Dad jokes or not? Let's test your Father Day trivia knowledge!

Dad jokes or not? Let’s test your Father Day trivia knowledge!

Are you looking for fun Father Day trivia quizzes to challenge Dad and everyone in the family? Father’s Day is a special occasion to show your gratitude for the unconditional love that your father brings into your life. So, let’s create lasting memories with your loving Dad through puzzles that challenge him. Let’s explore some question ideas with TeeNavi through the following article!

1. Father’s Day Trivia About History

Are you curious to find out if your loving dad knows about the origin of Father’s Day? If so, let’s try asking him some historical Father Day trivia questions below! This is also an opportunity for you to gain some knowledge about this meaningful day as well as better understand the role of fathers in the family. In addition, this is also a good opportunity for you to bond more with your dad and enjoy wonderful times with him.

  • Who organized the first Father’s Day celebration? (Sonora Smart Dodd)
  • Ms. Dodd, why did you want to celebrate Father’s Day? (She wanted to honor her loving father, a Civil War veteran who raised six children alone)
  • In 1966, this United States President issued the first proclamation recognizing Father’s Day. Who is he? (Lyndon B. Johnson)
  • In 1972, which president of the United States declared Father’s Day a permanent federal holiday? (Richard Nixon)
  • What year did the first Father’s Day celebration occur? (June 19, 1910)
  • In the 1920s and 1930s, there was a movement to replace Father’s Day and Mother’s Day with a single holiday. What day is it? (Parents’ Day)
  • This event derailed the previously mentioned movement, prompting retailers and advertisers to promote Father’s Day even more. So, what event is that? (The Great Depression)
Father Day trivia
Some trivia questions about the history of Father’s Day


2. Father’s Day Quiz About Celebrities

Here is some Father’s Day quiz about some famous fathers that you can refer to:

  • Who is considered as father of the Constitution? (James Madison)
  • Which US President fathered has the most children? (John Tyler with 15 children)
  • Who is known as father of the computers? (Charles Babbage)
  • Who was dubbed “The Father of Evolution” and had 10 children of his own? (Charles Darwin)
  • Who was the first ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, known as the “Father of Europe”? (Charlemagne, A.D. 742-28)
  • Who is recognized as the Father of Invention? (Thomas Edison)
  • Who is considered as Father of the Digital Revolution? (Steve Jobs)
Father's Day quiz printable
Challenge your dad with these Father’s Day trivia questions
  • Who is referred to as the Father of the Information Age? (Claude Shannon)
  • Which founding father of the United States invented the bifocals and lightning rod? (Benjamin Franklin)
  • What founding father of the United States created the threshing barn? (George Washington)
  • Which founding father of the United States invented the Cipher Wheel?
  • (Thomas Jefferson)

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3. Father’s Day Trivia For Senior Celebration

Here are some Father Day trivia questions to celebrate dads and make them have relaxed times:

  • What is the most popular gift to give fathers on Father’s Day? (A Necktie)
  • Father’s Day is celebrated on what day each year? (The third Sunday of June)
  • When was the word “Father” first recorded? (In the 1500s)
  • What’s the most popular day to call your father? (On Father’s Day of course!)
  • What is the traditional flower that people often like to give to their dads for Father’s Day? (The rose)
  • What is the approximate number of fathers in America? (72 million)
  • What is the typical age of first-time fathers in America? (30.9 years old)
  • Who in Greek mythology is known for eating his children to keep them from overthrowing him? (Cronus)
  • A recent survey found that dads want this one thing the most on Father’s Day. What is it? (A phone call from their kids)
  • 64% of the fathers don’t want anything that says this on it for Father’s Day. What is it? (World’s Best Dad)
fathers trivia
Several Father Day trivia questions for Senior Celebration
  • This appears to be a popular way for dads to spend Father’s Day in the United States. What is it? (Enjoy a BBQ or grilling)
  • Ismail Ibn Sharif is most likely the father with the most children, having fathered this many children in the late 17th century. Guess how many kids he has? (888 children)
  • Feodor Vassilyev is the father of the youngest children from one woman. What number of children did he and his wife have? (69 children)
  • This animal father and his partner are equally responsible for building a nest, incubating the egg, and sharing parental duties for the hatchling. What kind of animal is that? (Male flamingos)
  • What kind of fish father will keep his kid’s eggs in his mouth until they hatch? (Catfish)
  • This animal father protects his pups while also bringing them and the mother food. Guess what animal it is? (The wolf)

The above article gives you some Father Day trivia quizzes that you can refer to. These fun questions will create a fun and relaxing atmosphere at a party or simply a family gathering on Father’s Day. Hopefully, this article will help you collect many unique questions. If you have any questions, please contact TeeNavi immediately for the fastest support!!

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