs, best quality, and suitable for printing. These T-shirt methods and materials will give you the most impressive t-shirt products.

3.1 Bleached T-shirt 2D

The Bleached T-shirt 2D is another option of print t-shirt high quality for those looking for inexpensive best T-shirts for printing as well as those who prefer eye-catching and outstanding tees. With its innovative bleached design, this tee will help wearers stand out from the crowd. Because it is made of 100 percentage points breathable and comfortable-to-wear cotton fabric, it is appropriate for both streetwear and work attire. – 100% cotton – Direct to Garment printing technique.  Colors include red, black, navy, light pink, deep forest, kelly green, purple, royal blue, gold, orange, brown, light blue, and dark heather.

best quality for printing t-shirts
2D Bleached T-shirt

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3.2 All-over print T-shirt

One of the most cutting-edge printing technology is all-over printing, also known as sublimation printing. Because it is unique, it melts pigments into the fibers rather than printing them. Instead of adding another layer of clothing. This is the method used for large-scale printing. Based on how it works, the best T-shirts for sublimation are those made of synthetic materials, primarily polyester. Alternatively, the color would not attach to a specific variety.

best quality for printing t-shirts
T-shirt with all-over pattern

3.3 Reflective T-shirt

The Reflective T-shirt is the only tee on our list that is not made entirely of cotton. It’s made of a special soft-style combed cotton. This material is extremely soft and comfortable. Reflective T-shirt printing will add a splash of color to your customers’ wardrobes. Whether your customers are strolling around town or hanging out with friends at night, this high-quality T-shirt will undoubtedly set you apart from any direct light source that performs the reflective design, creating a stunning effect.

print your own t-shirt high quality
T-shirt with reflective stripes

3.4 Classic unisex T-shirt

The classic unisex T-shirt is made of 100% cotton and has a thick and regular fit for wearers. It is the ideal blend of affordability, comfort, high quality, and fit. This print-on-demand T-shirt has a crew neckline, short sleeves, taped necks, and double-needle sleeves for durability. If your customers are looking for high-quality T-shirts for printing, this is one of the best options. 6.1-ounce, 100% cotton tee with double-needle neck, sleeves, and hem; roomy unisex fit. Direct to Garment printing technique:

  • Sizes: XS – 6XL 
  • Colors: White, black, navy, red, sport grey, deep forest, dark heather, kelly green, light pink, royal blue, purple, light blue, gold, brown, orange
print your own t-shirt high quality
T-shirt for men and women

4. Notes when choosing a print T-shirt high quality unit

To choose a reputable and genuine T-shirt printing company, you should pay attention to the following factors:

4.1 Shrinking factor

Garments made from non-shrinking materials make personalization much easier. These textiles have extra touch, which aids in their shape and size retention after washing. This means that the image will be more vibrant and vivid for a longer period of time.

highest quality t shirt printing method
Factor of reduction

4.2 Fabric

The most common printing material is 100% cotton, which is preferred by most screen printers because it ensures that the color is sharp and vivid. Numerous people prefer scoured cotton because it is softer, nicer, and prints better. The second most popular option is 100% polyester. As previously stated, this fabric produces the besT shirts for sublimation printing. This material is also soft due to the unique blend, and the color scheme can be heathered with drops of grey or black.

highest quality t shirt printing method
Printing material

4.3 Seams and construction

We can now choose between seamless and classical sewn T-shirts. Each has its own set of benefits. Because they can be worn with any design, the seamless tee is more versatile than regular tees. There’s no need to press the seams either, so they’re always ready to go. Seamless T-shirts, on the other hand, have a more tailored fit and are customized.

what are the best quality shirts to print on
Construction and seams

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5. Frequently asked questions

The following section will answer your questions regarding the best quality t-shirt printing. If you have more questions regarding this topic then this is the section for you.

5.1 What kind of printing is done on t-shirts?

Many people use three primary printing techniques for the print t-shirt high quality: dye sublimation printing, direct to garment, and heat transfer printing. As previously stated, each printing technique will be appropriate for each type of fabric. You can use this post as a guide to choose the best T-shirt fabric for your needs, or you can contact our support team for more information.

how to print high quality shirts
T-shirts are printed in many ways

5.2 Which brand of T-shirt has the highest quality?

TeeNavi provides you with a variety of high-quality T-shirts for printing at extremely low prices ranging from $20 to $26. All of our T-shirt products are made with high-quality cotton fabric, which allows for the most breathable and comfortable wearing experience. All TeeNavi print-on-demand T-shirts are printed using cutting-edge technology to ensure that the design and color of the products do not fade after extended use.

how to print high quality shirts
The top quality T-shirt brand

There are many methods and ways to print T-shirt high quality today. The above article of TeeNavi has shown you the factors to pay attention to when printing on t-shirts, suitable t-shirt designs for printing as well as unique printing methods. Hope this information will help you in choosing the printing method and getting the best quality t-shirt.

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