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Wondering what the different t-shirt fabric texture options are? Here’s a quick guide to the different types of textures you’ll find in t-shirt fabrics, from smooth and silky to rough and nubby. TeeNavi covered more about a variety of t-shirt fabric textures now.

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1. What is the t-shirt fabric texture? 

What is textured fabric called? The texture of cloth refers to its surface look. The texture is the only element that can be seen and felt. The thickness and look of the cloth are examples of texture. Texture can be described using words such as loopy, fuzzy, hairy, soft, glossy, dull, bulky, rough, sharp, smooth, sheer, and so on. There are different types of fabric textures. Jersey cotton is an excellent choice for soft and silky custom t-shirts. Then, this cloth has a soft texture that feels wonderful against the skin. If you want a more rustic vibe, denim or flannel are terrific options. These textiles are heavier in weight and have a coarser feel.

t-shirt fabric texture
The surface appearance of cloth is referred to as its texture

2. Types of fabric textures colorful

T-shirt fabric textures are increasingly popular in the market and are making the fashion world “crazy”. Because the Grunge Textures included in the fabric texture make it easy to create T-shirts and bring many unique features. Because of that rare feature, the texture of the T-shirt becomes a piece of fat cake.
Currently, there are many t-shirt PSD templates available as mockups on the web. They come in different illustration variations so you can try on a variety of outfits with textures and colors. They can be used to create real works of art or simulate new costume designs. Most of the templates and prints are available on google, they are quite high quality and especially completely free. They are quality, high resolution, and easy to download to your computer. Here are samples of textured fabric types according to the hot trend colors of 2023, let’s immediately refer to those textures:

  • Textured grunge fabric t-shirt
different fabric textures
Textured Grunge fabric
  • The texture of soft t-shirt fabric
different fabric textures
Soft T-shirt fabric
  • The texture of the tan knit t-shirt fabric
types of fabric for t shirts
Tan knit T-shirt fabric
  • The texture of a heathered red t-shirt
  • Textured white fabric t-shirt
types of fabric for t shirts
White fabric T-shirt
  • The texture of the gray heather knit t-shirt fabric
cotton t-shirt fabric
The texture of the gray Heather knit
  • Cotton fabric texture for crafting
cotton t-shirt fabric
Cotton fabric texture
  • Textured heathered teal t-shirt
  • Baby blue knit textured shirt fabric
white shirt texture
Heathered teal T-shirt
  • Green microfiber t-shirt fabric texture
white shirt texture
Green fabric texture
  • Plain t-shirt fabric texture
white shirt texture
Plain T-shirt fabric
  • Marigold knit t-shirt fabric texture
jersey fabric t-shirt
Marigold fabric texture

3. T-shirt fabric texture based on cotton count

Cotton count, not thread count (which is more commonly used to show bed than shirting materials), is a measure of how thick the thread is. The figure shows the quantity of t-shirt fabric texture required to equal one pound, measured in 840-yard hanks. The greater the number, the finer the fiber. Thus, here are some types of fabric textures you should know:

3.1 100+

100+ is shirt texture very fine-spun cotton (often from long-staple fibers) with a very light and silky weave. Because of the fineness of the threads, the shirt may be more sensitive than typical cotton clothes.

what is a textured shirt
Cotton 100+ is a very fine-spun cotton

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3.2 60-100

60-100 is a fine count cotton range used for high-quality shirtings and bedsheets. The threads are lighter and smoother, giving the finished fabric a somewhat slick feel and a reflected gloss. These textured fabric types are typically durable, soft, and comfortable to wear.

what is a textured shirt
A fine count cotton range of 60-100 is used for high-quality shirtings and bedsheets

3.3 20-60 

20-60 degrees Celsius is the usual temperature range for solitary T-shirts and other lightweight cotton goods. Off-the-shelf dress shirts will frequently employ threads from this category as well, but in double-knit textiles for increased weight. The texture is simple, with a dull smooth finish.

what is textured fabric called
The typical temperature range for single T-shirts and other lightweight cotton goods is 20-60 degrees Celsius

3.4 1-20

1-20 is a poor cotton count, sometimes known as a “coarse count”. Cloth manufactured from coarser count thread is rare and can be found in the options of most bespoke tailors.

what is textured fabric called
A cotton count of 1-20 is considered low

4. T-shirt fabric texture based on material

TeeNavi’ll go through these in further depth later. Physical different types of textures in fabric are as follows:

4.1 Wool 

Wool fabric is one of the qualities and distinctive different shirt materials. Wool t-shirt fabric texture may be made into thick textiles with a rich, deep texture that can be anything from scratchy and rough to incredibly silky and silken. Furthermore, these materials are usually light and breathable. From thick, coarse strands to extremely delicate, silky threads, it can create anything. The resultant materials might be incredibly light and silky to the touch or thick, shaggy, and abrasive.

t-shirt fabric texture

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4.2 Linen 

Linen has a rougher and less-even surface than cotton and generally has an airy, gauzy feel. Moreover, linen is a different texture of fabric, crisp but soft, a seductive mix that results in ideal bedding and garments that are a pleasure to handle or wear on your skin. In fact, linen softens with each wash so that it will feel increasingly better over time.

t-shirt fabric texture
Linen has a rougher and less even surface than cotton and has an airy, gauzy feel in general

4.3 Cotton shirt texture

The cotton t-shirt fabric texture is a wide range, from rough and prickly to ultra-smooth and velvety. In reality, it is usually always breathable and lightweight. Likewise, it is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that forms in a boll, or protective casing, around the seeds of different crops of the genus. In addition, that contains trace amounts of waxes, lipids, pectins, and water.

types of fabric for t shirts
The texture of cotton t-shirt fabric varies greatly

4.4 Silk 

Silk has a smooth, soft texture that is not slippery, unlike many synthetic fibers. Additionally, silk is one of the strongest natural fibers, but it loses up to 20% of its strength when wet. Therefore, it has a good moisture recovery of 11%. Henceforth, its elasticity is moderate to poor. So, if elongated even a small amount, it remains stretched.

types of fabric for t shirts
Silk has a smooth, soft, non-slippery texture

5. T-shirt fabric texture based on thread type

Plant fibers may be spun in a variety of ways to produce different fabric textures:

5.1 Mercerized cotton threads

Alkali is used to give strength and smoothness to mercerized cotton threads. They impart a somewhat stiff, slick feel to their clothes. Moreover, mercerization is a cotton treatment that alters the appearance and feel of cotton fibers. Thus, cotton is mercerized to make it more glossy and colorfast.

types of fabric for t shirts
Alkali is used to give mercerized cotton threads strength and smoothness

5.2 Worsted threads

Worsted threads have indeed been combed during spinning to ensure that all of the fibers are pointing in the same way. This results in a thread that is exceedingly smooth and solid, with no stray threads. It is most frequently associated with wool, but most cotton present in high concentrations of threads is worsted as well.

t shirt fabric texture
Worsted threads

5.3 Blended threads

Blended threads are made up of entangled strands from many materials. Cotton with an artificial fabric of some type is the most prevalent combined for durability and cost-effectiveness. These are smoother and firmer than pure threads, giving completed garments a more plastic-like texture.

t shirt fabric texture
Blended threads are composed of entangled strands of various materials

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That’s all about t-shirt fabric texture which TeeNavi could list for you. It is hoped that you can choose a t-shirt fabric with a texture that suits your needs. Don’t forget to attach the next post to get more updates.

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