Top 10 Best “April Births” T-Shirts

April starts with a piece of blue sky. The plants and flowers are lush and green. The streets are washed clean. The girl’s cheeks are pink because of the sun. In the pleasant weather, those born in April are characterized by distinctive and recognizable features. You are wondering and thinking about gifts for friends, relatives on their birthday then our T-shirts are great suggestions. Let see our collection: Top 10 best “April births” T-shirts.

1. All Women Are Created Equal 

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The shirt is designed with the inscription: All Women Are Created Equal But The Best Are Born In April. Two colors: white and pink mixed together to create a focal point for the shirt. In addition to that the image of the girl is designed differently. All make a great shirt. It only costs $ 21.95 for a quality 100% cotton t-shirt with a screen printed design. Please contact us to order now.

Price: $21.95 (Tee) – $37.95 (Hoodie)

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2. April Lady The Sweetest Most Beautiful 

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Girls born in April usually have very special characteristics. Born in April, you are active and energetic. You love to travel because you are extremely brave and fearless. You are lovely and seductively in the eyes of the lover. However, you are angry and hasty. These characteristics are summarized briefly on the shirt: April Lady The Sweetest Most Beautiful Loving Amazing Evil Psychotic Creatures You’ll Ever Meet T-shirt. A perfect shirt designed for you. Let contacting with us to have information.

Price: $21.95 (Tee) – $39.95 (Hoodie)

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3. Grey’s Girls Are Born In April

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Gray’s Anatomy was voted the best drama on medical topics. The image of Dr. Meredith Gray, who is the main character in the film, is designed in chibi-style is very cute. You are a fan of this drama and you were born in April. The Grey’s Girls Are Born In April T-shirt is the costume you must have. It is discounted, only $21.95. Let order and take it home.

Price: $24.39 (Tee) – $41.95 (Hoodie)

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4. Black Queens Are Born In April

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Black Queen is the cool female doctor in the “Black Jack” manga. Like the personality of a doctor, the Black Queens Are Born In April shirt is designed in two colors: black and white, it is very simple but make people curious. The letter A is designed with the hidden girl image. This is one T-shirt on our collection: Top 10 best “April births” T-shirts. If the shirt made you feel like it, please contact us soon.

Price: $21.95 (Tee) – $39.95 (Hoodie)

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5. I Hate Being Sexy But I Was Born In April

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3 minions: Kevin, Stuart and Bob in the “Minions” film have brought laughter to millions of people around the world. They are very mischievous, lovely and sexy. The I Hate Being Sexy But I Was Born In April So I Can’t Help It T-shirt is designed based on the image of Minions. This T-shirt will be a great gift for your children, your friends, or for yourself. The order link is just below.

Price: $24.39 (Tee) – $41.95 (Hoodie)

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6. I Am A Wonder Woman, I Was Born In April 

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Wonder Woman is a superhero and warrior princess of Amazons. The image of the beautiful and glamorous warrior is uniquely designed on the shirt: I Am A Wonder Woman, I Was Born In April With My Heart In My Sleeve, A Fire In My Soul And A Mouth I Can’t Control T-shirt. A colorful and distinctive shirt will make you stand out from the crowd. Please contact us if you would like to own the shirt.

Price: $20.95 (Tee) – $38.95 (Hoodie)

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7. Never Underestimate A Black Queen Who Was Born In April

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This is the second perfect suggestion in our collection for fans of the Black Queen. The Never Underestimate A Black Queen Who Was Born In April shirt is designed with impressive slogans, strange fonts and unique colors. The shirt makes others unable to look away. It’s simple and beautiful. You become the fashionista when you wear a shirt no matter who you are, where you are. If the shirt made you feel like it, please contact us soon.

Price: $24.39 (Tee) – $41.95 (Hoodie)

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8. Sorry This Guy Is Already Taken By A Smart & Sexy April Woman

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Are you looking for a brilliant T-shirt? This Sorry This Guy Is Already Taken By A Smart & Sexy April Woman And Yes, She Bought Me This T-shirt is the answer for you. Do not worry about the price, it is only $21.95 for a quality 100% cotton t-shirt with a screen printed design. It is perfect to wear at home or out on the town. Please contact us and place an order, we will delivery to you in the shortest time.

Price: $21.95 (Tee) – $39.95 (Hoodie)

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9. The Best Mom Was Born In April

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This is definitely a great gift to give to your mother, the most wonderful woman in the world. This The Best Mom Was Born In April shirt is the ninth suggestion in our collection. The shirt is designed with a crown image, this is the highlight that help the shirt become very special. The shirt is made of 100% cotton. You will feel comfortable all day long. The order link is just below.

Price: $24.39 (Tee) – $41.95 (Hoodie)

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10. The Best Nurses Are Born In April

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The gentle and kind nurses help the patient feel comfortable and not tired. If you are a nurse like this then this The Best Nurses Are Born In April T-shirt is designed for you. If you are thinking about the gift for your favorite nurse then this is a great suggestion. And if you’re just looking for a shirt for you, this shirt you might be interested in. Let contacting with us if you want order this T-shirt or have some questions.

Price: $22.95 (Tee) – $39.95 (Hoodie)

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