14+ Happy Valentine Office Party Ideas With Coworker

14+ Happy Valentine Office Party Ideas With Coworker

Valentine’s Day is approaching, are you looking for interesting and easy Valentine office party ideas? Valentine’s Day is typically associated with chocolate and flowers, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to express appreciation to your employees at the workplace! Besides, the office party on this holiday also helps your employees become more united and feel that their contributions are appreciated. So, what activities are there suitable for an office Valentine’s party? The following article by TeeNavi will send you a list of 14 fun and unique ideas!

1. Valentine office party ideas

Now let’s explore 14 interesting and popular ideas for Valentine party ideas for workplace:

1.1. Organize a party at the office

It wouldn’t be a celebration without a party, so throwing a Valentine’s Day-themed office party is one of the first great Valentine office party ideas that we want to suggest to you. This can be a lot of fun if you have employees who enjoy getting involved and making the most of an event. Consider a bright color scheme, a tea party, or a romantic film theme. You can decorate the office with lights, themed decorations, signs, balloons, and so on to match the theme.

Valentine office party ideas
Hold a party at your office

Besides, you can keep it as simple as hosting a breakfast for your employees. You could also opt for a catered sit-down meal and encourage employees to bring their significant others. Note, if you go this route, you should aim for a breakfast or lunch party rather than a dinner party, as some employees may already have romantic dinner plans with their lovers.

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1.2. Give gifts to employees

Giving gifts to your employees can be difficult because you probably don’t know what they like or already have. So, giving them gift cards is a simple and popular solution. These gifts are extremely versatile employee gifts because they allow your employees to choose something they want and enjoy. They are also easy to distribute and take up little storage space.

Valentine work party ideas
Valentine’s office party ideas with preparing some gifts for your employees

If you want to be a little less generic, put the gift cards in a personalized coffee mug or water bottle with some Valentine’s chocolates. In case you want to give something tangible, you can consider a charcuterie gift basket, a coffee and chocolate tasting box, or a spa gift set. They are also extremely ideal and practical gift suggestions for your employees. Don’t miss this interesting activity for your Valentine office party ideas!

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1.3. Create a personal praise board

Creating and giving the personal praise board to the employees is another great activity for your Valentine office party ideas. You can create Valentine’s cards with a heartfelt note thanking each employee for their dedication and ongoing efforts in their respective roles. Let’s try to write personal notes inside each card, highlighting something you appreciate about each employee. When possible, be specific, and mention a specific task or the goal that they completed. However, you should avoid giving out generic cards with just your signature, which could imply a lack of genuine concern.

office Valentines day party
Give your employees the cards with a heartfelt note thanking

1.4. Have a tea party together – Office Valentines Day party

Holding a tea party is one of the Valentine’s Day work party ideas that you must try. A small tea party will provide a comfortable space for employees to meet, chat, and relax. Office members can enjoy tea together while discussing topics related to love and friendship in an intimate and cozy atmosphere. You should plan the tea party for the early afternoon when everyone’s energy levels are at their lowest.

office Valentines party ideas
A tea party for your office Valentine’s party idea

In addition, you can also decorate a table with a red tablecloth and hearts scattered around it. It is recommended that you prepare some chocolate, heart-shaped cookies, cucumber sandwiches, or some other pastries so that employees can comfortably sip with tea. Finally, remember to consider any dietary restrictions or preferences.

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1.5. Valentine’s Day gifts exchange

A gift exchange is also quite suitable for your Valentine office party ideas! This activity helps create more connection and camaraderie between members of the company. If you’re not familiar with how it’s played, it’s quite simple. Just put the chits with the employees’ names in a bowl and ask them to pick one. On the chit, they will get the person’s name of the person for whom they need to prepare a gift and give it to that person.

Valentine office party ideas
Hold a Valentine’s Day gift exchange

1.6. Send Valentine’s Day notes

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to express gratitude to the people who love the most about your organization, specifically your employees. It is not always necessary to recognize someone “in the face”. Sometimes the simplest actions have the greatest impact. When senior leaders write a heartfelt thank you note to their employees for their loyalty, dedication, and efforts, it is a powerful expression of gratitude. So don’t miss this meaningful activity for Valentine office party ideas!

Valentine work party ideas
Give the employee the meaningful Valentine’s Day notes

1.7. Organize games in the office

Organizing games in the office is not only fun but also an opportunity for colleagues to connect and build memories. The fun games can help your employees unwind, relax from a hectic week, and focus on hard work! Some suitable games for Valentine office party ideas that you can refer to include:

  • Speed Dating: Play a round of Speed Dating (without the dating) and use some fun get-to-know-you questions to help your teams build relationships. You can work in rounds, starting with professional questions about college, careers, and jobs, progressing to fun and humorous questions, and finishing with some deeper questions.
  • Trivia: Find out who is the most knowledgeable about love with a fun game of Valentine’s Day Trivia and Valentine’s Day Movie Trivia! Your team can collaborate and compete against one another for bragging rights and, if possible, a fun prize.
  • This Or That: Valentine’s Day This or That questions are a simple and easy way to begin any meeting, corporate event, or Valentine’s Day team-building session. Invite your team to play this entertaining game, and encourage them to justify their positions, especially on contentious issues such as candy and movies. So fun!
office Valentines day party
Play games together at the office Valentine’s party

1.8. Create a gift cards – Valentine office party ideas

Valentine’s card exchange is a fun and simple activity for office party ideas for Valentine’s Day. The employees can create unique and cute cards to give to coworkers during this Valentine’s Day celebration. You can organize this activity as follows:

  • First of all, prepare the supplies including cardboard, scissors, glue, Valentine-themed stickers, glitter, paint, and pencils.
  • Make a workspace where teammates can sit and work on their cards.
  • Employees will make cards with a kind message or note inside for their coworkers.
  • When the cards have been decorated, employees will exchange them with each other.

Besides, to keep this activity impartial, you can pair employees at random and have them exchange cards. By pairing the workers, each employee receives a card, and every coworker is included.

office Valentines party ideas
Holding the gift card exchange

1.9. Valentine’s Day happy hour

Happy Hour is one of the most engaging activities for Valentine office party ideas. Because the employees can get to perform in a variety of activities together. To organize this activity, you need to choose a place for the gathering first. You can invite a DJ or make a list of trendy songs to play with a Bluetooth speaker while employees can dance, eat, and play the games with one another. This is an excellent opportunity to foster team bonding.

Valentine office party ideas
Enjoy Valentine’s Day with Happy Hour idea

Additionally, if you want to find other new activities for your employees on this happy holiday, you can consider the following fun activities. They include:

  • Mixology: Invite your employees to a fun mixology class where they will learn how to make delicious mocktails and cocktails by stirring, shaking, and pouring! Your employees will receive a fun cocktail-making kit as well as the ingredients to make three delicious Valentine’s Day-themed drinks. They can then pass on their knowledge to their loved ones!
  • Wine Tasting Class: Give your employees a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day experience with a wine tasting! The wine expert will teach them some fun wine trivia as well as how to best pair each wine. Also, you can challenge your employees to turn the wine into wine cocktails and see who can be the most creative and delicious to elevate this experience.

1.10. Cake decorating contest

Cake decorating contests are a great activity for Valentine office party ideas with employee members. In this interesting competition, the employees will be divided into several teams and decorate cakes by using a set of given materials. You can organize this activity as follows:

  • Set up a decorating station for the teams.
  • Purchase the plain cakes. Make available cake decorating supplies such as plain white icing, food coloring, chocolate, sprinkles, and some other love-themed decorations.
  • Divide the employees into two or more opposing groups.
  • Next, you set a 10-minute timer. Within the time limit, the group must decorate the cake using the materials provided.
  • The team voted to have the most beautiful cake decoration will win. It’s even better if you prepare some small gifts for them. 
Valentine work party ideas
Have fun decorating the cake activity

Besides, it is critical to remember that the color scheme and decorations must correspond to the Valentine’s Day theme. Making heart-shaped patterns on the cake or using colors like red and pink to decorate is a great example. After the competition, the employees can share and enjoy slices of cake while chatting together.

1.11. Valentine’s Day arts & crafts

Create the Arts and Crafts is a creative team-building activity for Valentine party ideas for workplace. Employees can express themselves through art by using various materials at these events. The tutorial to organize this activity is as follows:

  • First, you need to look for an open area or a hall in your workplace.
  • Prepare some supplies including cardboard, paper, paint, pencils, scissors, yarn, and glue.
  • Divide the employees into multiple groups and give them 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Before the timer runs out, the team members must create a Valentine’s Day-themed craft.
  • You can also make this activity more interesting by compiling a playlist of classic love songs and playing them while employees collaborate.
  • The team voted for the most beautiful and outstanding artwork will be the winner.
office Valentines day party
Create the arts and crafts for Valentine’s Day

If you are still wondering what theme to choose for your arts and crafts activity, you can choose knitting a heart or creating a love-themed painting as an idea for the contest. Additionally, you can refer to the following ideas:

  • Candle making: Making candles may appear intimidating, but it is not! You just need to prepare each team an all-inclusive kit containing all of the tools and ingredients needed to assemble their candles, such as premium soy wax and essential oils. They will learn a new skill and have a beautiful finished product to enjoy at the office or home!
  • Card decorating: Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love, so the handcrafted card is the ideal choice. Each team will learn how to make a homemade card and practice various calligraphy techniques, fonts, and writing styles in this card decorating activity. They will then assemble and decorate their cards!
  • Making origami: Origami is an ancient craft and skill that is still practiced today. Origami may appear intimidating, but with the right instructor, anyone can do it. All teams will learn to make Valentine’s Day-themed origami models such as flowers, hearts, and even a bouquet.

1.12. Offer mental health support

While Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day filled with love all around us, for some people, it may also be a time of struggle and grief. It is critical to be aware of any difficulties your employees may be facing and to support them during these trying times. You could begin by making counselors available to anyone who wishes to discuss their problems. 

office Valentines party ideas
A great idea for your office party on Valentine’s Day

There’s also the option of hosting a “Self-Anxiety Party,” where stressed-out or nervous employees can discuss their problems. It is also one of the meaningful activities for employees that you can consider when thinking about Valentine office party ideas. So, let’s try this idea!

1.13. Taking photos on Valentine’s Day work party ideas

Of course! Taking photos is an indispensable activity for Valentine work party ideas. This is an easy way to create memorable memories and strengthen team spirit among employees in an organization. These photos can be used to share on social networks or attached to information boards in the office.

Valentine office party ideas
Photo time at the office party on Valentine’s Day

Besides, you can prepare a photo booth for employees to capture fun memories together. To set up a photo booth, you can do the following:

  • Design an appropriate backdrop, preferably one with a Valentine-themed decoration or color scheme.
  • Set up a camera with proper lighting for photographs and a timer of three to five seconds. Because the photos print instantly, Polaroid cameras are ideal for Photo Booths.
  • Prepare some heart-shaped glasses, funny hats, cute heart-shaped necklaces, or garlands as props.
  • Mark the location where employees must stand to take a picture.

1.14. Make charitable donations

The Valentine’s Day charity movement is a kind and thoughtful activity besides the Valentine office party ideas. Employees can donate to or volunteer at local charity organizations together. They may choose to visit orphanages, support groups, and student support centers in their local community. Additionally, you can make a list of five charities, such as the Human Rights Campaign, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Water.org, the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, and The Humane Society. This idea is truly very humane and meaningful!

Valentine work party ideas
A kind activity on Valentine’s Day for your office

2. FAQs about Valentine office party ideas

Below are 4 frequently asked questions about Valentine’s Day work party ideas, including:

2.1. What gift should you choose to give your employees on Valentine’s Day?

This is the first frequently asked question about Valentine office party ideas! Employees could be given small treats, friendly cards, recognition/thank you notes, or other rewards. You can consider customized gifts with personalized items like engraved mugs, keychains, or notebooks with each employee’s name or initials. Besides, you can give the employees versatile gift cards that allow employees to choose something they truly enjoy, such as online retailers, local coffee shops, or popular restaurants.

office Valentines day party
The first FAQ

2.2. What are Valentine’s Day team building activities? 

Valentine’s Day team-building activities are enjoyable and engaging events and games that employees can participate in during or around the Valentine’s Day celebrations. It could be a love-themed cake decorating contest, an arts and crafts contest, participating in volunteer activities together, a love-themed quiz competition,… There are many interesting and meaningful team-building activities that you can choose for Valentine office party ideas!

office Valentines party ideas
The team-building activities for your office on Valentine’s Day

2.3. Can you host an online company Valentine’s party?

In this day and age, organizing an online office party ideas for Valentine’s Day is also very easy to do. Besides choosing the appropriate date and time frame, you also need to choose a reliable video conferencing platform that can accommodate the number of participants you expect to attend. Popular options include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or any platform your company already uses. 

Valentine office party ideas
Host an online Valentine’s party for your employees

Also, you have to plan ahead of time whether you want to provide which gifts for employees to open, send virtual gift cards, provide food (food delivery gift cards, pizza delivered to everyone’s house, etc.), or celebrate in another way. Additionally, don’t forget to organize virtual games or activities to keep everyone engaged.

2.4. What are some good Valentine’s Day ideas for teams? 

With this question, Valentine’s Day charity movement, appreciation challenge, and cake decorating contest are some good Valentine office party ideas. This is also the last frequently asked question that you can refer to.

Valentine work party ideas
The last FAQ for hosting a Valentine’s office party

The above article gives you a list of the 14 best Valentine office party ideas that you can refer to. Organizing activities for the employees around Valentine’s Day helps promote a healthy work culture and encourages teamwork at the workplace. We hope that through this article you will have more unique ideas for your office party. And don’t forget to contact TeeNavi if you need our help with any problem!

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