30 Valentine's Day games that fun to your romantic celebration

30 Valentine’s Day games that fun to your romantic celebration

The season of love is approaching, are you looking for interesting and unique Valentine’s Day games? Besides eating and chatting, playing games together is an indispensable thing at family or friend parties, or private romantic dates. They help everyone become more connected to each other and enjoy a relaxing time together. So, what game ideas are there that you can refer to? The article below is a collection of 30 of the best games for kids, couples, and families. Let’s explore with TeeNavi

1. 10 Valentine’s Day games for kids

Below is the best collection of 10Valentine’s Day games for kids that you can refer to:

1.1 Cupid’s Arrow Toss

This cupid arrow’s toss game is a great Valentine’s Day games for the kids to practice numbers and hand-eye coordination. In this game, children throw arrows at a board or target shaped like Cupid. Let’s play this game with your children to immerse yourself in the Valentine’s festival atmosphere.

Valentine's Day games
The first game for your kids on Valentine

1.2. Valentine’s Day Bingo

Valentine’s Day games with Bingo are a great way for children to participate in this meaningful day. This game is quite simple and can be personalized according to the child’s age. You can create a bingo board with images, words, or numbers related to Valentine’s Day. Make sure you use images that are appropriate to your child’s age and interests to increase the fun and attraction of the game.

Valentine's Day game
Play the bingo with children on Valentine’s Day

1.3. Valentine’s Day I Spy

Kids will enjoy these I Spy Valentine’s Day games! You can create lists of objects related to Valentine’s Day such as hearts, roses, cakes, teddy bears, heart glasses, and other items related to love and friendship. Then, the kids will look around and find objects according to that list. Determine who can find the items the fastest, or simply let them go at their own pace! This game not only helps the kids develop their observation skills but also brings joy to them on this special occasion.

Valentine's Day games for school
Bring the joy to your kids with Valentine’s Day I Spy

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1.4. Heart Punch Board

Heart Punch Board will be one of the great Valentine’s Day games for kids to attract your kids to join the love party at home! It helps children enhance their ability to search and explore, as well as bring joy and excitement to children. The kids will use a small hammer to hit each hole and see what surprises lie inside. Small rewards hidden in the holes on the board can be drawings, toys, or meaningful messages.

Valentine's Day party games
Stimulate your kids’ curiosity with this game

1.5. Love Bug Piñata Valentine’s Day Game

Love Bug Piñata is the next Valentine’s Day games that we want to introduce to you. Your kids will have a lot of fun with this game. Let’s make this pretty pink piñata, fill it with tons of candy, and have kids take turns trying to break it open! This game will bring a joyful and exciting atmosphere to your home on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day games for kids
Enjoy a fun time with Love Bug Piñata

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1.6. Bouncing Hearts Valentine’s Day Game

With these Valentine’s Day games, let the kids stand at the opposite end of the table, away from the target. Bounce each ping pong ball once on the table into the open-heart target to receive exciting gifts. You also can make this activity even more exciting and festive by decorating your ping pong balls with teeny red hearts.

Valentine's Day games for adults
Bouncing Hearts for kids’ game idea

1.7. Minute to Win It Valentine’s Day Game

Minute to Win It is a popular Valentine’s Day games for kids to bring fun and excitement to kids at parties. The kids need to complete all the challenges within 60 seconds. Before starting the game, you should give clear instructions about the obstacles. So, your kids can better understand what they should do when the timer starts. Don’t forget to prepare some extra gifts as rewards for them!

Valentine's Day party games
Complete all missions in 1 minute to win

1.8. Valentine’s Day Match Game

This matching game with adorable illustrations is sure to entertain both adults and children of all ages. Children will have to find and match pairs of identical pictures within the time allowed. This game helps children develop concentration and visual recognition. Try preparing it for your kids!

Valentine's Day games
Matching the same picture

1.9. Cupid’s Cups

A Nerf gun is extremely useful for this Valentine’s Day games, which challenges your kids to see how long it takes to knock all of the cups off the table. Just stack cups into a tower with an arbitrary number on a table. The kids who use the Nerf gun to shoot the most cups off the table will be the winners.

Valentine's Day game
Great idea with Cupid’s Cups game

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1.10. What’s Your Cupid Name

Let’s come to the last game on our Valentine’s Day games list! It’s a “What’s Your Cupid Name” game. The kids will match the first letter of their first name and then add the month of their birth to complete their fun Cupid name! Not only children but even adults will definitely be fascinated by this interesting game!

Valentine's Day games for school
The last idea for kids’ games on Valentine’s Day

2. 10 Valentine’s Day games for couples

If you feel bored with the same dating motifs as every year, try having a date at home and playing the following Valentine’s Day party games. Surely you will feel extremely relaxed!

2.1. UncommonGoods The New York Times Puzzle Valentine’s Day Activity

UncommonGoods The New York Times Puzzle is a thoughtful Valentine’s Day games for a couple of dates. This is a unique and interesting type of puzzle in which the puzzle pieces are taken from the pages of The New York Times newspaper. It helps you enjoy fun times together and create a connection between the two of you during the game.

Valentine's Day party games
Complete The New York Times Puzzle together

2.2. DSS Games The Couples Game That’s Actually Fun

This is an interactive Valentine’s Day games of fun questions. You can play it individually with your partner or in teams against other couples. You can buy the DSS games set at the stores or online. Each set includes 150 questions divided into three categories: 

  • MATCH: Try to match your answer to your partner’s.
  • BEST: The best, funniest, or most creative answer wins.
  • ME OR YOU: Write your name or your partner’s name, depending on who you believe the card applies to.
Valentine's Day games for kids
Understand each other better through DSS Games

2.3. Jenga Valentine’s Day Game

Surely this Jenga game is very familiar to many people, right? You and your loved one took turns pulling the wooden blocks out of the tower and placing them on the top of the tower so as not to knock it blocks down. However, to better suit the Valentine’s theme, you can use colored pens to decorate the wooden blocks together with patterns such as hearts, and icons expressing emotions and love messages. These Valentine’s Day games will bring a fun atmosphere and many memorable memories for couples.

Valentine's Day games for school
Ideal activity with Jenga games

2.4. Valentine’s Day Ring Toss

With this idea for Valentine’s Day games for couples, you will try to toss the heart-shaped rings onto the pink and red bottles to get points. Whoever receives the most points will be the winner! If you’re looking for fun Valentine’s Day games for you and your partner to play at home, this easy DIY idea can be set up in minutes.

Valentine's Day party games
Play the ring toss game with your lover

2.5. Date Night Box Set Valentine’s Day Game

This Date Night box set for Valentine’s Day Game includes 3 levels of closeness with Talk, Flirt, or Dare cards. Both of you will choose cards in turn and answer questions or complete romantic challenges asked in them with your partner. This is not only a fun game for a Valentine’s date, but also a way to help you understand each other better and become even more connected.

Valentine's Day games for kids
Enjoyable experience with Date Night Box Set

2.6. Valentine’s Day-themed Pictionary Game

These Valentine’s Day games are simple to play and inexpensive! The only materials required for play are paper, pencils or markers, and Valentine’s Day Pictionary clues. One of you will choose a card out of a deck of special Pictionary cards and try to give suggestions about the words printed on the card by drawing pictures. The other person will try to guess the word correctly. This game helps couples enjoy a Valentine’s Day full of laughter and become closer.

Valentine's Day games for adults
Pictionary Game for fun Valentine’Valentines Day

2.7. Valentine’s Day Balloon Pop Game

This Valentine’s Day game is extremely simple to make and requires very few supplies. Remember to blow balloons the same day you intend to play them to prevent the balloons from shrinking overnight. Also, make sure to play this game in a large room, or if you live in a warm climate, play outside! Cupid’s arrows can be sharp, so be careful!

Valentine's Day games for couples
An interesting game combining balloons and Cupid’s arrow

2.8. UncommonGoods Truth or Dare Rated R Valentine’s Day Game

Dinner by candlelight is nice, but if you want more date night spice, try boundary-pushing with these Valentine’s Day games. It’s Truth or Dare Rated R! The game box contains 50 sticks, which can be pulled one at a time to reveal a truth on one side and a dare on the other. This game is a fun and simple way to explore your love life in the bedroom. Let’s try it!

Valentine's Day games
The Truth or Dare Rated R game for Valentine’s night

2.9. Mad Libs After Dark Valentine’s Day Game

Here is a game not to be missed when you are looking for something to play with your lover on a romantic night. A Mad Libs collection featuring two romance-themed Adult Mad Libs titles, bound together in a sleek hardcover package with an eye-catching faux-leather cover and red-edged interior pages. It’s so ideal for Valentine’s Day! So, forget Netflix and chill with this game.

Valentine's Day games for adults
Relaxing with Mad Libs After Dark game

2.10. Valentine’s Day Trivia Game

Print out this Valentine’s trivia game and have a friendly competition with your significant others. There are many different questions you can choose from, such as questions about movies, songs, books, Valentine’s Day trivia, popular Valentine’s candies, and more! Let your partner answer questions like “What were the first Valentine’s cards decorated with?” and “What is the most popular candy purchased for Valentine’s Day?”. These Valentine’s Day games will be so interesting for couples!!!

Valentine's Day games for adults
Hold a fun competition with your Valentine

3. 10 Valentine’s Day games for family

If you don’t know which Valentine’s Day game is suitable for your family party, try checking out our 10 ideas below!

3.1. Sing-Along

The first one of the Valentine’s Day games that we want to recommend to you is called Sing-Along. Let’s write Valentine’s Day-related words on chits of paper, such as heart, love, hug, and so on. Fold the chits and store them in a jar. Separate your family into two teams. A member of Team 1 must pick a chit and sing a song that contains the word written on it. The rest of Team 1 has to guess the word. Also, you can set a time limit for guessing the word. If a team fails to sing a song, their points are deducted. In the end, the team with the most points wins.

Valentine's Day games for couples
Sing and guess the name’s song

3.2. Cookie Love

Not only is it an interesting idea for Valentine’s Day games, but it also helps members become more connected to each other. This is a game for couples, so to start, divide family members into teams of 2. Couples must stand on opposite sides of the table. One player rolls cookies across the table towards their partner, who must catch the cookies in their mouth. Placing your chin on the table is not permitted. Continue rolling the cookies until both partners have them in their mouths. The couple that caught the most cookies won.

Valentine's Day games
Playing the Cookie Love game together

3.3. Name That Song

Start with writing some lines from famous love songs or everyone’s favorite song on pieces of paper. Then give each family member a chit. The members must give dramatic readings of these lines, while the others must guess the song’s name. Besides, they can also explain the song with gestures. Whoever guesses the most songs correctly wins. Don’t miss this fun Valentine’s Day game!

Valentine's Day games for adults
Guessing the name of songs

3.4. Be My Valentine

With this game, let’s blindfold one person first and have the others stand in a circle around them. Give a box of chocolates to one of the members in the circle. They need to pass this box around. The blindfolded person will count to 20 and say, “Be my Valentine”. At that point, whoever has the chocolate box must run and feed the blindfolded person a piece of chocolate. The blindfolded person determines who this person is by touching their face, smelling them, and so on. These fun Valentine’s Day games allow you to spend quality time with your family.

Valentine's Day games for school
Spend a fun time with your family

3.5. Ring Around The Roses

Coming to another interesting and unique Valentine’s Day games called Ring Around The Roses. First, fill the vases with chocolate roses and draw a line a few feet apart from them. Create two teams and send one player from each to each round. Then, spin the players and offer them three rings. To win, the players must toss rings and land on three roses. If they miss three rings, spin them again before throwing them.

Valentine's Day party games
Playing games with your family on Valentine’s Day

3.6. Who’s Who?

On the sticker papers, write the titles of romantic films. Proceed to place these stickers on your family members’ backs. Throughout the party, they can ask for hints and clues about the movie and guess the name of it. Whoever correctly guesses the movie wins a small prize.

Valentine's Day games for kids
A fun idea with some romantic films

3.7. Valentine Balloon Stomp Word Scramble

The Balloon Stomp Word Scramble is one of the Valentine’s Day party games that helps your family bond and share fun moments on Valentine’s Day. Stomp the balloons until they pop, then scramble to assemble the letters within. The race is just half the fun!

Valentine's Day games for adults
Playing the Balloon Stomp Word Scramble game at Valentine’s party

3.8. Valentine’s Day Answer Battle

Perhaps your family cannot get through Valentine’s Day without some friendly competition. In this case, you can organize this Valentine’s Day games by preparing lots of interesting questions on your computer or iPad. Divide members into 2 or 3 teams depending on the number of members in your family. Teams will compete against each other to see who has the most correct answers.

Valentine's Day games for couples
Answer battle game for your family

3.9. Conversation Heart Valentine Knock Down Game

Welcome to the bowling competition for Valentine’s Day games! The members will take turns using a felt heart to knock over the conversation heart cups! With just a few simple preparation steps, you can deploy this game for your family.

Valentine's Day games
A game with cute supplies for Valentine’s season

3.10. Valentine’s Day Answer Battle

Answer Battle game will create a bustling atmosphere for your home during Valentine’s Day. Family members will be asked questions surrounding the topic of love and Valentine’s Day. Each member will try to answer the question as quickly and accurately as possible. The player who has the highest score and answers the most questions correctly will be the winner. This Valentine’s Day games not only brings laughter to your family but also helps everyone improve their knowledge about love and Valentine’s Day. Additionally, you can implement this game by dividing the members into several teams.

Valentine's Day game
The last game for Valentine’s party

The above article gives you a list of the best 30 ideas for Valentine’s Day games for kids, couples, and families that you can refer to. Hopefully, you will get more interesting ideas for a love party or a romantic date through the article. Don’t forget to contact us if you need TeeNavi support with any issue!

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