11+ Different T Shirt And Denim Shorts Looks For Men & Women

11+ Different T Shirt And Denim Shorts Looks For Men & Women

Enjoy this collection of looks that anyone can recreate with their own t shirt and denim shorts at TeeNavi. Everything from classic vintage to modern grunge you have a wide variety of your choice!

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1. T shirt and denim shorts are a casual style this summer

Summertime is the perfect time to break out your favourite t-shirt and denim shorts combo. This laid-back style is perfect for hot weather, and there are plenty of different ways to wear it. Whether you’re going for a classic look or something more modern, we’ve got you covered.

  • For a classic look, try pairing a light-colored t shirt with dark denim shorts. This timeless combination is always in style. You can also add a touch of vintage flair by opting for mom jeans instead of regular denim shorts.
  • If you’re looking for something denim shorts. This edgy look is perfect for summer concerts and festivals. You can also add a bandana or scarf to complete the look.
  • No matter what your style is, we’ve got the perfect t shirt and denim shorts combo for you. So what are you waiting for? Check out our collection today!
t shirt and denim shorts
This summer, a T-shirt and denim shorts look casual

2. T shirt and denim shorts ideas for women 

It might be difficult to put together a look that is both fashionable and young-looking with denim shorts and T-shirts. Here, TeeNavi will demonstrate t-shirt and denim shorts ideas.

2.1 T-shirt and denim shorts with sneakers

Why alter a timeless design? Selecting a T-shirt with a loose fit that doesn’t overwhelm your body or fall just under the hem of shorts is crucial to make this outfit seem as stylish as possible. For a stylish and convenient ensemble, complete the appearance with fashionable sneakers.

t shirt and denim shorts
T-shirt, denim shorts, and sneakers

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2.2 Chic casual outfit under a blazer

Pair a blazer with denim shorts for a casual look; these two items go well together. Ready to go all-out with your footwear? Add a pair of heeled sandals made of suede to the mix.

t shirt and denim shorts
Under a blazer, a chic casual ensemble

2.3 The outfit under a cardigan

Wearing a gold knit cardigan with light denim shorts will demonstrate that no one does informal quite like you. Think about pairing a t-shirt with jean shorts to create a charming and individualistic look for everyday wear.

what do you wear with a denim shirt
Under a cardigan, the outfit

2.4 Add accessories to more fashion

If you want to wear comfortable but yet want to seem stylish, go for a white horizontally striped tank and torn denim shorts. This outfit is fantastic with sandals as accessories. Don’t forget accessories, you may consider pairing them with tote bags and watch for a more chic look.

what do you wear with a denim shirt
Add more fashion accessories

2.5 Matching with a denim jacket

A t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts are necessary necessities that go great with your everyday wardrobe. The way this outfit looks with a pair of canvas low-top shoes is fantastic.

what to wear with t-shirt and jeans
Combining with a denim jacket

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2.6 Long sleeve t-shirt with denim shorts

Pair a long sleeve t-shirt with denim shorts for an ensemble that is really simple but can be dressed in many different ways. An otherwise all-too-safe appearance will get the edge with a pair of leather low-top shoes.

what to wear with t-shirt and jeans
T-shirt with long sleeves and denim shorts

3. T shirt and denim shorts for men

In addition, you can also refer to the ideas of T-shirts and denim shorts for men at TeeNavi.

3.1 The outfit under wind jacket and sneakers

A great idea for a casual outfit is pairing a t-shirt and denim shorts. Low top white leather shoes will add a touch of class to an otherwise casual outfit.

what to wear with t-shirt and jeans
Underwear, wind jacket, and sneakers

3.2 Long sleeve t-shirt and denim shorts

In this laid-back, casual outfit consisting of a t-shirt and denim shorts, you’ll be prepared in style wherever you find yourself throughout the day. Put a boost in your entire ensemble by donning tan canvas slip-on shoes.

how to wear shirt with t shirt
T-shirt with long sleeves and denim shorts

3.3 T shirt and denim shorts under long sleeve shirt 

Want to add some contemporary casual menswear style to your collection of menswear? Think about donning a t-shirt and jean shorts. Any outfit may be quickly smartened up with a pair of leather shoes.

how to wear shirt with t shirt
T-shirt and denim shorts worn underneath a long-sleeved shirt

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3.4 Special with adding accessories

You should have in your casual wardrobe a light blue pair of ripped denim shorts and a crew-neck t-shirt with a charcoal design. When it comes to footwear, you may finish with multicoloured sneakers to take a more elegant approach. You will become gentle by mixing cap and watch or even men’s bags.

how to wear shirt with t shirt
Particularly when it comes to accessories

3.5 Casual with plain t-shirt and shorts

Who said a casual outfit can’t make a fashion statement? In a t-shirt and denim shorts, that is simple. Put on a pair of suede shoes to give an otherwise traditional ensemble a more casual direction.

t shirt and denim shorts
Wear a simple t-shirt and shorts

4. How to choose shorts matching t-shirt 

Being so versatile, jeans shorts are a mainstay in many people’s wardrobes. Since they go with so many different outfits, it might be challenging to determine what to wear them with. If you don’t yet own the jeans shorts you’ve been yearning to wear, take these things into account:

4.1 For women

First, it’s essential for you to consider choosing the right style and length of pants to match your t-shirt. This is very important because the style of shorts will determine that you are really suitable to wear them without revealing any flaws. Here are some tips you can refer to:

  • Select high-waisted shorts for a contemporary look.
  • Put on frayed denim shorts for a laid-back appearance.
what do you wear with a denim shirt
Choose high-waisted shorts for a modern look
  • If you want to seem put together, cuff your jean shorts.
  • Check to see if your knee-length shorts are loosely fitting.
  • Show off your sense of style by wearing embroidered jean shorts.

4.2 For men

Men today are all too aware of the vast selection of shorts in every style, size, and color conceivable. Trying to separate the positive from the negative may be difficult. Although your individual physique plays a part in selecting the correct pair of shorts for you, there are important considerations to make regardless of your body type.

  • Your butt and thighs should be warmly hugged by fitting (but not too tight) shorts.
  • Despite the fact that pleats look great on trousers, shorts lack the weight and drape needed to position them properly.
what to wear with t-shirt and jeans
Fitting shorts should warmly embrace your buttocks and thighs
  • The thigh should be defined and tapered down towards the hem. Keep in mind that tapered does not always indicate tight.
  • The ideal inseam for the majority of guys is between 7″ and 9″. The hem is 1 to 4 inches higher than the knee at this length.

TeeNavi has listed some ideas to style t shirt and denim shorts for both men and women. We hope by the information, you can apply in your casual fashion. See more about fashion updates in the next posts.

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