How To Pick The Best Strapless Dress For Your Body Type

How To Pick The Best Strapless Dress For Your Body Type

Recently, strapless dress body type has reappeared and created a big wave in feminine and sexy dressing styles. Each strapless dress with different designs has its unique beauty. So, how to choose a dress to suit your body shape, how to keep the strapless skirt from falling, and how to choose a bra? Let’s take a look at the following article of TeeNavi for specific answers!

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1. Choose strapless dress body type for your body

Here are 5 body shapes and how to choose the right strapless dress body type:

1.1. Straight and rectangular shape

The perfect strapless dress body type that you need to choose when your body is rectangular or straight shape creates curves. It should provide an attractive silhouette and give you a more defined waistline. You should choose fitted bodices, preferably with border prints as these create an illusion of curves. A strapless peplum dress will offer more shape and is suitable as well.

strapless dress body type
Strapless dress for a straight and rectangular shape

Whatever dress you choose, keep in mind that it should proportionally provide volume to both your upper and lower body. Choose knee-length or shorter styles because women with this body type have shapely legs.

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1.2. Pear shape

Currently, the most common female body shape is pear-shaped. Your buttocks and hips will be bigger than your shoulders and bust line when you have this body type. A delicate upper body with voluptuous arms and shoulders are other prominent features. With these characteristics, the strapless dress body type completely without straps will be a great choice for you.

best strapless bra body shaper
A-line strapless dresses help slim your hips

It’s the perfect style choice because it focuses everyone’s attention on your upper body. You should choose strapless dresses with seashell necklines. It not only contributes to the decoration of the dress but also helps to draw the eye upwards. In addition, you can also choose A-line strapless dresses because they help slim your hips. Similarly, if you are tall, long strapless dresses are also a good choice.

1.3. Inverted triangle shape

Because of its broad shoulders and narrow hips, which are best described as inverted triangles, this body type is known as the athletic body type. Compared to the other forms, this type has a larger upper body with a broader bust and back. Contrary to popular perception, the shapely legs are this type’s finest feature. 

strapless dress body type
Choose the strapless dress for the inverted triangle shape

Therefore, keeping this in mind, it is advised to select a mermaid-style strapless dress body type with an empire waist. Because the pattern deflects attention from your big shoulders and emphasizes your lower torso and legs.

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1.4. Diamond or apple shape

This body shape has wider shoulders, a broader torso, and a fuller bust. Typically, the arms and waistline will take the brunt of any weight increase for this kind. Legs and hips have a more rounded and shaped appearance. So, how should a strapless dress fit?

best strapless bra body shaper
Diamond or apple shape should choose a strapless sweetheart A-line dress

A strapless sweetheart A-line dress is a terrific way to display your full bust. because the cleavage is highlighted by the neckline. Try short and sexy to show off your smaller, more defined legs if you have this type of body. However, you should avoid wearing gowns that draw attention to your stomach and waist. Therefore, avoid using belts or clothing with built-in waistline characteristics.

1.5. Hourglass shape

Hourglass form is by far the most desirable body type worldwide. Even the most well-known supermodels were not blessed with this body type. This body type is especially curvaceous, with fuller breasts that are emphasized by well-formed legs and a distinct waist. 

strapless dress body type
Any dress style suits hourglass body shape

You’re in luck if you have an hourglass figure because practically any strapless dress body type shape will look good on you. You will look fantastic whether you choose to wear a sweetheart-necked strapless dress or a tube dress with a sheath skirt. In general, you should draw attention to your waistline and your curves. Wear dresses with defined waistlines or add a belt as an accessory. 

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2. How to keep the strapless shirt from falling

It’s not always a good idea to deal with a strapless dress body type that keeps falling off, so it’s important to double-check the product before making a purchase. You should choose strapless dresses with beaded on the bottom that fit your skin to reduce slippage.

best body type for strapless dress
How to fix strapless skirts to not fall off when wearing

In addition, you can choose to wear a skirt with hidden or hidden straps. This is in case of an emergency when all other ways to fix the dress have failed. You can also use fashion tape to secure the dress in the position you want. This prevents the skirt from slipping off causing discomfort to you.

3. Select bra wear when wearing a strapless

When it comes to bras when wearing a strapless dress body type, strapless bras, busts, and jumpsuits are the things that come to mind. The choice of bra will depend on the preferences of the wearer. Strapless bras or jumpers are the two best choices that many people prefer. If you’re comfortable with your belly and don’t want any extra control, choose a strapless dress without a bra. Otherwise, choose a bodysuit for a slimmer belly and better support and control.

how should a strapless dress fit
A bodysuit is a bra that slims the belly

4. FAQs about strapless dress body type

Here are 4 frequently asked questions about how should a strapless dress fit:

4.1. Hairstyles fit with a strapless dress

The strapless dress body type enhances the beauty of your shoulders and enhances the femininity of your face. With a flexible strapless neckline design, it suits both high bun and loose hairstyles. If you want to look sexy, you should choose a high bun to show off your skin. On the contrary, for a slightly more conservative and secure look, let your hair down in free curls. Alternatively, you can apply a smoothing balm and blow-dry your curls to create a frame if you want to accentuate your collarbone.

how should a strapless dress fit
The high bun hairstyle goes well with strapless dresses

4.2. On what occasions should dress in a strapless gown?

A strapless dress body type can be worn on several different occasions, such as:

  • Weddings: A strapless dress can be a chic and sophisticated option for a bridesmaid or wedding guest.
  • Formal occasions: For a formal occasion like a gala, charity dinner, or prom, a strapless dress may be a suitable option.
  • Cocktail parties: A strapless dress can be a stylish and elegant choice for a night out or a cocktail party.
  • Events in the summer: Strapless dresses are a popular option for summer events including beach parties, picnics, and barbecues.
  • Date night: A playful and feminine option for a romantic meal or a night out with your special someone is a strapless dress.
strapless dress body type
Wearing a strapless shirt to go out is extremely reasonable

4.3. What jewelry should you choose when wearing a strapless shirt?

After consulting with jewelry designers and stylists on choosing the best jewelry for how should a strapless dress fit. Here are some of the responses we received:

  • Strapless tops often reveal a lot of chest and shoulders, so you should choose to wear chains. It will be a perfect item to highlight your body.
  • You might consider choosing a long necklace to draw attention from top to bottom on your body. Or opt for a layered necklace to add unexpected complexity to your look.
  • You can skip using the necklace. Instead, you will choose really large earrings to highlight the outfit.
  • If the strapless top is classic and chic, wear some glamorous chandelier earrings. Or a bold chunky necklace with small stud earrings would be the perfect match.
  • However, if the strapless top has a lot of texture, you should consider simpler jewelry. It could be a pair of small diamond earrings, for example.
best body type for strapless dress
Should choose the right jewelry when wearing a strapless shirt

4.4. How can I avoid malfunctions while dressing strapless?

To make sure the strapless shirt stays properly on your hips and the bodice is straight, you should pull the lapel up a bit. Then you adjust it so that it rests comfortably on your chest. This will prevent the shirt from falling off.

how should a strapless dress fit
Not stooping to avoid problems when wearing a strapless dress

An important note is that you need to choose the right bra. Avoid choosing the wrong bra with the wrong size and fit to minimize the risk of slippage. Finally, you should stand up straight, keeping your shoulders back and your chest up. Avoid stooping as this can cause the skirt to slide down. Those are ways to help you make sure your strapless dress body type stays in place and looks its best.

This article gives you information on how to choose a strapless dress body type, as well as how to choose a bra and some frequently asked questions about this kind of dress. Hope the article helps you gain more knowledge and useful tips in the process of choosing the right outfit. Please contact TeeNavi immediately if you need to have any questions answered!

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