6+ T Shirt Over Long Sleeve Mixing Ideas | Fashion & Unique

6+ T Shirt Over Long Sleeve Mixing Ideas | Fashion & Unique

A t shirt over long sleeve style is a great way to add a touch of edge to any outfit. It can also help you to stay warm in colder weather. Check out these tips TeeNavi listed on how to wear a t-shirt over a long sleeve! With a few simple tricks, you can add an extra layer of visual interest to any outfit.

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1. T shirt over long sleeve shirts are the 90s

The t shirt over long sleeve style trend originated in the early 2000s and the 1990s, both of which, in case you hadn’t heard, is currently quite popular. Back then, the layering method was used at least many times in every shopping centre and on every TV station. Now, labels including Our Legacy, Heaven by Marc Jacobs, and ERL have adopted the aesthetic, as well as Generation Z. Kevin Abstract and other men are blazing the road instead of Kurt Cobain.

t shirt over long sleeve
The t-shirt over long-sleeved style trend first appeared in the early 2000s and 1990s

2. Reasons some people wear T-shirts over long sleeves shirt?

There are many reasons why people might choose to wear a t shirt over long sleeve. Some people may find their long-sleeved shirts more comfortable, while others may think the double-sleeved appearance looks more stylish or edgy. Additionally, wearing a T-shirt over a long sleeve can help to keep you warm in cold weather.

long sleeve shirt definition
It may be more comfortable for some people

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3. How to wear a t shirt over a long sleeve outfit for stylish look

Here are some crucial pointers to make sure the mix never seems out of place or odd.

3.1 Following contrast

The fantastic thing regarding the double-sleeved look is that it allows you to accessorize your clothing with contrasting hues. To put it another way, it looks excellent whenever the t shirt over long sleeve is made of complementary yet contrasting colors. In fact, it frequently doesn’t appear appropriate when they are too similar to one another. The ideal option is to use contrasting colors so that the long sleeve top’s sleeves really stand out in contrast to the T-shirt. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to avoid selecting hues that compete with or clash with one another. Making sure one of the products is in a neutral, minimalist hue such as white, off-white, beige, or cream is an easy approach to avoid this.

t shirt over long sleeve style
The double-sleeved look is fantastic because it allows you to accessorize your clothing with contrasting colors

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3.2 Using double-layered t-shirt

The appearance of “double-layered T-shirts” is the same as when a T-shirt is worn over a long sleeve garment. They’re T-shirts, though, with long sleeves of a different color stitched onto the end. In other words, there is only one object present rather than two pieces stacked on top of one another. However, purchasing a ready-made double-layered T-shirt should reduce some of the work involved in creating one. Additionally, it typically feels less tight and uncomfortable.

t shirt and long sleeve shirt
Using a two-layered t-shirt

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3.3 Choose a t-shirt with the larger size

T-shirts were never intended to be worn as the outermost layer. Even if the long sleeve top you’re wearing underneath is a narrow cut, one of your ordinary T-shirts will feel and look too tight over it. The easiest approach would be to buy a T-shirt that is large enough to allow the long-sleeved top to be worn underneath. Selecting a T-shirt one size larger than you would normally choose if utilizing it as an inside layer should suffice.

long sleeve t-shirt definition
Select a t-shirt in a larger size

3.4 Make sure they match

Layering t-shirt over long sleeve is a totally relaxed look. It should never be worn to any occasion that isn’t squarely in the casual category. It appears to be comparable to this. Attempting to wear this combo in more formal contexts seldom works well. While it is perfectly OK to wear it when out with pals, going to the movies or dining at inexpensive restaurants, it should not be worn when something a bit sharper is required. The appearance should never be described as “smart casual.”

how to wear a t shirt over a long sleeve
Check that they match

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3.5 Choose a top that fits

The first thing for a t shirts over long sleeves outfit is to pick out a big T-shirt. Your choice of long sleeve shirt is equally crucial. Check the fit once you have a long sleeve shirt. Would it be snug enough for you to feel at ease wearing your preferred T-shirt over it? If not, it most likely won’t function. It shouldn’t be visibly or noticeably unpleasant tight. However, it should fit tightly enough to prevent discomfort if a T-shirt is worn over it. Typically, a slim-fit long-sleeved top will work, but it all depends on how “oversized” you made the T-shirt.

how to shorten sleeves on a long sleeve t-shirt
Choose a long-sleeved t-shirt that fits properly

3.6 Mix t shirt over long sleeve with jeans

The greatest combination for a t shirt over long sleeve is jeans. In reality, you have the choice to choose from a broad range of denim styles, such as dark, light, tapered, suede leather, acid-washed, distressed, etc. It doesn’t matter at all. There’s a good probability it’ll complement the combination and the style in general. By following this advice, you should be able to the T-shirt over long sleeve top combo most suitable.

t shirt and long sleeve shirt
Jeans are the best combination for a t-shirt over a long sleeve

A t shirt over long sleeve look is perfect for a casual setting. Make sure to choose complementary colours and avoid clashing hues to create a polished look. TeeNavi has listed some basic típ to wear for your more unique looks.

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