12 Ways to mix stylish t shirt and scarf outfit for men and women

12 Ways To Mix Stylish T Shirt And Scarf Outfit For Men And Women

T shirt and scarf outfit can be easily combined with each other and with the right accessories for different styles. You already know how to mix them for a perfect whole. See outfit with scarf ideas at TeeNavi now!

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1. How to coordinate t shirt and scarf outfit for women

Another great idea in scarf fashion is to combine it with a t-shirt. A scarf and t shirt is a safe outfit, you can completely wear them for many different occasions such as going out, going to work,… Check out a few more ideas for t shirt and scarf outfit for women below:

1.1 Scarf with t-shirt and trench coat

A trench coat over a t-shirt is a familiar outfit for ladies every winter. Why not add a scarf to add a touch to your favorite trench coat? Even better if it’s a silk scarf with eye-catching colors and prints.

t shirt and scarf outfit
How to wear scarf with white shirt

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1.2 V-neck T shirt and scarf outfit

A V-neck t-shirt and scarf outfit are two essential pieces of clothing for any modern woman. And if you only need to add one piece to this ensemble to tone it down instantly, go for a pair of black leather derby shoes.

t shirt and scarf outfit
A v-neck t-shirt and a scarf

1.3 Scarf with t shirt, black suede ankle boots

Why not choose to wear a t shirt and scarf outfit? Both of these items are really cosy and look amazing when worn together. Wear a pair of ankle boots with lace-ups made of black leather to instantly add a sensual touch to this ensemble.

t shirt and scarf outfit
Scarf, ankle boots in black suede

2. Ideas to style t shirt and scarf outfits for men

Scarves are not only suitable for women but also suitable for men. How to wear a scarf with a button down shirt, combined with shorts, sports shoes. Here are a few t shirt and scarf outfit ideas for men.

2.1 Cotton overshirt, a neutral t-shirt, and brown cotton shorts

The trend of layering is here to stay, and for an excellent purpose. Use a cotton or linen shirt and lighter materials and colors, then complete with a neutral tee and a pair of brown cotton shorts. You’ll use this outfit combo frequently.

how to wear scarf as a shirt
How to wear a scarf with a t shirt

2.2 Linen pants, a simple white tee, and white sneakers

It’s official: it’s hot outdoors, therefore you need to choose an outfit that will keep you cool. Our stylists are envisioning lightweight linen pants, a plain white t-shirt, and white sneakers. Add a cap and a scarf with a pattern to boost the ante.

how to wear scarf as a shirt
White sneakers, linen pants, and a simple white tee

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2.3 Cargo pants, a patterned bucket hat, and a light-printed scarf

It’s officially hot outdoors, so you should wear something that will keep you cool. Our stylists are envisioning airy cargo pants, a plain white top, and white athletic shoes. Wear a cap and a scarf with a pattern to amp things up.

how to wear scarf as a shirt
Cargo pants and a light-printed scarf complete the look

2.4 How to wear a scarf with a shirt, white denim jeans, and canvas sneakers

Although it was made to blend in, camouflage is the best method to stand out on the street. For the ideal edgy warm-weather outfit, add contrast with a white top, white denim trousers, and basic canvas sneakers.

how to wear scarf as a shirt
Canvas sneakers, white tee, and white denim jeans

2.5 A shirt with scarf, white chinos and loafers

Chinos and a white t shirt and scarf outfit are very adaptable choices. It looks tough and sophisticated with a rain jacket and boots, but when you replace the boots with sneakers, it immediately has a more casual appearance.

how to wear scarf with white shirt
A tee with white chinos, loafers, and a scarf around the neck

3. Beautiful scarves for women

Scarves are one of the most versatile and easy-to-style accessories, and they may be worn throughout the year. They are modest, and adorable, and may bring a dull ensemble to life. They may offer color and charm to even the most basic of clothes. You should keep the following scarf-wearing recommendations in mind:

  • Maintain balance in your ensemble.
  • Remember that colorful scarves complement drab clothing and vice versa.
  • If you’re wearing a huge scarf, keep the rest of your accessories basic.
t shirt and scarf outfit
How to wear a scarf as a shirt

4. Tips for wearing a scarf with a t-shirt

Scarves are useful for more than simply keeping warm in the cold. With a few simple tactics, you can effortlessly mix a t shirt and scarf outfit for a casual yet trendy appearance. Knowing how and where to match your scarf to your t-shirt (and how to knot it) will help you to put together ensembles that make the scarf and t-shirt you’re wearing.

4.1 Make exciting texture contrasts

When creating your clothing, there are other considerations besides colour and intricacy. Depending on the fabric and size of the stitching, many shirt and scarf materials offer varying visual textures. To make your scarf stand out from the surrounding fabric, use textures to create regions of visual contrast.

how to wear scarf with white shirt
Create interesting texture contrasts

4.2 Choose a color that complements your shirt

The key to putting together an outfit is to choose colors that go well together and stay away from colors that clash. There are only a few fundamental color principles that you might want to keep in mind while dealing with scarves and T-shirts.

how to wear scarf with white shirt
Choose a color that goes well with your shirt

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4.3 Combine complex and simple designs

Wear a scarf with an ornate design with a plain, one-color shirt. Alternatively, if you want to show off a complicated graphic or pattern on your shirt, pair it with a basic scarf. By balancing simplicity and intricacy, you may ensure that your clothing is never “too much” to glance at.

how to wear scarf with white shirt
Combine designs that are both complex and simple

4.4 Play around with tight and loose ties

Your entire outfit’s appearance may vary depending on how you wrap your scarf over your neck. If you’re wearing slacks or a belt that you want to draw attention to, having a scarf loosely wrapped over your neck has the tendency to draw the eye downward. However, tighter knots that place the scarf around your neck isolate your body’s remainder of your body, drawing emphasis to your face.

t shirt and scarf outfit
Experiment with tight and loose ties

5. Scarf tie techniques

Do you know how to properly tie a scarf? Check out the ways TeeNavi is listed below.

5.1 Consider using a “coil” tie

Over one shoulder, drape the scarf. To create a lot of slack, pull the scarf’s end. Wrap your neck with a loose coil of the scarf made from this end. Coil till there is barely any slack remaining. Over your other shoulder, let the scarf’s loose end dangle down. To tighten or loosen the coil, tug on the loose ends.

t shirt and scarf outfit
Consider a “coil” tie

5.2 Use a “loop” tie

Fold your scarf in the center to double it. Thread both loose ends through the fold’s portion. Insert your head inside this loop. To tighten, pull on the loose ends, and to relax, pull on the looped part.

how to wear scarf as a shirt
Make use of a “loop” tie

5.3 Consider a “wrap” tie

Take both ends of the scarf and squeeze your neck towards the center point. Wrap one end completely over your neck, holding it snugly against your skin. If you have enough slack, continue with the other end. Allow both loose ends to fall over your torso. Tighten the loose ends by pulling on them, and loosen the tightly wrapped piece by pulling on it.

how to wear scarf as a shirt
Consider using a “wrap” tie

5.4 Experiment with the placement of your scarf

You might, for instance, swaddle yourself with a scarf. Additionally, you may put them in your hairstyle or even wrap them around the handles of your bag or pocketbook.

how to wear scarf with white shirt
Experiment with where you put your scarf

T shirt and scarf outfit go well together to create a variety of professional looks. You can use a scarf for both winter, fall, and even summer with just a few tips to coordinate. TeeNavi hopes that with the ideas we have listed, you can incorporate them into your everyday fashion.

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