14+ Best Sports T-shirt Fabric Types | Best Material For Workout

14+ Best Sports T-shirt Fabric Types | Best Material For Workout

Sports t-shirt fabric is becoming more popular every year. What’s the best fabric for workout clothes? TeeNavi tells you everything you need to know about sports t-shirt fabric types!

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1. The types of sports t-shirt fabric 

A sports t-shirt fabric is a type of fabric that is commonly used in athletic apparel. This type of fabric is typically designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking, which makes it ideal for use in workout clothes. There are a variety of different sports fabrics to make custom t-shirts available on the market. So, it is important to do your research before choosing one. Sportswear is apparel that individuals wear while they exercise or play sports, and so on. It refers to any garment worn when engaging in physical activities. To make your training session more pleasant, use clothing that wicks away sweat and allows you to move quickly. What is the best material for sports shirts? That is types of sports t shirts are made from unique materials such as:

1.1 Calico

Calico is a cotton subclass. It is natural, untreated cotton that is similarly soft. This material is the best sports t shirt material. It’s very absorbent, making it an excellent choice for athletic wear apparel. You will also be helping the earth by utilizing calico because it is environmentally friendly.

sports t-shirt fabric
Calico is a type of cotton
sports t-shirt fabric
A sports t-shirt fabric is a type of fabric commonly found in athletic apparel

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1.2 Tencel

Tencel is a wood-based fabric produced from wood pulp. Because it is constructed of wood fibres, it offers a nice feel and sweat-wicking capabilities. Tencel is an environmentally beneficial material since it is fully biodegradable. This fabric is wrinkle-free and cool. This is the best fabric for exercise because it is both environmentally friendly and has good durability and properties.

sports t-shirt fabric
Tencel is a wood-based fabric that is made from wood pulp

1.3 Microfiber

The term “microfiber” refers to a material composed of extremely small, microscopic threads having a linear density of little more than one micron. In other words, the threads in microfiber are a hundred times finer than those in human hair. It is man-made rather than naturally occurring. A variety of polyester kinds are combined to create microfiber. Due to its high cost, microfiber is frequently utilized in branded sportswear.

sports t-shirt fabric
The term “microfiber” refers to a material made up of extremely small fibers

1.4 Spandex

Spandex is the most stretchy synthetic fabric on the market. They can be stretched considerably without losing their shape. As a result, spandex textiles are frequently utilized in the production of yoga trousers, where stretching is an integral element of the workout. It is considered one of the most popular sports t-shirt material types today. However, because of its extreme elasticity, spandex is a delicate fabric to clean. Unlike cotton, spandex is not abrasion resistant. This indicates you can’t machine wash your pure spandex garments unless you’re very careful.

types of sports t shirts
Spandex is the stretchiest synthetic fabric available

1.5 Cotton

Previously, the popular perception held that cotton is a fabric that doesn’t absorb perspiration, making it unsuitable for athletic use. Cotton sportswear, on the other hand, has recently been accessible since it has superior odor management to other fabrics because it is airy and does not retain stink. In contrast, cotton falls behind in terms of fast sweat absorption.

types of sports t shirts
Cotton, according to popular belief, is a fabric that does not absorb perspiration

1.6 Wool

Wool is an excellent sports t-shirt fabric in chilly climates. Woollen fabric fibres retain heat and serve to keep you warm. Woollen fabric is breathable, making it an odourless choice for athletic wear.

types of sports t shirts
In colder climates, wool makes an excellent sports t-shirt fabric

1.7 Bamboo fabric

Bamboo fabric, as the name implies, is comprised of organic bamboo fibers. It is a light substance. Bamboo textiles, as the name implies, are created from natural bamboo fibers. It’s a light, durable, and quick-drying cloth that also provides sun protection. But it isn’t all. Bamboo’s antibacterial properties are one of its most intriguing characteristics. Moreover, bamboo clothes will last significantly longer than most other fabrics on the market before needing to be washed. Bamboo textiles are biodegradable and more ecologically friendly than synthetic fibers since they are manufactured from natural fibers.

types of sports t shirts
Bamboo fabric, as the name suggests, is made of organic bamboo fibers

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1.8 Neoprene

Neoprene is a synthetic material that is one of the thickest of the sport t shirt materials discussed above. It has a neoprene texture that serves as both an insulator and a water resistor. As a result, neoprene is widely employed in the manufacture of underwater apparel like diving suits.

sports t shirt fabric
One of the thickest of the materials discussed above is neoprene, a synthetic material

1.9 Synthetic

Synthetic sportswear was developed to make athletes’ lives easier by replacing the plastic and rubber apparel that was used to heat them. Not only may synthetic material be used for clothes, but it can also be employed in sports equipment. This material is airy and rapidly absorbs perspiration, allowing you to stay cool.

sports t shirt fabric

1.10 Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a kind of plastic cloth. This fabric, on the other hand, is entirely water resistant, which indicates that even if you sweat on the outside of your garment, the fabric will not get wet from the inside. This sports t-shirt fabric may be used as an independent fabric or as a foundation layer in conjunction with another fabric.

sports t shirt fabric

1.11 Gore-Tex

Gore-Tex is a composite material that is used to produce not just sporty gear like hoodies but also racing shoes. It is a fabric film that is typically applied to activewear to make it airtight and waterproof. Regardless of this flaw, it is a breathable textile that is suitable for high-intensity activities. Essentially, this sport tshirt material keeps water and winds out while allowing perspiration to drain. As a result, this material is an excellent choice for windcheaters.

sports t shirt fabric
Gore-Tex is a type of composite material

1.12 Polyester

Polyester clothing has one of the finest wicking properties of any synthetic material, which helps you stay cool by wicking perspiration away from your skin. Because polyester is machine washable, you can throw it in the washer without worrying about it losing its shape. Polyester is a wonderful alternative for folks who like low-maintenance clothing.

best material for sports shirts

1.13 Nylon

Nylon is the world’s second most popular sports t-shirt fabric. It is well-known for being long-lasting, strong, water-resistant, and mould-resistant. Nylon is among the most stretchy synthetic fibres on the market due to its strength. Nylon shirts are ideally suited for outdoor activities such as climbing or trekking, where their toughness and water resistance provide you with an edge. It’s less suitable for activities when rapid drying and cooling are essential.

best material for sports shirts
Nylon is the world’s second most popular fabric for sports t-shirts

1.14 X-Static

Metal is used in the production of X-Static. Silver particles have been incorporated into the threads of this fabric. Silver has anti-bacterial characteristics that hinder the growth of bacteria and fungi. As a result, even after extensive usage, X-Static sportswear remains clean and odor-free.

best material for sports shirts

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2. Sports t-shirt fabrics with quick-drying properties

In addition to the regular fabrics used to make sports T-shirts mentioned above, many customers now prefer mesh fabric with its dry and breathable properties. Here are the 3 most suitable quick-drying sports t shirt material types that we recommend for you:

2.1 Mesh fabric that dries quickly

The fabric has excellent color fastness. With a moderate thickness, it is frequently used in various sportswear. This sports t shirt fabric has a bigger mesh hole, which allows for excellent breathability. Its moisture-wicking properties quickly wick sweat away, making it more comfortable to wear during exercise.

sports t-shirt fabric
Mesh fabric that dries quickly

2.2 Quick dry pique

Because the fabric structure is firm and tight, quick dry pique is commonly used for dry-fit polo shirts. It can absorb sweat and quickly dry, keeping your body cool and dry. Because the fabric does not shrink or deform and has a high color fastness, its durability is greatly enhanced.

sports t-shirt fabric
Quick dry pique

2.3 Star Eyelet

Sport shirt materials commonly use star eyelet quick dry fabric. Meshes that are small but have a high air permeability. Because the fabric does not shrink or deform and has a high color fastness, its durability is greatly enhanced. The fiber absorbs, diffuses, and transmits through the core, quickly absorbing and dispersing sweat on the skin’s surface, allowing the fabric to dry quickly while also discharging the body’s heat to keep the skin dry and cool.

sports t-shirt fabric
Star Eyelet

3. The features of sports t-shirt fabric

Follow 4 characteristics of good sports t-shirt fabric below:

3.1 Good water resistance

When you are unlikely to work out on a rainy day, water resistance is vital for sportswear due to the amount of perspiration you will produce while working out. Water-resistant sports shirts can help keep you cool by wicking perspiration away from your skin.

best material for sports shirts
Water resistance is excellent

3.2 Good stretch

Any activewear should be stretchy but not lose shape over time. In this scenario, sport t shirt fabric types outperforms naturalfiberr materials in terms of stretchability. You don’t have to fear tearing from overexertion when you use elastic fabrics. They seamlessly collaborate with you to design any form or shape.

sports t-shirt fabric
Excellent stretch

3.3 Fresh air

Breathable materials are often constructed of tiny filaments, which provide the material with low weight while maintaining its shape. Breathable fabrics keep you cool as you sweat, allowing you to keep running without losing momentum.

sports t-shirt fabric
Clean air

3.4 Made of synthetic fiber

As we have seen, the inherent properties of sports shirt fabrics created from natural fibers might make them unsuitable for sports. They have a tendency to keep heat within rather than transfer it out. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, frequently have strong wick absorption characteristics and finer filaments, which gives them well-known rapid dry properties.

sports t-shirt fabric
Fabricated from synthetic fiber

TeeNavi is lucky to have a wide range of options for sports t-shirt fabric. While there is no perfect fabric for every occasion, by understanding the strengths and limitations of each fabric type, TeeNavi hopes you can pick the correct cloth for the right occasion. Follow us for more information about clothing.

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