Where to put garland in your house for holidays: 15 festive spots

Where to put garland in your house for holidays: 15 festive spots

Where to put garland in your house is suitable. Garlands, which are long strands of leaves or flowers, have been around for generations. They were used at weddings, festivals, and embellished sculptures. Moreover, the garland is now most typically used to decorate homes for the holidays, and there are over a dozen ways to do it using a range of materials. Let’s explore more information with TeeNavi!

1. 15 unexpected places where to put garland in your house

Garland may be used in a variety of ways to adorn a home. Where to put garland in your house may be on several surfaces, both traditional and surprising.

1.1. The banister

This is one of the stunning looks where to put garland. There are so many wonderful instances of this concept out there that it was difficult to choose just two! Garland is simple to hang by tying ribbons to the railing or, for a more discreet touch, simply use wire that matches your wood or paint color.

how to put garland around door
Garland may be easily hung by tying ribbons to the handrail

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1.2. How to put garland around the front door

Don’t forget about your entry door! So, how to put garland around front door. Go large around the door or on the frame – it looks great both ways. Take the garland all the way around from top to bottom, or make it a bit asymmetrical, as seen in the photographs below. Garlands hanging above the front door entry may also provide a pleasant decorative greeting to guests.

where to put garland
Let’s explore how to put up garland around the front door

1.3. Kitchen window

I recommend opting fake over genuine if you don’t want to continually battle off bits of evergreen while cooking or cleaning. You may swag your garland if you have contiguous windows (providing you a wider “canvas”). If you only have one window, I’d keep it simple and use a smaller garland to frame the window margins, as seen in the photo. That is one of the nice where to put garland in your house.

garland how to
It’s safer to use fake products


1.4. How to put garland on a mantle

It’s virtually mandatory to decorate your fireplace mantel with a garland if you have one. There are several approaches to figuring out how to put garland on a fireplace. If your mantel is very deep, you may either lay it over the top or swag it. Swagging it is the best option if yours is on the shallow end. Mantel garland is also a fantastic place to experiment with other types of greenery (try some eucalyptus), as well as add some strands of lights, beads, felt ball garlands, and so on. Mantels are frequently the focal point of a space, so go large!

how to put a garland together
The fireplace mantel is often the highlight of your home’s holiday decorations

1.5. Spindles

You are looking out where to put garland in your house. Spindles are another alternative for individuals who want to minimize any scratches on the stair railing while still leaving that region available for hands.

can you put real garland inside
Spindles are the best choice if you don’t want to scratch the handle of the stairs

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1.6. Kitchen cabinet

The kitchen has several places to put garlands, which families often gather in. That is the most suitable where to put garland in your house. A high cabinet wrapped with greenery and gentle lighting can give any meal a festive vibe.

how to put garland on kitchen cabinets
The kitchen is where families often gather

1.7. Chandeliers

Where to put garland in your house that kids cannot destroy. Lights and chandeliers are also great places to hang garlands. Since they are out of reach of children’s hands yet still attractive to adults.

how to put garland on a chandelier
A chandelier is where children cannot reach it

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1.8. Dining Table

Remember to include the usual table centerpiece that is where to put garland in your house you can’t miss. Beautiful garlands may also be utilized as a centerpiece for a dinner table. Drape a garland along the center of your table. A lovely string of greenery will make eating turkey and stuffing much more enjoyable.

where to put garland in your house
Garlands can also be used as centerpieces on the dining table

1.9. Dressed Bedroom

Trim your headboard with a gorgeous twig of garland to decorate your bedroom for the holidays. This provides a festive and comforting touch that will keep you warm all winter long. It is one of the places to put garland you can not be ignored.

how to put garland on a mantle
Decorating your headboard with a beautiful garland brings a festive and comforting feel

1.10. Living room window

Don’t forget to add some to the windows while trimming the door. Life-like cedar, sweeping longleaf pine, Douglas fir, Scotch pine, and actual pinecones are used to frame the living room window. Adding a few lights and stockings can entice anybody passing by to participate in the festivities.

how to put garland around front door
Add a few lights to the window that can attract anyone passing by

1.11. Mailbox

Don’t ignore the mailbox along the sidewalk, which is an amazing where to put garland in your house. This small pole is ideal for winding the garland around, and a beautiful bow on top finishes the job. A single outdoor arrangement may generate atmosphere and curb appeal for an entire neighborhood. Season greenery capped with bright ribbon provides a range of textures that provide eye-pleasing softness to an urban appearance. 

how to put up garland around front door
Mailboxes along the sidewalk are great places to put garlands

1.12. Fence

Your fence is the ideal canvas for holiday decorations. Whether you have a privacy fence in your backyard or a basic picket fence in front of your house, you can dress it up for the holidays. If a fence surrounds the house, put some greenery on it to boost the festive effect.

how to put garland around door
Whatever fence can be decorated for the holidays

1.13. Pet Houses

It is only natural for dog lovers to have a separate place for their pets. This time, the dog is more than simply an animal companion or a gatekeeper; many people consider dogs to be members of the family. Decorating a dog home may be a lot of fun for your canine companion. Doghouses might be garland-draped to demonstrate how important such animals are to the family.

how to put garland on a fireplace
Decorating a pet’s house can bring a lot of joy

1.14. Playhouse

When it comes to decorating, the big home is often the first thing that comes to mind for a designer. However, if you have a playhouse in your garden, put some garland there as well. That is where to put garland in your house you must do for your child. The kids will like having their room included in the decorating process.

where to put garland
Put some garlands in the playhouse for the children

1.15. Over a piano

Furniture may be adorned for the holidays as well. A simple garland draped over the piano is a simple way to create a festive atmosphere in your home. You can change or add just a few elements to completely change a room. That calls for a few amateur singers to gather together.

put garland on tree
A simple garland hanging on the piano is beautiful enough for your house

2. Tips to hang your garlands and wreaths

Garlands have become more popular as decorations in houses and other structures on special occasions. Once you know where to put garland in your house, here are some tricks to help you hang it securely.

2.1. Attach a garland hanger

Attach a garland hanger to any door frame – indoors or out — for a quick and easy solution. Then, just drape your greens over the top. Because they are adjustable, they may be moved from door to door (or door to window) in a few years.

garland how to
Attach a garland hanger is how to put garland around the front door

2.2. Hide your hooks

With several sprigs of spruce and bright ribbon hung over this entryway, no hooks are visible. To fix each layer, use a variety of hooks, including tiny, medium, and big Command hooks, carefully tucking them so they aren’t visible.

places to put garland
Hide your hooks is one of how you put garland around a door

2.3. Don’t be afraid of small nails

When hanging garland from the ceiling, rafters, or on top of cabinets, you may need to use a few nails, especially in the kitchen, where loose greenery might be a fire danger. You may use one nail every 12 inches or so. When the season is over and the garland is removed, use wood filler to fill in gaps and touch up the paint.

how to put a garland together
Small nails should not be feared

2.4. Use command hooks for the mantel

How to put garland on a mantle is a big problem that you need to be concerned about. Use medium or large Command hooks to hang a fluffy, hefty garland like this one above the mantel. You may also strategically disguise the hooks with bows and decor. It helps hiding your hooks simpler.

how do you put garland around a door
Use command hooks should be how to put garland on a mantle

2.5. Layer in sturdy ribbons

Thick ribbons may not be strong enough to completely hold your garland, but they can give extra strength when combined with zip ties or floral wire. The interior designer chooses rust-colored velvet ribbons for this exquisite stairwell.

can you put real garland inside
How to put a garland together with sturdy ribbons

2.6. Wrap around garland ties

These ties don’t need to be hidden while tying the garland to the stairway; they’re attractive enough to be shown as part of your Christmas decor. Tuck string lights or even ornaments through the knots to up the ante on your garland.

how to put garland on front door
Wrap around garland ties to put garland on a tree

2.7. Hang it with zip ties

A clear zip tie may be fastened to a stairway to protect the garland from slipping. Check that your zip ties are correctly positioned and that the garland has enough swag in between each one. If you’re concerned that people may notice it, wrap a pretty ribbon over it. Once the garland is secure, embellish it with berries, decorations, ribbons, and pinecones as desired.

how to put garland on kitchen cabinets
A clear zip tie may be tied to a stairwell to keep the garland from slipping

2.8. Secure it with a cord bundler

Here’s a tip for handling cables from appliances and electronic devices that you’ll want to utilize even beyond the holidays. To hang the garland without leaving a sticky residue, attach one to your mantel or window.

how to put garland on a wire wreath
How to put garland around the door to secure it with a cord bundler

2.9. Clip it with a clothespin

Make a festive card wall out of garland pieces fastened to clothespins and twine. Paint the clothespins and add sticker rhinestones to take it to the next level.

where to put garland in your house
How to put garland in a Christmas tree by clipping it with a clothespin

2.10. Twist and sparkle with ties

When you lay your garland over the mantel, these small tinsel ties will shimmer and hold it together.

how to put garland around front door
Twist and sparkle with ties is one of how to put garland on a fireplace

The above article shows where to put garland in your house that TeeNavi has collected. Hope it will help you in designing your house. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us right away for an answer.

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