100+ Best Valentine's Day Quotes To Express Affection

100+ Best Valentine’s Day Quotes To Express Affection

Are you looking for an elegant way to express your love and affection this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than the collection of 100+ best Valentine’s Day quotes compiled by TeeNavi. Whether you are writing a sincere letter, sending a love message, or simply seeking inspiration, these quotations are likely to capture the essence of your feelings. So, let’s ready to find the perfect words to make your Valentine’s Day celebrations even more special.

1. Happy Valentine’s Day quotes

Let’s celebrate the happiness and romance of Valentine’s Day with these that spread positivity and warmth. From encouraging messages to uplifting words, these Valentine’s Day quotes will make your loved one smile as well as fill their hearts with joy.

  • “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”— Mother Teresa
  • “Romance is thinking about your significant other when you are supposed to be thinking about something else.” — Nicholas Sparks
  • “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” — George Sand
  • “Love is when the desire to be desired takes you so badly that you feel you could die of it.” — Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
  • “The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along.” — Rumi
Valentine's Day quotes
Let’s celebrate the joy and romance of Valentine’s Day with these lovely Valentine’s Day quotes.
  • “Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move. Doubt the truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love.” — William Shakespeare
  • “In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” — Maya Angelou
  • “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.” — Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  • “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” — Charles M. Schulz
  • “Each time you love, love as deeply as if it were forever.” — Audre Lorde
  • “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves- alone we find it with another.” — Thomas Merton


2. Happy Valentine Day best friend

With these amazing Valentine’s Day quotes, you may show your best friend how much they mean to you. So, let’s express your thanks, value your friendship, and let them know they are an important part of your life.

  • “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” — Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “Wishing you a beautiful day filled with all the love and happiness you deserve.”
  • “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”– Woodrow T. Wilson
  • “You can always tell a real friend: when you’ve made a fool of yourself he doesn’t feel you’ve done a permanent job. – Laurence J. Peter
  • “A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.” — Jim Morrison
  • “A part of you has grown in me, together forever we shall be, never apart, maybe in distance, but not in heart.”
  • “A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part.”
happy Valentine Day best friend
You may show your closest friends how much you appreciate them with these wonderful Valentine’s Day quotes.
  • I can’t think of anyone to whom I’d rather be toasting on Valentine’s Day than a friend like you. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • “In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, for in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” — Khalil Gibran
  • “There is nothing I would not do for those who are my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves; it is not my nature.” — Jane Austen
  • “A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend helps you create them.”
  • “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust
  • To my best friend this Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t ask for someone who loves and supports me more than you do.
  • “Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”

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3. Valentine’s Day quotes funny

Make your Valentine’s Day celebrations more entertaining by including Valentine’s Day humorous quotes that will make your loved ones giggle. These amusing quotations are ideal for bringing a smile to their face.

  • “Marriage is like vitamins: we supplement each other’s minimum daily requirements.” — Kathy Mohnke
  • “As a man in a relationship, you have two choices: You can be right, or you can be happy.” — Ralphie May
  • “When love is not madness, it is not love.” — Pedro Calderon de la Barca
  • “If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question?”
  • “I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” — Rita Rudner
  • “The brain is the most outstanding organ. It works 24/7, 365 from birth until you fall in love.”
  • “You may marry the man of your dreams, ladies, but fourteen years later you’re married to a couch that burps.”
Valentine Day quotes for wife
Include Valentine’s Day quotes to make your Valentine’s Day celebrations more enjoyable
  • “The heart has its reason of which reason knows nothing.” — Blaise Pascal
  • “It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them.” — Agatha Christie
  • “Today is Valentine’s Day. Or, as men like to call it, Extortion Day.”
  • “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly.”
  • “I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”
  • The only bubble in the flat champagne of February is Valentine’s Day.”
  • “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” — Charles M. Schulz
  • “You can’t buy love, but you can pay heavily for it.” — Henny Youngman
  • “Look, there’s no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.” — Fernando Pessoa

4. Valentine Day quotes for wife

Romantic and emotional Valentine Day quotes for wife can help you express your love and admiration for your princess in this world. Tell her how much she means to you and how grateful you are to have her on this particular day and every day.

  • To the most amazing woman who I am lucky enough to call my wife, Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • “I love you. You…you complete me.” — Jerry Maguire
  • To my Valentine — I never knew what love was until I met you.
  • “This is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of. So, this is love.” — Cinderella
  • “I love you past the moon and miss you beyond the stars.” — J. M. Storm
  • “Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart, and the senses.” — Lao Tzu
  • “You’re the closest to heaven, that I’ll ever be.” — “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls
Valentine Day quotes for wife
Some Valentine Day quotes to express love for your wife
  • Every love song is about you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I never liked Valentine’s Day, and then I met you and I understood what it was all about.
  • “Take my hand, take my whole life too/For I can’t help falling in love with you.” — “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley
  • “Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born—you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”― E. E. Cummings
  • “You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known and even that is an understatement.” — F. Scott Fitzgeral

5. Valentine’s Day for husband quotes

Let’s celebrate your love and partnership with your husband with meaningful quotes. These quotations will show your man your appreciation, love, and gratitude, making him feel adored and cherished.

  • In the words of Walt Whitman, “We were together. I forget the rest.” Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. I am so glad you are mine.
  • To my hubby on this Valentine’s Day, I am yours forever.
  • “For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” — Judy Garland
  • “If you find someone you love in your life, then hang on to that love.” — Princess Diana
Valentine's Day for husband quotes
Valentine’s Day for husband quotes
  • “A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.” — Unknown
  • “Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • When we met, I knew I wanted to spend every single Valentine’s Day with you. You’re my rock and I don’t know what I’d do without you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • “It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.” — Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
  • “You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.” — Pride and Prejudice
  • Through all the seasons, through all of time… I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • “Every day I discover that I love you even more, and in this infinite universe I will love you ’til the ends.” — Alicia N. Green
  • “You are my blue crayon, the one I never have enough of, the one I use to color my sky.” — A.R. Asher

6. Valentine’s Day quotes for her

These quotes about love for Valentine’s Day will melt her heart and make her feel appreciated for being a particular woman in your life. So, let’s express your deepest sentiments to your girlfriend and make her feel like the most treasured girl in your life.

  • “In a world full of temporary things you are a perpetual feeling.” — Sanober Khan
  • “Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.” — Nicole Krauss
  • “You make me want to be a better man.” — Melvin Udall in As Good As It Gets
  • “Love is like the wind. You can’t see it, but you can feel it.” — A Walk to Remember
  • “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus a day so I never have to live without you.”  Anonymous
  • Love is too weak a word for what I feel for you. One life is too small a time to express how madly I am in love with you.” — Anonymous
Valentine's Day quotes for her
These romantic Valentine’s Day love quotes will melt her heart
  • “A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.” — Unknown
  • “Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.” — Anonymous
  • “I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.” — Leo Christopher
  • “I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours.” — The Notebook

7. Happy Valentines Day quotes for him

With these meaningful Valentine’s Day quotes, you may show the man in your life how much he means to you. These quotations will express your love, admiration, and appreciation for him.

  • “I love you for making me better by loving me. Be my valentine.” — Unknown
  • “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” — The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • “I’ve never been so scared of losing something in my entire life, then again nothing in my life has ever meant as much to me as you do.” — Anonymous
  • “I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.”
  • “All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.” Andre Breton
  • “Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me. Then I remember, oh I put up with you. So we’re even.” —Anonymous
  • “I love that rush, when he folds me into his arms and I can let out a sigh of relief, knowing I’m safe there. Always. —Michelle Poelking
Valentine's Day quotes for him
You can show the man in your life how much he means to you with these wonderful Valentine’s Day quotations for him
  • “Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”
  • “My favourite place in all of the world is next to you.”
  • “You don’t marry the person you can live with — you marry the person you can’t live without.” — Unknown
  • “If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus one day, so I never have to live without you.” — Ernest H. Shepard
  • “Walking with your hands in mine and mine in yours, that’s exactly where I want to be always.” — Fawn Weaver

8. Best Valentines quotes for family

Quotes that convey thanks and devotion might help you celebrate the love in your family. So, let’s show your parents, siblings, or children how much you love them and value your relationship with these happy Valentines Day message ideas for family.

  • As long as I have family, my heart will always be full. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” – Michael J. Fox
  • “The informality of family life is a blessed condition that allows us all to become our best while looking our worst.” – Marge Kennedy
  • There’s no full expression of love if various sides of it are not shown. I have seen this in you all, and this is making my experience of affection an explosive one.
quotes about love for Valentine's Day
Quotes that express gratitude and dedication may help you celebrate the affection in your family
  • “Family ties mean that no matter how much you might want to run from your family, you can’t.”
  • “Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. It’s about family.” – Walt Disney
  • “I’m blessed to have so many great things in my life – family, friends, and God. All will be in my thoughts daily.”
  • “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Desmond Tutu
  • “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” – Corinthians
  • This Valentine’s Day is filled with food, gifts and so many colorful kinds of stuff around. The most beautiful parcel is the gift of a family like this.

9. Cute quotation for Valentine Day

These charming and cute phrases express the beauty and sweetness of love. So, these cute Valentine’s Day quotes are ideal for expressing your feelings to someone special and will make their heart skip a beat.

  • “I love you in the morning and in the afternoon. I love you in the evening and underneath the moon.”
  • “You are the brightest star, and I’m in love with who you are.” — White Lines & Red Lights
  • You’re pretty much my favorite of all time in the history of ever
  • “Unless you love someone, nothing else makes sense.” — E.E. Cummings
  • “If you find someone you love in your life, then hang on to that love.” — Princess Diana
  • “Life is full of lots of things that make it all worthwhile, but none is better than your little smile.”
  • “You are the person I never knew how to write, and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell.” — Tyler Knott Gregson
quotes about love for Valentine's Day
Some cute quotation for Valentine Day
  • “Love is something sent from heaven to worry the hell out of you.”
  • “You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” — ‘Gone With the Wind’
  • “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” —Dr. Seuss
  • “Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime.” — Celine Dion
  • “You are what I never knew I always wanted.” — Fools Rush
  • “It is the most wonderful feeling in the world, you know, knowing you are loved and wanted.”
  • “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”
  • “You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.”
  • “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

10. Valentine’s Day quotes short

Sometimes only a few words are enough to express your feelings and affection. These short Valentine’s Day quotes are ideal for texts, captions, or fast displays of love.

  • “I never want to stop making memories with you”
  • “You are my everything”
  • “You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you” – Pride & Prejudice
  • So happy we both swiped right.
  • “You are the love of my life, and the light of my love”
quotes about love for Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day quotes short
  • “To me, you are perfect.” — Mark in Love Actually
  • “I love you more than I did yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow”
  • “Home is wherever I am with you”
  • “I love you with all of my boobs. I would say heart, but my boobs are bigger”
  • “All my better days are ones spent with you”
  • “I never want to stop making memories with you”
  • We go together like wine and any day of the week.
  • Don’t eat too much chocolate today. Leave room for wine.
  • “Time is the currency of life, I love spending it with you”
  • “All you are is all I will ever need”
  • I know loving me isn’t always the easiest. But trust me, I am worth it.

This Valentine’s Day, let the power of words kindle love and create magnificent connections. TeeNavi believes that this collection of the 100+ greatest Valentine’s Day quotes gives a plethora of possibilities for expressing both your sincere appreciation and affection to people close to your heart.

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