The Tri Blend T-shirt Material & Cotton | 5 Points Of Difference

What are the distinguishing features of a Tri blend T-shirt material compared to cotton and dry-blend T-shirts? Are their advantages worth buying, worth wearing? Immediately refer to useful information about the structure, advantages, disadvantages, and applications of  tri blend shirt meaning through the following article of TeeNavi for more details!

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1. What is a Tri blend T-shirt material ?

Tri blend T-shirt material is one that is composed of three various materials: cotton, rayon, and polyester. Rayon is unquestionably the wild card on this list, as it is by far the least common (and most mysterious) material.

Rayon was developed as a silk substitute, and it has a luxuriously soft feel. It’s made of cellulose fibers and is moisture-absorbent, making it ideal for athletic or athleisure wear.

Rayon, by itself, does not make a great custom t-shirt due to its light, thin, and drapey nature. Even, that is the best material to tie dye. but when combined with polyester and cotton, it creates a nearly perfect garment.

tri blend t-shirt material
Tri blend fabric

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2. Characteristics of the tri blend t-shirt material

If you want to make a difference you must be the best. In an ever-changing fashion world, Tri blend T shirt fabric offers the best that cotton, rayon, and polyester can offer.

2.1 Cotton is highly durable and breathable

As we all know, cotton is extremely strong and breathable. It is especially useful in the summer because it absorbs sweat and keeps the material light on our skin. It is one of the best clothes for both summer and winter because it retains warmth while allowing your skin to breathe. We all know that cotton is one of the most durable and long-lasting fabrics.

tri blend t-shirt material
A very robust and breathable material

2.2 Polyester of low moisture properties

Polyester, as we all know, is a dry-wicking textile with low moisture re-absorption properties. Remember how most outerwear is made of polyester, which absorbs moisture well but quickly evaporates instead of retaining it? Most sportswear manufacturers prefer it because it keeps your clothes dry.

Tri-blend polyester is now used for its quick-drying properties, and it has the same properties as before. Furthermore, because it is used as a sports fabric, it’s a highly durable fabric that extends the life of your custom tee. We’re guessing you’re almost there, but wait until you hear about it…

what is a tri blend t-shirt
A dry-wicking fabric with negligible moisture absorption

2.3 Rayon has good absorbency

Rayon is a fabric made from natural fibers that have been infused with synthetic chemicals to create a strong fabric. You’ll be surprised to learn that rayon is more absorbent than linen or cotton, making it more comfortable to wear and lighter in weight, making it ideal for wearing on a hot sunny day. According to our experience in the fashion business, rayon is one of the first options for fashion influencer marketing and designers alike due to its strong advantage of being the most suited fabric for drapery (especially heavy drapery) and thus gliding smoothly on the body and making the product appear made just for you!

tri blend t shirt meaning
A textile composed of natural fibers

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3. What are the advantages of Tri blend T-shirt material?

Tri blend T-shirt material is evaluated to have many advantages, such as:

  • Tri-blend combines the top three fashion fabrics to create the most sturdy, comfortable, and breathable T-shirts.
  • Because of the 50:25:25 fabric ratio, customized  Tri-blend tee are extremely soft on the body. As a result, even after hours of wearing it, your body will not be irritated.
  • Tri-blend T-shirts are simple to care for because they can be washed in cold or lukewarm water. The gleam and newness will last for years.
  • Tri-blend in custom made t-shirts for men and women is extremely comfortable because they stretch as you wear them and return to their original shape when un-stretched. This is due to the fact that polyester fabric allows you to move freely. (Did we mention you can wear these tees for gym sessions, morning jogs, and casual outings?)
  • Tri-blend T-shirts are ideal for custom silkscreening because they retain the color well and keep the product looking new.
tri blend t shirts vs classic
The benefits of Tri-blend T-shirt material

4. Compare Tri blend T-shirt material and other fabrics

To better analyze the advantages of Tri blend T-shirt material, you should refer to the following comparison between tri blend material vs cotton and dry blend:

4.1 Tri-Blend and dry blend T-shirt

Because they sound similar, dry blend and tri blend t shirt material should not be confused. The Gildan brand is associated with Dryblend. This item is composed of 50% polyester cotton and 50% preshrunk. This 50/50 blend offers the advantages of both natural synthetic polyester fiber and cotton fibers. It is typically a thicker option than a  Tri-blend tee.

tri blend t shirt material
T-shirt tri-blend and dry-blend

See more about the differences between tri-blend and cotton fabric:

4.2 Tri blend vs cotton

Is tri blend better than cotton? Below is a table of tri-blend vs cotton t-shirts compared in the advantages and disadvantages:

Tri-Blend T-shirts Cotton T-shirts
Pros Quick-drying

Reduced pilling

Ultimate silky softness

Fits well (drapes the body)

Enhanced breathability

Does not shrink


Does not wrinkle

Lightweight material

Comfortable to wear

Soft to the touch


Non-clingy Hypoallergenic

Highly Moisture Absorbent

Cons Not allergy-free 

Can be clingy in hot weather


It takes longer to dry  

Prone to shrinkage Wrinkles, if not treated

Prone to pilling


tri blend t shirts material
Cotton vs. tri-blend T-shirt

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5. Printing on Tri-blend T-shirts

Many people who want to make merchandise out of  Tri-blend tees will be interested in learning about the printing process on these T-shirts. The color of the T-shirt is visible through the having to print slightly, providing a retro shirt visual style.

Of course, this is all subjective, but many people believe that printing on a Tri-blend tee looks better than printing on a regular 100% cotton tee, but that is something you can research and decide for yourself. It is, however, perfectly feasible to print on both.

tri blend shirt vs cotton
T-shirt printing on tri-blend

6. Answer questions related to Tri blend T-shirt material

In addition to the above information, many customers must have many questions about the Tri blend T-shirt material. The content below will help you answer all those questions.

6.1 Does tri blend shrink?

Tri-blend shirts do not shrink as much as 100% cotton shirts. Expect some shrinking, but this shouldn’t have much of an impact on the fit in the long term.

tri blend t shirt fabric
Shirts made of tri-blend fabric do not shrink

6.2 How  Tri-blend differ from 100% cotton?

100% cotton T-shirts are not as soft or stretchy as  Tri-blend T-shirts, and they have a distinct appearance. They have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, but many people consider them to be less comfortable to wear, and, as previously stated, the results of the printing process vary. Tri blend T shirt fabrics are also easier to wash than alternatives, and they provide the same level of breathability that we associate with cotton over polyester alternatives.

tri blend t shirt fabric
T-shirts made entirely of cotton are not as soft or flexible

6.3 Should I print DTG or screen print for Tri-blend T-shirts?

Printing on Tri-blends is difficult, but it is doable with special care and a few adjustments. The rayon in Tri-blend can melt when heated to high temperatures, and because Tri-blend is a stretchy fabric, the printed image may be distorted. Water-based ink is frequently used by printing companies on Tri-blend fabric because it absorbs the ink better.

tri blend t-shirt material
Particular attention and a few changes

Above is all information about the Tri blend T-shirt material that TeeNavi brings to readers. To sum up,  Tri-blend  is an innovation that has made custom idea design on tee better, more durable, and breathable. The combination of fabrics makes it worthwhile to try, and if you believe our instincts, a  Tri-blend tee has a long way to go.

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