Top 20 Father's Day Picture Ideas for Unforgettable Moments

Top 20 Father’s Day Picture Ideas for Unforgettable Moments

Are you looking for Fathers Day picture ideas to capture wonderful moments on Father’s Day this year? Or do you want to use cute family photos together as gifts for Dads on Father’s Day? No matter what your purpose is, our following 20 photography ideas are ideal for you. Father’s Day is one of the important holidays for us to honor the great contributions that Fathers bring to the family home. Let’s explore great ideas through TeeNavi‘s following article!

1. Super Dad Theme – Fathers Day Picture Ideas

Super Dad Theme is the first idea for Father’s Day photo gifts that we want to recommend to you. Prepare some speech bubbles, let the family hold them, and take pictures. Then, use photo collage operations and perfect your picture. You can also prepare additional accessories such as superhero capes and superhero hats to make the Super Dad theme more complete.

Fathers Day picture ideas
The first idea for Father’s Day family pictures

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2. Add Text to Photos

Adding text to photos is a great way to create memorable images to celebrate Father’s Day. By adding the right text to the photo, you can show your love, gratitude, and respect for your father. It can be a nice quote about your father or the loving message you want to send to him. This one for Fathers Day picture ideas will help you have creative photos as gifts for your father on this meaningful day.

Father's Day picture gifts
Add some texts to your Father’s Day pictures

3. Bring Motivation – Fathers Day Photo Ideas

Taking photos with the kids for having nice photos as a Father’s Day gift for their dad is not easy. So, small candy canes will solve this problem. Having a small reward dangling for each shot encourages the kids to cooperate and make the shot more enjoyable.

Father's Day picture collage
Bring the motivation for kids with some candy

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4. Photo Collages of Individual Kids

By creating collages from your kid’s photos for Fathers Day picture ideas, you can create an emotional work of art to give to your husband on Father’s Day. Online editors also make it simple to create photo collages. The kids’ dads will be so excited with this cute photo on Father’s Day!

Father's Day photo gift ideas
Collage the individual kids for a nice picture

5. Dad’s Ties and Shoes

Dad’s Ties and Shoes is a creative one for Fathers Day picture ideas by arranging Dad’s shoes and ties and taking the photos. You can creatively arrange them and create unique photos, such as placing them in a heart shape or writing a love message with them. Additionally, you can let Dad’s kids wear his ties and shoes to add more meaning and depth to the photo.

personalised photo gifts for dad
The unique pictures with Dad’s Ties and Shoes

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6. Keep Kids Moving

The kids are always squirmy little buggers. You should make the most of this by including movement in your photo gifts for Father’s Day. Father’s Day is a celebration, so let’s try to capture that funny moment by taking photos of the kids jumping, cheering, walking, or interacting with one another.

Fathers Day picture ideas
Take photos while kids moving

7. Write Congratulations on Body Parts

This is one of the easiest Fathers Day picture ideas for families with multiple children. Use body paint sticks to write “We love you, daddy” or something else on their feet, and then photograph them close up. To capture such adorable photos, you can also write warm words on the children’s palms.

photo gifts for dad
A simple idea with using body paint sticks

8. Capture Activities

Capturing children playing with their father or participating in other activities is an excellent one for Fathers Day picture ideas. For example, if a child attends ballet school, photograph the moment when their father helps them learn the dance. You can even ask the father to put on a tutu skirt for a cute and fun photo. Besides, photographing the father and his child playing football, chess, or reading a book together can also create extremely meaningful photos.

photo gifts for Father's Day
Take a photo of the father and kids’ activities

9. Take a Photo at Sunset

If the father in your family enjoys silhouette photography, take advantage of the sun setting for Father’s Day photo gift ideas. Instruct the father and child to run, play, or engage in other activities. To capture bright, high-quality images, using a low-light camera like the Nikon D750 would be the best choice.

photo gifts for dad from daughter
The silhouette of father and child under the sunset

10. Take a Cozy Photo at Home

If you want to find a simpler idea for Fathers Day picture ideas, you can capture stunning images at home. It’s an ideal setting for cute and warm family photos with Dad. For example, you can capture such images in a bed with numerous cozy pillows. Another option is to photograph a father and his children as they sit at the festive table or go about their daily activities, such as watching a movie, chatting, or playing a board game.

Father's Day portrait ideas
A cozy photo album at home for Father’s picture gift ideas

11. Capture the Moment of Presenting a Gift

Sincere human emotions make photographs authentic, especially when it comes to family photography. Taking a picture of children presenting a gift to their father is a great opportunity for Fathers Day picture ideas. With the kids wrap the gift in wrapping paper and let the kids write congratulations to their father. Try this idea!

Father's Day frame ideas
Capture the moment when kids give gifts to their father

12. Change of Scenery – Father’s Day photo gift ideas

Were your family photos from previous years taken at home or in a studio? If so, this year you should try finding a new background to take photos for photo gifts for Father’s Day. Look for beautiful parks, beaches, mountains, or any other place that Dad likes, and your family has never been to. By changing the scenery for Father’s Day album photos, you can both get many precious souvenir photos and also give your family an opportunity to have an outing together.

Father's Day photo gifts
The new scenery for family photos on Father’s Day

13. Show Your Silly Side – Father’s Day photo gifts

Let your imagination soar and create funny photos for Fathers Day picture ideas. You can create funny situations to make your family laugh or think of unique poses for the members to pose together. This idea will fill your family with laughter on Father’s Day.

photo gifts for Father's Day
A Father’s Day filled with laughter with a silly family photo set

14. Father and Son Attitude – Fathers Day Picture Ideas

This will be one of the Fathers Day picture ideas that has a special meaning and honors the love between father and son. This set of photos is intended to show the gratitude and respect of kids for their father. Through positive interactive poses, the bond between father and children will gradually become more connected.

photo gifts for dad from daughter
Reflect the attitude of father and son through this idea

15. Make a Father’s Day sign – Father’s Day picture gifts

This idea of Father’s Day photo gifts could not be simpler. Simply write “I love you, Daddy” on a chalkboard sign, a speech bubble cut-out, a heart-shaped card, or even a piece of paper. Then, let the kids hold the signs, and look at the camera while showing their best smile. Let’s start clicking the camera to take great photos!

Father's Day portrait ideas
Take some photos with a homemade Father’s Day sign

16. Dress the kids up in Dad’s clothes – Fathers Day photo ideas

Kids dressed up in Dad’s giant clothing will always be amusing and extremely suitable for Fathers Day picture ideas. Most importantly, these gift pictures will always make Father laugh every time he sees them! Kids can stomp around in their father’s big shoes, drape his long ties around their necks, and pull his trousers up to their chin. Or kids can strike a funny pose in the baggiest shirt father wears to work.

Father's Day frame ideas
Funny pictures of kids wearing their dads’ clothes

17. Catch the kids doing something silly

Capturing the cheekiest, naughtiest, and silliest moments between father and children is the next one for Fathers Day picture ideas. You can take photos of the kids making a mess in the kitchen, getting muddy in the garden, or creating a beard out of Dad’s shaving foam. These funny and adorable moments are like priceless gifts that make his Father’s Day so much happier!

Father's Day photo gifts
Capture the moments when dad and child do silly things together

18. Copy Dad’s favourite hobbies

Dads often enjoy a variety of activities, from playing the piano, playing golf, and driving to baking sweet treats. And, you can use these hobbies and interests to plan the perfect photo gifts for Dad. There are two easy options that you can choose:

  • Option 1: Take funny photos of the kids dressed like Dad and imitating his favorite hobby.
  • Option 2: Take pictures of Dad and the kids doing his favorite activities together!
Father's Day picture gifts
Follow Dad’s hobbies for a photo album on Father’s Day

19. Cosy the whole family up on the sofa

Taking pictures of the whole family sitting on the sofa at home is a warm, cozy shoot for Fathers Day picture ideas. Let the kids and wife join Dad on the sofa and shower him with hugs and kisses. Then, these precious moments will be captured on camera. 

Father's Day picture collage
A happy picture with your sofa at home

20. Take the kids out and about

While the kids’ adorable little faces will always be the focal point, location can also play an important role in your Fathers Day picture ideas. Taking them to the local park is obviously the easiest option, but we recommend going further and finding more creative locations. They can be at the beaches, farms, zoos, and even in beautiful little spots around your city.

Father's Day photo gift ideas
The last idea for Father’s Day photoshoot

The above article gives you a list of the best 20 Fathers Day picture ideas that we would like to recommend to you. Hopefully, you will choose suitable photography ideas to preserve precious memories for Father’s Day this year. And finally, if you have any questions, please quickly contact TeeNavi for immediate support!

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